DRAFT: CDS Covenant

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DRAFT: CDS Covenant

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CDS Estate Covenant

IMPORTANT: read and understand these covenants BEFORE purchasing this land.

for the notecard that goes into the About Land, covenant tab, add: For ease of reading, see full covenants here: (portal link here)

About this community:

The Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) is the oldest democracy in Second Life. The regions have loosely based Germanic, Tuscan, or Roman themes, representing different historic periods. Full descriptions of the regions can be read on the CDS website: http://portal.slcds.info/index.php/cds-themes/ We are not a role-playing community.

FOR HELP find online Estate Managers here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/N ... 90/179/173 or http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/C ... 109/187/43

General CDS Covenants (These covenants apply to all CDS regions)

Purchasing Land and Paying Tier:

Step 1: Buy the land through the About Land tab.
Step 2: Pay the Hippo tier-box adjacent to the land. You do not fully own the land until you have paid the tier and keep it current.

**By purchasing this parcel you become a citizen of the CDS. We encourage you to get to know your fellow citizens, come to events and meetings, and read the constitution and laws on the CDS website.

a)You can pay tier on your Hippo tier-box up to 3 months in advance.
b) Tier is paid to CDS and not to Linden Labs.You do not need a Premium account to become a citizen in CDS.
C)The Linden Lab Premium Account land allowance does not apply to and is not credited towards ownership of land within CDS.Status as citizen in this community is dependent on making regular payment of the monthly fee for a least one parcel.

Hippo Tier Meter Expiration
d)Your responsibility for monthly parcel fees continues until a new owner purchases, or you officially abandon the property.
e)Your status as citizen in this community is dependent on making regular payment of the monthly fee for this land, which will be reclaimed by the community if you do not make this payment.
f)Your rights to sell the property are revoked once tier is in arrears.

Maximum Land Ownership:
An individual can own up to 8 CDS land parcels, totalling 8192 m2. Land ownership restrictions include any land donated to group-owned land in CDS. Additionally, some zones within individual CDS regions have specific parcel ownership restrictions.

General Rules:
1) All buildings in CDS must be physically plausible, based on the architectural technology of the historical period and culture of the CDS region in which the property is located.
2) Use no "Full Bright" settings on any of your objects out of doors.
3) Vendors must be inside of buildings and are only allowed on commercially zoned lots.
4) No global ban lines. You DO have the right to ban specific individuals from your parcel.
5) No security devices below 1000 meters.
6) Keep skyboxes and build platforms above 1000 meters and within parcel limits.
7) No subleasing.
8 ) Nudity allowed only within private residences. Our regions are rated ‘moderate’.
9) No weapons are permitted.
10) No SL or RL pornography is permitted.

Approval of Buildings:
11) All structures are subject to review by the Land Use Commission (LUC). Upon completion of exterior construction, notice shall be delivered by the LUC to the Chancellor for approval. Builders also have the option of submitting plans to the LUC for pre-approval.
12) Within each region there are public and private structures that can only be modified with prior approval by the Chancellor. See specific Regional Covenants below.
13) Adjustments to land within region specific tolerances, to accommodate complying structures, may be made by Estate Managers.
14) Variances may be granted for terraforming requests beyond the region specific tolerances.
15) Buildings under construction for longer than 24 hours must be kept above 1000 m.

Scripts and Particles:
16) Excessive script usage adversely affects region performance and is not permitted. The determination of excessive is at the sole discretion of the Chancellor.
17) Scripts which use llListen (voice command) are permitted if they listen only after a touch and then deactivate after a certain period of time.
18)Scripts that spy on other residents, record or transmit chat, spy on movement/activities are not permitted with the exception of visitor counters, item givers, statistics collectors, etc., which may be used for commercial purposes within a public, commercial establishment.
19) Private security scripts may be used above 1000 m and range within the owner’s parcel borders and give intruders a 30-second warning prior to ejection.
20) Particles may be used in effects that have real-world analogies, such as lights, smoke, and fire. Floating, particle emitting and rotating signs are prohibited.
21) Scripts and particles attached to avatars are unregulated.

Commercial Zoning: Clubs and other Businesses
22) Clubs and businesses shall be established in commercially defined zones. See specific regional covenants.
23) All clubs are subject to review by the Chancellor. Normally only one club per region is allowed and that on terms negotiated in advance and enforced by the Chancellor.

All terms and conditions of service set forth by Linden Lab, both in their official Terms of Service (TOS) and in all official blog posts, forum posts or other official statements regarding policy, allowed behaviour and terms of service must be adhered to first and foremost prior to the application of this covenant. Under no circumstances does the CDS permit any behaviour or actions not permitted by the Linden Lab TOS or publicized policy. These covenants are subject to change from time to time as the elected governing bodies see fit. Changes shall be effective upon publication.
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