LUC transcript January 12. 2015

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LUC transcript January 12. 2015

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[color=]Insert y10:21] Rosie Gray: hi Timo[/color]
Timo Gufler: hi :)
anti Wirefly: Howdy Timo ?
Timo Gufler: do we have a meeting?
Rosie Gray: yes... here is the situation
anti Wirefly: maybe now ?
Rosie Gray: Leslie and Josie, both the RA appointees have resigned
Rosie Gray: so there are only 4 left
Rosie Gray: Shep is away for a time
Rosie Gray: it says in the law that: A quorum shall be 1 member more than half of the appointed members.
Rosie Gray: so now I"m not sure if that means that since we are down to 4, that 3 of us makes a quorum
anti Wirefly: I would assume so
Widget Whiteberry: Arguably you are now quorate
Rosie Gray: or if we can't form at all until the RA replaces the 2 appointees
Rosie Gray: think so Widget?
Rosie Gray: I guess we can assume so anyway
Widget Whiteberry: I suggest you meet as if you are... if it turns out you are not
Widget Whiteberry: you will still have done some hopefully useful thinking
Rosie Gray: yes I agree
Rosie Gray: sound good?
anti Wirefly: exactly
Rosie Gray: Shall I chair then?
Rosie Gray: for now
anti Wirefly: please do
Timo Gufler: yes please
Rosie Gray: okay
Rosie Gray: okay
Rosie Gray: so let's see where we were the last time
Rosie Gray fishes for the last Agenda
anti Wirefly: was there an agenda posted anybody know?
Rosie Gray: not for this meeting
anti Wirefly: ok
Rosie Gray: I'm just looking fo rhte last one
Rosie Gray: okay for the last one we discussed vacancies
Rosie Gray: still on hold for that until the RA meets
Rosie Gray: covenants
Rosie Gray: cricticism of LUC scope of responsibility and current procedures
Rosie Gray: so, I guess those topics, plus RFP's we can talk about
Rosie Gray: does that make sense?
anti Wirefly: yes
Rosie Gray: okay
Rosie Gray: would anyone like to speak about where we are with covenants?
Widget Whiteberry whispers: me
Rosie Gray: okay Widget!
Rosie Gray: and you don't have to whisper ;)
Widget Whiteberry whispers: I'm asking Timo to take a look at several versions I have of the general covenants... without the contributors names. I hope to have all that to him in the next few days.
Rosie Gray: I guess you do need to do Minutes too, anti
anti Wirefly: yes
Timo Gufler: I can check them out, thanks
Timo Gufler: (the covenant versions)
Rosie Gray: okay
Rosie Gray: and will they be posted on the forum for citizen comments?
Widget Whiteberry whispers: The plan is to link to region specific rules, all of which wil be on the website. I hope to have all of it to you by the end of the month. I'll be asking LUC members to contribute to the region specific rules
Widget Whiteberry whispers: once I have what looks like a good set, I'll post the whole thing to the Forum
Widget Whiteberry whispers: for comments
Widget Whiteberry whispers: these resignations have slowed me down too
Rosie Gray nods
Widget Whiteberry whispers: and I don't know why I'm whispering!
Rosie Gray: hehe
Rosie Gray: I thought maybe you had a virtual sore throat
Widget Whiteberry whispers: that too!
Timo Gufler smiles
Widget Whiteberry coughs
Rosie Gray: so really, the LUC doesn't need to do anything about covenants right now
Rosie Gray: correct?
Widget Whiteberry whispers: no, not a thing, no right now
Rosie Gray: okay
Rosie Gray: so.... criticism of LUC scope of responsibility
Rosie Gray: anyone want to tackle that?
anti Wirefly whispers: are youing chat screen Widget?
anti Wirefly: is this happening on the forums?
Rosie Gray: yes, and on email
Rosie Gray: you haven't been following?
anti Wirefly: no new job and all
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: okay... Timo do you have any thoughts about it?
Timo Gufler: the role of the LUC ... well, who chooses the members of it?
