LUC Meeting Transcript Feb. 25, 2017

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LUC Meeting Transcript Feb. 25, 2017

Post by Rosie Gray »

Although it wasn't my job to do so, I'm posting the last LUC meeting transcript here. The date was February 25, 2017:

[2017/02/25 15:12:30] Delia Lake: but if you are here and I know it's late for you, we should start.
[2017/02/25 15:12:32] Lilith Ivory: very bavarian
[2017/02/25 15:12:35] Lilith Ivory: I love this dance animation
[2017/02/25 15:12:43] Rosie Gray: it's really good
[2017/02/25 15:12:48] Widget Whiteberry: please let's beggin
[2017/02/25 15:13:01] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): Hi Rosie, Widget, Delia. Lil
[2017/02/25 15:13:06] Delia Lake: Widget do you have the agenda?
[2017/02/25 15:13:13] Widget Whiteberry: I do, thank you
[2017/02/25 15:13:35] Rosie Gray: do you have it too Lilith?
[2017/02/25 15:13:37] Delia Lake: call to order at 3:13 pm
[2017/02/25 15:13:45] Delia Lake: yes Lil and Mizou do have
[2017/02/25 15:13:51] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/02/25 15:13:58] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): Yes i have it here
[2017/02/25 15:14:29] Lilith Ivory: yes I have it
[2017/02/25 15:14:43] Delia Lake: the 2 items from last meeting we agreed to address are review of CN and discussion of the link of nonreplaceable buildings to public lands
[2017/02/25 15:15:05] Rosie Gray: that's primarily what Bags' email is about
[2017/02/25 15:15:13] Delia Lake: so, the first one on our agenda is CN
[2017/02/25 15:15:24] Delia Lake: checking for Bags' email
[2017/02/25 15:16:45] Delia Lake: very good.
[2017/02/25 15:17:03] Delia Lake: if we might talk about CN first though
[2017/02/25 15:17:41] Delia Lake: on the google drive is a review form. Lil, I can give you a link
[2017/02/25 15:18:08] Rosie Gray: what's it called Delia?
[2017/02/25 15:18:31] Lilith Ivory: yes please
[2017/02/25 15:18:32] Rosie Gray: I see one that is DRAFT, and another without that
[2017/02/25 15:18:52] Widget Whiteberry: /me notes there are 18 empty parcels on CN
[2017/02/25 15:18:58] Delia Lake: ... sp=sharing
[2017/02/25 15:19:23] Delia Lake: anyone with the link should be able to open
[2017/02/25 15:19:55] Rosie Gray: that is the covenant
[2017/02/25 15:20:25] Widget Whiteberry: ... 1987082236
[2017/02/25 15:20:27] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes i have it open
[2017/02/25 15:21:01] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i sent a request to open Widgets document
[2017/02/25 15:21:11] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i have the covenant open
[2017/02/25 15:21:12] Widget Whiteberry: my document?
[2017/02/25 15:21:15] Rosie Gray: it's Bags' document
[2017/02/25 15:21:19] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes widget
[2017/02/25 15:21:29] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): oh
[2017/02/25 15:21:36] Widget Whiteberry: which of mine, Mizou?
[2017/02/25 15:21:52] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): the link you sent at 15:20
[2017/02/25 15:21:52] Rosie Gray: I just added you Mizou
[2017/02/25 15:21:57] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok
[2017/02/25 15:22:09] Delia Lake: let's discuss CN first then Bags' doc
[2017/02/25 15:22:24] Rosie Gray: ... iAm84/edit
[2017/02/25 15:22:37] Delia Lake: as Widget says, there are 18 vacant parcels on CN, and maybe more now
[2017/02/25 15:22:46] Delia Lake: most have been vacant for quite a while
[2017/02/25 15:23:07] Delia Lake: while parcels on other regions have been selling
[2017/02/25 15:23:20] Widget Whiteberry: we've been under par for 6 mos on CN
[2017/02/25 15:23:23] Rosie Gray: yup
[2017/02/25 15:23:26] Delia Lake: so, what to do about CN
[2017/02/25 15:23:53] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): What is the selling point for the non-CN sims?
[2017/02/25 15:24:04] Widget Whiteberry: size is clearly one
[2017/02/25 15:24:11] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): too big?
[2017/02/25 15:24:12] Delia Lake: many of the current buildings are old and really nice buildings like Mizou's thermae are underused
[2017/02/25 15:24:31] Rosie Gray: and the public area in the forum is not very welcoming
[2017/02/25 15:24:33] Rosie Gray: in my opinion
[2017/02/25 15:24:44] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i agree Rosie
[2017/02/25 15:24:45] Delia Lake: some of the parcels are large, but imo one of the drawbacks to the region is what Rosie said
[2017/02/25 15:24:50] Rosie Gray: would be nice to have a few cafes or something where people would want to socialize
[2017/02/25 15:25:11] Widget Whiteberry: I have two thoughts about the parcels w/o buildings
[2017/02/25 15:25:20] Delia Lake: so the stores are vacant or underused and there is not enough traffic
[2017/02/25 15:25:32] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): and shops that are more meditarean in style instead of Roman maybe?
[2017/02/25 15:25:41] Rosie Gray: we are not a good location for shopping
[2017/02/25 15:25:56] Rosie Gray: agree Mizou
[2017/02/25 15:26:06] Rosie Gray: the old Roman ones are too austere
[2017/02/25 15:26:13] Richie Deschanel: left the region.
