Minutes - 25 May 2020 RA Meeting

Announcements by the Leader of the Representative Assembly

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Minutes - 25 May 2020 RA Meeting

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RA Meeting - 25 May 2020 - Minutes

Present: RA Members (Laura Azalee, Lyubov Atheria, Guillaume Mistwalker, Tanoujin Milestone, Brook Brandenburg), Chancellor elect (Rosie Gray), SC Dean (Lilith Ivory), CDS citizens, and Friends of the CDS

1. Affirmations of the Oath of Office (12:09-:20)
The Chancellor elect took her oath of office, followed by all five members of the Representative Assembly.

2. Election of Officers (12:22-:54)
Lyubov Atheria was nominated and elected LRA (12:24)
Tanoujin Milestone was nominated and elected LRA pro tempore (12:30)
Guillaume Mistwalker was nominated and elected Archivist (12:33)
Laura Azalee and Brooke Brandenburg were nominated as the RA's LUC member; Brooke Brandenburg was elected (12:38)
Mizou Vavoom and Richie Deschanel were elected citizen LUC members (12:54)

3. Next Meeting (12:56-:57)
The next meeting of the 33rd RA will take place on Tuesday 9 June at 12:00 SLT

4. General Announcements
Chancellor elect Rosie Gray announced that 恭子 Kyoko (Samara Barzane) would be the Chancellor's LUC member

5. Adjournment (13:01-:02)
Gaius Nebuliens Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker)
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