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to all candidates- from Ceasar

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:30 am
by Callipygian
Can the candidates explain how they would wish to see the expansion of CDS, growth in the numbers and variety of sims and how they would increase the number of citizens?

Re: to all candidates- from Ceasar

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:27 am
by JerryDon Lane
Hi Ceasar:

That's really a two prong question and so I will answer it accordingly.

We increase numbers of new citizens a, by making CDS a desirable place to live, which I think it already is, and b, by effective promotion of the sims placing our wares in front of new people.

In my platform, I propose an Events Board to stage quality events at least quarterly in CDS to attract new potential residents and also promote the businesses that operate here. These events must be of high quality to the point that the Lab will feature them in the destination guide and we can have new potential residents dropping out of the sky. Then once they are here, they will find kiosks that preach the message of CDS.

And I am firmly on record as expressing my intentions to actively expand CDS and to make democracy available to more of the virtual world. We are only five confederated sims out of an estimated 35,000 sims in SL. When we look at those figures, they tell us that in the overall picture, democracy really has no meaningful voice at all in SL.

I want to change that by expanding CDS aggressively. But that expansion must be tempered with leadership and common sense in that we cannot grow too quickly. We can only grow as fast as we draw in new residents to purchase property and keep our balance in the black.

We are in the black right now on the books, and our parcels have sold well. I think the time to expand to our next sim should go exactly like this: let's finish up LA with no further drama and then immediately move forward with another sim purchase. Let's do it, guys!

Re: to all candidates- from Ceasar

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:55 am
by Patroklus Murakami
I think we are already at the point where we could realistically consider expansion. Our sims are pretty much full and we have a degree of interest in our community. NFS is almost always sold out so an expansion of our original theme to a second sim would seem to be a pretty smart move.

We also have the opportunity of our 10th birthday celebrations to promote our community across the Grid. Those celebrations will draw people in. It would be good to be able to offer them the chance to become our newer citizens and celebrate with expansion.

Re: to all candidates- from Ceasar

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:47 am
by Bagheera
I am all for sustainable expansion.

A couple years ago, CDS was also at a point of full-up sims and had moved into the planning stages for acquiring a new sim, even to the point of defining an overall theme and where to place it: NFS West, to be done in a theme of a university campus. Since this plan is over two years old, I would want to verify this idea was still what the citizens wanted in present time. If/when resources allowed, I'd recommend acquiring a 2nd sim - a (comparatively inexpensive) park sim off Monastery with cliff walls where now we have blank space and a waterland for boating (since the idea of liveaboard boats turned out to be so very popular in LA - something CDS hadn't explored before) which would, I think, would make living in our sims even more desirable.

There is a cautionary tale here too though, as soon after the planning had begun, there was a major economic collapse in the RL world and possibly other dynamics that turned the CDS map to yellow (and much of SL to yellow) abandoned, vacant, for sale land. So, right beside or even in advance of expansion plans, I would want to crunch the numbers and get the advice of experts to determine what was necessary to make any expansion sustainable.