Minutes - 9 June 2020 RA Meeting

Announcements by the Leader of the Representative Assembly

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Minutes - 9 June 2020 RA Meeting

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Present: RA Members Brooke Brandenburg, Guillaume Mistwalker, Lyubov Atheria (LRA), Tanoujin Milestone (LRA pro tempore), Laura Azalee; Chancellor Rosie Gray; SC Dean Lilith Ivory; CDS Citizens

1. Administrative Business (12:00-:02)

1.1 Review and approve the agenda
Approved unanimously (12:01)

1.2 Review and approve the minutes for 25-May-2020
Approved unanimously (12:02)

2. Executive Report (12:02-:17)

Presentation of Proposed Budget for 33rd Term
Chancellor Rosie Gray took the floor to present her budget for the term, noting that new and more recent residents mean that the budget may grow for events.
Gaius asked about other possible cultural events, including art installations and impromptu events; Lyubov Atheria mentioned other such citizen-led events.
The RA unanimously approved the Chancellor's budget. (12:16)

3. LUC Report (12:17-:20)
Brooke Brandenburg noted that the LUC has not met yet this term, but will meet on 14 June at 08:00 SLT.

4. MoCA Update
No report. Lyubov Atheria noted that MoCA Curator Kyoko that a new exhibit is being planned that will be "timely."

5. Citizen Concerns (12:22-:48)
Lilith Ivory brought forth a query from the Chancellor and other estate managers regarding disabling private land sales in the estate given the practicalities of tier management.
Lyubov Atheria mentioned that she would draft a bill and Guillaume Mistwalker offered to help, and there was consensus to discuss the proposal on the forum.
The RA unanimously approved a motion to that end. (12:48)

6. RA member concerns
No concerns.

7. Old Business
No old business.

8. New Business (12:50-13:01)

Discuss legislative agenda for 33rd RA term.

Tanoujin Milestone mentioned relaxing parcel ownership limits and possible plans for how to manage the state if no candidate for chancellor is found.
Guillaume Mistwalker mentioned the need to discuss other emergency contingencies; a possible constitutional amendment converting the representative assembly into a direct democratic assembly; and, cultural development.

9. General Announcements (13:02-:06)

• LUC: Next meeting Sunday 14 June at 0800 SLT

• Chancellor's Call for Executive Assistants

• Save the Date! Saturday, 27 June(?), Summer Garden Party with singer AleyKat and DJ Nando

10. Next Meeting (13:06-:08)
The RA will meet next on Tuesday 23 June at 12:00 SLT.

11. Adjourn (13:08)
The RA voted unanimously to adjourn. (13:08)
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