Commission Meeting Transcript Sept 7, 2014

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Commission Meeting Transcript Sept 7, 2014

Post by Rosie Gray »

[2014/09/07 10:13:53] Leslie Allandale: Shall we begin?
[2014/09/07 10:13:59] Rosie Gray: please
[2014/09/07 10:14:14] Lilith Ivory: yes, please
[2014/09/07 10:14:23] Leslie Allandale: If you have read the note, I would like to begin at the top line.
[2014/09/07 10:14:45] WernerBergheim: entered chat range (17.66 m).
[2014/09/07 10:14:55] Lilith Ivory: Hi Werner
[2014/09/07 10:15:12] WernerBergheim: hello
[2014/09/07 10:15:15] WernerBergheim: all
[2014/09/07 10:15:21] Leslie Allandale: It seems that people don't care if we have only one sim, but we could add the both sim item from below
[2014/09/07 10:15:27] Widget Whiteberry: Werner, I'll pass you a notecard
[2014/09/07 10:16:10] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:16:13] Leslie Allandale: I would suggest that the citizens would let the committee decide on the order and timing of sim construction
[2014/09/07 10:16:15] Leslie Allandale: Rosie
[2014/09/07 10:16:32] WernerBergheim: entered chat range (19.23 m).
[2014/09/07 10:16:34] Rosie Gray: I just wanted to clarify for myself... when you say 'use empty sim', on the graph
[2014/09/07 10:16:40] Rosie Gray: you are referring to NFS west?
[2014/09/07 10:16:48] Leslie Allandale: That is correct
[2014/09/07 10:17:03] Lilith Ivory: whispers: I quite dislike the wording "use empty Sim" :)
[2014/09/07 10:17:03] Leslie Allandale: I will change that on the updated graphs/charts.
[2014/09/07 10:17:04] Rosie Gray: okay... would be a good idea to refer to it that way, I think
[2014/09/07 10:17:09] Rosie Gray: great, thanks
[2014/09/07 10:17:10] Rosie Gray: done
[2014/09/07 10:17:23] WernerBergheim: entered chat range (19.03 m).
[2014/09/07 10:17:35] Leslie Allandale: That has been noted before, and I am remiss in changing it. Bad Leslie.
[2014/09/07 10:17:45] /me smiles
[2014/09/07 10:18:11] /me mumbles something about guys wo never listen
[2014/09/07 10:18:59] /me makes a note ••••••••••
[2014/09/07 10:19:05] Leslie Allandale: There is almost universal consent for filling in the corner sim, and no one has objected to
[2014/09/07 10:19:11] Leslie Allandale: Timo's plan
[2014/09/07 10:19:18] Leslie Allandale: Comments?
[2014/09/07 10:19:24] Callipygian Christensen: entered the region (80.47 m).
[2014/09/07 10:19:33] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): If you don't mind me asking, what is Timo's plan?
[2014/09/07 10:19:50] Leslie Allandale: Does someone have a link for Felicia?
[2014/09/07 10:19:53] Lilith Ivory: a plan about how the new Sim could be build
[2014/09/07 10:19:57] Rosie Gray: I'll look for one
[2014/09/07 10:20:00] Lilith Ivory: I am finding the link for you
[2014/09/07 10:20:09] Callipygian Christensen: entered chat range (8.78 m).
[2014/09/07 10:20:12] Widget Whiteberry: Lilith or Rosie, can you summarize it here?
[2014/09/07 10:20:12] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): Thanks.
[2014/09/07 10:20:21] Rosie Gray: hi Calli
[2014/09/07 10:20:31] WernerBergheim: entered chat range (19.26 m).
[2014/09/07 10:20:36] Leslie Allandale: We can come back after Felicia has looked at that proposal?
[2014/09/07 10:20:38] Callipygian Christensen: morning
[2014/09/07 10:20:43] Lilith Ivory: Timos plan: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4715
[2014/09/07 10:20:47] Leslie Allandale: Good morning Calli
[2014/09/07 10:20:47] Lilith Ivory: Hi Valli
[2014/09/07 10:20:52] Lilith Ivory: Calli
[2014/09/07 10:21:03] Leslie Allandale: I will skip to Water sim and return to timo's plan.
[2014/09/07 10:21:04] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): Thanks, Lilith.
[2014/09/07 10:21:41] WernerBergheim: entered chat range (19.32 m).
[2014/09/07 10:22:26] Leslie Allandale: Water sim was discussed more in the second meeting, and I will include that information in the updated graph. however it seems that the reviews are mixed and any water sims would be tabled for a second round of sim building
[2014/09/07 10:22:29] Leslie Allandale: comments?
[2014/09/07 10:23:06] Widget Whiteberry: I very much liked the concept as described by Calli
[2014/09/07 10:23:20] Leslie Allandale: Calli?
[2014/09/07 10:23:22] Lilith Ivory: it would take longer to plan a water sim anyway I think so it is good to build NFSW first
[2014/09/07 10:23:25] Widget Whiteberry: inexpensive way to ass coast lines
[2014/09/07 10:23:38] Widget Whiteberry: and I agree with Lilith
[2014/09/07 10:23:52] Widget Whiteberry: add* coast lines and usable water
[2014/09/07 10:23:57] Leslie Allandale: I agree. Felicia? how are you coming?
[2014/09/07 10:24:07] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): I like Timo's plan.
[2014/09/07 10:24:43] Callipygian Christensen: I am not being facetious when I say I am not sure what concept I described
[2014/09/07 10:24:51] Widget Whiteberry: laughs
[2014/09/07 10:24:51] Leslie Allandale: I have a proposal too, but think that it would be good to go ahead with what we have, rather than change horses in mid-stream and risk falling in the rapids.
[2014/09/07 10:25:12] Widget Whiteberry: Calli it had to do with the $75 sims
[2014/09/07 10:25:32] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): I also think a land sim should come first before a water sim.
[2014/09/07 10:25:55] Widget Whiteberry: this remnds me of something. may I?
[2014/09/07 10:25:56] WernerBergheim: entered chat range (19.99 m).
