LUC Meeting Transcript April 4, 2017

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LUC Meeting Transcript April 4, 2017

Post by Rosie Gray »

As has been requested by Sylvia, for the second time I am posting the LUC meeting transcript, even though it is not my job to do so as I am not the Archivist:
[2017/04/04 18:03:36] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): I am on the road (in Florida) so I have a hard stop at 9:30. I have to go back to work
[2017/04/04 18:03:45] Delia Lake: We're it tonight so far as LUC members go
[2017/04/04 18:03:56] Widget Whiteberry: then let's begin
[2017/04/04 18:04:05] Rosie Gray: I have a hard stop at 7 pm since now is dinner time
[2017/04/04 18:04:09] Delia Lake: Bagheera had a change in family obligations come up and it's 2 am for Mizou
[2017/04/04 18:04:27] Second Life: Delia Lake gave you LUC meeting 4 April 2017.
[2017/04/04 18:04:51] Delia Lake: Ok. let's see how far we get
[2017/04/04 18:05:15] Delia Lake: call to order at 6:05
[2017/04/04 18:05:55] Delia Lake: first on the agenda is attaching the buildings that plot owners can't change, to CDS public lands
[2017/04/04 18:06:23] Delia Lake: Rosie took a look at them and so did Widget and I
[2017/04/04 18:06:36] Rosie Gray: I did all of the counting
[2017/04/04 18:06:41] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/04/04 18:06:51] Rosie Gray: or... well 95% of it anyway
[2017/04/04 18:06:57] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): how bad was the hit on public prims?
[2017/04/04 18:06:58] Widget Whiteberry: Can one of you be specific about which parcels would be affected and by how many prims?
[2017/04/04 18:07:05] Delia Lake: not so bad
[2017/04/04 18:07:06] Rosie Gray: yes
[2017/04/04 18:07:17] Rosie Gray: if you look at the spreadsheet, it's all detailed on the summary sheet
[2017/04/04 18:07:19] Delia Lake: let's use the Mews for an example
[2017/04/04 18:07:26] Rosie Gray: ... 1968842126
[2017/04/04 18:07:37] Delia Lake: people who buy those plots cannot replace those buildings
[2017/04/04 18:07:54] Widget Whiteberry: Rosie, I think we need the specifics read into the record
[2017/04/04 18:07:59] Rosie Gray: okay
[2017/04/04 18:08:36] Rosie Gray: well the mews, as Delia has mentioned, are the only buildings in Alpine Meadow that would be affected
[2017/04/04 18:08:45] Rosie Gray: together, they are 246 LI
[2017/04/04 18:08:52] Rosie Gray: which would add to the common lands
[2017/04/04 18:08:56] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/04/04 18:08:56] Rosie Gray: not much
[2017/04/04 18:09:15] Rosie Gray: so to just detail for each region:
[2017/04/04 18:09:24] Rosie Gray: Locus Amoenus - 595 LI
[2017/04/04 18:09:33] Rosie Gray: Colonia Nova - 747 LI
[2017/04/04 18:09:40] Rosie Gray: (something to discuss there)
[2017/04/04 18:09:43] Delia Lake: let's stick to the Mews for the moment
[2017/04/04 18:09:47] Rosie Gray: NFS, 195 LI
[2017/04/04 18:09:55] Rosie Gray: Friedsee & Monastery, none
[2017/04/04 18:10:05] Delia Lake: the buildings and the doors are separate
[2017/04/04 18:10:12] Widget Whiteberry: Rosie, I don't see the number of impacted parcels, nor which
[2017/04/04 18:10:13] Rosie Gray: well we have it all in one place for now
[2017/04/04 18:10:26] Rosie Gray: actually, I've fixed that Delia
[2017/04/04 18:10:32] Rosie Gray: all the doors are now linked to the buildings
[2017/04/04 18:10:44] Delia Lake: that was going to be my question
[2017/04/04 18:11:08] Delia Lake: so as I recall, that makes each unit 62 prims
[2017/04/04 18:11:26] Rosie Gray: they are 61 prims/li each now
[2017/04/04 18:11:32] Delia Lake: and the plot owner cannot switch those out for say a 5 prim building
[2017/04/04 18:11:47] Rosie Gray: Widget, if you look at the individual sheets for the regions, you can see which parcels they are
[2017/04/04 18:12:57] Delia Lake: it seems to me we might start with recommending to Tor that we attach the Mews buildings to the public land in AM. Do that first before we move on to any others
[2017/04/04 18:13:10] Rosie Gray: why is that, Delia?
