Transcript - All Candidates Meeting for 31st RA, Monday May 13

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Transcript - All Candidates Meeting for 31st RA, Monday May 13

Post by Lyubov » Mon May 13, 2019 3:37 pm

[12:03] Rosie Gray: perhaps we should start with statements from the candidates?
[12:03] Rosie Gray: Lyubov, would you like to start?
[12:04] Lyubov: sure, ty rosie.
[12:04] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[12:04] Lyubov: i have really enjoyed my time in CDS, and SL so far. it has been nearly a year in CDS already.....
[12:05] Lyubov: i have felt very welcome here and inspired by what i have experienced
[12:05] Lyubov: and this has made me want to do not only create my own places and events, but also to participate in government :)
[12:05] Lyubov: it has been a learning experience, i make mistakes, and will continue to do so! :)
[12:06] Lyubov: but i feel like this is a special place, and we all have the same goals at heart, to make this a beautiful and enjoyable place to be
[12:06] Lyubov: i have enjoyed my time on the RA and i feel like we do good work and create a positive impact
[12:07] Lyubov: i would like to continue to do my part...through modernizing old laws and procedures and thinking ahead to our future...
[12:07] Lyubov: the impacts of new SL technologies....and also changing to adapt to the evolving economy and society in SL
[12:08] Lyubov: i do have strong opinions! :) but i also try my best to learn from others' experiences and consider our community as a whole
[12:08] Lyubov: i would appreciate the chance to continue to serve on the RA, to have your vote, and do my best.
[12:08] Lyubov: ty done.
[12:08] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[12:08] Rosie Gray: thanks Lyubov
[12:08] Rosie Gray: Max, your turn!
[12:09] Emilia Dagostino cannot hear Max
[12:10] Rosie Gray: he is typing
[12:10] Emilia Dagostino: ok, ty
[12:11] MadmaxSoulLover: Well first of all, Thank you all for coming today & also thank you for not only allowing me into this unique yet very wonderful community of ours. But also allowing me this opportunity to participate in this process and hopefully with your votes, Continue ot participate further in our government and our future.
[12:13] MadmaxSoulLover: I know I'm the newest member of our community but I'm learning not only of our history and laws but also our goals as a community & hope to help see them all grow and change as they need to. Thank you. (done)
[12:13] Rosie Gray: thank you Max
[12:13] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[12:13] Rosie Gray: now, Emilia, your turn
[12:13] Emilia Dagostino: Ok, thank you, Rosie.
[12:14] Emilia Dagostino: and thanks to our attendees, and to anyone who may read the transcript later, thank you for taking the time to give thought to this process, which is at the heart of what CDS represents.
[12:15] Emilia Dagostino: and inasmuch that we present ourselves to you here as candidates to be that representation for all Citizens of CDS, .. i have only this basic statement of my positions, which you may see in my profile.
[12:15] Emilia Dagostino: What approach shall i take? I like both stability and change.
I prefer change in the sense of maintaining a fresh, well rendered environment as seen in the Viewer.; I crave stability in the sense that we maintain the history and tradition of CDS. Most of all, I value Community, and I would like for us to be inclusive and diverse, and to be supportive of people here who might struggle.

I present myself for RA, to be a reasoned voice of the Citizens of CDS who will expect me to represent them, as one of 5 members.