[2017/02/25 15:26:19] Delia Lake: I'm not sure that it's we are not a good location or that it's never been organized and marketed
[2017/02/25 15:26:21] Rosie Gray: plus they are just really old builds and not very good anymore
[2017/02/25 15:26:29] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i could work on a new shop style for CN after i have created the new Rathaus
[2017/02/25 15:26:38] Delia Lake: no one would want them imo
[2017/02/25 15:27:10] Delia Lake: so I started looking at walled mediterranean towns, or pics of them, for ideas
[2017/02/25 15:27:15] Rosie Gray: but there is a problem to update them, since they are privately owned
[2017/02/25 15:27:42] Delia Lake: I'm thinking that we might want to consider revamping the Forum
[2017/02/25 15:27:55] Hbomb Woodford: is offline.
[2017/02/25 15:28:03] Delia Lake: well, yes some of the stalls are privately owned but probably should not be
[2017/02/25 15:28:12] Lilith Ivory: talking about the stalls on the forum I am pretty sure all renters would agree to have their shops replaced as this would give them additional prims
[2017/02/25 15:28:25] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i agree Lil
[2017/02/25 15:28:38] Rosie Gray: in particular there are two oldbie citizens that own shops right in the square that are just way outdated
[2017/02/25 15:28:43] Delia Lake: I think so too
[2017/02/25 15:28:45] Hbomb Woodford: is online.
[2017/02/25 15:28:48] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yep
[2017/02/25 15:28:49] Rosie Gray: and give a very bad first impression
[2017/02/25 15:28:59] Rosie Gray: not only are the shops old, but the stuff in them is really old too
[2017/02/25 15:29:16] Delia Lake: if someone has a stall they should be selling things and if they are selling they would want to attract traffic
[2017/02/25 15:29:24] Delia Lake: yes, Rosie.
[2017/02/25 15:29:50] Rosie Gray: of course we don't want to insult anyone by suggesting that their stuff is really old
[2017/02/25 15:29:52] Rosie Gray: /me sighs
[2017/02/25 15:29:54] Sudane Erato: is offline.
[2017/02/25 15:30:20] Delia Lake: right now the forum roads are at right angles and sterile
[2017/02/25 15:30:26] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/02/25 15:30:29] Rosie Gray: Roman roads
[2017/02/25 15:30:34] Widget Whiteberry: we might ask them if anything is selling
[2017/02/25 15:30:50] Rosie Gray: I think you can pretty much guarantee that nothing is selling Widget
[2017/02/25 15:30:52] Delia Lake: most of the towns I've seen photos of are winding/curved, and with a center open plaza
[2017/02/25 15:31:00] Rosie Gray: they maintain them to help support the CDS
[2017/02/25 15:31:15] Delia Lake: neither Gwyn or Cindy are in sl much at this time
[2017/02/25 15:31:23] Rosie Gray: so you are thinking of reparcelling and redoing the entire centre, Delia
[2017/02/25 15:31:34] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): No they arent
[2017/02/25 15:31:41] Delia Lake: I'm thinking that makes sense, Rosie. What to you all think?
[2017/02/25 15:31:52] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): it does make sense
[2017/02/25 15:31:58] Rosie Gray: it does
[2017/02/25 15:32:01] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): do you have a drawing?
[2017/02/25 15:32:02] Keila Forager: is offline.
[2017/02/25 15:32:16] Rosie Gray: at least we have some wonderful new/old walls around it all though
[2017/02/25 15:32:18] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): or image?
[2017/02/25 15:32:18] Delia Lake: I'd like to be able to see the thermae too
[2017/02/25 15:32:30] Widget Whiteberry: oooh good idea
[2017/02/25 15:32:40] Widget Whiteberry: about the thermae
[2017/02/25 15:32:43] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): the thermae is really hidden
[2017/02/25 15:32:56] Delia Lake: yes and it shouldn't be
[2017/02/25 15:33:35] Delia Lake: no drawings yet
[2017/02/25 15:33:40] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): So the shops in front of thermae what will happen to them?
[2017/02/25 15:34:44] Delia Lake: right now 2 of them are not rented
[2017/02/25 15:34:49] Rosie Gray: we would really need to figure out about parcels first eh
[2017/02/25 15:35:04] Lilith Ivory: is offline.
[2017/02/25 15:35:11] Rosie Gray: oh we lost Lilith
[2017/02/25 15:35:13] Lilith Ivory: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 15:35:13] Lilith Ivory: left the region.
[2017/02/25 15:35:18] Delia Lake: too bad
[2017/02/25 15:35:54] Rosie Gray: and maybe we could add some modern things to the Thermae... like you would have in a modern spa
[2017/02/25 15:36:15] Delia Lake: I'm thinking we should figure out "look/style" first then adjust parcels for that. and yes I would really like to see a mix of old and new like you'd find in rl
[2017/02/25 15:36:22] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): oh yes the massage tables
[2017/02/25 15:36:25] Rosie Gray: me too
[2017/02/25 15:36:35] Rosie Gray: but yes, look/style
[2017/02/25 15:36:48] Rosie Gray: and also it would need to be approved by the Chancellor, of course
[2017/02/25 15:36:59] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): teah
[2017/02/25 15:37:03] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yeah
[2017/02/25 15:37:16] Widget Whiteberry: I've an idea that perhaps connects to these ideas
[2017/02/25 15:37:23] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes?
[2017/02/25 15:37:28] Rosie Gray: what is it, Widget?