[2017/04/04 18:13:35] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Smaller impact
[2017/04/04 18:13:36] Delia Lake: because they are already to go
[2017/04/04 18:13:50] Rosie Gray: okay, that makes sense
[2017/04/04 18:13:51] Delia Lake: and nothing has to change to do that
[2017/04/04 18:13:58] Widget Whiteberry: and AM seems uncomplicated
[2017/04/04 18:14:02] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/04/04 18:14:17] Delia Lake: you, Rosie, own the only occupied one at the moment
[2017/04/04 18:14:26] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/04/04 18:14:42] Rosie Gray: and I built them, so easy for me to link them onto common land
[2017/04/04 18:14:52] Delia Lake: yes :)
[2017/04/04 18:15:23] Delia Lake: so with everyone's agreement, I'd sent Tor a note tonight with that recommendation
[2017/04/04 18:15:42] Rosie Gray: should we look at the rest of the regions as well?
[2017/04/04 18:16:01] Widget Whiteberry: I agree, Delia
[2017/04/04 18:16:04] Delia Lake: are we in agreement re the Mews?
[2017/04/04 18:16:19] Delia Lake: if so we can move on to other regions
[2017/04/04 18:16:22] Rosie Gray: I would hate for people in other regions to think that there is some kind of favouritism
[2017/04/04 18:16:34] Delia Lake: it's not favoritism imo
[2017/04/04 18:16:55] Delia Lake: it's urban planning
[2017/04/04 18:17:00] Bells Semyorka: is offline.
[2017/04/04 18:17:02] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): if you explain it as a cautious first step, thye should be ok
[2017/04/04 18:17:08] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/04/04 18:17:13] Delia Lake: yes, Coop
[2017/04/04 18:17:14] Rosie Gray: okay, well then I'm in favour
[2017/04/04 18:17:25] Delia Lake: will do it that way
[2017/04/04 18:17:26] Rosie Gray: but I should probably abstain
[2017/04/04 18:17:27] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): since everyone has accused the LUC of 'rushing ahead'
[2017/04/04 18:17:40] Bells Semyorka: is online.
[2017/04/04 18:17:45] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): I'm a yes
[2017/04/04 18:17:53] Delia Lake: I think voting on this for you is fine, Rosie
[2017/04/04 18:18:02] Delia Lake: in this case
[2017/04/04 18:18:02] Rosie Gray: okay
[2017/04/04 18:18:05] Rosie Gray: then yes from me
[2017/04/04 18:18:10] Delia Lake: ok
[2017/04/04 18:18:17] Delia Lake: thank you.
[2017/04/04 18:18:29] Delia Lake: now let's look at other areas and regions
[2017/04/04 18:18:44] Widget Whiteberry: I've another thought about this
[2017/04/04 18:18:46] Delia Lake: Locus Amoenus is the next obvious
[2017/04/04 18:18:51] Delia Lake: yes Widget?
[2017/04/04 18:18:58] Widget Whiteberry: in this instance, Rosie was able to attach the doors
[2017/04/04 18:19:07] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/04/04 18:19:21] Widget Whiteberry: Rosie, do you think you'll be able to attach them in the other cases?