Soro, my partner, is on the SC of CDS. We make our home here, too.
[12:15] Emilia Dagostino: and with that, i am done, ty for your time.
[12:16] Rosie Gray: thanks Emilia
[12:16] Rosie Gray: guess it's my turn ;)
[12:16] Kyoko Furse-Barzane grins at Rosie
[12:16] Rosie Gray: I think everyone here knows me, and has likely been at meetings where I've been on the RA
[12:16] Rosie Gray: so you know how I operate, pretty much!
[12:17] Rosie Gray: I think it's important that we have a government that functions here in the CDS
[12:17] Rosie Gray: and to function, we need to participate
[12:17] Rosie Gray: actively
[12:17] Rosie Gray: something all of you know, as you all do!
[12:18] Rosie Gray: anyway, I've wanted to work through the existing laws of the CDS, starting with the oldest ones
[12:18] Rosie Gray: reviewing them, updating, and archiving old ones that are redundant now
[12:18] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: oooops lost Maxc
[12:19] Rosie Gray: this past term we made some real progress with that, for which I thank my fellow outgoing RA members
[12:19] Rosie Gray: yes, hopefully he can get back in
[12:19] Rosie Gray: welcome back, Max
[12:19] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: wb Max
[12:19] Pip Torok: wb Max
[12:19] Rosie Gray: so, I'm not sure what else I need to say, except for thank you for coming today
[12:20] Rosie Gray: to my fellow candidates and to you in the audience
[12:20] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[12:20] Rosie Gray: now, perhaps we can have any questions from the audience?
[12:20] MadmaxSoulLover: Ty, Sl keeps this up I might need duct tape or glue to try to stay in my seat lol
[12:20] Emilia Dagostino: Thanks for giving us this opportunity, Rose.
[12:20] Pip Torok raises hand
[12:20] Rosie Gray: yes Pip?
[12:21] Pip Torok: this is to the 2 who have been in the RA one term :
[12:22] Pip Torok: what advice wd you have given your younger selves 6 monthe ago as you first entered the RA? done
[12:22] Rosie Gray: is that to me and Lyubov, Pip?
[12:22] Pip Torok: abd enukua >
[12:23] Pip Torok: and emilia?
[12:23] Lyubov: i'll share my thoughts...
[12:23] Emilia Dagostino: I'm actually a first time candidate, Pip, but i was appointed/selected to be PIO for the Chancellor.
[12:23] Emilia Dagostino: yes, go ahead, please.
[12:24] Rosie Gray whispers: poor Max!
[12:24] Kyoko Furse-Barzane hands Max the duct tape
[12:24] Lyubov: myself? patience! i think all will agree to this! :) it is still a learning process how SL works and CDS too...what the technology is capable of doing, what the community of CDS requires....and just the practical fact of how much time and effort doing anything here requires...and because we are all volunteers, doing this for our enjoyment, this also impacts how quickly things can be done.
[12:24] Rosie Gray: :D
[12:25] Pip Torok: and now Rosie?
[12:25] Rosie Gray: hmmm
[12:26] Rosie Gray: well, I've been on the RA quite a few times now, so not sure that 6 months has made much difference to how I would/can do things
[12:27] Rosie Gray: so, not really sure what else to say about that
[12:27] Rosie Gray: done
[12:27] Cathy Sabre: raises hand
[12:27] Rosie Gray: you're next, Cathy ㋡
[12:28] Pip Torok: thank you ... tbh honest my question was directed to RA who had had only one terms experience
[12:28] Rosie Gray: hi Kayly, welcome
[12:28] kayly iali: hi Rosie
[12:28] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: Hi Kayly
[12:28] Rosie Gray: Cathy, your question?
[12:28] Lyubov: that would be me, pip. and thank you for your question. i belive Cathy has a question?
[12:28] kayly iali: Hi Samara!
[12:28] Cathy Sabre: I know there has been an effort to update the graphical environment with mesh, which I applaud.
[12:29] Cathy Sabre: How do you balance history with novelty?
[12:29] Cathy Sabre: No, go ahead
[12:29] Emilia Dagostino: perhaps that's a good one for Rosie, actually.
[12:29] Rosie Gray: are you asking all of us for our thoughts?
[12:29] Cathy Sabre: Any that want to answer
[12:30] Lyubov: i'm happy to share some thoughts, after emilia or rosie...
[12:30] Emilia Dagostino: Well, i will begin by thanking Rosie for paving the streets in town
[12:30] Cathy Sabre: Yay
[12:30] Lyubov: yes rosie! :)
[12:30] Emilia Dagostino: and Sudane and Rosie for updating buildings...
[12:30] Rosie Gray: awh shucks
[12:30] Emilia Dagostino: But i totally approve of these changes, as a Citizen.
[12:31] Emilia Dagostino: The visual experience has come a long way, and Delia and others have added realism to natural settings...
[12:31] Rosie Gray: wb again, Max
[12:32] Emilia Dagostino: I like that we have a harmonic here, and the builds don't clash with our history and estate environments.
[12:32] Emilia Dagostino: We do let the LUC advise on many of the questions or challenges, and this is an excellent step, having that Land Use Committee.
[12:33] Emilia Dagostino: (done)
[12:33] Rosie Gray: thanks Emilia
[12:33] Rosie Gray: okay I will tell you my thoughts
[12:33] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: Gee I had a question for Max
[12:33] Rosie Gray: oh dear, lost Max and Pip
[12:34] Rosie Gray: I think that it's important to remember the spirit of the history of the CDS
[12:34] kayly iali nods her head
[12:35] Rosie Gray: and honour the ideas of the founders, even in their what seems to be very crude building, from today's perspective
[12:35] Rosie Gray: but I do not think that we need to keep the old buildings
[12:35] Rosie Gray: things have changed so much, if we don't continue to update and evolve, the sims would be nothing but a museum to old SL technology
[12:35] Rosie Gray: oh poor Max
[12:36] Cathy Sabre: May I have a follow up?
[12:36] Rosie Gray: yes, but do you want to hear from Lyubov first?
[12:36] Cathy Sabre: sure
[12:36] Rosie Gray: and Max if he makes it back ㋡
[12:36] Cathy Sabre: please, i am sorry
[12:36] Lyubov: ty rosie and cathy.
[12:36] Lyubov: i strongly agree with rosie's perspective...
[12:36] Rosie Gray: wb Pip
[12:36] kayly iali: wb Pip
[12:37] Lyubov: i appreciate the "spirit", but we do need to continue to update to remain relevant and not be a museum to old technology...
[12:37] Pip Torok: tku (new router plus fibre acting frisky :)
[12:38] Lyubov: and it is not only mesh rosie has shown with her work in the Forum, using the 3-part Materials textures does a great deal to completely refresh an old space
[12:38] Lyubov: i woudl think that our founders used the best available methods capable at the time...
[12:38] Rosie Gray nods
[12:38] Lyubov: and they might be disappointed if in the years since, that we have not continued to evolve off of their work
