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Hello from Trebor Warcliffe

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The beginning of this letter (the next paragraph) was begun on April 3rd. When I decided I was going to run for an RA seat in this upcoming election I figured I’d save it for my campaign so this is basically a bio and towards the end a basic campaign statement.

Within the last few days I’ve done some catching up on the forums and have been exploring our community in-world as well. To say I’ve read and seen some interesting things would be an understatement. When I came across the recent census I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of new names that have appeared. I was also happy to see some of these individuals’ active participants in the forums and I’m assuming in-world as well. I guess what I’m trying to say is these developments have reignited a small flame of desire for the CDS which at one time was a very fiery and bright flame of passion. So I’d like to take some time to introduce myself to all of the new citizens and give the citizens who have known me for quite some time a refresher.

My Second Life Birthday is May 23, 2010. I spent my first few weeks in SL exploring the grid. After using various search words to find places associated with mountains in SL I stumbled upon Alpine Meadows. I explored the sim and really admired the landscape and architecture. I met a few people while in-world and they introduced me to the concept of the CDS. This piqued my interest even more. So I spent two more weeks exploring in-world but also exploring the web portal and the forums. Any sane individual would have ran for the hills after exploring the forums before becoming a citizen as I’m sure some of you can attest to. Well I tripped over a boulder, banged my head on the ground, went unconscious and when I awoke I took that as a sign that I was meant to be here and decided to settle in.

In real-life I deal with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Second Life and more specifically, CDS became a new toy (cough, cough, obsession) and I dove in headfirst. At this time the CDS consisted of 5 sims under the CDS banner and an additional 6 sims under the Al Andulas banner. This was a merger of the two communities that soon came to an end. So using the CDS maps of NFS, CN, AM, and LA I spent many hours exploring each sim and building a spreadsheet of all the citizens in the CDS, what parcels they owned, name of the parcel and the SLURLS of each parcel. My idea was to develop a type of guide for the CDS. For those who are curious here is the original link to this topic in the forum. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2967&p=15747&hilit=Trebor#p15747

My next project began in July of 2010 and that was a goal of improving the accounting system for the CDS. The initial topic was centered on how to account for assets of both CDS and AA. This eventually turned into my volunteering as the Assistant Treasurer in September, 2011. My duties were to keep the books for the CDS and submit the monthly financial statements to Sudane for her to publish on the web.

During this same time period I assisted in the research and presentation of the proposal to implement the Hippo rental system into CDS to better manage the collection of tier. I also researched and presented to the Chancellor, at that time Tor Karlsvalt, a proposal to significantly decrease the sale price on all land in the CDS to L$1.50 per SQM for single-prim parcels and L$3.00 per SQM for double-prim sims. Tor implemented the changes and this rate has remained in place since. If you review the old Master Parcel Lists which I have in another link below you will see the significant savings.

What I feel was my biggest accomplishment and the most arduous one was my tier reduction project. The link below is the forum thread when I submitted the official new tier proposal. Amazingly the link to the Excel document showing my work is still up and running, all 51 pages. Rereading the 34 posts reminded me of how difficult it can be to get things accomplished in the CDS.

Halloween 2011 I threw my hat in the ring and declared my candidacy for Chancellor of the CDS. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3558&p=18121&hilit=Trebor#p18121
I won the election, 18 votes for myself and 15 votes for the other candidate. One of my first actions taken was Government Subsidized Citizen Events. This was not an original idea of mine but it was something I championed and put into play. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3685&p=19179&hilit=Trebor#p19179

I also presented some ideas for marketing and promotion to help us grow. The Land Sales Office/Welcome Center did come into existence as did an embassy in Arosa and New Toulouse where we sponsored a concert during their Mardi Gras celebration.

For quite a while in the CDS there were discussions concerning the ownership of CDS owned assets. Some of our original builds were owned by avatars no longer in SL. Other items were owned by citizens on behalf of the CDS. An avatar known as CDSArchive Resident was previously created but not really put to use so I reached out to the creator and brought CDSArchive Resident aka Archie into play. With Archie I made purchases to benefit the infrastructure of the CDS such as a variety of trees which Rosie and Lillith chose, some carnival type items for events, a mailbox system for government officials and other various assets. I also made sure that any new builds made for the CDS were transferred to Archie as the owner.

An avatar I created was CDSPrinter and purchased IntelliBook and the Magazine Factory Lite publishing system. By making CDSPrinter the owner it allows anyone in the CDS access to the system whether it is for government use or personal use.

One of my most successful events during my first term was the St. Valentine’s Day Ball held on Valentine’s Day 2012. The Ball was a 6 ½ hour event, attended by over 100 people throughout the day with a maximum one time attendance of 42. Nadine Morani and Mankind Tracer/Seth Regan were the live entertainment and DJ Poppy also entertained. During the two hours Seth performed our sim was the most populated on the grid.

Another action I took during my second term to increase traffic into the CDS was an Alli & Ali Hair Affiliate shop. Archie purchased the 25% affiliate and had set up 366 hair vendors. This shop was pretty successful in generating traffic but it wasn’t very profitable. It did prove to me that with a solid product and a minimal amount of marketing commerce can be successful in the CDS.
In real life I’ve always enjoyed history and that has carried over into the CDS. I’ve spent time over the four years I’ve been here exploring different avenues gathering information on the history of CDS.

I recently shared my first publication from this work, the 415 page CDS History Part I, which is a collection of the original forum postings from the very beginning of the CDS when it was known as the Neualtenburg Projekt. I have many documents to sort through to continue my little history project of CDS. And CDS History Part I still needs a little editing before we send it to CDSPrinter for official publication.

In the world of CDS I’d like to think I consider myself neutral politically speaking. I make an effort to get along with everyone and try not to choose sides or get into the middle of the squabbles that result from living in a small community with people from all over the world and from all different walks of life.

What I’d like to see accomplished this upcoming term is the addition of a sixth sim, with my preference being NFS West. If possible I’d also like to see one or two homestead sims with islands and set in place as a sort of buffer between the original group of sims and the possible new group of sims that may come into existence.

I’d also like to see legislation get approved to expand the size of the Representative Assembly. My plan would be to have an additional two seats when the population reaches 100. Than for every additional 50 citizens I’d like another increase of two seats.

Win or lose I will continue to participate in various activities of the CDS. Recently I’ve been working on my history project and working on calculations for the private and public land ratios for new sims.
Let us move away from all of the "us" and "them" and turn our attention to "we."
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