Commission Minutes -- 8/9/14

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Commission Minutes -- 8/9/14

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MINUTES OF THE SIM COMMISSION: AUGUST 9, 2014 – Leslie’s Pavilion, CN.

Board Members:
Present: Rosie Gray; Lilith Ivory; Bromo Ivory; Leslie Allandale
Absent: Pat (patroklus.murakami)
Quorum present? Yes
Others present? No

• Meeting called to order at 10:11:21 by Chair, Rosie Gray

• No previous meetings to approve

• Agenda: (see footnote)

• Appointment of secretary: Leslie Allandale volunteers to keep minutes.

• Item 1: Review Commission’s Scope of Work:
 Order of business: Rosie suggests that first order of business is publishing a survey, and scheduling community meetings. All present are in agreement.
 Community Meetings, duration: After a brief discussion it is agreed that a week will be set aside for community meetings scheduled at different times so that all time zones will be represented.
 Survey: Rosie presents Widgets survey After discussing possible additions to the survey, including the placement of the region near other regions, it was decided that, for expediency, the survey should be accepted as submitted.
 In-world meetings, times, hosts and formats: Leslie volunteered to attend all meetings and keep minutes. Rosie, Lilith, and Bromo volunteer to moderate the meetings at times that would be convenient for members in their time zones. Bromo adds that it would be helpful if a “points list” were generated to keep the meetings coherent. The suggestion is agreed upon.
At 10:50, Patroklus Murakami joins the meeting.
• Item 1: Review Commission’s Scope of Work (continued)
 MOTION by Leslie: : Lilith, Rosie, Bromo and Pat will each lead a public discussion on the new sim proposal, Leslie will take minutes and assist. The motion is seconded and passed.
 Survey posting: Rosie announces she will post the link on the forum, and send an in-world notice. Each person can access the survey once only, so as to prevent anyone from gaming it.
 MOTION to table 1- b, c, d, until after the survey, seconded and passed

• Item 2: Approve Commissions’ Scope of Work
 After a discussion of additional recommendations like pricing, balance of land use, specific builds, and number of sims considered, MOTION to approve item 1 as commissions’ scope of work with the consideration of finances, balance of public and private prims and any specific public spaces appropriate to the theme is proposed, seconded and passed.

• Discussion of “other worlds”: After a brief discussion it is noted that the inclusion of CDS presence in alternate metaverses should be stressed.

• Item 3: Scheduling Community Meetings
 It is agreed that establishing points for meeting content should be delayed until results of the survey were tallied. And, that the survey would be set to close on Saturday August 16th, noon slt
 Rosie reminds the committee to encourage people to do the survey, remind them they can only access it once, and consider their availability for in-world meetings for the week of August 18 - 23

• Item 4: Scheduling following meeting.
 MOTION to set the second meeting Sunday August 17, 10 am slt seconded and passed.

 MOTION to adjourn seconded and passed at 11:35:21

New Sim Commission of the Representative Assembly
August 9, 2014 10:00 am SLT

The Commission consists of:
Rosie Gray - RA member and chair, Lilith Ivory - SC member, Bromo Ivory - citizen, Leslie Allandale - citizen, Patroklus Murakami - citizen

Special advisors:
Arria Perreault - anything to do with connecting to the Monastery sim or on the west side of the land-mass that might affect Monastery, historical advice
Gaius Tiberius Curio - anything Roman or historical advice
Gwyneth Llewelyn - crafting bills and process
Widget Whiteberry - surveys and organizing

ITEM 1. Review Commission Scope of Work (all items to be presented as recommendations to the RA)
a. convene building commission which will determine procedures for the new region creative process i.e. building, terraforming, gardening etc.
b. Consider type of region (full region, homestead, void)
c. Consider placement of region
d. Consider region theme
e. Citizen survey
f. Hold in-world meetings for discussion (how many? when?)
g. Compile and summarize ideas and comments from citizens from survey and official meetings. Other channels?
h. Draft legislation for the acquisition of a new region or regions
i. Consider finances, balance of public and private prims and any specific public spaces appropriate to the theme.

ITEM 2: Approve Commission Scope of Work

ITEM 3. Assignments & Due Dates re Items Above

ITEM 4. Commission Meeting Schedule


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