[2017/04/04 18:19:42] Rosie Gray: well
[2017/04/04 18:20:09] Rosie Gray: I can only attach them if I have permissions on them, and I'm not absolutely sure if I have to own them or not
[2017/04/04 18:20:18] Rosie Gray: I may have to own them, at least at first
[2017/04/04 18:20:38] Widget Whiteberry: How many prims are involved in the Mews doors?
[2017/04/04 18:20:43] Delia Lake: some of the old ones probably not
[2017/04/04 18:20:53] Rosie Gray: the scripts I bought for it I think mean that I have to own them and set either no copy or no transfer to the object
[2017/04/04 18:20:53] Delia Lake: mews doors are 10 prims I think
[2017/04/04 18:21:12] Rosie Gray: well each door is 1 LI
[2017/04/04 18:21:30] Rosie Gray: and there are 3 doors for each mews house
[2017/04/04 18:21:49] Widget Whiteberry: ok, so it's a minimal issue
[2017/04/04 18:21:53] Rosie Gray: I was able to get rid of the hinge with this linking script
[2017/04/04 18:22:02] Delia Lake: excellent
[2017/04/04 18:22:09] Rosie Gray: yes, very minimal for the mews
[2017/04/04 18:22:14] Rosie Gray: but with other buildings that I don't own, it's a bit trickier
[2017/04/04 18:22:18] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/04/04 18:22:43] Delia Lake: does that answer your question, Widget?
[2017/04/04 18:23:02] Widget Whiteberry: yes it does. I was thinking about optics and fairness
[2017/04/04 18:23:08] Delia Lake: ok
[2017/04/04 18:23:09] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/04/04 18:23:25] Rich Haefeli: entered the region (257.53 m).
[2017/04/04 18:23:52] Delia Lake: the next obvious area to me to look at is the Quay of LA. those commercial buildings are also attached and not replaceable by plot owners
[2017/04/04 18:24:04] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): yes
[2017/04/04 18:24:20] Delia Lake: but when Widget and I did our walk through, the walls and roofs were not all attached
[2017/04/04 18:24:54] Rosie Gray: it might depend on sections of the builds being CH and not CH
[2017/04/04 18:25:21] Delia Lake: perhaps. I can't remember if I checked that or not
[2017/04/04 18:25:27] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/04/04 18:25:56] Delia Lake: with the roof though there are 2 unattached sections covering 3 plots if I recall correctly
[2017/04/04 18:26:38] Rosie Gray: ah, you are thinking of the warehouse building, as Tor calls it
[2017/04/04 18:27:24] Rosie Gray: P02/03/01
[2017/04/04 18:27:29] Delia Lake: I guess my point really is that if the attaching to public land works and people like it for the Mews, some "repair" work would need to be done to the warehouse on the quay before that could be linked to public land
[2017/04/04 18:27:34] Delia Lake: yes those, Rosie
[2017/04/04 18:27:47] Rosie Gray: hmmm... no really it doesn't need repairing
[2017/04/04 18:27:50] SDolphin: is offline.
[2017/04/04 18:27:59] Delia Lake: but the pieces aren't linked
[2017/04/04 18:28:05] Rosie Gray: I did some work on it last year to fix some things, and minimize LI
[2017/04/04 18:28:18] Rosie Gray: yes, they aren't linked, because that would have put all LI onto just one of the parcels
[2017/04/04 18:28:24] Rosie Gray: which wouldn't have been fair
[2017/04/04 18:28:25] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/04/04 18:28:29] Delia Lake: I saw that
[2017/04/04 18:28:37] Rosie Gray: so, they were spread out to make it fair
[2017/04/04 18:28:47] Delia Lake: it's still not even though
[2017/04/04 18:28:57] Rosie Gray: no, I know it's not
[2017/04/04 18:28:59] Delia Lake: so it's fairer but not equal
[2017/04/04 18:29:03] Rosie Gray: but it's as even as it could be
[2017/04/04 18:29:40] Rosie Gray: it's Sudane's build originally, and the main detail is facing inwards to the region, so the parcel on the outside has a more plain build
[2017/04/04 18:29:44] Delia Lake: so if those could be linked and attached to the harbor bottom :) that would remedy the uneven distribution by removing all of it
[2017/04/04 18:29:59] Delia Lake: from the plot owners
[2017/04/04 18:30:03] Rosie Gray: it could all be linked together and attached to common land, yes
[2017/04/04 18:30:27] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): how heavy is the build in total?
