SC meeting Nov 29 8.00 AM SLT - transcript

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SC meeting Nov 29 8.00 AM SLT - transcript

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The meeting began informally as only Delia and Calli were present, and became quorate when Lilith arrived.

[08:14] Delia Lake: so call to order of this informal meeting of the SC
[08:15] Delia Lake: first item is that we have a date, Dec 1, for the affirmation ceremony but not a place or tiime. Should it be upstairs in the RA chambers or somewhere else?
[08:15] Callipygian Christensen: upstairs works
[08:15] Delia Lake: ok
[08:16] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): (we'd all fit in a closet)
[08:16] Delia Lake: and 10 am? 12 noon? I was looking for Rosie and for Tan to ask them as there is a 9 hr time span
[08:17] Delia Lake mulls that there are closets in the schloss....
[08:17] Callipygian Christensen: well I worry about lighting at my age..closet shadows show my wrinkles
[08:17] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): LOL
[08:17] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): there are many things in the scvhloss
[08:17] Delia Lake: there are also unused rooms there
[08:17] Delia Lake: a throne room for instance
[08:18] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): LOL.
[08:18] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): hold it there?
[08:18] Delia Lake: hi Lil :)
[08:18] Lilith Ivory: Hi all
[08:18] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): Hello Lilith
[08:18] Callipygian Christensen: the catacombs..great spot for swearing in
[08:18] Lilith Ivory: sorry I forgot we have a meeting :)
[08:18] Delia Lake: that could be fun
[08:18] Lilith Ivory: hehe
[08:19] Delia Lake: np. we are just talking about where and what time to hold the affirmation ceremony on Tuesday
[08:19] Delia Lake: do you have any idea about what times would work for Tan?
[08:19] Lilith Ivory: hmmmm
[08:19] Lilith Ivory: I think Tan is flexible during the day
[08:20] Lilith Ivory: before noon and shortly after
[08:20] Delia Lake: so would 12 noon slt be a good time then?
[08:21] Lilith Ivory: yes I think so :)
[08:21] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): sure
[08:22] Delia Lake: ok. then where? upstairs in the RA chamber or some fun and more exotic location? no reason we need to be overly formal about this. serious but not dower
[08:22] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): ladies room?
[08:22] Delia Lake: hehe
[08:22] Delia Lake: I love that room
[08:22] Lilith Ivory: lol
[08:24] Delia Lake: would people think that insulting or fun?
[08:25] Lilith Ivory: to be honest I am not sure if they consider this as fun
[08:25] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): well it's better than under the schloss
[08:25] Lilith Ivory: we could use the thermae if we want to be less formal
[08:25] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): ooooo nice :)
[08:25] Delia Lake: that's a good idea!
[08:25] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): then we toss the dean in the poool
[08:25] Delia Lake: lol
[08:26] Delia Lake: let's do it at the thermae this time
[08:26] Delia Lake: that's a wonderful place and underutilized
[08:26] Lilith Ivory: I agree
[08:26] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) makes a note to have an event there
[08:27] Delia Lake: ok. 12 noon slt, Tuesday, Dec 1 in the Thermae
[08:27] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): swimsuits optional?
[08:27] Delia Lake: sure
[08:28] Lilith Ivory: ... asking Tan
[08:28] Delia Lake: ty
[08:28] Lilith Ivory whispers: works for him :)
[08:28] Lilith Ivory: works for him
[08:28] Delia Lake: good. we're set then
[08:28] Lilith Ivory: great
[08:30] Delia Lake: next. we know we have to run by-elections. I started that posting then the Nov 9 census, well the whole Casper got a bit messed up so we reverted to the Oct 17 census. but rl got in my way and I dropped the ball on that. My apologies.
[08:30] Delia Lake: my question then is can we still call for candidates on Dec 1 or do we need to push back that date?
[08:31] Callipygian Christensen: No worries Delia, it happens. I think what matters is that awareness of a byelection was addressed and that gives us some flexibility on timelines
[08:31] Delia Lake: ok. So if I post today, can we go with the Dec 1 to 7 call for candidates?
[08:31] Lilith Ivory: using the October census we are fine anyway as it´s been out for quite a while
[08:32] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): sooner the better. I need my budget approved LOL
[08:32] Callipygian Christensen: I think you call for candidates on the 1st, close on the 7th, and polls open on the 12th
[08:32] Lilith Ivory: just add that those who became citizens before a certain deadline have the right to get added
[08:32] Delia Lake: yes. I'd also like to get this going as quickly as possible
[08:32] Callipygian Christensen: that is a 5 day campaigning time, but the law uses 'may' not 'must' so I believe that is ok at being less than a week
[08:33] Delia Lake: yes. we have the land list so should be able to tell who bought between Oct 17 and Nov 8
[08:33] Lilith Ivory: exactly
[08:34] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): the em spreadsheet would also help
[08:34] Delia Lake: that works for me too. should I then post all of these dates today? and repost the Oct census list?
[08:35] Delia Lake: yes thats what I was thinking of, the em spreadsheet
[08:35] Lilith Ivory: if someone sends a challege we can officially ask the exec to sort that out as the SC is not oblieged to have this knowledge
[08:35] Callipygian Christensen: I would suggest that the reminder of the need to place any challenges go out today as well and give it 7 days ( same as declarations)
[08:35] Delia Lake: ok. yes
[08:36] Callipygian Christensen: So I think we have post today - list and timelines
[08:36] Delia Lake: yes
[08:36] Callipygian Christensen: Declarations of candidacy open from 1 - 7
[08:36] Delia Lake: I can do that
[08:36] Callipygian Christensen: campainging if needed, 8 - 11
