4-30, Guild Meeting Minutes

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4-30, Guild Meeting Minutes

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Guild Meeting-Minutes
Thursday, 10.30 - April 30, 2020

4-30, Guild Meeting Transcript

Members present: Gildemeister: Rosie ,Master Artisans: Moon, Mizou, Jon - Artisan: Lilith - Apprentices: Tan, Lyubov, Almut
Members Absent: Officer: Delia - Master Artisans: Sudane - Artisans: Guillaume, Dianne Mechanique, Timo - Apprentices: Tor

1. Call to order: Rosie Gray 10:44

2. Main business of the day:

o Welcoming the two new applicants to the CDS Guild:
Lyubov Atheria and Almut Brunswick, both Apprentices were welcomed by the Guild
 The buildings that they submitted in their application were visited prior to this meeting by the Artisan Masters.
o Building review for critique by the Guild Artisans and Artisan Masters and Artisans.

3. Apprentice Lyubov presenting her buildings:
1) Building one:

i. I created 2 buildings: one, to replace an older Fachwerk on the Platz, I made this my beauty salon.
I used all available marketplace-purchased mesh items for this build, this includes steps, windows, doors, crown moulding and baseboards, wall panels, and coffered ceiling.
ii. I combined this with prim work for all the exterior timbers, and all of the prim pieces connecting the windows to the walls, since the standard mesh sizes would not fit the space available. it is a tiny parcel, very narrow, so I did things like make the walls extremely thin in areas, to maximize interior space, not wanting to loose even 1m because of wall thickness
The design of the building itself is meant to fit within the size and style of the surrounding buildings on the Platz.
iii. All textures are the 3-layer materials, and all were also store-bought on the Marketplace.

2) Building two:
i. the second building is the Debauche Theater
This was a temporary structure purpose-built for the 8 March international women's day celebrations, we had the dance group Debauche performs and
they had specific requirements for the size of the building, so, the scale of the building, while wildly out of the typical range for Locus Amoenus, where the event was held, was dictated by the needs of the performance, which required a certain stage size, backstage area, and also room for an entire second set to sit above the visible stage, ready for the next act

ii. This building is primarily prim work, except for doors, upper floor mesh windows, and the exterior cornerstones.

4. Apprentice Almut presenting her buildings:
1) Building one and two:
i. I just have exactly two buildings to present inworld:
My house and main store at Neumagdeburg and a small pavillon-like store building in the The Celts MC sim.
ii. I used to create my buildings - like all other items I create for my own use - by myself in mesh, I never use any foreign parts.
iii. All meshes, textures and scripts are self-made. My tools are mainly Blender for creating the meshes and Blender and Photoshop to create the textures

5. Critique of buildings by Mizou:
1) Lyubov: Congratulations to both of you Lyubov and Almut for your buildings
Lyubov, I visited your Fachwerk shop way before your application and liked it very much. It is well put together, and it has a homely lived in feel, which I like. Also your theatre view the constraints is outstanding.
i. My first question to you:
Have you considered creating your own meshes either in Blender or with Mesh studio script in SL?
Lyubov: only with passing. i saw the SL script on the marketplace, i recall. i have "downloaded" blender and "opened" it, but this is all. it would be nice to be able to create my own things. If i can buy something ready-made, vs many hours of trying to make it myself, i buy it.
Second question: What is the Li of your Fachwerk shop?
Lyubov Atheria: about 70
Mizou: a suggestion for you in the future would be to take that into account as well and to keep it down to a minimum, around 25 to 30 Li

2) Almut: I went around in your shop as per your application and I was impressed by the various levels and the modern look as well as your mannequins showing the clothes that you create.
i. My questions to you: What is the Li total of your shop? Almut: 48 Li
ii. About the textures: I would love to see the 3 materials being used as well as a more realistic look to the floors and walls, like shadow, dirt, cracks etc. If that makes sense? The architectural structure including doors and stairs.

Almut: Regarding the three materials, this building still has mainly some preliminary textures and no rendered textures.
The smaller store, however, got rendered procedural textures including specular maps
Mizou: Ok i understand but an application would presume that the building was totally thought out with the textures to add some reality in the diffuse map, such as cracks, mould, shadow etc
Almut: That would be possible, although I didn't like to give this particular building too many traces of weathering and attrition.

6. Critique of buildings by Rosie:
1) Lyubov:
i. As I think you realize; you do really need to reduce the LI count, especially for a small Fachwerk.
ii. I think you have a superb eye for making spaces realistic
iii. I would really like to see you, in the next level, to try making some of your own textures too.
iv. You have kept the scale of things very well.

2) Almut:
i. You have kept the scale of things very well.
ii. I really admire the shapes you have made for them, it's clear you are well conversed in making buildings like that.
iii. I have the same reservations about the textures that we've already talked about
for instance, you've made nice door handles with plates behind them, but I could almost not see them without looking very closely, because the textures are too plain, so I think this is definitely something you can work on.

7. Critique of buildings by Moon:
1) I really enjoyed your creations (buildings comprised too).
I am super impressed also by your discourse on what you do. It really shows that you have the knowledge of the tech problems that everyone meets here in SL and it reveals amazing critical thinking on what you are doing.
So my real congrats for both of you, I am sure you'll be doing ever better work!

8. Final suggestions for both apprentices:
1) From Mizou:
i. Creating 3D assets is also looking at reality with a different eye, for instance, when walking around buildings in RL notice how the shadows are playing, on the surfaces, how the brickwork even new has different tones and textures and what we reproduce here needs to have some of that reality embedded in the build.
ii. To use prims (not just readymade mesh) and cutting them in a certain way to create new shapes that fit our final build and in essence this is what the Guild has as its first requirement, to show that you can torture prims to create a final product.

2) From Rosie: I find that using photorealistic textures is much easier to create that sort of thing.

9. Voting: Both apprentices have been recommended by the Gildemeister for ‘Artisan’.
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