[2017/04/04 18:30:42] Delia Lake: should we recommend tht to Tor also or wait until we see the reaction to the Mews?
[2017/04/04 18:30:55] Rosie Gray: 21+36+44, I think
[2017/04/04 18:31:23] Delia Lake: that sounds right, Rosie. I know the 21 and 44 are correct
[2017/04/04 18:31:34] Widget Whiteberry: what if we check first with the parcel holders
[2017/04/04 18:32:15] Delia Lake: the parcel holders are Kayla and Cadence
[2017/04/04 18:32:18] Rosie Gray: can you imagine any of them not wanting it?
[2017/04/04 18:32:19] Widget Whiteberry: Kaily and Cadence
[2017/04/04 18:32:20] SDolphin: is online.
[2017/04/04 18:32:25] Delia Lake: the middle one is the CDS gatcha
[2017/04/04 18:32:32] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/04/04 18:32:34] Widget Whiteberry: no, but I think the principle is sound
[2017/04/04 18:33:01] Widget Whiteberry: talk with people before modifying what they hold
[2017/04/04 18:33:09] Rosie Gray: good point
[2017/04/04 18:33:35] Widget Whiteberry: give them a notecard and enough time to respond. Silence can be assent.
[2017/04/04 18:34:20] Delia Lake: so in my note to Tor, recommend that we go ahead with the Mews right now and then that he and maybe me too talk with Cadence and Kayla to discuss what we are proposing
[2017/04/04 18:34:22] Delia Lake: ?
[2017/04/04 18:34:35] Rosie Gray: sounds good to me
[2017/04/04 18:34:38] Widget Whiteberry: Yes, exactly that, Delia
[2017/04/04 18:34:43] Delia Lake: Coop has to leave in a minute
[2017/04/04 18:35:02] Rosie Gray: oh I thought he said 9
[2017/04/04 18:35:13] Rosie Gray: I guess that was local time
[2017/04/04 18:35:23] Delia Lake: yes Florida time
[2017/04/04 18:35:25] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): yes (:30 local
[2017/04/04 18:35:29] Rosie Gray: ah, okay
[2017/04/04 18:35:32] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): but I'm still here
[2017/04/04 18:35:36] Delia Lake: ok
[2017/04/04 18:35:49] Rosie Gray: :)
[2017/04/04 18:36:06] Delia Lake: that addresses the 2 obvious build areas
[2017/04/04 18:36:36] Rosie Gray: I think that we should seriously look at the platz too, but it's very complex
[2017/04/04 18:36:57] Delia Lake: it is
[2017/04/04 18:37:05] Widget Whiteberry: Coop - are there any issues you anticipate and want to comment on before you go?
[2017/04/04 18:37:36] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): I was going to toss a few Ideas for CN stuff
[2017/04/04 18:37:43] Second Life: Sylvia Tamalyn gave you Sylvia Photo Name Pic.
[2017/04/04 18:37:58] Delia Lake: ok. please do that. we'll come back to topic 1
[2017/04/04 18:38:44] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Did we ever look at some of the infrastructure parts of the Old City in CN that are just 10 by 10 prims?
[2017/04/04 18:39:04] Rosie Gray: you mean the roads and such?
[2017/04/04 18:40:05] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): roads, floors, walls. Anything that is public or 'there'
[2017/04/04 18:40:24] Widget Whiteberry: I don't think we have. Do you propose a survey?
