Comments on the Third LUC meeting

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Leslie Allandale
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Comments on the Third LUC meeting

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Friends of the CDS Land Use Commission.

Members of the Commission are taking the huge responsibility they have been given very seriously. I don't know where I, the RA or CDS would be without them.

1. We have been trying to keep up with Delia, Widget and Coop from the LR, but it is hard to match their incredible energy. However, Josie and Rosie are deeply involved in both, streamlining the covenants, and making them more applicable to the current socio-political situation.

2. Timo has worked out a spread-sheet-formated Time-Line for our new Sims, which the LUC adopted on Monday -- with the caveat that it is "necessarily" ambitious. I am hoping to get it published to our Forum Discussion thread before the end of the week.

3. According to this time line we will be advertising a Request for Proposals on the NFS West Sim next week. If you know anyone who would like to submit a plan, now is the time for them to get busy.

4. We are tending towards adopting an every-Monday-10amslt Meeting slot. If you would like to attend, we strive for efficiency, so you may get bored and fall asleep. (just sayin')

5. Since the items, above, have been taking up much of our time, the task of ironing out our, more mundane, procedures and protocols have take a back seat. However, Rosie (Inspection Committee, GMP) and Josie (New Sim Acquisition Format) are moving forward, so I hope we can publish some of the results of those efforts before the first of the year.

6. Shep, as the representative of the Executive Branch, has been given some authority to speak for the Chancellor at our meetings, thus we look forward to consolidating efficient procedures for tasks which require the attention of both groups.

Please IM, email, or NC me with comments, concerns, (or accolades), and I/we hope to see you all at one of our up-coming meetings.

YHS, Leslie Allandale
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