Reminder: applications for the judiciary vacancies (judges)

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Reminder: applications for the judiciary vacancies (judges)

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Hello all,

According to what we were expecting to receive, I'm still missing two applications, to get through the "anonymising" procedures.

I've got one by email ([email protected]) and one notecard. I've not been able to find any other, and we know there are two people missing.

If you didn't receive an email from me giving you your application number, it means that yours hasn't been received, for any possible reason (SL "hiccups" if it was through a notecard, spam filters if it was by email). I managed to retrieve one application that was caught by Gmail's spam filter.

Obviously, I will defend your right to have your application still being considered, if you have in fact sent me the emails/notecards and it was just a technical glitch — or my oversight! — that prevented me receiving yours.

As said, if you've received an application number, you don't need to email me or send a notecard again.

- Gwyn
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