[2017/04/04 18:40:38] Rosie Gray: mostly that would be the roads then
[2017/04/04 18:40:48] Rosie Gray: all the walls are replaced now, by Sudane
[2017/04/04 18:40:52] Delia Lake: after doing some photo searching, it seems to me that the roads, especially the look of the roads, is part of the problem with CN
[2017/04/04 18:40:56] Delia Lake: ... jLbDo/edit
[2017/04/04 18:41:19] Delia Lake: the walls are all replaced and walkable. it's a nice walk around them
[2017/04/04 18:41:44] Delia Lake: in doing some searching, I was really struck by photos of Avignon, FR
[2017/04/04 18:41:55] Widget Whiteberry: yummy
[2017/04/04 18:42:08] Delia Lake: there are some similarities to what CN is now, but the details bring the city alive
[2017/04/04 18:42:10] Rosie Gray: I agree about the roads, but in my opinion it is a different issue than what we are talking about with these private/must have builds
[2017/04/04 18:42:38] Widget Whiteberry: well, yes, it is a different issue
[2017/04/04 18:42:40] Rosie Gray: those roads were put down by Moon, many moons ago
[2017/04/04 18:42:42] Delia Lake: they are different issues
[2017/04/04 18:42:57] Delia Lake: but Coop can't stay much longer
[2017/04/04 18:43:01] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/04/04 18:43:23] Rosie Gray: yes, I absolutely agree it's a design issue to address ㋡
[2017/04/04 18:43:58] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): and it would be nice to update a couple of those textures
[2017/04/04 18:44:11] Widget Whiteberry: let's add it to future agendas
[2017/04/04 18:44:19] Rosie Gray: good idea
[2017/04/04 18:44:30] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): be good evertyone
[2017/04/04 18:44:56] Delia Lake: bye Coop
[2017/04/04 18:45:09] Rosie Gray: don't forget to give me your portrait, Coop
[2017/04/04 18:45:13] Rosie Gray: for the portrait gallery
[2017/04/04 18:45:18] Delia Lake: I still have to do that
[2017/04/04 18:45:18] Rosie Gray: just gave you a NC about it
[2017/04/04 18:45:22] Delia Lake: I can do it tomorrow
[2017/04/04 18:45:34] Rosie Gray: :)
[2017/04/04 18:45:46] Rosie Gray: actually all of you can just go and put your portraits in the gallery
[2017/04/04 18:45:56] Delia Lake: ok
[2017/04/04 18:45:57] Rosie Gray: but if you don't want to, give it to me and I'll do it
[2017/04/04 18:46:30] Rosie Gray: we ESPECIALLY need the men to do so!
[2017/04/04 18:46:37] Delia Lake: yes!
[2017/04/04 18:46:40] Rosie Gray: /me looks meaningfully at Coop
[2017/04/04 18:46:53] RG Cooperstone: is offline.
[2017/04/04 18:47:00] Rosie Gray: otherwise we look like a community of all women!
[2017/04/04 18:47:14] Delia Lake: that wouldn't be so good
[2017/04/04 18:47:26] Rosie Gray: Tor is working on his, and I have Pip's there
[2017/04/04 18:47:34] Rosie Gray: sorry.. digression
[2017/04/04 18:47:39] Delia Lake: np
[2017/04/04 18:47:56] Delia Lake: let's return to the buildings and attaching to public land
[2017/04/04 18:48:46] Delia Lake: do we have any others that are essential because they cannot be replaced by citizens?
[2017/04/04 18:48:48] Widget Whiteberry: /me nods
[2017/04/04 18:48:53] Rosie Gray: yes
[2017/04/04 18:49:00] Delia Lake: what ones?
[2017/04/04 18:49:01] Rosie Gray: in theory, anyway
[2017/04/04 18:49:16] Rosie Gray: although people have been replacing them, even though they're not supposed to
[2017/04/04 18:49:41] Rosie Gray: some of them, anyway
[2017/04/04 18:49:42] Delia Lake: what ones are they not supposed to replace?
