Final Agenda RA meeting 21-April-2018

Announcements by the Leader of the Representative Assembly

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Final Agenda RA meeting 21-April-2018

Post by Ranma Tardis » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:39 pm

Agenda for a meeting
of the 28th RA
21 April 2018
9 am SLT (pacific)

1) Administrative Business (10 minutes)

1a) Review and approval of the Agenda

1b) Review and approval of the Minutes

1c) Executive Report (if present)

1d) Report on the LUC

1e) Report on the Road Committee

2) Citizen Concerns (15-20 minutes)

3) RA members concerns (10 minutes)

4) Old Business
4A) Review of CDSL 24-01 Responsible Estate Management Act Discussion

5) New Business
5A) Discussion, Child Avatars and the CDS

6) General Announcements (5 minutes)

7) Next RA meeting, (1 minute)

8) Adjourn (1 minute)
Ranma Tardis 28th Term LRA

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