[2014/09/07 10:26:09] Leslie Allandale: the question is: does the committee address the water sim, or table it for another committee
[2014/09/07 10:26:11] Leslie Allandale: Widget
[2014/09/07 10:26:26] Widget Whiteberry: I have a clear preference for parcels that border linden water. Do others?
[2014/09/07 10:26:36] tutory: entered the region (101.00 m).
[2014/09/07 10:26:53] Leslie Allandale: Good question I of course would like to see it next to Purple
[2014/09/07 10:26:54] Widget Whiteberry: And I think this committee should address the water sim question
[2014/09/07 10:27:16] Leslie Allandale: discussion?
[2014/09/07 10:27:35] Callipygian Christensen: The problem with the 'attach to linden water' program is that you don't necessarilly get to relocate where you want to go
[2014/09/07 10:27:43] WernerBergheim: entered chat range (18.75 m).
[2014/09/07 10:27:51] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:27:56] Widget Whiteberry: oh I didn't mean that
[2014/09/07 10:28:02] Leslie Allandale: Widget. would you be willing to do a cost-benefit analysis of the water sim question?
[2014/09/07 10:28:07] Leslie Allandale: Rosie
[2014/09/07 10:28:14] WernerBergheim: entered chat range (19.97 m).
[2014/09/07 10:28:34] Lilith Ivory: Willkommen Werner :)
[2014/09/07 10:28:47] Rosie Gray: just to let everyone know, that some of us did look into the idea of moving all the sims to be adjacent to a large LL 'sea', but it's not very feasible... and I know that's not what your question was
[2014/09/07 10:28:54] Leslie Allandale: Mr. Bergheim. have a seat.
[2014/09/07 10:29:07] WernerBergheim: danke
[2014/09/07 10:29:14] Rosie Gray: hello again Werner
[2014/09/07 10:29:31] Leslie Allandale: konnen Sie eine stuhl finden?
[2014/09/07 10:29:31] WernerBergheim: hello
[2014/09/07 10:29:40] Rosie Gray: and just wanted to add that I also like the idea of owning some land next to LL water
[2014/09/07 10:29:41] Rosie Gray: done
[2014/09/07 10:29:42] Leslie Allandale: Eines?
[2014/09/07 10:29:44] WernerBergheim: hab ich schon
[2014/09/07 10:29:58] Leslie Allandale: gut.
[2014/09/07 10:31:00] Leslie Allandale: I think if this commission is to recommend a water sim, we need to analyze it's cost.
[2014/09/07 10:31:10] Leslie Allandale: any more discussion?
[2014/09/07 10:31:17] Widget Whiteberry: I'm looking for the info from Calli
[2014/09/07 10:31:23] Widget Whiteberry: may I hand it to you later?
[2014/09/07 10:31:26] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:31:35] Leslie Allandale: Rosie
[2014/09/07 10:31:46] Rosie Gray: I just wanted to add something about Timo's plan
[2014/09/07 10:32:07] Rosie Gray: his design is mostly reflecting what a homestead might look like
[2014/09/07 10:32:52] Rosie Gray: I like his general plan, but I still think that with a full sim, we should have some central focal point... with his plan, we could have a ski lodge and that would satisfy that... and also give a starting point for skiing
[2014/09/07 10:32:54] Rosie Gray: done
[2014/09/07 10:33:10] /me nods in agreement
[2014/09/07 10:33:21] Leslie Allandale: I agree that we should use it as a starting point
[2014/09/07 10:33:22] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:33:27] Leslie Allandale: Calli
[2014/09/07 10:33:40] /me nods in agreement
[2014/09/07 10:33:54] JerryDon Lane: left the region.
[2014/09/07 10:34:12] Callipygian Christensen: Just checking here, there was tlak of a competition - presentation for vote of multiple proposals if they that not going to happen?
[2014/09/07 10:34:37] Leslie Allandale: I have not heard that
[2014/09/07 10:35:15] Leslie Allandale: My understanding is that this committee would make a proposal to the RA.
[2014/09/07 10:35:24] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:35:28] WernerBergheim: i must go now have a nice day
[2014/09/07 10:35:34] Leslie Allandale: It could include one or more configuratioins
[2014/09/07 10:35:36] Rosie Gray: bye Werner ㋡
[2014/09/07 10:35:36] Leslie Allandale: Rosie
[2014/09/07 10:35:42] Leslie Allandale: AW
[2014/09/07 10:35:43] Callipygian Christensen: Ok, my brain isnt totally engaged yet so I could easily be misremembering
[2014/09/07 10:35:44] WernerBergheim: bye bye
[2014/09/07 10:35:53] Rosie Gray: I think that it was Gwyneth's suggestion that we have a contest
[2014/09/07 10:36:01] Rosie Gray: she always like a contest, lol
[2014/09/07 10:36:10] Lilith Ivory: bye Werner
[2014/09/07 10:36:20] Leslie Allandale: But that is not in our mandate.
[2014/09/07 10:36:41] Rosie Gray: I do know that a couple of others have made design concepts too, so maybe we should make that a part of our process, to let them be presented as well.
[2014/09/07 10:36:56] Leslie Allandale: I agree
[2014/09/07 10:36:59] Lilith Ivory: I agree and just wanted to sugess the same
[2014/09/07 10:37:04] Rosie Gray: it does fit our mandate
[2014/09/07 10:37:13] Leslie Allandale: Of course
[2014/09/07 10:37:28] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:37:31] Leslie Allandale: That would be a step down the line
[2014/09/07 10:37:36] Leslie Allandale: Felicia?
[2014/09/07 10:37:43] Rosie Gray: so, I'd suggest that we ask for the concepts to be presented in a specific way, by a specific date, and then let us all have a look.
[2014/09/07 10:37:50] Callipygian Christensen: I think that once the location is identified, that somewhat defines the parameters of concept
[2014/09/07 10:37:51] Rosie Gray: done
[2014/09/07 10:37:59] Rosie Gray: I agree
[2014/09/07 10:38:09] /me nods
[2014/09/07 10:38:13] Callipygian Christensen: done
[2014/09/07 10:38:37] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): Has anyone actually submitted any other proposals to the committee?