[2017/04/04 18:49:45] Rosie Gray: thinking of the platz
[2017/04/04 18:51:06] Rosie Gray: oh... there's an email from Sudane about NFS
[2017/04/04 18:51:18] Rosie Gray: a long and detailed email, and I think it is discussing some of this
[2017/04/04 18:51:24] Delia Lake: we want to control the look of the platz but I don't think we want them to all look alike. and for sure I don't want to require that people use the old builds that Moon and Dianne did 11 years ago
[2017/04/04 18:51:29] Soro: is online.
[2017/04/04 18:51:41] Rosie Gray: yes, for sure
[2017/04/04 18:51:50] Rosie Gray: you both have this email as well
[2017/04/04 18:51:51] Widget Whiteberry: /me agrees
[2017/04/04 18:51:56] Rosie Gray: might be a good time to read it
[2017/04/04 18:53:25] Widget Whiteberry: Rosie, you said you have a hard stop at 7pm, it's 6:55 now
[2017/04/04 18:53:45] Rosie Gray: well, realistically I have a hard stop when my husband says dinner is ready ;)
[2017/04/04 18:54:09] Widget Whiteberry: alrighty then
[2017/04/04 18:54:15] Rosie Gray: there's a lot to think about in this email
[2017/04/04 18:54:39] Rosie Gray: with Sudane's ideas and what the LUC is trying to accomplish combined
[2017/04/04 18:55:10] Rosie Gray: so, maybe it's a good time to wrap things up so we can really think about this stuff for next time?
[2017/04/04 18:56:32] Widget Whiteberry: seems we should
[2017/04/04 18:56:36] Delia Lake: Yes. I was thinking about the plots in NFS too but I didn't know about the possibility of converting to a 30,000 from it's current 20,000
[2017/04/04 18:56:46] Rosie Gray: right, I forgot about that too
[2017/04/04 18:56:55] Widget Whiteberry: It's an exciting idea
[2017/04/04 18:56:56] Rosie Gray: I think it's an additional $30 US/month fee
[2017/04/04 18:57:03] Rosie Gray: which isn't too bad
[2017/04/04 18:57:15] Delia Lake: since nfs is almost always full that shouldn't be such a problem
[2017/04/04 18:57:22] Rosie Gray: I'd LOVE to see inside the walls really crammed with buildings and stuff
[2017/04/04 18:57:30] Delia Lake: I think it would be doable
[2017/04/04 18:57:34] Rosie Gray: :D
[2017/04/04 18:57:36] Rosie Gray: /sm
[2017/04/04 18:57:45] Widget Whiteberry: as do I
[2017/04/04 18:57:52] Delia Lake: and it would make the shops possible for commerce which is tough now
[2017/04/04 18:57:55] Rosie Gray: yes
[2017/04/04 18:58:02] Rosie Gray: unless you buy a prim parcel
[2017/04/04 18:58:34] Delia Lake: I'll start another google drive folder for NFS. let's put ideas in that and try to meet again in a couple of weeks
[2017/04/04 18:58:43] Rosie Gray: oh, I have a thought for another Agenda item, for the next meeting
[2017/04/04 18:58:51] Delia Lake: ok
[2017/04/04 18:59:26] Rosie Gray: I was thinking that it would be a good idea to survey people... especially visitors, as to what some of their graphic settings are
[2017/04/04 18:59:27] Delia Lake: I didn't do a google doc agenda for this meeting but will, and put the other Agendas into that folder too so all is in one place
[2017/04/04 18:59:33] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2017/04/04 18:59:35] Delia Lake: ok
[2017/04/04 18:59:56] Delia Lake: Mizou's dome did raise that didn't it
[2017/04/04 19:00:14] Rosie Gray: so we might get a good idea of how many people see the lovely vistas, vs. just 20 m in front of them ;)
[2017/04/04 19:00:16] Delia Lake: Widget, Mizou has completed a new rathaus
[2017/04/04 19:00:28] Widget Whiteberry: lovely!
