Minutes, RA Meeting 17-December-2019

Announcements by the Leader of the Representative Assembly

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Minutes, RA Meeting 17-December-2019

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Minutes of meeting of Representative Assembly held on 17-December-2019.

Present: Lyubov (20180414), Rosie Gray, Kyoko Furse-Barzane, Tanoujin Milestone, Richie Deschanel

Also Present: Lilith Ivory, Pip Torok, Awenbunny Lisle, Almut Brunswick

The meeting was opened by the Leader of the RA, Lyubov.

1.1 Review and approve agenda

Lyubov motioned to approve the agenda as posted on the Forum viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9271, seconded by Tanoujin Milestone. For: 5 Against : 0

Resolved to approve the agenda

1.2 Minutes of last meeting held on 26-November-2019

The minutes of the last meeting had been posted on the Forum viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9265.

Tanoujin Milestone motioned to approve, seconded by Rosie Gray. For: 5 Against: 0

Resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 26-November-2019

2. Executive Report

As the Chancellor was unable to be present at the meeting, her report was presented Rosie Gray.

A draft budget was presented to the RA https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing together with a supporting statement from the Chancellor:

I am grateful to Rosie for presenting this 32nd Term Budget, since I am compelled to be elsewhere today. I also want to thank Rosie for her advice and assistance in crafting this budget, and to Sudane for providing average revenue and tiers. As you can see, we are still a healthy and vibrant community, but we must continually strive to present ourselves as a warm and welcoming place to live. This welcoming, inclusive spirit is the bedrock of our six sims. We provide privacy and a sense of nature, along with historical accuracy. Much credit is due to the builders and those who work to improve it daily, and to the Citizens who improve their parcels and faithfully pay Tiers. This budget includes a monthly amount which is set aside towards the annual web site payment, which is paid in the next Term. It also represents amounts designated for Advertising, Land and infrastructure improvement, and Events. These things are necessary to maintain the beauty and appeal of our sims to ourselves and to visitors who may be drawn to buy property and join us in our communal effort to practice democratic self-government.
The budget is somewhat limited due to the current lower occupancy of CN and AM, which are in planning for renewal by the LUC. This budget also reflects our embrace of self-discipline and a home spun, craft approach to our lifestyles, which fits the motif of an historic sim. What is not apparent in the budget is the determined generosity of our Citizens who are patrons
There is no way to separate those who give of their time and talents from those who sustain advertising and other costs out of their own pockets. The budget relies on the additional contributions of those unnamed heroes who add their own efforts and resources, and we take this opportunity to thank you. I would like to remind you of the priceless resource of talent here in CDS and encourage all of you to post notices of good times and get togethers that supplement our regular events.
I also want to thank you for providing décor and fun, interactive displays to share in our public spaces. I am so proud to be Chancellor this term, and to lead you in this amazing and self-sustaining virtual world of democracy. Thank you to each of the Representatives, who are the heartbeat of our system. My door is always open, and I am never further than an IM away. Respectfully, Chancellor Emilia

It was noted that it was a balanced budget and that although expenditure was down on the previous year so was projected revenue.

Lyubov motioned that the vote to approve the budget be tabled until the next meeting, pending the posting of the budget to the Forum for public review. Seconded by Richie Deschanel - For: 5 Against: 0

Resolved that action to approve the budget be tabled until the next meeting, pending the posting of the budget to the Forum for public review.

3. LUC Report

There had been two meetings of the LUC on the 24-November -2019 and 15-December-2019.

As RA representative on LUC Rosie Gray gave an update on activities.

The LUC now had a full compliment of members comprising Rosie Gray (Chairperson and RA Rep), Cathy Sabre (Chancellor Rep and Scribe), Pip Torok and Mizou Vavoom (RA Citizen appointments) and Sudane Erato and Delia Lake (CDS Artisan Guild appointments).

The items being discussed were reported as firstly, Alpine Meadow and the idea of separating the 'mews' housing, removing the buildings, and re-terraforming so that they are higher up with a view, and separate parcels not touching each other and creating a Community Centre to be a focal point for AM and secondly Monastery, and thinking about what to do given that the Monastery itself has lost its patron.

It was reported that the next LUC meeting would be held on 11 January @ 1000 SLT and there being no further questions the Leader thanked Rosie for her report.

4. Citizen Concerns

Lilith reminded everyone about changing trees to winter to match the season and there ensued some discussion about this could be encouraged on private land as well as public land. It was noted that there was no law requiring citizens to comply with seasonal changes on private land and that this was best achieved through gentle reminders and potentially offers of help where these would be welcomed.

5. RA member concerns

Tanoujin Milestone reported that Monastery had been secured through to the end of March and put forward a suggested interim use of Monastery for song and dance activities and that she would take this idea to the Forums looking for volunteers to assist.

6. Old Business

There was none to discuss.

7. New Business

The Leader advised that she would like RA members to consider a legislative agenda for the 32nd term and would propose some ideas on the RA discussion forum. The Leader wished the RA to continue its Law Review process and to return to some previous discussions about the EO, Treasurer, succession which would be discussed through the forum.

8. General Announcements

There were none

9. Next Meeting

Following dscussion on availability of RA members over the Holidays a date was tentatively set for the next meeting of the RA to take place on Monday 6-January-2020 at 12:00 SLT subject to Emilia's availability.

Lyubov left the meeting, Rosie Gray took the chair

As the date for the next RA meeting had been set after 4-January-2020 Kyoko had an annuoncement that on January 4 there will be and end of the season party at The NEW Art Cafe.

Rosie motioned that the next meeting be held on 6-January-2010 at 12:00 SLT. Seconded by Richie Deschanel. For: 4 Against: 0

Resolved that the next meeting be held on 6-January-2020 at 12:00 SLT.

Meeting closed
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