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LUC & Law Review

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Dear LUC - Impressive first meeting. H/t to all of you. Re the six laws from your agenda – which Law Review identified as concerning the LUC and the Chancellor's Office – our hope is for communication (comments, questions and concerns) from both the LUC and the Chancellor's Office as we all collaborate to craft good laws that work well for all involved. The laws, all of which are on the Portal, are on the Law Review agenda for review and revision. They are
a. NL 8-2 “In-Theme” Expansion Act
b. NL 5-8 Covenant Revision Act
c. NL 8-4 Private Development Act
d. NL 4-23 Public Property Protection Act
e. NL 4-20 Construction Authority Act (superceedes NL 3-10)
f. NL 4-21 Public Building Deletion Act

NL 8-4 is the subject of a RA Commission and we'll be coordinating with them too. I believe Coop – who is a Law Review member – is working on that one.
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