dates for 18th RA byelection

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dates for 18th RA byelection

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Rationale: To have a byelection and a full RA before the holidays, while meeting the 28 day constitutional requirement for citizen's to qualify to vote, a census will need to be done before the new RA is sworn in. If we leave it until after, with the holidays in the middle, we will not have a full RA, potentially, for a third of the term.

I am proposing that we vote on the following dates for the byelection:

Census: Sunday Nov 18 - notice was posted to the Forums on the 11th, reminding people that a census would be coming up for the byelection
Call for candidates:Dec 1- immediately after the new RA has its first meeting, I expect that the LRA will request the SC proceed with the byelection. Even if we do not receive a request it is the SC's duty to administer a byelection for the seat
Deadline to declare:Dec 7
Campaigning: Dec 7 - 14
Polls open noon Saturday Dec 15 for 96 hours closing at 11.59 on Wednesday Dec 19

We will vote on these dates, or any amended schedule at the meeting on Sunday Nov 17 at 8 AM SLT
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