[2014/09/07 10:39:02] Leslie Allandale: We have not asked, but perhaps that is the next step
[2014/09/07 10:39:05] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): done
[2014/09/07 10:39:17] Leslie Allandale: Timo's proposal was pre-existing.
[2014/09/07 10:39:46] Leslie Allandale: But I agree. we have to give the parameters to the designers
[2014/09/07 10:39:46] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:39:53] Leslie Allandale: Felicia
[2014/09/07 10:40:13] Leslie Allandale: I am sorry if you weren't done
[2014/09/07 10:40:25] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): if everyone is mostly agreed on the spot for the new sim, the committee could ask for proposals.
[2014/09/07 10:40:46] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): that would be another step forward
[2014/09/07 10:40:52] /me nods
[2014/09/07 10:40:54] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): done
[2014/09/07 10:41:07] Leslie Allandale: good point, thanks
[2014/09/07 10:41:29] Leslie Allandale: We had little comment on use, but is there any today?
[2014/09/07 10:41:55] Widget Whiteberry: is use the same as features?
[2014/09/07 10:42:05] Leslie Allandale: As buy, visit, etc.
[2014/09/07 10:42:15] Leslie Allandale: I think we should move on to Focal Point
[2014/09/07 10:42:17] Shep: entered the region (178.02 m).
[2014/09/07 10:42:26] Widget Whiteberry: I'm more interested in 'visit' than 'buy'
[2014/09/07 10:42:41] Widget Whiteberry: visit has more 'legs'
[2014/09/07 10:42:43] Leslie Allandale: I think everyone will visit
[2014/09/07 10:42:45] Widget Whiteberry: done
[2014/09/07 10:42:50] Leslie Allandale: thank you
[2014/09/07 10:43:00] Leslie Allandale: Shep, welcome
[2014/09/07 10:43:19] Lilith Ivory: Hi Shep :)
[2014/09/07 10:43:38] Leslie Allandale: Especially if we had a focal point, an item which everyone seems to support in one form or another.
[2014/09/07 10:43:41] /me looks around but sees Shep too far away to talk to
[2014/09/07 10:44:59] Leslie Allandale: Is there discussion on focal point? A ski lodge had some support last time.
[2014/09/07 10:45:20] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:45:26] Leslie Allandale: Yes, Rosie
[2014/09/07 10:46:08] Rosie Gray: I like the idea of a ski lodge, as everyone here knows, because it is not just a building, but a focus for an activity, that would take people all over the sim
[2014/09/07 10:46:21] Leslie Allandale: agreed
[2014/09/07 10:46:26] Widget Whiteberry: incoming Shep
[2014/09/07 10:46:27] Leslie Allandale: And very alpine
[2014/09/07 10:46:27] Rosie Gray: but anything that does something similar is great
[2014/09/07 10:46:28] Lilith Ivory: I agree
[2014/09/07 10:46:40] /me agrees
[2014/09/07 10:46:54] Leslie Allandale: Perhaps that could be part of the request for proposals
[2014/09/07 10:47:00] Rosie Gray: I think we could create quite a nice little ski community, and have alternative activities in the no-snow months
[2014/09/07 10:47:04] Lilith Ivory: and I like the idea of having something for less formal events
[2014/09/07 10:47:11] Shep: entered chat range (7.85 m).
[2014/09/07 10:47:17] Rosie Gray: like hiking etc, and make it a kind of outdoorsy sim
[2014/09/07 10:47:18] Rosie Gray: done
[2014/09/07 10:47:21] Leslie Allandale: Yay, a horsie
[2014/09/07 10:47:21] Lilith Ivory: hehe Hi Shep :)
[2014/09/07 10:47:22] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:47:27] Leslie Allandale: Calli
[2014/09/07 10:47:29] Rosie Gray: oh Shep!!!
[2014/09/07 10:47:56] /me offers Shep a sugar cube
[2014/09/07 10:47:59] Leslie Allandale: Calli?
[2014/09/07 10:48:12] Leslie Allandale: Don't feed the wildlife Widget.
[2014/09/07 10:48:17] Leslie Allandale: They get sick
[2014/09/07 10:48:19] Shep (shep.titian): oooooooooooooh thank you Widget :D
[2014/09/07 10:48:22] Callipygian Christensen: If you are identifying a specific focal point, you are going to limit proposals pretty heavily
[2014/09/07 10:48:27] Shep (shep.titian): Hi everyone
[2014/09/07 10:48:35] Leslie Allandale: Yes, Calli
[2014/09/07 10:48:43] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): Hi Shep!
[2014/09/07 10:48:54] Leslie Allandale: I would agree that a designer would pick a focal point of their choosing.
[2014/09/07 10:48:56] Callipygian Christensen: If you are going to invite proposals it might be better to do a broad 'must have a focal point' - and see what appears
[2014/09/07 10:49:09] Leslie Allandale: nods
[2014/09/07 10:49:29] Leslie Allandale: Anyone else?
[2014/09/07 10:49:33] Callipygian Christensen: Easy enough to provide the suggestions from these meetings for any designer to consider incorporating
[2014/09/07 10:49:35] Callipygian Christensen: done
[2014/09/07 10:49:35] Leslie Allandale: are you done, soz
[2014/09/07 10:49:56] /me nods in agreement with Calli
[2014/09/07 10:50:29] Leslie Allandale: We could use the data from the meetings to add to the solicitation.
[2014/09/07 10:50:46] tutory: left the region.
[2014/09/07 10:50:53] Leslie Allandale: any other comments?
[2014/09/07 10:51:26] Leslie Allandale: On a Focus?
[2014/09/07 10:52:54] Leslie Allandale: Ideas for a "style" are scattered across the spectrum, with most indicating that it was not that important as long as it was consistent with the "neighborhood."
[2014/09/07 10:53:00] Leslie Allandale: Discussioin?
[2014/09/07 10:53:06] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:53:12] Leslie Allandale: Rosie?
[2014/09/07 10:53:31] Rosie Gray: bye style, do you mean theme? like Bavarian, alpine... etc.?
