CDS Census 1 October 2018

For the Chancellor to make important announcements regarding executive actions.

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I need a hobby
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CDS Census 1 October 2018

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A census has been taken on October 1st, 2018 in accordance with CDSL 20-02 "By
election Procedures Act".

Any citizen may challenge inclusions or exclusions within 14 days of
publication, by notecard to the Dean of the SC. Where no challenges have
been received, or once any challenges have been resolved, the Citizen List
will be declared accurate and official.

There are 58 names on the list.

20180414 Resident
Aliasi Stonebender
Andromeda Mesmer
Anna Saarinen
Anna Toussaint
Ariel Lancaster
Arria Perreault
Avoca Novi
Badgerofzen Resident
Brian Livingston
Brooke Brandenburg
Cadence Theas
Callipygian Christensen
Cindy Ecksol
Coltrane Shostakovich
Coolin Seaside
Covey Homewood
Danton Sideways
Delia Lake
Drewski Northman
Emwarden Resident
Garnet Manx
Gonta Maltz
Guillaume Mistwalker
Gwyneth Llewelyn
Han Held
Hunterrdahl Resident
Inekeb Resident
Jedburgh30 Dagger
Kayly Iali
Kazuhiko Shirakawa
Keila Forager
Klauswulfenbach Outlander
Laura Azalee
Lilith Ivory
Mariska Lysette
Mattie Mcbride
Mizou Vavoom
Moon Adamant
Moonrise Azalee
Oakwood Nightfire
Onionpencil Musashi
Oriscus Zauberflote
Pip Torok
Ranma Tardis
Rosie Gray
Samara Barzane
Shep Titian
Sonja Strom
Soro Dagostino
Starlight1823 Resident
Sudane Erato
Sylvia Tamalyn
Tanoujin Milestone
Tor Karlsvalt
Ulysse Alexandre
Victor1St Mornington
Widget Whiteberry
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