Minutes - 28 July 2020 RA Meeting

Announcements by the Leader of the Representative Assembly

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Minutes - 28 July 2020 RA Meeting

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Present: RA Members (LRA Lyubov Atheria, Archivist Guillaume Mistwalker, Laura Azalee), Chancellor Rosie Gray, CDS Citizens

RA Meeting Minutes - 28 July 2020

1. Administrative Business (12:05-:07)

1.1 Review and approve the agenda
• Guillaume motioned to approve, Laura seconded; motion approved unanimously (12:06)

1.2 Review and approve the minutes 14-July-2020
• Laura motioned to approve, Guillaume seconded; motion approved unanimously (12:07)

2. Executive Report (12:07-:15)
• Chancellor Rosie Gray noted the financial report as well as recent local events.
• There were no questions from RA members or citizens.

3. LUC Report (12:15-:23)
• LRA Lyubov Atheria gave a report on the LUC's 26 July meeting.
• Approved changes to Friedsee have been completed.
• The LUC visited the Monastery area that lacks road access.
• There was discussion of updates to the LA Quay.
• New business included: road mesh, waterfalls, and the Environmental Enhancement Project.

4. MoCA Update (12:24)
• LRA Lyubov Atheria noted the opening of two exhibits and that they will continue through 31 August.

5. Road Committee Update (12:25-:36)
• Guillaume Mistwalker gave an update and noted the compilation of name suggestions. A public meeting will be called soon.
• Laura noted there were some errors in the names of roads, and Rosie encouraged Laura to ensure the language would be correct.
• Guillaume added that there was unanimous support for naming regions' natural features.

6. Citizen Concerns (12:35-:39)
• Laura raised a concern from Udo Swashbuckler concerning the lake in Friedsee, including a potentially swimming system for the lake.
• Almut stated that Teacher Katherine may be interested in joining the CDS Welcome Committee.

7. RA member concerns (12:40)
• There were no concerns.

8. Old Business (12:40-:47)

8.1 Discussion of reform to CDSL 21-01 Permanent Land Use Commission Act
• LRA Lyubov Atheria noted that discussion was ongoing and that a draft was being prepared between her and Tanoujin.
• Chancellor Rosie and Almut suggested formatting changes to the bill.

9. New Business (12:47-13:27)

9.1 Proposal to change road mesh posted 5 July (12:47-13:00)
• LRA Lyubov reported on Sudane's proposal to change the roads, though the roads are not season-changing.
• Chancellor Rosie thinks that they would do well to replace cobblestone roads in rural zones, and that the content creator may respond.
• Gaius commented that during the winter the roads could simply disappear (be made transparent) and questioned how the divide between urban/rural roads would be managed. (The Chancellor and LRA pointed to Sudane's solution.)

9.2 Proposal to update waterfalls posted 14 July (13:00-:19)
• LRA Lyubov reported on Sudane's proposal to change the waterfalls and asked Chancellor Rosie Gray to comment. Rosie spoke very highly of them and their realism.
• LRA Lyubov asked Rosie to comment on the Friedsee lake, and Rosie commented that it can be improved too and wondered more about the system Laura Azalee had mentioned.
• LRA Lyubov motioned to approve the proposal, Laura seconded; motion passed unanimously (13:14)
• LRA Lyubov motioned to direct the LUC to investigate a Friedsee lake update, Guillaume seconded; motion passed unanimously (13:18)

9.3 Proposal to create an environment policy posted 11 July (13:19-:27)
• LRA Lyubov reported on the Environmental Enhancement Project and encouraged everyone to read the forum.

10. General Announcements (13:26-:28)
• 1 August – Scientific Council, 1200 SLT
•16 August – Land Use Commission, 1200 SLT
•22 August – Government Question Time, 0900 SLT

11. Next Meeting (13:28)
• Guillaume motioned to propose 11 August at 12:00 SLT, Laura seconded; motion passed unanimously (13:28)

12. Adjourn (13:28-:29)
• LRA Lyubov motioned to adjourn, Laura seconded; motion passed unanimously (13:29)
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