[2014/09/07 10:53:35] Rosie Gray: by*
[2014/09/07 10:53:52] Leslie Allandale: Theme, yes, better word.
[2014/09/07 10:54:17] Leslie Allandale: But landscape too.
[2014/09/07 10:54:31] Rosie Gray: okay... and we also need to think about the time... would it be pre wwI like LA, or not specific, like NFS
[2014/09/07 10:54:40] Rosie Gray: done
[2014/09/07 10:55:03] Leslie Allandale: I agree. those are the three most important elements of style.
[2014/09/07 10:55:11] Leslie Allandale: And comment on one or all?
[2014/09/07 10:55:23] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 10:55:28] Leslie Allandale: Lilith?
[2014/09/07 10:55:51] Lilith Ivory: I think it was best to keep our whole estate in pre WW
[2014/09/07 10:56:03] Lilith Ivory: safes us from ugly l´modern buildings
[2014/09/07 10:56:18] Rosie Gray: or beautiful modern buildings!
[2014/09/07 10:56:27] Leslie Allandale: touche
[2014/09/07 10:56:28] Lilith Ivory: well yes
[2014/09/07 10:56:31] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2014/09/07 10:56:48] Lilith Ivory: and what safes us from ugly old fashioned buildings?
[2014/09/07 10:56:49] Leslie Allandale: took the words out of my mouth, she did
[2014/09/07 10:56:49] WernerBergheim: left the region.
[2014/09/07 10:57:08] Rosie Gray: indeed
[2014/09/07 10:57:25] Lilith Ivory: well we did have some very specific rules in NFS too in the past
[2014/09/07 10:58:04] Leslie Allandale: that is the list. Before we ask our newest guest to comment, is there anything else anyone would like to bring up?
[2014/09/07 10:58:19] Widget Whiteberry: yes pls
[2014/09/07 10:58:24] Leslie Allandale: Widget
[2014/09/07 10:58:51] Widget Whiteberry: I found my notes from convo with Calli about waer sims -- which are not instead of the one we are taling about
[2014/09/07 10:58:58] Widget Whiteberry: water*
[2014/09/07 10:59:06] Widget Whiteberry: Calli has them now
[2014/09/07 10:59:07] Leslie Allandale: Can you share them with us?
[2014/09/07 10:59:17] Widget Whiteberry: what is the method for getting hem to the commission?
[2014/09/07 10:59:41] Leslie Allandale: Can you link them here?
[2014/09/07 10:59:52] Widget Whiteberry: they are in a notecard
[2014/09/07 11:00:06] Widget Whiteberry: Calli, may I paste them here? They are not from IM
[2014/09/07 11:00:18] Leslie Allandale: Calli?
[2014/09/07 11:00:46] Widget Whiteberry: maybe when she wakes up
[2014/09/07 11:00:54] Leslie Allandale: give her a nudge
[2014/09/07 11:00:55] Rosie Gray: ;)
[2014/09/07 11:00:56] Callipygian Christensen: sorry..RL intrudes a lot on Sundays
[2014/09/07 11:01:02] Leslie Allandale: np
[2014/09/07 11:01:21] Callipygian Christensen: sure, share if you want Widget, I really dont recall it clearly
[2014/09/07 11:01:35] Leslie Allandale: Go ahead Widget
[2014/09/07 11:01:36] Widget Whiteberry: here it is
[2014/09/07 11:01:38] Widget Whiteberry: [2014/08/18 22:21]
Callipygian Christensen: you know..with a chunk of the reserves we could put a couple of void water sims out there and pay for them for a couple of years … spend the reserves on making CDS pretty..theres a thought
Widget Whiteberry: is a void water sim a homestead?
Callipygian Christensen: no..homesteads are different... LL calls voids OpenSpace..
Widget Whiteberry: are they just linden water?
Callipygian Christensen: allow twice as many prims as a homestaed but only 10 avatars
Widget Whiteberry: can boats move through them?
Callipygian Christensen: no..they dont have to be water.they can be parkland etc..the aim is cheap pretty openspace
Widget Whiteberry: that's a good idea
Callipygian Christensen: oh yes..they are a sim, just like this..just with different limitations
Callipygian Christensen: 75US a month
Widget Whiteberry: I hope it will be suggested at some of the meetings … a few of those would allow us to expand shorelines too
Callipygian Christensen: so for 2700 US you could
[2014/09/07 11:01:38] Widget Whiteberry: have one for three years … or three for one year
Delia had a gorgeous nature preserve in al andalus..
Widget Whiteberry: she created one at VS too
Callipygian Christensen: I'd vote for an openspace and her doing that in an instant
Widget Whiteberry: hmm that's a wonderful idea... maybe that and a mostly land sim
Callipygian Christensen: the issue there is the avatar limit ... only cant reeally 'use' it fo sailing or any activity..
Widget Whiteberry: we have other places to gather more than 10 … and up to 10 could sail
Callipygian Christensen: but to my thinking its exactly the sort of pretty thing that would be a beneficial way to spend money
Widget Whiteberry: seems plenty
I hope you will be at some of those meetings and post in the forum
Callipygian Christensen: I will try
[2014/09/07 11:02:45] Callipygian Christensen: One thing I said there in space sims are NOT twice the prims of anything..they are very low prim
[2014/09/07 11:02:48] Leslie Allandale: Comments from the meeting?
[2014/09/07 11:03:09] Shep (shep.titian): on phone
[2014/09/07 11:03:25] Leslie Allandale: Anyone else?
[2014/09/07 11:03:47] Widget Whiteberry: still reading? I know it was a lot
[2014/09/07 11:04:28] /me nods - I already wondered as otherwise a lot of people would use them to have a private home on them
[2014/09/07 11:04:38] Leslie Allandale: I believe that if they would pay for themselves, the commission would recommend adding them to the mix, but would like to see the figures.
[2014/09/07 11:05:18] Leslie Allandale: If a couple of islands had private homes, that would sustain the tier, is that a bad thing?
[2014/09/07 11:05:33] Leslie Allandale: Lilith?
