Minutes LUC Meeting March 27, 2021

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Minutes LUC Meeting March 27, 2021

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LUC Meeting - Minutes
27 March 2021 - Rathaus

Attending: Mizou Vavoom - chair, Rosie Gray - secretary, Sudane Erato, Delia Lake, Han Held, Lilith Ivory
Also attending: Kyoko Furse-Barzane - Chancellor

1. Minutes previous meeting for approval
Motion to approve minutes as presented. Mizou 1st, Sudane 2nd, 3 ayes, 1 abstain, motion carried

2. Agenda this meeting for approval
Motion to approve Agenda as presented. Mizou 1st, Sudane 2nd, all in favour, motion carried

3. Old business:
a. Signage for the road names at LA and CN: (Mizou)
Mizou is working on road signs for LA and CN with a little boat on the LA signpost and blue metal finish

b. Signs/maps update (Mizou)
Maps on signposts updated to make the text clear

4. New business:
a. EEP experimental settings (Rosie, Sudane, Kyoko) – any update?
Not using the foggy environments for now.

b. Friedsee lake and the updating of the prim water: (Delia)
Decision made to proceed with full lake updated to Skye water. Unsure if they can be made 'swimmable' or not.

c. New building proposal by Chancellor Kyoko - Discussion of suitable architectural style - Floorplan proposal by Mizou - Lettering Font discussion -
(Taking CDSL 34-02 Transparent Region Development Act into consideration)
Kyoko and Mizou proposing an updated building to replace the MoCA. They are working on design proposals.
Lettering font discussion tabled for next meeting

5. Miscellaneous:
a. Connecting CDS to Linden waters update (Tor)
Tor was not present to discuss.

Next meeting April 17, 2021, noon slt.
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