[2017/02/25 15:37:30] Delia Lake: so I suggest we all start looking online and post to the CN doc links to mediterranean walled towns that interest us
[2017/02/25 15:37:45] Delia Lake: then we can look into a couple of them further
[2017/02/25 15:37:47] Bells Semyorka: is online.
[2017/02/25 15:37:59] Widget Whiteberry: that we increase the pathways of linden water - add tributaries. And thereby create some smaller parcels
[2017/02/25 15:38:01] Rosie Gray: which doc should we post to?
[2017/02/25 15:38:20] Widget Whiteberry: maybe have a natural spring at the higher - north - end
[2017/02/25 15:38:36] Delia Lake: I like that too, Widget
[2017/02/25 15:38:43] Lilith Ivory: entered chat range (4.04 m).
[2017/02/25 15:38:43] Lilith Ivory: entered the region (4.04 m).
[2017/02/25 15:38:43] Lilith Ivory: is online.
[2017/02/25 15:38:46] Free Radar HUD: /me v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
[2017/02/25 15:39:01] Widget Whiteberry: wb Lil
[2017/02/25 15:39:09] Lilith Ivory: thank you
[2017/02/25 15:39:22] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): wb lil
[2017/02/25 15:39:45] Lilith Ivory: ty :)
[2017/02/25 15:39:58] Rosie Gray: the land is up a bit high to be incorporating Linden water though
[2017/02/25 15:40:11] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes what i thought too
[2017/02/25 15:40:12] Rosie Gray: and what do we do about the subterranean passages?
[2017/02/25 15:40:27] Rosie Gray: and the walls and bridge that connects too
[2017/02/25 15:40:35] Widget Whiteberry: not really, not with a spring and waterfall
[2017/02/25 15:40:51] Rosie Gray: I don't think we can be re terraforming the whole region
[2017/02/25 15:40:53] Delia Lake: so the unsold land is on the south and east sides
[2017/02/25 15:41:05] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): hmm a spring and waterfall in the city centre or the countryside of CN?
[2017/02/25 15:41:43] Delia Lake: the wall goes along the north side and the west side so those are pretty much fixed as they are now I think
[2017/02/25 15:41:58] Rosie Gray: hmmm... true that most of the unsold land is not inside the city walls
[2017/02/25 15:42:12] Rosie Gray: it's actually along the water and going up the hill
[2017/02/25 15:42:19] Delia Lake: but the 2 large parcels on the south side of the river and the parcels along the west side are vacant
[2017/02/25 15:42:34] Widget Whiteberry: and have been for a long time
[2017/02/25 15:42:52] Rosie Gray: and the ones on the east side
[2017/02/25 15:42:55] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): if we place houses there would there be a better chance of selling the land?
[2017/02/25 15:42:58] Widget Whiteberry: countryside, Mizou
[2017/02/25 15:43:07] Delia Lake: what would make those more appealing?
[2017/02/25 15:43:09] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): :)
[2017/02/25 15:43:10] Rosie Gray: some of them do have nice houses already
[2017/02/25 15:43:28] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ah
[2017/02/25 15:43:35] Delia Lake: Lil, you had a plot there for a while. what did you like and not like about it?
[2017/02/25 15:43:48] Rosie Gray: I just noticed that SDolphin's parcel is now for sale too
[2017/02/25 15:43:58] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/02/25 15:44:05] Lilith Ivory: where eat the river in CN?
[2017/02/25 15:44:08] Rosie Gray: that parcel definately needs attention
[2017/02/25 15:44:15] Lilith Ivory: I had loved to keep it but could not affort it any longer
[2017/02/25 15:44:45] Widget Whiteberry: I couldn't afford mine either
[2017/02/25 15:44:53] Delia Lake: what did you like best about it?
[2017/02/25 15:44:59] Widget Whiteberry: and I always prefer access to linden water
[2017/02/25 15:45:36] Rosie Gray: maybe we should divide those two parcels each in half
[2017/02/25 15:45:40] Rosie Gray: make them more affordable
[2017/02/25 15:45:49] Delia Lake: maybe
[2017/02/25 15:45:59] Lilith Ivory: I likedhe size and the mediteranean feeling - and that the plot was not too step and in a nice shape
[2017/02/25 15:45:59] Widget Whiteberry: create an inlet between them
[2017/02/25 15:46:21] Lilith Ivory: the parcels on the other side of the river are very difficult to build on
[2017/02/25 15:46:23] Rosie Gray: could do, but then that reduces the amount of useable land
[2017/02/25 15:46:26] Bells Semyorka: is offline.
[2017/02/25 15:46:30] Rosie Gray: yes they are
[2017/02/25 15:46:31] Lilith Ivory: even worse to find a prefab for them
[2017/02/25 15:46:37] Rosie Gray: I owned one of them for a while
[2017/02/25 15:46:44] Rosie Gray: you can't put a prefab on either of those
[2017/02/25 15:46:49] Widget Whiteberry: not a problem, Rosie,
[2017/02/25 15:46:49] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes i know, i build a roamn house on one when CN was just new
[2017/02/25 15:46:56] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): roman
[2017/02/25 15:47:00] Rosie Gray: but it's not very nice to flatten everything either
[2017/02/25 15:47:06] Rosie Gray: makes for a very boring landscape
[2017/02/25 15:47:15] SDolphin: is offline.
[2017/02/25 15:47:15] Delia Lake: since there are a number vacant, we could make a river branch that goes between parcels. with the increase in prims, Widget, could we take some of those prims into public and still break even if we sold most of the others?
