Locus Amoenus Pre-Sales Begin!

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Sudane Erato
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Locus Amoenus Pre-Sales Begin!

Post by Sudane Erato »

Pre-sales of the new 4th sim of the CDS are now open for business, in accordance with the approvals of the RA and of the Chancellor, as noted here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1967#p11643

Please read all about our new 4th sim, Locus Amoenus (LA) here:

The amounts for sale price and monthly tier for parcels on LA were outlined in this post: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1857&st=0&sk=t&sd= ... =15#p11397, the contents of which were subsequently approved, as noted in the first link.

If you wish to purchase a parcel on LA, please refer to the chart below to see which parcels are currently available, and how much they cost. Use the map here: ... oenus-map/ to see which parcel is which.

When you have made your decision to buy, please pay the amount specified in the "Sale Price" column to Rudeen Edo directly, via her profile. DO NOT send money to me! But, when you do pay Rudeen, please send to me, Sudane Erato, an IM or an email (email is preferred, to [email protected]) saying that you *have* paid the money and saying which parcel you wish to buy. The email is *very* important, cause without it I will not know that you have sent money to Rudeen, and of course, I won't know which parcel you want.

A number of people have made reservations on parcels, pending the opening of pre-sales. We will hold these reservations until September 1, pending your payment. If we have not received payment for reserved parcels by September 1, we will offer the parcels to other interested people.

Please direct any questions to either Moon Adamant or myself.

Thanks! I think that Locus Amoenus will be a great new addition to the CDS!


This is the chart! Please check it before purchasing! ... S_zFEpcEdg
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Patroklus Murakami
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Re: Locus Amoenus Pre-Sales Begin!

Post by Patroklus Murakami »

Safari can’t open the page “” because it can’t find the server “”.
Is it just me, or is the Locus Amoenus blog down?

EDITED: It's working for me now, my mac must have been having a bad day :)
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