[2014/09/07 11:05:41] Lilith Ivory: as far as I know you can´t rent out parcels on sims like that and that´s why open space Sims DON´tT pay for themselves
[2014/09/07 11:05:42] Rosie Gray: I think it's a great idea
[2014/09/07 11:05:46] Tor Karlsvalt: entered the region (1050.30 m).
[2014/09/07 11:05:59] Rosie Gray: right... that's true
[2014/09/07 11:06:06] Leslie Allandale: I rented an island on a sim like that.
[2014/09/07 11:06:10] Rosie Gray: there's not enough prims for anything other than some scrubby trees
[2014/09/07 11:06:19] Tor Karlsvalt: entered chat range (18.12 m).
[2014/09/07 11:06:21] Widget Whiteberry: it makes the surrounding shorelines from other sims very desireable
[2014/09/07 11:06:29] Lilith Ivory: we should be careful not to mix homesteads with open space while we are talking
[2014/09/07 11:06:29] /me nods
[2014/09/07 11:06:32] Rosie Gray: hi Tor
[2014/09/07 11:06:41] Leslie Allandale: Mr. Karlsvalt
[2014/09/07 11:06:44] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): Hi Tor!
[2014/09/07 11:06:44] Leslie Allandale: Have a seat
[2014/09/07 11:06:45] Lilith Ivory: Hi Tor
[2014/09/07 11:06:46] Tor Karlsvalt: Hi all
[2014/09/07 11:06:47] Widget Whiteberry: and can't people 'wear' boats and inner tubes?
[2014/09/07 11:06:51] Leslie Allandale: Next to the horse, perhaps.
[2014/09/07 11:07:00] Leslie Allandale: They can
[2014/09/07 11:07:23] Leslie Allandale: On some boats, you used to wear the sales and drive the hull.
[2014/09/07 11:07:59] Leslie Allandale: Other discussion on any topic?
[2014/09/07 11:08:34] Lilith Ivory: I think before we keep talking about adding a water Sim we should profide clear info about the different types of Sims and what is allowed there
[2014/09/07 11:08:46] Leslie Allandale: noted.
[2014/09/07 11:09:12] Leslie Allandale: Tor. Has the graphic rezzed for you?
[2014/09/07 11:09:41] Tor Karlsvalt: eys
[2014/09/07 11:09:43] Tor Karlsvalt: yes
[2014/09/07 11:09:43] Rosie Gray: I agree with Lilith
[2014/09/07 11:10:00] Leslie Allandale: And be careful, Shep is eying your straw-colored hair.
[2014/09/07 11:10:10] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2014/09/07 11:10:33] Leslie Allandale: Tor, do you have any comments on the items listed in the chart?
[2014/09/07 11:10:36] Tor Karlsvalt: :), I gave her a lump of sugar.
[2014/09/07 11:10:44] Leslie Allandale: sweet
[2014/09/07 11:11:28] Tor Karlsvalt: Um, sorr for being late, but I think land first then water is a good idea. I also think we have to have some balance between adding Alpine and water.
[2014/09/07 11:11:41] Tor Karlsvalt: done
[2014/09/07 11:12:03] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): raises hand
[2014/09/07 11:12:08] Leslie Allandale: Yes, I agree, that is a consensus.
[2014/09/07 11:12:11] Leslie Allandale: Felicia
[2014/09/07 11:12:21] Shep (shep.titian): back sorry
[2014/09/07 11:12:36] Leslie Allandale: I was reading your lips, Shep
[2014/09/07 11:13:06] Shep (shep.titian): hahahhahaha
[2014/09/07 11:13:06] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): If the committee is looking for proposals, it could ask specifically for a water proposal in addition to the land proposal.
[2014/09/07 11:13:25] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): or proposals
[2014/09/07 11:13:27] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): done
[2014/09/07 11:13:29] Leslie Allandale: Another good point.
[2014/09/07 11:13:29] /me nods in agreement
[2014/09/07 11:14:00] Leslie Allandale: Felicia. Do you have any other points, that may not have to do with the agenda/chart?
[2014/09/07 11:14:40] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): thanks for asking
[2014/09/07 11:15:04] Leslie Allandale: comments, criticisms, kudos?
[2014/09/07 11:15:15] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): trying to find consensus among the cds is difficult
[2014/09/07 11:15:15] Leslie Allandale: observations of any kind?
[2014/09/07 11:15:25] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 11:15:33] Leslie Allandale: Mr. Karlsvalt
[2014/09/07 11:15:36] Tor Karlsvalt: thanks
[2014/09/07 11:15:51] Leslie Allandale: done Felicia?
[2014/09/07 11:15:56] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): sorry yes done
[2014/09/07 11:16:02] Leslie Allandale: tor?
[2014/09/07 11:16:16] Tor Karlsvalt: I just want to say that I am thankful for this commissions reasoned appoach to adding new sims. Haste makes waste!
[2014/09/07 11:16:17] Tor Karlsvalt: done
[2014/09/07 11:16:24] Shep (shep.titian): Raises hoof
[2014/09/07 11:16:31] Tor Karlsvalt: :)
[2014/09/07 11:16:34] Leslie Allandale: horse?
[2014/09/07 11:16:48] Leslie Allandale: She is eating your hair Tor
[2014/09/07 11:17:06] Shep (shep.titian): I'd like to buy 3 sims .. one to finish NFS and two water ones
[2014/09/07 11:17:20] Leslie Allandale: will you pay for them?
[2014/09/07 11:17:31] Shep (shep.titian): no
[2014/09/07 11:17:38] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): lol
[2014/09/07 11:17:42] /me combs out the horse slobber.
[2014/09/07 11:17:48] Leslie Allandale: Oh, I thought we had the problems solved
[2014/09/07 11:17:56] Sofa: Saved
[2014/09/07 11:17:57] Leslie Allandale: drat
[2014/09/07 11:18:11] Leslie Allandale: Any closing words from the gallery?
[2014/09/07 11:18:31] Leslie Allandale: Widget?
[2014/09/07 11:18:32] Rosie Gray: maybe we should let Shep expand on her idea first?