[12:39] Rosie Gray: maybe we can hear from Max while he manages to stay here?
[12:39] Rosie Gray: hehe
[12:39] Lyubov: done. plesae Max
[12:39] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: why don't you repeat the question rosie
[12:39] Rosie Gray: looking for it
[12:39] Rosie Gray: [12:28] Cathy Sabre: I know there has been an effort to update the graphical environment with mesh, which I applaud.
[12:29] Cathy Sabre: How do you balance history with novelty?
[12:40] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: [12:28] Cathy Sabre: I know there has been an effort to update the graphical environment with mesh, which I applaud.
[12:29] Cathy Sabre: How do you balance history with novelty?
[12:40] Rosie Gray: Max, do you have thoughts about this?
[12:40] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: oops
[12:40] Rosie Gray: oh damn, there he goes again
[12:40] Rosie Gray: lol
[12:41] Emilia Dagostino: Perhaps he can address anything he likes later and put in group chat?
[12:41] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: FYI he has attended almost every RA meeting since he and his wife arrive in CDS
[12:41] Rosie Gray: hi Laura ㋡
[12:41] Rosie Gray: yes good idea, Emilia
[12:41] Emilia Dagostino: I do wish for him to have a live olpportunity, yes.
[12:41] Rosie Gray: and now we have Laura to join us too
[12:41] Laura Azalee: sorry for being this late, RL
[12:41] Emilia Dagostino: welcome Laura :)
[12:41] Rosie Gray: Cathy had a follow up question?
[12:41] Emilia Dagostino: and i would like to add one things
[12:41] Lyubov: i will post the transcript to the forum, and perhaps Max and Laura can share any additional thoughts there as well.
[12:41] Emilia Dagostino: while Laura gets settled...
[12:41] Emilia Dagostino: if i may?
[12:42] Rosie Gray: oh sure
[12:42] Emilia Dagostino: I don't have prepared words for this, but I've been thinking how the "sense of place" is a very real experience that can last for years, perhaps a lifetime.
[12:43] Pip Torok: wb yet again
[12:43] Emilia Dagostino: We do have a handful of sites here that are worthy of preservation... the Monastery, the Temple of Minerva are a couple of my favorites.
[12:43] Emilia Dagostino: I'm grateful that Ranma Tardis preserves the Monastery, for instance
[12:44] Emilia Dagostino: It's a real tribute to the longevity of CDS, and that some actually are patrons, and in fact all of us are.
[12:44] Emilia Dagostino: done.
[12:44] Rosie Gray: thanks EMilia
[12:44] Rosie Gray: maybe Max, do you have thoughts about the buildings and history here?
[12:44] Emilia Dagostino: thanks for letting me speak.
[12:45] Rosie Gray: maybe he is crashing again
[12:45] Rosie Gray: Laura, thanks for getting here ㋡
[12:46] Laura Azalee: probably so I am afraid
[12:46] Laura Azalee: he seems to be frozen
[12:46] Rosie Gray: we started off with a statement from each of us, about running for RA
[12:46] Rosie Gray: do you have something you'd like to say?
[12:46] Laura Azalee: no thanks
[12:46] Rosie Gray nods
[12:46] Rosie Gray: Cathy, your follow up question, perhaps?
[12:46] Laura Azalee: awww he's crashed again poor thing
[12:47] Cathy Sabre: Is there a time line for the renovation? As I remember this venue was extraordinary five years ago, but now it is outdated. Is there a plan to renovate all prim builds?
[12:47] Rosie Gray: let me answer that
[12:47] Rosie Gray: being on the LUC ;)
[12:47] Cathy Sabre: ty
[12:48] Rosie Gray: as you know, Cathy, it is the job of the LUC to look at the regions and make recommendations on what to update
[12:48] Rosie Gray: unfortunately this last 6 months hasn't been great with LUC meetings
[12:48] Rosie Gray: it's been difficult to get everyone together for one reason or another
[12:48] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: :(
[12:49] Rosie Gray: so, the region reviews haven't been proceeding that way
[12:49] Rosie Gray: however, the work on the CN fishing village, and the forum/inner city of CN has been moving forward
[12:49] Rosie Gray: so it's not as thought things aren't progressing ㋡
[12:50] Rosie Gray: we DO need the LUC to be proactive, to review the regions and make the recommendations to the RA
[12:50] Rosie Gray: having said that, this amphitheatre has not come up as a project to renovate... yet
[12:50] Rosie Gray: done
[12:50] Lyubov: if i may....this reflects back to my learning point re "patience"... just the limits of what we, all of us as citizens in a volunteer-effort comminutiy are capable of doing.
[12:50] Lyubov: done
[12:50] Rosie Gray nods
[12:51] Rosie Gray: does that answer your question, sort of?
[12:51] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: raises her hand?
[12:51] Rosie Gray: welcome Bixyl
[12:51] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[12:51] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: Hi Bix:)
[12:51] Bixyl Shuftan: Hello, Rosie, thank you
[12:51] Cathy Sabre: Yes. I just wanted it to show my concern
[12:51] Rosie Gray: thank you Cathy
[12:51] Rosie Gray: yes, Kyoko?
[12:51] Cathy Sabre: Thank you for your patient responses.
[12:52] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: I just want to ask Max a question before he leaves us again
[12:52] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: I'll give him points today for doggedness!
[12:52] Rosie Gray: :D
[12:52] Pip Torok: me too!
[12:52] MadmaxSoulLover: between Sl and net burps I'm lucky to have a computer let alone be here lmao
[12:53] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: Max, as the newest citizen among the candidates. What one or two ideas do you have for moving us forward
[12:53] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: Other than nagging me to get the welocme committe together LOL:
[12:53] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: *welcome
[12:55] Lyubov: i'm not sure if max heard you :(
[12:55] Rosie Gray: hmmm, me thinks that Max might be crashing again :(
[12:55] Laura Azalee: yes I think so too
[12:55] Rosie Gray: oh there he is typing again
[12:55] MadmaxSoulLover: To be honest I'm still figuring out my answer to that question, As I'm learning more and more about the community & learning what it has done in the history of it and also what it has planned for the future already
[12:55] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: I will give him the question later to post on the transcrupt post
[12:56] Rosie Gray: thanks Max
[12:56] Cathy Sabre: Yay Max
[12:56] Rosie Gray: does anyone else have any questions?
[12:56] Kyoko Furse-Barzane: Thanks Max
[12:57] Cathy Sabre: Can we move to adjourn?
[12:57] Rosie Gray: yes I think so!

