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Re: CN Covenant

Post by Rosie Gray » Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:26 pm

More revisions!

COLONIA NOVA specific covenant
Colonia Nova is an ahistorical, southern-European themed sim (Italian/Greek/Spanish or generically northern-Mediterranean) featuring a shopping district, an amphitheatre, the public thermae and the seat of the CDS government, the Praetorium. Buildings in this region resemble styles of southern-Europe and should aim to link visually with the styles of Locus Amoenus and Alpine Meadows at those regional borders.

1. Architecture to follow a traditional southern European template. Contemporary styles prohibited.
2. Although all zones are mixed-use, overt merchandising is restricted to zone C.
3. Building exteriors shall use pre-industrial materials
a. Structural elements: stone, brick or wood
b. Roofing elements: wood, slate or terracotta shingles.
c. Exterior flooring elements: brick, ceramic, stone or wood.
d. Wall elements: stone, brick, wood or stucco.
e. Door and window elements: wood or metals, raw or painted.
f. Large panes of glass must be partitioned by appropriate framing.

Zones and Typologies

Zone C (all buildings inside the city walls).**
Structures shall be provided by the CDS estate and anchored to common land.**
1. Urban architecture
2. Plots in zone C are named C.XX.

Zone E (Cardo Plots outside the walls, opposite the ampthitheatre)
1. Urban architecture
2. Structures must be no taller than 20 meters.
3. All structures must be placed immediately adjacent to the Cardo
4. Plots in zone E are named E.XX.

Zone FV(Stella Marina fishing village)
1. Builds are permanent and anchored on public property*
2. Plots in this zone are named FV.XX

Zone R (Prim Plots, riverfront plots, and those bordering Alpine Meadow)***
1. Prim Plots R 01-1 through R01-5 are reserved to supplement those who own another regular parcel in CN. No buildings to be constructed but gardening is encouraged.
2. All other R plots: Rural architecture
3. Structures may be no taller than 20m
4. Buildings must have a 5 m distance from adjoining parcels
5. Minimum of 3 trees per 512m2 of plot area.
6. Plots in Zone R are named R.XX.

Public Buildings, Structures and Lands:
Public buildings are not subject to specific zone or typology guidelines. Public buildings and structures are directly administered by the Executive Branch of the CDS.

* Was approved by the RA and Chancellor some time ago.
** To be brought to the RA and Chancellor for approval. This is a renaming of Zones S to combine with C, to simplify. Those buildings already zoned as C were approved for anchoring by the RA some time ago. Regarding current Zone S: There are 8 parcels which could be included along with the 20 C parcels for anchoring to CDS common land. The builds seem to average well less than 100 prims each, so the total budget for anchoring would be less than 2,800 prims out of an available 8743.
***To simplify by renaming to zone R, incorporating the prim plots, those bordering Alpine Meadow and the parcels on both sides of the river excepting FV.

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