Platform: cleo for RA

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Platform: cleo for RA

Post by cleopatraxigalia »

Thank you everyone who voted for me for the 20th RA , I do hope I supported
your causes and helped CDS through this time. I did my best and will gladly
continue to serve if the citizens so desire.

Citizens number one ! .. Government Transparency.... Open doors for Participation

• Referendum items on the ballot for the next sim
• Transparency in land sales

Let’s work as a unified CDS team and build our sixth sim !

• Ways for all citizens to participate and give input as we build the next sim, referendum items and open participation doors

Actively celebrate ten years of CDS history and the journey to our success.

• As we celebrate and rediscover the CDS ten year history, lets use that to move us into the future.

As far as the future of CDS.. it is BRIGHT! We are an active growing community now and the general tone of things is that people want CDS to IMPROVE! and GROW! and THRIVE! and be FUN! And citizens feel empowered to have a voice and make an impact and make these things happen and enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

Democracy thrives !

New citizens are participating in their community and their government.

The forums are being monitored more closely and becoming a place where all of us can freely express ourselves.

CDS has accomplished a lot this term in the RA.

I'd say one of the most important thing that happened in the 20th RA was that the RA voted to make sure that the plan for LA did not disrupt any parcels and that citizens land lines and builds were left intact. This was a resounding SUCCESS. With Gwyn as my partner in the RA and Bagheera as chancellor, able to veto the 3 votes.. in this effort, we were able to make sure the "power-block" of Tor Rosie and Shep did not vote to use eminent domain or compulsory purchase order with the citizens. We recently got to see a transcript of a meeting that revealed clearly that this was their plan. Our success for CDS citizens is that no one had their land taken or parcel lines moved.

If you would like me to continue to serve in the RA I am glad to do so on the citizens behalf and encourage input from all citizens. I would like to see referendum items on the next ballot that will give all citizens a vote and voice in what happens with the sixth sim. I would also like to make sure that ALL citizens are able to freely participate in the celebrations of our 10th anniversary and the building and planning of the sim, as much as they would like. I would like to also keep working to improve the legislation and clarify the role of the chancellors office and require more transparency .

I am happy to take IMs in world from anyone who wants to ask questions or talk to me about what they would like for CDS.
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