[2017/02/25 15:47:19] Widget Whiteberry: we have rather too much useable land
[2017/02/25 15:47:37] Widget Whiteberry: more than break even Delia
[2017/02/25 15:47:59] Widget Whiteberry: since we sell prims and have more of those
[2017/02/25 15:48:06] Delia Lake: so what would you estimate that we could take into public?
[2017/02/25 15:48:19] Delia Lake: to make the whole region look better?
[2017/02/25 15:48:44] Widget Whiteberry: hmmm,I'd have to run those numbers
[2017/02/25 15:49:05] Delia Lake: not necessarily now, but would you do that?
[2017/02/25 15:49:16] Widget Whiteberry: yes
[2017/02/25 15:49:45] Widget Whiteberry: big variable is what we want visually
[2017/02/25 15:50:01] Rosie Gray: of course
[2017/02/25 15:50:03] Widget Whiteberry: linden water needs very few prims to landscape
[2017/02/25 15:50:07] Delia Lake: yes but to figure that out we need to know what we have to work with
[2017/02/25 15:50:14] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/02/25 15:50:24] Widget Whiteberry: if we want a forest below the city walls, we need rather more
[2017/02/25 15:50:37] Delia Lake: so for instance if we can take 50 prims it's different than if we can take 150 prims
[2017/02/25 15:50:42] Rosie Gray: you wouldn't likely want a forest for Mediterranean theme
[2017/02/25 15:51:10] Rosie Gray: but it is one of the other issues for CN... it doesn't have much nature
[2017/02/25 15:51:16] Widget Whiteberry: I suspect we can take between 500 and 1000 prims out of private use
[2017/02/25 15:51:21] Rosie Gray: although we could even make the roadways way more interesting
[2017/02/25 15:51:29] Rosie Gray: that much?
[2017/02/25 15:51:30] Rosie Gray: wow
[2017/02/25 15:51:41] Delia Lake: yes I think so, roads WAY more interesting
[2017/02/25 15:51:42] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): well there are forest in south of europe
[2017/02/25 15:51:56] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): Pyrenees for one
[2017/02/25 15:52:13] Delia Lake: even if it were mixed trees and grasslands with flowers it would be better than now
[2017/02/25 15:52:21] Delia Lake: now is sterile
[2017/02/25 15:52:25] Rosie Gray: didn't really think of them as Mediterranean ㋡
[2017/02/25 15:52:31] Rosie Gray: yes for sure
[2017/02/25 15:52:40] Widget Whiteberry: NFS has 11,348 Revenue Generating Prims, CN has 12,448
[2017/02/25 15:52:40] Rosie Gray: and along the riverway too
[2017/02/25 15:52:43] Rosie Gray: it's very sterile
[2017/02/25 15:53:22] Rosie Gray: and that's partially due to the fact that it's private parcels all along it
[2017/02/25 15:53:30] Delia Lake: so for instance taking 500 prims would make a huge difference
[2017/02/25 15:53:45] Widget Whiteberry: so if we expand waterways, we can add water plants
[2017/02/25 15:53:45] Rosie Gray: you could do a lot with 500 prims
[2017/02/25 15:53:52] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): here are forests to buy in RL france including south
[2017/02/25 15:54:07] Rosie Gray: we already have a river that needs plants and animals too
[2017/02/25 15:54:30] Delia Lake: yes, and maybe a river delta on the east side
[2017/02/25 15:54:44] Rosie Gray: yes... there's sort of one now
[2017/02/25 15:54:58] Widget Whiteberry: a delta would be quite beautiful
[2017/02/25 15:54:58] Delia Lake: there is on the AM side
[2017/02/25 15:55:09] Delia Lake: but not on the CN side
[2017/02/25 15:55:11] Rosie Gray: we could add river plants along the shorelines and just have them anchored onto the public lands
[2017/02/25 15:55:11] Lilith Ivory: what might be nice is to include more water to the existing parcels so the owners can have small boats there
[2017/02/25 15:55:28] Delia Lake: I like that, Lil
[2017/02/25 15:55:33] Lilith Ivory: while I had my parcel in CN I missed having a place to rez my rowboat on my parcel
[2017/02/25 15:55:43] Widget Whiteberry: oh yes, me too
[2017/02/25 15:55:47] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes some river activity would be nice there
[2017/02/25 15:55:52] Rosie Gray: it would
[2017/02/25 15:55:57] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): and more trees
[2017/02/25 15:56:48] Delia Lake: the boat slots we have now are high prim. New England for instance has low prim boat slips. of course they are connected to Blake Sea but even here you can run a small sailboat or canoe or kayak or rowboat
[2017/02/25 15:57:00] Rosie Gray: ... MQ_AUIBigB
[2017/02/25 15:57:22] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): nice one rosie
[2017/02/25 15:57:53] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/02/25 15:58:05] Rosie Gray: lots of rosemary, thyme, goats
[2017/02/25 15:58:51] Delia Lake: I have goats already :) and rosemary and thyme but don't know if those are copyable plants. but lots of goats
[2017/02/25 15:59:11] Rosie Gray: I'd like to see us using animated animals... there are so many good ones now
[2017/02/25 15:59:27] Delia Lake: there are a couple of places I think we should visit as a group
[2017/02/25 15:59:46] Widget Whiteberry: /me nods
[2017/02/25 15:59:49] Rosie Gray: oh goody... a field trip!
[2017/02/25 15:59:54] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes which places Delia?
