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Request for Porposals: NFS West

Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 8:49 am
by Leslie Allandale
The Land Use Commission of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, by order of the Representative Assembly, is calling for proposals to fill in the region to the west of the present Neufriestadt sim.

They shall include:

1. Demonstration of ways in which the proposal responds to public comments, as per the CDS RA New Sim Commission Report*

2. Demonstration of conformity with Trebor’s general format and analysis of finances, : including appropriate spreadsheets to indicate plots, prims and tier .(Format can be found at: ... Fyo6rc/pub

4. Maintenance of rural, Alpine, Medieval theme consistent with existing Neufriestadt graphical environment.

5. Plan, to scale and with appropriate dimensions, displaying all plots, public infrastructure, and landscaped areas.

6. Display of topography, by any means, demonstrating methods of conformity with existing objects and terrain in the estate grid, plus elevations of proposed terraforms and infrastructure.

*CDS RA New Sim Commission Report, October, 2014, may be found here: ... Fyo6rc/pub

Depending on the response, We hope to choose a proposal by the middle January. Please watch these announcements for updates, and the Discussions sections for progress on the acceptance process.
Thank you all for your participation and support.