Campaign Platform for Shep ...

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Campaign Platform for Shep ...

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Hello folks :)

As you are reading this .. thank you for your interest and your time :)

My platform is pretty simple .. I want CDS to continue being a community,

I love the CDS community ... I know we have some issues here and there .. but we sort through them and mostly it's a great place ..
. I think we expand at the right pace... the flush of new citizens that were the last to join have bedded in and now feel like family
.. our sims look great.. and some complain about covenants .. but they keep our sims looking beautiful for us all .. and that is a great pull for gaining new members .

As for a new sim .. yes I'm in absolute support of getting one .. but I think we need to have a lot of discussion with everyone before we set it in motion .. we need to be really clear on what we are doing .. so we avoid the fiasco LA ended up being ... I think we learned that you can't redesign around established parcels ..and get it done quickly ... a lesson learned ...

I don't want CDS turned into a fast turn over place .. like the mainland .. I know a lot of you feel the same.... and if you elect me I will do my best to keep the heart in the community...

Would love to have you're vote Shep :)
I am not a sheep ... I am the Shepherdess .. An it harm none .. so mote it be ..
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