[2014/09/07 11:18:40] Leslie Allandale: sure
[2014/09/07 11:18:44] Leslie Allandale: Shep?
[2014/09/07 11:18:48] Leslie Allandale: soz
[2014/09/07 11:19:00] Shep (shep.titian): Well its pretty simple
[2014/09/07 11:19:34] Shep (shep.titian): Finish NFS should go first .. but pretty boring sorry
[2014/09/07 11:20:12] Shep (shep.titian): then a couple of water sims .. maybe a homestead and one scenic
[2014/09/07 11:20:28] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 11:20:32] Leslie Allandale: Tor
[2014/09/07 11:20:37] Leslie Allandale: whoops
[2014/09/07 11:20:45] Leslie Allandale: tor next
[2014/09/07 11:21:12] Shep (shep.titian): I would happily pay a percentage of a scenic in tier
[2014/09/07 11:21:21] Tor Karlsvalt: I do think the new sim, NFS West should go to the sea or very close to it so if add water we can have nice water sims with a good view not the underside of the mountain.
[2014/09/07 11:21:22] Tor Karlsvalt: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D :p :D :p :D
[2014/09/07 11:21:22] Tor Karlsvalt: done
[2014/09/07 11:21:40] Rosie Gray: lol, Tor
[2014/09/07 11:21:48] Tor Karlsvalt: sorry about that, don't know how that happened.
[2014/09/07 11:21:48] Leslie Allandale: That has been mentioned, and I agree.
[2014/09/07 11:21:56] /me turns red
[2014/09/07 11:21:56] Leslie Allandale: wheeee.
[2014/09/07 11:22:00] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): lol
[2014/09/07 11:22:01] Leslie Allandale: whinnnnney
[2014/09/07 11:22:18] Callipygian Christensen: extended afk
[2014/09/07 11:22:21] Shep (shep.titian): is ignoring such behaviour
[2014/09/07 11:22:32] Leslie Allandale: done Shep?
[2014/09/07 11:22:46] Leslie Allandale: Look at those angry ears
[2014/09/07 11:23:14] Leslie Allandale: Can I go around the room now, mom?
[2014/09/07 11:23:30] Leslie Allandale: Okay then
[2014/09/07 11:23:33] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): I've got to run, but thanks to everyone who is working on this!
[2014/09/07 11:23:37] /me blinks at Rosie
[2014/09/07 11:23:47] Leslie Allandale: Great, ty Felicia.
[2014/09/07 11:23:51] Rosie Gray: see you Felicia ㋡
[2014/09/07 11:23:55] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night!
[2014/09/07 11:23:57] Tor Karlsvalt: bye Felicia
[2014/09/07 11:24:01] Leslie Allandale: bye
[2014/09/07 11:24:07] Shep (shep.titian): bye hun
[2014/09/07 11:24:12] Felicia Fortune (feliciafortune): Take care!
[2014/09/07 11:24:29] Leslie Allandale: Tor, Shep, and Calli
[2014/09/07 11:24:34] Felicia Fortune: left the region.
[2014/09/07 11:24:37] Leslie Allandale: You are not on the committee.
[2014/09/07 11:24:49] Leslie Allandale: Can you sum up your comments?
[2014/09/07 11:25:09] Tor Karlsvalt: I am ok.
[2014/09/07 11:25:18] Leslie Allandale: Shep?
[2014/09/07 11:25:45] Leslie Allandale: Ms. Christensen?
[2014/09/07 11:25:53] Rosie Gray: she's AFK
[2014/09/07 11:26:03] Widget Whiteberry: ahem
[2014/09/07 11:26:08] Shep (shep.titian): Ok
[2014/09/07 11:26:10] Widget Whiteberry: I am not on the committee
[2014/09/07 11:26:17] Leslie Allandale: Yes, Ms, Whiteberry
[2014/09/07 11:26:20] Widget Whiteberry: just sayin'
[2014/09/07 11:26:25] Widget Whiteberry: What are the Commission's next steps and is there an end date for your work?
[2014/09/07 11:26:33] Leslie Allandale: You are a special advisor.
[2014/09/07 11:26:34] Widget Whiteberry: done... and thank you
[2014/09/07 11:26:43] Leslie Allandale: Rosie?
[2014/09/07 11:26:52] Shep (shep.titian): Yes I think we should finish NFS and get two other sims for more common use
[2014/09/07 11:26:53] Rosie Gray: yes?
[2014/09/07 11:27:09] Leslie Allandale: Widget's question is best for you to answer.
[2014/09/07 11:27:34] Shep (shep.titian): and IO think you should make a club to join if you will pay to use water
[2014/09/07 11:27:48] Leslie Allandale: awesome point
[2014/09/07 11:27:52] Leslie Allandale: A yacht club
[2014/09/07 11:27:57] Leslie Allandale: ala monastery
[2014/09/07 11:28:16] Leslie Allandale: To pay for the big chunk?
[2014/09/07 11:28:17] Rosie Gray: do they have that in monastery?
[2014/09/07 11:28:22] Rosie Gray: I don't think so
[2014/09/07 11:28:26] /me nods
[2014/09/07 11:28:38] Shep (shep.titian): well without parcels you have to raise the tier
[2014/09/07 11:28:38] Lilith Ivory: I don´t think there is anything but a tip jar
[2014/09/07 11:28:39] Leslie Allandale: No, but monastery pays a big chunk of the sim, right?
[2014/09/07 11:28:51] Rosie Gray: yes it does
[2014/09/07 11:28:54] Tor Karlsvalt: it does.
[2014/09/07 11:29:03] Leslie Allandale: A yacht club would be similar.
[2014/09/07 11:29:16] Leslie Allandale: just paid by more avies
[2014/09/07 11:29:19] Lilith Ivory: while I don´t think the monastery pays more per sqm than the rest
[2014/09/07 11:29:19] /me nods agreemnet
[2014/09/07 11:29:55] Leslie Allandale: But it would be a sponsoring organization, like Monastery, in that sense.
