Duty of the Executive (Chancellor or Appointee) to Collect Tier

For the Chancellor to make important announcements regarding executive actions.

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Duty of the Executive (Chancellor or Appointee) to Collect Tier

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It is important that every Citizen realize the value of the payment of Tiers for the establishment and maintenance of Land within the CDS sims, and we must accept our roles in this exercise, to be regulated according to the following statute. Please accept my apologies for the necessity of this exercise, as I accept yours for occasional oversight. Kind Regards, Chancellor Emilia

CDSL 21-05 Tier Collection and Land Reclamation Act
https://cdsdemocracy.org/faqs/cdsl-21-0 ... ation-act/

Part Two: (Timing) When Tier Expires

Beginning three days before tier expires, the tier collection unit is supposed to begin sending IMs to the parcel owner.
Within 7 days of being in arrears:
– The remaining time shows up on the tier collection system website, available to all Rental Managers.
– The Executive notifies citizens (via IM, notecard, email) of impending land reclamation at 14 days of delinquency and loss of voting rights once tier expires. Refer to CDSL 16-03, Item 2 regarding potential loss of voting rights.
Once tier runs out:
– Tier collection unit continues to send IMs until the object is reset, unless the notices have been disabled by the citizen.
– The Executive notifies citizens (via IM, notecard, email) to the (now probationary) citizen.
– The 14 day time period begins in which the citizen can reclaim their parcel by paying all owed amounts. (Notification by IM, notecard and email – or IM when the citizen is not logged in.)
– The Executive sends a final notice to errant landowner notifying them when the land will be reclaimed and their items returned.
In addition to the census, CDS has the right to make public the lists of provisional citizens from time to time, as reasonably needed for its administration of government. The Treasurer creates the list, with provisional citizens noted at the bottom. The Executive posts it to the Forum using the subject line “Census, (month, day, year).” Treasurer adds the lists to the Praetorium census dispenser. Additionally, the Executive posts a notice to CDS group, announcing the publication of the list and it’s availability via the Forum or the Census Dispenser at the Praetorium
During times of elections or by-elections the executive shall inform the scientific council about citizens who are on the census lists but have lost their citizenship afterwards due to giving up their last parcel or having gotten into arrear with tier payments.
At fourteen days overdue, if the landowner has failed to pay the full amount outstanding and unless absent due to a declaration of ‘special circumstances.’ then the Executive can reclaim the parcel. Objects on the parcel can be returned to the landowner and the parcels set for sale unless there are plans to temporarily take it off the market to redevelop.
Chancellor, 32nd Term, December 2019 - May 2020.

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