Building Bridges… Connecting past, present and future!

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Building Bridges… Connecting past, present and future!

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I’ve used the theme ‘Building Bridges’ to characterise my campaign for Chancellor in this by-election. Here I want to say more about how I would celebrate a really significant achievement - our 10 year anniversary as a Second Life democratic community.
  • They said it couldn’t be done.
    They said we would be gone after six months.
    They said we wouldn’t last a year, then two years, then three….
    They said the “Neualtenburg Projekt” (as was) would collapse under the weight of all the drama - they were a bit close on that one!
But… we are still here 10 years later as a thriving, democratic, self-governing community.

We have expanded. From a corner of one of the snow sims (Anzere) to five sims on the grid. From a few handfuls of excited pioneers to a community of 80 diverse, argumentative and passionate souls.

There is a lot to celebrate this year. We have ten years of history to celebrate with some momentous events to recall and, occasionally, regret:
  • our first expansion - to Colonia Nova - which brought the community together in a splendid joint endeavour
    the merger with Al Andalus - and the demerger as we went our separate ways
    the “U-quake” in which citizens were left homeless as property was deleted and the city walls torn down
    the rebuilding effort and assistance given to those who lost out
    the sad passing of one of our founders - Kendra Bancroft - but the lovely things we learned about how creative she was in RL too (we had the voice of “Meowth” among us and didn’t know it!)
    joining up our territory with the Alpine Meadow sim
    the addition of the Monastery sim and regular exhibitions there
    the pagan ritual we held to consecrate Locus Amoenus with gifts from our RL nations and the hiding of the ‘secret name’ of the sim
    numerous parties, balls, Oktoberfests and other events
If elected Chancellor, I will get to work immediately on our plans for this year. I’ve already heard some brilliant ideas for what we could do to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I’ll get people together in world and on the forums to brainstorm ideas and then put a plan together. This is the year to celebrate our 10th anniversary in style and make sure that the CDS is well known for its achievements across the whole of the grid. I want to encourage and enable the following:
  • Events in all of our sims (and Anzere). Let’s showcase our community for the whole of SL.
    Oktoberfest - it’s got to be *big* this year!
    Exhibitions on some of our history. There’s a lot to let people know about us.
    Discussions on art, politics and community. We have people who are expert in all three.
    Welcome back former citizens for the 10th anniversary. Some will have left SL but I’m sure they could be tempted back to see what’s been going on in the meantime.
    Invite new people to join us. A year long showcase is going to generate interest, and demand for land, so maybe we should celebrate our 10th anniversary with a new sim?
Honi soit qui mal y pense
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