[2014/09/07 11:30:10] Rosie Gray: I think that it's possible to go that route, and I've love to ask Trebor to do an expense analysis for us specifically for that scenario
[2014/09/07 11:30:22] /me smiles
[2014/09/07 11:30:28] Leslie Allandale: Then I vote we do that.
[2014/09/07 11:30:42] Rosie Gray: ask Trebor?
[2014/09/07 11:30:46] Leslie Allandale: Yes
[2014/09/07 11:30:56] Leslie Allandale: will you ask?
[2014/09/07 11:31:06] Rosie Gray: sure I will
[2014/09/07 11:31:11] Leslie Allandale: Yay
[2014/09/07 11:31:18] Rosie Gray: as to our next steps with this commission
[2014/09/07 11:31:23] Leslie Allandale: whoa nellie
[2014/09/07 11:31:29] Rosie Gray: we have another mandate to consider too
[2014/09/07 11:31:30] Leslie Allandale: listens
[2014/09/07 11:31:39] Rosie Gray: just have to find it... on 4emoment
[2014/09/07 11:31:45] /me smiles
[2014/09/07 11:32:57] Rosie Gray: sorry... still looking
[2014/09/07 11:32:59] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 11:33:10] Leslie Allandale: Tor
[2014/09/07 11:33:49] Tor Karlsvalt: I have a spreadsheet that shows the Monaster pays about 60 USD in tier and the sim costs us $95 per month.
[2014/09/07 11:33:57] Shep (shep.titian): Sorry trying things out
[2014/09/07 11:34:50] Tor Karlsvalt: might be a bit less than that, but it deffinately pays more than half
[2014/09/07 11:34:53] Tor Karlsvalt: done
[2014/09/07 11:35:08] Leslie Allandale: way more, like 2/3
[2014/09/07 11:35:36] Tor Karlsvalt: Well my sheet included a small tier increase.
[2014/09/07 11:35:46] /me raises hand
[2014/09/07 11:35:52] Leslie Allandale: but in a neighborhood
[2014/09/07 11:35:57] Tor Karlsvalt: yes
[2014/09/07 11:37:20] Leslie Allandale: We can leave a little early today, if we are in agreement that our discussion has exhausted the topics.
[2014/09/07 11:37:29] Rosie Gray: wait
[2014/09/07 11:37:35] Leslie Allandale: Yes, Rosie.
[2014/09/07 11:37:35] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2014/09/07 11:37:40] Rosie Gray: Motion by Cadence for the Sim Commission to consider the Land Sale and Tier Act and modify item 7 of the act in light of the concerns of Callie and Soro regarding notification of citizens. Tor seconded. Rosie, Tor and Cadence in favor. Motion carries at 22:14:46.
[2014/09/07 11:37:50] Rosie Gray: this was added to our commission mandate
[2014/09/07 11:37:59] Leslie Allandale: good, discussion?
[2014/09/07 11:38:08] Rosie Gray: it's a different topic, but we need to do it
[2014/09/07 11:38:24] Leslie Allandale: Then lets start
[2014/09/07 11:38:31] Leslie Allandale: Do we want to excuse the guests?
[2014/09/07 11:38:47] Rosie Gray: how about we have a seperate meeting?
[2014/09/07 11:38:49] Lilith Ivory: shouldn´t we discuss that another day?
[2014/09/07 11:38:58] Leslie Allandale: Yes.
[2014/09/07 11:39:03] Rosie Gray: whew, thanks
[2014/09/07 11:39:04] Lilith Ivory: I agree Rosie as IU think we won´t get that done in 30 min
[2014/09/07 11:39:04] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2014/09/07 11:39:36] Leslie Allandale: I would like to excuse the guests, unless they have further comment
[2014/09/07 11:39:43] Leslie Allandale: and set a time for that meeting
[2014/09/07 11:40:03] Rosie Gray: perhaps now we should decide what we will do next?
[2014/09/07 11:40:17] Callipygian Christensen: back
[2014/09/07 11:40:17] Lilith Ivory: I would prefer to do it via this doodle thing again so the rest of our commission can join too
[2014/09/07 11:40:32] Leslie Allandale: good
[2014/09/07 11:40:33] Rosie Gray: good point Lil
[2014/09/07 11:40:40] /me smiles
[2014/09/07 11:40:40] Leslie Allandale: You will be doing that, '
[2014/09/07 11:40:43] Leslie Allandale: rosie?
[2014/09/07 11:40:49] Rosie Gray: sure I can do that
[2014/09/07 11:40:56] Leslie Allandale: Awesome.
[2014/09/07 11:40:57] Callipygian Christensen: umm.please provide wording for that modification? That way it gets considered and we dont end up with poor wording on the fly
[2014/09/07 11:41:08] /me nods
[2014/09/07 11:41:36] Leslie Allandale: What do you mean, Calli?
[2014/09/07 11:41:52] Callipygian Christensen: Motion by Cadence for the Sim Commission to consider the Land Sale and Tier Act and modify item 7 of the act in light of the concerns of Callie and Soro regarding notification of citizens. Tor seconded. Rosie, Tor and Cadence in favor. Motion carries at 22:14:46.
[2014/09/07 11:41:57] Rosie Gray: she's referring to the .... yes
[2014/09/07 11:42:13] Leslie Allandale: Who would clarify that?
[2014/09/07 11:42:18] Leslie Allandale: The RA?
[2014/09/07 11:42:28] Rosie Gray: we will discuss it in the next meeting of just the commission
[2014/09/07 11:42:36] Leslie Allandale: noted
[2014/09/07 11:42:39] /me nods
[2014/09/07 11:42:49] Rosie Gray: it is presented to the RA to consider, after that
[2014/09/07 11:43:00] Leslie Allandale: fine, then we are adjourned?
[2014/09/07 11:43:03] Rosie Gray: but before we adjourn
[2014/09/07 11:43:07] Leslie Allandale: Yes
[2014/09/07 11:43:07] Callipygian Christensen: I must away - I am DJing at a gallery opening at noon
[2014/09/07 11:43:18] Rosie Gray: how about the request to people who want to submit a design?
[2014/09/07 11:43:25] Rosie Gray: see you Calli!
[2014/09/07 11:43:28] Leslie Allandale: Thank you for coming Callpygian.
