LUC Meeting - Agenda 1 May 2021 - Rathaus

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LUC Meeting - Agenda 1 May 2021 - Rathaus

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LUC Meeting - Agenda 1 May 2021 - Rathaus

1. Minutes previous meeting for approval
2. Agenda this meeting for approval
3. Old business:
a. Signage for the road names at LA and CN: (Mizou)

4. New business:
a. New building proposal by Chancellor Kyoko - Discussion of suitable architectural style - Floorplan proposal by Mizou - Lettering Font discussion -
(Taking CDSL 34-02 Transparent Region Development Act into consideration)

5. Miscellaneous:
a. Connecting CDS to Linden waters update (Tor)

6. AOB: Anything else to discuss?

7. Setting date for next meeting
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