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Re: LUC Meeting Transcript Feb. 25, 2017

Post by Rosie Gray »

part II:

[2017/02/25 16:00:12] Delia Lake: one for landscape is Calas Galadhon parks
[2017/02/25 16:00:40] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): shall we go now or another time?
[2017/02/25 16:00:40] Delia Lake: and for the commercial areas, the Hampshire regions
[2017/02/25 16:00:53] Rosie Gray: why not go now?
[2017/02/25 16:01:02] Delia Lake: I have a small shop on Lower Hampshire with a friend
[2017/02/25 16:01:06] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes why not so we can visualise something
[2017/02/25 16:01:13] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2017/02/25 16:01:16] Delia Lake: Hampshire sells well
[2017/02/25 16:01:18] Delia Lake: ok
[2017/02/25 16:01:29] Delia Lake: let's do Hampshire first, then Calas
[2017/02/25 16:01:32] Rosie Gray: let's go and see then
[2017/02/25 16:01:34] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok
[2017/02/25 16:01:40] Rosie Gray: will you send us TP, Delia?
[2017/02/25 16:01:46] Delia Lake: ok
[2017/02/25 16:01:48] Widget Whiteberry: will you bring us?
[2017/02/25 16:02:01] Delia Lake: I'll go and send taxis
[2017/02/25 16:02:05] Rosie Gray: thanks
[2017/02/25 16:02:07] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): thx
[2017/02/25 16:02:11] Delia Lake: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:02:11] Delia Lake: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:02:15] Widget Whiteberry: /me adjusts her goggles
[2017/02/25 16:03:07] Widget Whiteberry: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:03:07] Widget Whiteberry: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:03:15] Mizou: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:03:15] Mizou: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:03:24] Second Life: Teleport completed from ... 00/207/179
[2017/02/25 16:03:24] Second Life: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
Current simulator: Second Life RC Magnum
Previous simulator: Second Life Server
[2017/02/25 16:03:25] Lilith Ivory: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:03:28] Mizou: entered chat range (0.60 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:28] Mizou: entered the region (0.60 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:28] Widget Whiteberry: entered chat range (1.79 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:28] Widget Whiteberry: entered the region (1.79 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:28] Delia Lake: entered chat range (2.95 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:28] Delia Lake: entered the region (2.95 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:33] Harlowe: entered the region (114.35 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:33] Noel Claremont: entered the region (69.18 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:33] Zariel: entered the region (84.11 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:33] penorrinpoche: entered the region (117.74 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:33] 尺α'cђíeℓ: entered the region (85.73 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:56] Lilith Ivory: entered chat range (2.35 m).
[2017/02/25 16:03:56] Lilith Ivory: entered the region (2.35 m).
[2017/02/25 16:04:12] Delia Lake: this is a fairly new area
[2017/02/25 16:04:23] Delia Lake: so it's not all sold out yet
[2017/02/25 16:04:26] Rosie Gray: just waiting for rez
[2017/02/25 16:04:52] Rosie Gray: this is England
[2017/02/25 16:05:17] iSkye Silverweb: is online.
[2017/02/25 16:05:19] Delia Lake: I have an annex to my nfs MoCA Cafe here, with tips also going to the NFS museum
[2017/02/25 16:05:23] Delia Lake: yes this is england
[2017/02/25 16:05:36] Rosie Gray: oh nice
[2017/02/25 16:06:00] Delia Lake: I like the way Precious made the plaza look occupied even when other people aren't really around
[2017/02/25 16:06:10] Delia Lake: 3 things.
[2017/02/25 16:06:13] Rosie Gray: yes I was just looking at the statues
[2017/02/25 16:06:21] Widget Whiteberry: Delia - what in particular do you want us to notice?
[2017/02/25 16:06:27] Delia Lake: 1 the buildings have variety
[2017/02/25 16:06:38] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/02/25 16:06:40] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes it looks nice
[2017/02/25 16:06:41] Delia Lake: 2 the plaza curves around
[2017/02/25 16:06:45] Rosie Gray: and they aren't too far away from each other
[2017/02/25 16:06:51] Rosie Gray: and there is street furniture
[2017/02/25 16:06:55] Delia Lake: and 3 the people statues show action
[2017/02/25 16:07:09] Delia Lake: so you can sit and have a conversation
[2017/02/25 16:07:09] Delia Lake: yes street furniture
[2017/02/25 16:07:10] Harlowe: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:07:20] Rosie Gray: and the shops have stuff in them
[2017/02/25 16:07:24] Rosie Gray: they aren't just vacant
[2017/02/25 16:07:25] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/02/25 16:07:37] Rosie Gray: at least most
[2017/02/25 16:07:38] Delia Lake: they make you want to check them out
[2017/02/25 16:07:57] Rosie Gray: yes
[2017/02/25 16:07:58] Delia Lake: there is a second area of stores here and the rest is homes
[2017/02/25 16:08:11] Delia Lake: I'll walk you over to the other area with shops
[2017/02/25 16:08:19] Rosie Gray: what is the rental like here Delia?
[2017/02/25 16:08:24] Rosie Gray: the amounts, I mean
[2017/02/25 16:08:48] Widget Whiteberry: this is very comfortable, very inviting
[2017/02/25 16:08:53] Calypso Titanium: entered the region (149.98 m).
[2017/02/25 16:09:03] Delia Lake: mine is 100L for 100 prims for the shop
[2017/02/25 16:09:19] Delia Lake: the residental might be different. will have to check
[2017/02/25 16:09:25] Rosie Gray: for a week?