Em Warden
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Seasoned debater
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Re: Transcript - All Candidates Meeting for 31st RA, Monday May 13

Post by Em Warden » Tue May 14, 2019 12:02 pm

I have been unable to login these last couple of days, and thus I missed my opportunity to let you know the reasons for my candidacy to the 31st Representative Assembly. I f I had been present at the meeting yesterday, and was asked about it, I would have given this statement:

I have been a member of the RA several times before. I have also chosen not to stand for the RA many times, for various reasons. This time I long to be involved again :)

I am very eager for the CDS to continue it's path from history and through to the future, following the rules of a true democracy.

We are not in the hands of a sim owner who can decide everything according to his or her personal taste. And we are not living in the kind of anarchistic jungle that you often find on the SL Mainland.

We are blessed to have our SL home in a place where we care about each other, and where you always have experienced and skillful citizens to turn to when you need a piece of advice.

The Representative Assembly is the institution that can grant that our democratic principles live on, and that all citizens have the possibility to express their concerns, their wishes and their ideas- AND BE LISTENED TO.

If I am lucky enough to be elected to the 31st RA, my first priority would be to defend our democratic structure, and to concider the balance between the old and the new.
When you go through hell- keep walking!

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Re: Transcript - All Candidates Meeting for 31st RA, Monday May 13

Post by MadmaxSoulLover » Tue May 14, 2019 10:25 pm

[12:28] Cathy Sabre: I know there has been an effort to update the graphical environment with mesh, which I applaud.
[12:29] Cathy Sabre: How do you balance history with novelty?
Being one of the newest members of the community I am still learning about our history. Which was something that drew my wife & I here initially & has us falling in love with CDS more and more as we learn & experience more within the community of CDS.

To be apart of the updating and changes of the future of CDS yet holding onto our rich history, Is not only a unique and interesting opportunity for me to learn even more about our community. My hope and goal is that I can add a unique perspective as a newer community member. So we as a community may continue to grow and move forward.

With all that said, I don't want to make it sound like I'm in this for myself. I'm not. I want nothing more than to see our community grow & thrive as we move forward and into the future. While holding onto our rich history and roots, so as to not lose the uniqueness & charm that is CDS.

MadmaxSoulLover for 31st RA

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