[2017/04/04 19:00:43] Rosie Gray: it looks really good, I think
[2017/04/04 19:00:51] Widget Whiteberry: I like what I've seen
[2017/04/04 19:01:04] Delia Lake: I could see the dome way out but Rosie couldn't. everyone has different settings and different graphics cards so I think that kind of survey would be helpful
[2017/04/04 19:01:26] Rosie Gray: Widget, do make a portrait of yourself for the citizen's gallery to go into it
[2017/04/04 19:01:46] Rosie Gray: yes, that's what I'm thinking Delia... try and get some kind of average to expect, anyway
[2017/04/04 19:01:55] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/04/04 19:02:48] Delia Lake: before we adjourn, I was thinking of asking Tor if I might put some stairs and small beach and rocks below the wall of the LA fishing village. it has always bothered me to have a fishing village without actual water access
[2017/04/04 19:03:30] Rosie Gray: there is water access where the boathouses are, but yes I see your point
[2017/04/04 19:03:45] Rosie Gray: there's a lot of things I would change about that fishing village, if I could!
[2017/04/04 19:03:46] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2017/04/04 19:03:54] Delia Lake: me too!
[2017/04/04 19:04:11] Widget Whiteberry: Delia, I like that idea
[2017/04/04 19:04:28] Rosie Gray: I do as well
[2017/04/04 19:04:50] Delia Lake: Ok. I'll see if Tor will approve doing that
[2017/04/04 19:05:20] Rosie Gray: when you think of some of these things, adding the actual buildings to the common land is really not that much, most of the time
[2017/04/04 19:05:53] Widget Whiteberry: depends on the numbers of parcels
[2017/04/04 19:06:07] Rosie Gray: yes, but none of it adds up to that much really
[2017/04/04 19:06:19] Rosie Gray: when you think that a plate of food can be 22 LI
[2017/04/04 19:06:22] Delia Lake: last thing, Rosie, I tried adding the photos you collected to the doc where I had put photos of Avignon but I couldn't add them. maybe it would work for you. I put them in the Colonia Nova folder but not on that sheet
[2017/04/04 19:06:46] Rosie Gray: oh, not sure I had a link to your doc
[2017/04/04 19:07:05] Delia Lake: I only have low prim food --- wonder if that makes the dishes low calorie too :))
[2017/04/04 19:07:11] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2017/04/04 19:07:15] Rosie Gray: :)
[2017/04/04 19:07:20] iSkye Silverweb: is offline.
[2017/04/04 19:07:28] Rosie Gray: do you have a link to the doc you are talking about?
[2017/04/04 19:07:42] Morpheum Dreamscape: is offline.
[2017/04/04 19:07:44] Delia Lake: ... jLbDo/edit
[2017/04/04 19:07:56] Rosie Gray: oh this is the one you just shared tonight?
[2017/04/04 19:08:10] Delia Lake: yes
[2017/04/04 19:08:13] Rosie Gray: okay
[2017/04/04 19:08:21] Rosie Gray: thought I had shared mine way back
[2017/04/04 19:08:24] Rosie Gray: but maybe I forgot to
[2017/04/04 19:08:29] Delia Lake: you did with me
[2017/04/04 19:08:54] Delia Lake: but they were individual photos so I tried to put them on the sheet but couldn't
[2017/04/04 19:08:57] Rosie Gray: okay... sorry time to go now
[2017/04/04 19:09:09] Delia Lake: thanks Rosie. enjoy your dinner
[2017/04/04 19:09:12] Rosie Gray: :)
[2017/04/04 19:09:16] Rosie Gray: I'll try to sort that out
[2017/04/04 19:09:24] Rosie Gray: okay.. bye for now
[2017/04/04 19:09:34] Delia Lake: bye :)
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