[2017/02/25 16:09:29] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/02/25 16:09:34] Rosie Gray: me nods
[2017/02/25 16:09:35] Delia Lake: so 400 for the month
[2017/02/25 16:09:43] Rosie Gray: reasonable
[2017/02/25 16:10:04] Drew Caunter: is online.
[2017/02/25 16:10:10] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/02/25 16:10:14] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): very reasonable
[2017/02/25 16:10:55] Delia Lake: yes, Rosie
[2017/02/25 16:11:01] Delia Lake: I cannot change the building
[2017/02/25 16:11:02] Widget Whiteberry: much livelier look and feel than CN has now
[2017/02/25 16:11:11] Rosie Gray: and here I imagine that you pay for the prims you put down, not for the buildings?
[2017/02/25 16:11:15] Rosie Gray: yes
[2017/02/25 16:11:15] Delia Lake: exactly, Widget
[2017/02/25 16:11:24] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): and is it popular?
[2017/02/25 16:11:37] Rosie Gray: much easier to do this when it is one person's vision, and they do all of the design
[2017/02/25 16:11:41] Delia Lake: there are people here most of the time on the sim
[2017/02/25 16:11:44] Calypso Titanium: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:11:54] Rosie Gray: not so easy when it is committee, or when people own their own parcels and can put their own buildings
[2017/02/25 16:12:19] Delia Lake: the homeowners can put out their own buildings but not the shop owners
[2017/02/25 16:12:27] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/02/25 16:12:39] Rosie Gray: I really think that would make sense for us too, in the shopping areas
[2017/02/25 16:12:46] Delia Lake: I do too
[2017/02/25 16:12:51] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i agree
[2017/02/25 16:12:53] Rosie Gray: and I like this little square
[2017/02/25 16:13:20] JeanDeroche: entered the region (118.13 m).
[2017/02/25 16:13:42] Rosie Gray: also, I think we need an anchor business
[2017/02/25 16:13:47] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): anchor business?
[2017/02/25 16:13:50] Delia Lake: let me show you the other area. it's very different, more beachy. personally I prefer this one but that other one has some good points too
[2017/02/25 16:13:56] Widget Whiteberry: how many public prims on this region
[2017/02/25 16:13:59] Delia Lake: anchor business is a good idea
[2017/02/25 16:14:01] Rosie Gray: yes, an anchor business is a 'draw' business
[2017/02/25 16:14:09] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): like?
[2017/02/25 16:14:11] Rosie Gray: and then other little businesses go around it
[2017/02/25 16:14:11] Delia Lake: I don't know, Widget but could ask Precious
[2017/02/25 16:14:19] Delia Lake: she's UK so not on now
[2017/02/25 16:14:25] Lilith Ivory: is offline.
[2017/02/25 16:14:31] Lilith Ivory: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:14:31] Lilith Ivory: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:14:41] Rosie Gray: if you think of areas in a shopping district in RL
[2017/02/25 16:14:53] Rosie Gray: that's the anchor
[2017/02/25 16:14:57] Rosie Gray: you might have a really well know, large sthop
[2017/02/25 16:15:05] Rosie Gray: sorry having lots of lag
[2017/02/25 16:15:08] Widget Whiteberry: in rl, an anchor bizness guarantees that rent will be covered, expenses will be met
[2017/02/25 16:15:19] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ah ok
[2017/02/25 16:15:22] Rosie Gray: well no it doesn't guarantee it
[2017/02/25 16:15:35] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): not a specific business
[2017/02/25 16:15:48] Rosie Gray: but it is a draw for people, and then it is a spinoff to the smaller, lesser known businesses around it
[2017/02/25 16:16:00] Lilith Ivory: entered chat range (7.29 m).
[2017/02/25 16:16:00] Lilith Ivory: entered the region (7.29 m).
[2017/02/25 16:16:00] Lilith Ivory: is online.
[2017/02/25 16:16:02] Noel Claremont: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:16:03] Free Radar HUD: /me v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
[2017/02/25 16:16:07] Rosie Gray: wb Lilith ㋡
[2017/02/25 16:16:08] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): wb Lil
[2017/02/25 16:16:20] maryposa14: entered the region (59.75 m).
[2017/02/25 16:16:28] Widget Whiteberry: shall we move on?
[2017/02/25 16:16:34] Rosie Gray: if we could somehow attract a popular SL business to our shopping district, it would be good for the smaller ones around it too
[2017/02/25 16:16:39] Delia Lake: I could see us doing something like this for sure
[2017/02/25 16:16:41] Rosie Gray: creates traffic
[2017/02/25 16:16:42] JeanDeroche: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:16:54] Rosie Gray: yes me too, but in the Mediterranean style
[2017/02/25 16:16:59] Delia Lake: yes let's walk. follow me around
[2017/02/25 16:17:13] Lilith Ivory: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:17:20] Little London Visitors: Welcome To Little London Harbour, We are a small Harbour with 22 Boutique Shops, 6 Apartments and Stalls. To see our shops please have a wonder & a Browse. If you wish to Sell here, all shops are L$1 per prim, You can see our available shops in
[2017/02/25 16:17:21] maryposa14: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:17:37] Lilith Ivory: entered chat range (19.43 m).
[2017/02/25 16:17:39] Second Life: You decline 'Little London Harbour' ( ... 237/173/22 ) from Little London Visitors.
[2017/02/25 16:17:56] Lilith Ivory: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:17:57] Widget Whiteberry: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:18:07] penorrinpoche: entered chat range (18.51 m).
