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I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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Re: Road Committee Work

Post by Bagheera » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:21 am

I recommend using only those alphabetical characters on the standard US keyboard for the actual names.

If one wants to make graphic signs with extended keyboard characters included for the charm of it, I could see that; but the perceived charm of characters from numerous extended international alphabets will quickly wear off when people need to type them repeatedly, especially if you want people to actually use the names in daily chat.

I say this as someone who took affront when the state of California had a brief "English only" phase where they removed the tilde from the name of my alma mater, so I do understand the importance and historical significance of words- but I also appreciate the frustration of trying to find the right character that isn't part of my standard keyboard's alphabet.

If we had a population that was mostly from a region with a different alphabet, I would gladly acquiesce to THAT norm, recognizing that was the lingua franca, but to mix up alphabets based on which sim one is in, in my opinion, is not user friendly.
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Sudane Erato
I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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Re: Road Committee Work

Post by Sudane Erato » Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:13 am

I'm somewhat inclined to agree with Bags... though I fear that this opinion goes strongly against the wave of custom in SL these days. The onslaught of displaynames using unpronounceable characters from the higher ASCII set of characters is all-pervasive.

To actually use the characters in an english language keyboard one must keep open their ASCII chart ( ) and when it comes time to write Strasse, one needs to type StraALT-0223e Straße (is that correct?). Now, perhaps, granted, we are an international community, so the result here is that english speakers discover what speakers of other languages have had to do all along... type characters which are not on their keyboards. Indeed, I'm often talking with friends in Europe, so burned into my brain are € ( ALT-0128 ) and £ ( ALT-0163).

The other possibility, of course, is that we go the way of spanglish, so that each person makes their own "dialect" of translations, depending on their language of origin and the keyboard in front of them... which is my I always type Sudanestrasse or Haley Linden Strasse. Other language speakers might render the same names using their normal keyboard characters, and over time, like spanglish, people understand each other.

An interesting problem!

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Tanoujin Milestone
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Re: Road Committee Work

Post by Tanoujin Milestone » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:54 am

In fact there is a convention how to write the special characters in Ascii 7-bit, at least in German - I am quite sure that exists in French and Italian too.
There was a time when only Ascii 7 machines were around, some of us may remember green letters on black tubular screens ;), the typewriter-era...
So ss for ß is absolutely correct. The transcription for ü is ue and for ä is ae.

So "Straße" becomes "Strasse"
"Südlicher" becomes "Suedlicher" (ü/ue pronounced like the y in mystery)
and "Hinterhäuser" becomes "Hinterhaeuser" (äu / aeu pronounced like the oy in boy)

So this would be the official 7-bit version and thereby understood and accepted by the native speakers

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