My platform for the 21st RA

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My platform for the 21st RA

Post by Rosie Gray »

The following was my statement for running for the 20th RA:


transparency and cooperation in government

Government should listen openly to citizen ideas, and encourage new initiatives.

Uphold the covenants in a fair and equitable manner. If covenants need to be changed then address them at that level.

Create process for real and timely change where necessary

Freedom of speech and expression

Tolerance for cultural and religious diversity

Practicality in financial management and expansion

Commitment to the high standards of CDS buildings and development

A diversity of activities in the CDS

[ACHIEVED] RA – if elected I would move that the RA post on the CDS forums and on the CDS web portal Minutes of the meetings, in a format showing motions, votes, brief notes of discussions, RA attendance, subjects and follow-up names (consistent with real-world Minute taking).

The Representative Assembly needs to operate in an inclusive and democratic manner with its members. There should be consultation on issues within the assembly. The LRA facilitates the meetings and ensures that protocols are met. Citizen participation in discussions should be encouraged at appropriate times. Discussions should be kept focused to the Agenda.

We have a set of covenants for land use on all of the sims. A great deal of thought and discussion with citizens went into these covenants, and without them our sims would eventually turn into a mish-mash, as much of Second Life is. I think that these covenants should be enforced to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

I think we need to streamline some of the processes to make it easier for people to understand and participate in CDS life. Some of this has been accomplished with the Hippo system and the updating of the sim covenants; initiatives that I have supported and fought for. The concept of covenants should be explained clearly to new citizens, as not all people know what they are, let alone that they need to comply with them when purchasing land.

I would like to see a central area in each sim that displays land for sale information and general information about the CDS that is kept up to date at all times.

A welcome package needs to be developed for new citizens, that includes such things as links to the portal, the forums, brief information on the government system and other institutions such as the CDS Artisan Guild, the MoCa, a list of CDS merchants, etc.

I think there should be a public process for reviewing ideas from private citizens wishing to add to or change public spaces, with clear steps on what is expected and how this is accomplished. This is what a planning department does in a City Hall.

To assist CDS businesses in marketing themselves, I would encourage a merchants group to be formed. This group could manage marketing events such as hunts, sales, group advertising etc. I believe this type of group would enhance not only the businesses but the entire CDS would benefit by the additional people coming to shop. This would give a specific merchant/business voice to the CDS.

The CDS Artisan Guild (AG) is a fairly new NGO that has no official standing. I would like to see a process in place that formally involves the AG in assisting the Chancellor on approving new citizen and new public buildings. I would like to see one of the AG Artisan Masters review new buildings with the Chancellor, during the approval process, and assist the Chancellor to discuss any changes with the citizen if they are deemed required.

For detailed information about the AG, please follow this link: ... -guild/#13

As posted on the CDS forums: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3751&hilit=my+vision#p19462:

Re: Envisioning the CDS
by Rosie Gray » Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:35 pm <-- please note this is over a year ago, so some things have been accomplished!
I envision a community of citizens who cooperate and collaborate on projects. I envision a community where we come together to know people from other parts of the world and become friends, and if not close friends, be respectful of each other and behave as well balanced adults; and - have fun.

I envision:
• a beautiful landscape that flows from one sim to another in a natural way
• realistic in how it's built, but allowing for small touches of the brilliance (magic, wonder, surprise) that the virtual world allows libraries, museums, art galleries and a gorgeous Schloss
• discussions about the state of the world - the REAL world I mean!
• wandering waterways for boating
• windy paths for climbing
• no full bright trees or walls
• buildings that are to scale with the average avatar and adhere to the spirit of the covenants
• realistically created gardens and nature
• town centres with welcoming places to gather and talk
• commercial buildings that have something commercial in them (no empty fachwerk, or with just a sign in them)
• citizens that are wise enough to use the common spaces with their private possessions, in a non-abusive way, that make these places more interesting
• public recognition of citizens that donate their time and expertise to the CDS (like the Order of Anzere)
• finish the vision of Neufreistadt - it was our beginning and deserves to have that part of it realized
• at least one water sim that provides a place for boating - and a reason to have a port in Locus Amoenus
• finish the sides of the sims so they aren't just gaping holes

Through the seven and a half years of my residency in SL, I’ve experienced and participated in various communities throughout the grid. I’ve owned and managed sims and their associated groups and been a part of a large network of sims that collaborated on a Tolkien fantasy theme. I’ve become proficient at building and terrascaping, and have a detailed eye for both. Travelling throughout the grid, I’ve learned the expectations that people have for information when they are considering settling in a sim, and what great diversity the virtual world holds in and for its citizens.

For the past almost 4 years I’ve had the pleasure of making the CDS my SL home. The CDS has a strong base of community with people that enjoy and care about what it stands for. It's important to me that CDS is run democratically - a refreshing breeze in the autocratic virtual world of SL.

In my real life I work with small business groups, coordinate public events, work with committees, non-profit societies, city councillors and planners, run a business, and I’m an independent graphic designer and web developer. My past work experience includes television production, newspaper advertising and production, and I continue to manage marketing campaigns in all mediums.

Thanks to everyone who is passionate about and works so hard for the community. Whether or not I am re-elected I will continue to support CDS initiatives to the best of my ability.

Rosie Gray
"Courage, my friend, it's not too late to make the world a better place."
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Re: My platform for the 21st RA

Post by cleopatraxigalia »

Your track record on how you welcome new citizens speaks for itself ... too bad for CDS of that is made formal by your wish above ... are you running for RA to make your guild more formally part of CDS. Seems bad to me ...
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