[2017/02/25 16:18:40] Rosie Gray: did we lose the others?
[2017/02/25 16:18:46] BrainBaffled: is online.
[2017/02/25 16:18:46] Delia Lake: I don't like the striped awnings on the stands but I like the idea of the park and the stands
[2017/02/25 16:19:01] Lilith Ivory: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:19:02] Lilith Ivory: is offline.
[2017/02/25 16:19:04] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): thisd is typical square in european towns
[2017/02/25 16:19:08] Widget Whiteberry: entered chat range (1.07 m).
[2017/02/25 16:19:13] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/02/25 16:19:17] Anjoux Landau Herbit: is offline.
[2017/02/25 16:19:21] Rosie Gray: yes it's nice
[2017/02/25 16:19:38] penorrinpoche: my avatar has like a weird grey base hair thing going on. how do i get rid of that.
[2017/02/25 16:19:53] Delia Lake: and behind me is a harbor that really isn't because you can't sail anywhere
[2017/02/25 16:20:19] Widget Whiteberry: I like the other better
[2017/02/25 16:20:28] Rosie Gray: similar to our situation then
[2017/02/25 16:20:34] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): is it the edge of linden water Delia?
[2017/02/25 16:20:46] Delia Lake: I do too, Widget but the center park is nice. the edge is LL water yes
[2017/02/25 16:21:59] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): love the centre park too
[2017/02/25 16:22:07] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): why not have a centre park on the forum?
[2017/02/25 16:22:19] Rosie Gray: yes we could
[2017/02/25 16:22:19] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): smaller version?
[2017/02/25 16:22:21] Delia Lake: we could do that
[2017/02/25 16:22:31] Delia Lake: this is why I wanted you to see both of these
[2017/02/25 16:22:39] Rosie Gray: but I agree with Delia that it's all too squared off
[2017/02/25 16:22:41] Rosie Gray: too Roman
[2017/02/25 16:22:41] Rosie Gray: and the centre area is vast
[2017/02/25 16:22:50] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): round are maybe?
[2017/02/25 16:22:53] Delia Lake: for ideas that we might adapt
[2017/02/25 16:23:22] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): we could submit our ideas
[2017/02/25 16:23:26] Delia Lake: yes, Mizou
[2017/02/25 16:23:41] Delia Lake: what we have now isn't working
[2017/02/25 16:23:51] Rosie Gray: this feels more like New England than old England to me
[2017/02/25 16:23:59] Rosie Gray: but it's still nice
[2017/02/25 16:24:10] 尺α'cђíeℓ: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:24:12] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): reminds me of Barcelona too
[2017/02/25 16:24:16] Noel Claremont: entered the region (168.09 m).
[2017/02/25 16:24:27] Rosie Gray: with the wooden buildings?
[2017/02/25 16:24:28] Delia Lake: hmm. I've never been to Barcelona
[2017/02/25 16:24:35] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): the park in the city centre is round and has a walk around it
[2017/02/25 16:24:46] Delia Lake: that would be covenant appropriate though
[2017/02/25 16:24:49] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): centre is open with birds
[2017/02/25 16:25:01] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): and statues on one side
[2017/02/25 16:25:08] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): fountain
[2017/02/25 16:25:12] Rosie Gray: yes Barcelona influence would work
[2017/02/25 16:25:16] penorrinpoche: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:25:16] penorrinpoche: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:25:29] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): modern and classic statues
[2017/02/25 16:26:26] Rosie Gray: you know, if we looked at some modern Italian and Spanish cities that might have the general layout of old Roman cities, but been modified over the centuries, we might get a good idea of what we could do with CN without tearing it completely apart
[2017/02/25 16:26:26] Delia Lake: take lm's so you can come back here
[2017/02/25 16:26:40] Delia Lake: I agree, Rosie
[2017/02/25 16:27:08] Delia Lake: lets take a quick trip to Calas
[2017/02/25 16:27:13] Rosie Gray: okay
[2017/02/25 16:27:27] Delia Lake: I'll send cabs
[2017/02/25 16:27:33] Delia Lake: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:27:33] Delia Lake: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:27:36] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): Catalunya Barcelona
[2017/02/25 16:28:15] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ... +Barcelona&*
[2017/02/25 16:28:22] Rosie Gray: nice
[2017/02/25 16:28:31] Second Life: Teleport completed from ... 219/182/24
[2017/02/25 16:28:31] Second Life: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
Current simulator: Second Life Server
Previous simulator: Second Life RC Magnum
[2017/02/25 16:28:32] Mizou: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:28:32] Widget Whiteberry: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:28:33] Delia Lake: entered chat range (2.00 m).
[2017/02/25 16:28:33] Delia Lake: entered the region (2.00 m).
[2017/02/25 16:28:35] John: entered the region (33.78 m).
[2017/02/25 16:28:35] Aisha Mazzoni: entered the region (85.51 m).
[2017/02/25 16:28:35] Callie: entered the region (34.76 m).
[2017/02/25 16:28:35] Benji Sorbet: entered the region (93.48 m).
[2017/02/25 16:28:35] ҜΔҜΔŘŞ: entered the region (85.51 m).
[2017/02/25 16:29:14] Widget Whiteberry: entered chat range (1.96 m).
[2017/02/25 16:29:14] Widget Whiteberry: entered the region (1.96 m).
[2017/02/25 16:29:20] Mizou: entered chat range (1.91 m).
