Official list of Candidates - 33th RA and Chancellor

Announcements by the Dean of the Scientific Council

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Official list of Candidates - 33th RA and Chancellor

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Usually at this time campaigning starts, but with only 5 RA candidates for 5 seats and only one chancellor candidate there are no real elections necessary.

Chancellor for the 33th term is:
Rosie Gray

The members of the 33th RA are:
Brooke Brandenburg
Guillaume Mistwalker
Laura Azalee
Lyubov Atheria (formerly known as 20180414 Resident)
Tanoujin Milestone

I would like to ask the incoming RA to organize an inaugural meeting in the week between 25th and 31th may to be sworn in and to elect a new LRA.

Congratulations and thank you all for wanting to serve our community
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