NL 4-16 Prim Allotment Act

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NL 4-16 Prim Allotment Act

Post by Rosie Gray »

This old law is completely outdated not only by the use of City of Neualtenburg language, but by how the shared land prims are managed. I think we should move this to Archaic Laws.
NL 4-16 Prim Allotment Act

Public service institutions chartered by City of Neualtenburg share prims from the general Neualtenburg Raumnutzung prim allotment. These institutions are the Museum, the School, and possibly if they should fall in this catagory in the future, the Church, the Biergarten and the Schloss. Implementation of this measure will involve two primary actions:

The institution will operate in the manner already established, chartered by the City, and contributing monthly fee based on the Land Area they occupy and the zoning rates applicable to that area. But, the parcel(s) they occupy will not be deeded to their “Group”, but rather will remain as a part of the Raumnutzung.
The institution agrees to participate in a Guild-based Prim management Committee. This committee will oversee the regular collection of prim use data from the component parcels deeded to the Raumnutzung, and will determine, based on usage needs agreed by representatives of the Guild and each participant institution, fair and equitable prim allotment.

Furthermore, The Guild is directed to develop and implement a plan to reduce prim usage at the Neualtenburger Kirche by 25%.

passed as amended 11 March 2006


At the current time, about half of Neualtenburg land remains deeded to the Neualtenburg Raumnutzung (Neualtenburg Land Management Group). Even if all parcels designated for sale should be sold, a substantial percentage of the sim will remain Raumnutzung.

Ordinarily, as each new institution is formed, it’s parcel, like all citizens’ parcels, would be deeded to the group managing the institutions. And, as with citizens, the institution would then have available for its use only that many prims as are allocated for the m2 occupied. Allocated prims are approximately 23% of m2.

However, all the institutions which may be affected by this measure are heavy users of prims, indeed, by necessity in most cases. This proposal returns those institution’s prim allotments to the general City pool, with the theory that the common good provided by those institutions is deserving of sharing in all prims available to the City. In addition, the common “interest” of the public service institutions provide a common ground upon which to come to shared agreement on prim usage.

It is envisioned that the Prim Management Committee (PMC) will have frequent cause to examine prim usage, with an eye towards shifting the allotments from time to time as scheduled events cause first one institution and then another to need more than their ordinary share.
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Re: NL 4-16 Prim Allotment Act

Post by Lyubov »

NL 4-16 is another clear case where CDSL 21-01 Permanent Land-Use Commission Act has superseded it.

CDSL 21-01 states in Section VIII Continuity, "... all existing laws pertaining to the land use described in the preceding sections shall be immediately superseded. If a conflict arises between existing laws and the duties, responsibilities and authorities specified in this law, this law shall prevail."

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