[2017/02/25 16:29:20] Mizou: entered the region (1.91 m).
[2017/02/25 16:30:04] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): very laggy here
[2017/02/25 16:30:14] Widget Whiteberry: hmmm are those the same street lights?
[2017/02/25 16:30:31] Rosie Gray: my internet slows right down in the later afternoons/evenings :(
[2017/02/25 16:30:35] Delia Lake: These regions are not residential at all but are designed basically by the couple who own them.
[2017/02/25 16:30:54] Delia Lake: all the regions are really well done
[2017/02/25 16:31:04] Callie: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:31:04] Rosie Gray: must be influenced by JRR Tolkien ㋡
[2017/02/25 16:31:16] Rosie Gray: their group is Forest of Lothlorian
[2017/02/25 16:31:23] Delia Lake: I think so, Rosie :)
[2017/02/25 16:31:24] Delia Lake: and supported by donations from visitors and from events
[2017/02/25 16:31:38] Sergey Bowler: entered chat range (17.45 m).
[2017/02/25 16:31:38] Sergey Bowler: entered the region (17.45 m).
[2017/02/25 16:31:48] Khyathtu Fell: is offline.
[2017/02/25 16:31:48] Rosie Gray: love the gardens
[2017/02/25 16:31:53] Rosie Gray: this is lovely
[2017/02/25 16:31:58] Widget Whiteberry: /me nods
[2017/02/25 16:32:21] Rosie Gray: looks like they don't change with the seasons though
[2017/02/25 16:32:36] Rosie Gray: another aspect for us
[2017/02/25 16:32:45] Sergey Bowler: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:32:49] John: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:33:11] Delia Lake: some of the regions here do but not all of them
[2017/02/25 16:33:40] Delia Lake: it's too much for tonight but they are all worth exploring
[2017/02/25 16:33:51] Elisa Corrado: entered the region (33.34 m).
[2017/02/25 16:33:52] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/02/25 16:34:15] Hazel: entered the region (33.34 m).
[2017/02/25 16:34:17] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): It is late for us in europe after midnite, so I bid you all farwell
[2017/02/25 16:34:24] Delia Lake: a number of the regions here are more wilderness
[2017/02/25 16:34:26] Rosie Gray: good night Mizou
[2017/02/25 16:34:28] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2017/02/25 16:34:36] Rosie Gray: bon nuit
[2017/02/25 16:34:39] Darcie: entered the region (146.14 m).
[2017/02/25 16:34:43] Sergey Bowler: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:34:44] Delia Lake: take a lm and come back another time Mizou. sleep well
[2017/02/25 16:34:45] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): bonne nuit Rosie
[2017/02/25 16:34:48] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): see you tomorrow probably
[2017/02/25 16:34:50] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok
[2017/02/25 16:34:51] Delia Lake: bonne nuit
[2017/02/25 16:35:15] Mizou: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:35:15] Mizou: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:35:22] Aisha Mazzoni: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:35:28] Delia Lake: looks like Widget hasn't really rezzed
[2017/02/25 16:35:36] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/02/25 16:35:38] Hazel: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:35:42] Widget Whiteberry: I have for me
[2017/02/25 16:35:42] Hazel: entered the region (129.42 m).
[2017/02/25 16:35:52] Delia Lake: ok
[2017/02/25 16:35:59] Rosie Gray: ah, you are an orange mist to me
[2017/02/25 16:36:06] Widget Whiteberry: but I am very tired
[2017/02/25 16:36:10] Delia Lake: Tenk and Truck do some very good landscaping
[2017/02/25 16:36:13] Hazel: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:36:22] Rosie Gray: I think we have all run out of steam
[2017/02/25 16:36:33] Widget Whiteberry: I love their boat ride
[2017/02/25 16:36:38] Mizou: is offline.
[2017/02/25 16:36:53] Widget Whiteberry: ccan we continue with an email thread
[2017/02/25 16:36:54] Delia Lake: yes. so let's do some work on google docs
[2017/02/25 16:36:59] Rosie Gray: we didn't get too far in the agenda :(
[2017/02/25 16:37:09] Rosie Gray: yes... gather some ideas and imagery
[2017/02/25 16:37:12] Delia Lake: that's ok. Bags wasn't here today
[2017/02/25 16:37:28] Rosie Gray: but we can work on her doc too
[2017/02/25 16:37:30] Rosie Gray: I started on it
[2017/02/25 16:37:31] Elisa Corrado: entered chat range (18.46 m).
[2017/02/25 16:37:34] Rosie Gray: on AM
[2017/02/25 16:37:35] Delia Lake: yes if we can do that, think of ideas and collect imagry to share it would be good
[2017/02/25 16:37:44] Elisa Corrado: left chat range.
[2017/02/25 16:37:48] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/02/25 16:37:52] Delia Lake: I did some on LA that I'll put on her doc
[2017/02/25 16:38:05] ҜΔҜΔŘŞ: left the region.
[2017/02/25 16:38:12] Rosie Gray: okay I need to log off too
[2017/02/25 16:38:16] Delia Lake: and then I'll send out a doodle tomorrow for a next meeting
[2017/02/25 16:38:21] Rosie Gray: okay ㋡
[2017/02/25 16:38:31] Rosie Gray: let's try to keep some momentum ;)
[2017/02/25 16:38:44] Delia Lake: yes. this was I think productive today
[2017/02/25 16:38:57] Rosie Gray: see you Delia, see you Widget
[2017/02/25 16:39:04] Widget Whiteberry: bye bye

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