[08:37] Callipygian Christensen: polls open 12 through 18
[08:37] Delia Lake: that looks right to me
[08:38] Lilith Ivory: to me too
[08:38] Delia Lake: good. then we're set on the dates and process
[08:38] Delia Lake: anything else to do with the by-election?
[08:39] Callipygian Christensen: if there is a need for polls we'll need to confirm e-mail addresses
[08:39] Delia Lake: yes. I'll say that too
[08:40] Delia Lake: anything else?
[08:40] Lilith Ivory: we should add polling to our timeline - just in case
[08:41] Delia Lake: probably yes
[08:41] Lilith Ivory: ah sorry I see its here alrready
[08:41] Delia Lake: but then add that the new RA would take office immediately after the results are tallied
[08:42] Delia Lake: the 2 new members that is
[08:43] Delia Lake: on to #3?
[08:43] Callipygian Christensen: at the latest the RA will be complete by the 12th,so not a huge delay in them getting started
[08:44] Delia Lake: that's the goal. particularly it is difficult for a new Chancellor to start on anything without a budget
[08:44] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) coughs
[08:44] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): Sudane gives advances at a low rate of ijnterest LOL
[08:45] Callipygian Christensen: well should there ever be challenges around getting funds , talking directly to Sudane is a good idea :)
[08:45] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) grins
[08:46] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) learned that her first time around
[08:47] Delia Lake: that's good! probably there should be in every budget a bit of transition money so that the new officers can start right away and be prepared. I was not so pointedly aware of that need until the US RL experience right this past couple of weeks where the outgoing US President blocked access to transition funds for the incoming administration. imo tht shouldn't be able to happen in any world
[08:47] Callipygian Christensen: exactly Delia
[08:50] Delia Lake: #3 is the process for reviewing new laws. I put that on the agenda because though I don't know if the new RA will take up these issues, the outgoing RA has left on the table the modification of the LUC enabling law and also discussion of eliminating the RA. Neither may happen but if either does, it would probably require SC review regarding those changes and whether they would fit within the current Constitution.
[08:52] Delia Lake: So my question is for not only those but for any laws, should we do what we have done some times in the past and put them on the SC discussion thread of the Forum?
[08:52] Callipygian Christensen: I think we've only done that when they were flagged?
[08:52] Lilith Ivory: I personally see no problem to comment on the main forum thread if there are legal issues
[08:53] Callipygian Christensen: I think flagging within 48 hours is fine - it justt requires that a) we are aware a law has been pssed and b) we committ to reading them when they do
[08:53] Delia Lake: yes
[08:53] Callipygian Christensen: Lilith - I think that is fine before passage, but after, if we have problems with the law, we have to flag it officially
[08:54] Lilith Ivory: I totally agree
[08:54] Delia Lake: yes, and it is the SC that has to decide whether or not the new law is within the bounds of the current Constitution and if not, return it to the RA for further work
[08:55] Lilith Ivory: if a law gets passed that is in convict with the constitution and other laws we need to flag quickly
[08:55] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): If the new LUC law passes I hope you will vert it carefully
[08:55] Delia Lake: yes
[08:55] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): *vet
[08:55] Callipygian Christensen: Personally I would like to see a formal process where whena law or amendment is passed, the Dean is sent a notecard with the wording
[08:56] Lilith Ivory: I think this is a good idea
[08:57] Delia Lake: I was thinking that also, Calli. and also that when the meeting minutes or transcript of that RA meeting is posted, that right at the top it says that a law with title and number was passed
[08:57] Callipygian Christensen: whether its sent to us by notecard then, or if the dean posts it on the discussion thread that makes the process public and shares the buren of responsibility between RA and SC to get this step completed
[08:57] Delia Lake: otherwise people might miss the passing of a new law
[08:58] Delia Lake: So, when the RA has a new LRA, should I make a formal request with those 2 components?
[08:59] Lilith Ivory: I am in favour of this :)
[08:59] Callipygian Christensen: I think so Delia - I'd actually ask that the RA add that to their Procedures so it is an official practise
[09:00] Delia Lake: yes I agree. I will do that as soon as there is a new LRA elected
[09:01] Delia Lake: that's all I had for what I thought to be issues we needed to handle today. iis there any otherr business we need to discuss today?
[09:01] Callipygian Christensen: I dont think so
[09:02] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): I think you accomplished a lot
[09:02] Lilith Ivory: I see nothing else
[09:03] Delia Lake: Thanks, Kyoko. ok. then next meeting date? Before or after Christmas? Sunday Dec 20? or Sunday, Dec 27?
[09:04] Lilith Ivory: I will be on rehab vacation from dec 21 till jan 8th
[09:04] Lilith Ivory: my online times will be extremely limited if I am able to go online at all
[09:04] Delia Lake: so Dec 20 is better foor you then, Lil?
[09:05] Lilith Ivory: yes
[09:05] Delia Lake: Calli?
[09:05] Callipygian Christensen: I am flexible
[09:05] Delia Lake: Dec 20 it is then. 8 am or 8:30?
[09:05] Lilith Ivory: 20 might still be hard as I have to pack for three weeks
[09:05] Lilith Ivory: but I will do my best
[09:06] Callipygian Christensen: either is fine for me, although earlier means less disruption to the day
[09:06] Delia Lake: 8 works for me
[09:07] Lilith Ivory: both work for me
[09:07] Delia Lake: Sunday, Dec 20 at 8 am slt. here in the Praetorium SC chambers
[09:08] Delia Lake: thank you everyone. let's adjourn this meeting
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