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Timo Gufler's CUTE Platform for the 21st RA

Posted: Sat May 03, 2014 10:46 am
by Timo Gufler
It was October 2008, when I moved to the CDS, which consisted of four regions at that time. The idea of self-governed estate management and development fascinated me. Since that I have lived here and contributed the community by different ways, including serving as a RA member in the 10th and 11th terms. There are four aspects, that I consider essential for the 21st term of the confederation.

Consistency. We have a very unique terrain and keeping it consistent and high-quality have to be our priority. The building codes have to promote consistency, beauty and loyalty to the theme.

Unity. The community consists of a diverse group of people, with different cultures, time zones, life situations and dreams. We may have different views on, how things should be developed and managed. From time to time we disagree with each other, and it's our challenge, how to express and solve the disagreements constructively. My vision is, that we find a common way for unity, friendship and mutual respect, that are the golden keys to success.

Talents. We should encourage people, to use their talents in different projects, whether those are personal or public. We have to remember, that the CDS is not a commercial venture but a self-governed community with not-for-profit objectives, that is a fertile soil for true creativity in its different forms.

Expansion. In our estate we have witnessed, how popularity of our land has increased significantly. At moment it's difficult to find a free parcel, that makes expansion of our estate as a natural goal for the 21st term.

We need a CUTE community, don't we?

Timo Gufler