[2014/09/07 11:43:30] Callipygian Christensen: feel free to drop by - Ill be there until 2 I think and can send LMs once I get them
[2014/09/07 11:43:31] Lilith Ivory: I think the next steps should be to ask for more proposals about hwo the new Sim should look like AND talk about this motion in our next meeting
[2014/09/07 11:43:47] Rosie Gray: agreed!
[2014/09/07 11:44:05] Lilith Ivory: we need to set a timeframe and other things
[2014/09/07 11:44:07] Leslie Allandale: Shall we wait until our next meeting to solicit proposals?
[2014/09/07 11:44:08] Rosie Gray: not verbal descriptions though... plans... like Timo's
[2014/09/07 11:44:11] Callipygian Christensen: (might suggest that since it obviously IS going to be buy a sim, that someone starts watching the secondary market)
[2014/09/07 11:44:21] Lilith Ivory: I agree!
[2014/09/07 11:44:32] Leslie Allandale: good point, Ms C.
[2014/09/07 11:45:03] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2014/09/07 11:45:08] Lilith Ivory: what I like most at Timos proposal was that he included contour lines
[2014/09/07 11:45:31] Rosie Gray: I like that too, and I think we should use it as an example of the type of detail we are looking for
[2014/09/07 11:45:34] Leslie Allandale: that did make it look more professiona.
[2014/09/07 11:45:41] Leslie Allandale: l
[2014/09/07 11:45:49] Lilith Ivory: good point Calli!
[2014/09/07 11:45:59] Callipygian Christensen: Rosie, might want to offer to help anyone without the skills to produce that, but with ideas, to come up with something
[2014/09/07 11:46:09] /me nods.
[2014/09/07 11:46:12] Callipygian Christensen: I couldn't do what Timo did for example..or what Gauius ahs done
[2014/09/07 11:46:14] Lilith Ivory: as I have been told the second market is not doing well in our case atm
[2014/09/07 11:46:27] Leslie Allandale: Yes, I agree, it should be the idea, not necessarily the presentation.
[2014/09/07 11:46:44] Lilith Ivory: (not many Sims available and the ones that are are sold quickly for a terribly high price
[2014/09/07 11:46:55] Callipygian Christensen: I am sure Timo and Gauius would happilly share their controu info and measurements etc
[2014/09/07 11:46:57] /me sighs
[2014/09/07 11:47:04] Lilith Ivory: I agree
[2014/09/07 11:47:06] Rosie Gray: well you can't really judge an idea unless it is presented at least in some way that is descriptive
[2014/09/07 11:47:08] Leslie Allandale: Tor?
[2014/09/07 11:47:19] Callipygian Christensen: ok..really leaving now lol
[2014/09/07 11:47:21] Tor Karlsvalt: oh nothing, just about the market.
[2014/09/07 11:47:26] Callipygian Christensen: left the region.
[2014/09/07 11:48:12] Shep (shep.titian): do I need to leave?
[2014/09/07 11:48:32] Leslie Allandale: I think we can adjourn now?
[2014/09/07 11:48:35] Rosie Gray: I think we're almost done... yes?
[2014/09/07 11:48:41] /me nods
[2014/09/07 11:48:41] Rosie Gray: yes!
[2014/09/07 11:48:46] Penelope Gossamer: entered the region (270.77 m).
[2014/09/07 11:48:48] Lilith Ivory: feeling lazy and tired today lol
[2014/09/07 11:48:53] Leslie Allandale: meeting adjourned.
[2014/09/07 11:48:53] Rosie Gray: awh
[2014/09/07 11:49:01] Shep (shep.titian): awwwww poor Lil
[2014/09/07 11:49:06] Rosie Gray: yay, thanks for a good meeting Les ㋡
[2014/09/07 11:49:11] /me smiles
[2014/09/07 11:49:13] Leslie Allandale: Will you carry us all home Shep?
[2014/09/07 11:49:27] Shep (shep.titian): all of you?
[2014/09/07 11:49:29] Shep (shep.titian): lol
[2014/09/07 11:49:32] Tor Karlsvalt: Thank you Les and thanks to the Commission for working on this.
[2014/09/07 11:49:32] Lilith Ivory: we can run down the hills together shep
[2014/09/07 11:49:34] Leslie Allandale: You ae certainly big enough
[2014/09/07 11:49:51] Shep (shep.titian): hehehe Lil
[2014/09/07 11:49:52] Leslie Allandale: ty Tor.
[2014/09/07 11:49:59] Tor Karlsvalt: You too Shep, it is great that Citizens take the time to talk about this stuff in a reasonable manner.
[2014/09/07 11:50:14] Leslie Allandale: I will look for doodle, then Rosie?
[2014/09/07 11:50:21] Tor Karlsvalt: Oh boy
[2014/09/07 11:50:22] Shep (shep.titian): even lady horses worry about their weight :(
[2014/09/07 11:50:27] Rosie Gray: hehehe
[2014/09/07 11:50:30] Tor Karlsvalt: I need a horse AV.
[2014/09/07 11:50:33] Rosie Gray: oh you have one too Lil
[2014/09/07 11:50:34] Penelope Gossamer: left the region.
[2014/09/07 11:50:37] Rosie Gray: they are gorgeous!
[2014/09/07 11:50:43] Tor Karlsvalt: They are
[2014/09/07 11:50:45] Lilith Ivory: didn´t you see it yet Rosie?
[2014/09/07 11:50:46] Shep (shep.titian): He called me a porker .. you all saw him!!!
[2014/09/07 11:50:50] Rosie Gray: no!
[2014/09/07 11:50:56] Lilith Ivory: it´s from the store where the tiny horses came from
[2014/09/07 11:51:00] Tor Karlsvalt: Who called you a porker?
[2014/09/07 11:51:07] Rosie Gray: lol, Shep
[2014/09/07 11:51:18] Shep (shep.titian): Les did
[2014/09/07 11:51:20] Rosie Gray: and yes, I'll Doodle
"Courage, my friend, it's not too late to make the world a better place."
~ Tommy Douglas


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