Rosie Gray: not that... that we know
Widget Whiteberry whispers: the biggest concern expressed by Pat seems to be accountability of appointed members to the citizens
Rosie Gray: yes
Rosie Gray: so, I think we just leave things as they are until, and if, the remit of the LUC changes
Rosie Gray: according to the RA
Timo Gufler: RA has the last word about the decisions anyway
Rosie Gray: mostly
Rosie Gray: right now we do have a request for inspection of some builds
Rosie Gray: via email from Pat
Widget Whiteberry whispers: I think it's important to address the concern about accountability
Rosie Gray shrugs
Widget Whiteberry whispers: treating it as an entirely legitimate concern
Rosie Gray: there's nothing we can do
Widget Whiteberry whispers: of course there's something you can do
Widget Whiteberry whispers: well, someone can do
Rosie Gray: like what?
Widget Whiteberry whispers: respond to Pat on the Forum
Widget Whiteberry whispers: taking the question seriously
Rosie Gray: I don't feel it is my responsibility to do that
Widget Whiteberry whispers: it perhaps should come from the RA
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: of course it needs to
Rosie Gray: this whole commission was the brainchild of the LRA and Leslie
Rosie Gray: so the RA needs to decide, in my view
Rosie Gray: right now, we have the law the way it is
Widget Whiteberry whispers: Deciding is one thing, the LRA responding to the Chancellor is another
MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: RogueGeek Cooperstone (2m)
Rosie Gray: I don't think there is anything productive we can do as a commission right now, in this regard
Widget Whiteberry nods
Rosie Gray: hello Coop ?
anti Wirefly: howdy Coop ???
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Hi
Timo Gufler: Hi Coop
Rosie Gray: brb, just getting a cup of tea
Rosie Gray: okay, back
anti Wirefly: wb
Rosie Gray: shall we discuss the Request for inspections of new builds?
anti Wirefly: yes that is something we can do
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: F.13 in LA (Educat3d's building)
Rosie Gray: needs to be inspected
Rosie Gray: and P.25 & P.38 in LA - Em Warden's
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Have you been allowed to inspect?
Rosie Gray: shall we proceed according to the rules that I drafted and were passed by the LUC, but not accepted by Pat?
Rosie Gray: we have been asked to inspect by Pat
anti Wirefly: do we have any other options?
Rosie Gray: well the only other options are to just go one person at a time
Rosie Gray: really, since Pat has not accepted the rules I drafted, it doesn't leave a whole lot to do
Rosie Gray: just go have a look and write a notecard on any infractions of covenants
anti Wirefly: did he counter with another plan?
Rosie Gray: no
Rosie Gray: one sec and let me find the link so you can see
Rosie Gray: ... sp=sharing
anti Wirefly: do I remember correctly that we sent it to Pat as a courtesy?
Rosie Gray: yes he has made comments on it
Rosie Gray: so, we have 2 buildings to inspect
Rosie Gray: there was another one too, but Gaius and I have already given our notecards to Pat about it
anti Wirefly: k cool
Rosie Gray: so, shall we decide on who inspects these last two?
Rosie Gray: which ones do you feel like doing, Timo and anti?
Rosie Gray: or, do you want to do both?
anti Wirefly: no opinion
Rosie Gray: I can do both also, but with one of you
anti Wirefly: since there are so few of us, the most imput we get seems good
Rosie Gray: or all 3 of us could do them, which might be best
Timo Gufler: when should they be inspected?
Rosie Gray: as soon as possible
Rosie Gray: because the Chancellor has 15 days to either approve or deny
Rosie Gray: the first one needs to be be to Pat by Jan 17
Rosie Gray: sorry, Jan 15
Rosie Gray: and the second one by Jan 21
anti Wirefly: yes not much time
Rosie Gray: well it doesn't take long to make inspections
Rosie Gray: we could do one right after this meeting, perhaps
Timo Gufler: the coming week will be quite busy for me...
anti Wirefly: that would be best I think
Rosie Gray nods at Timo
Rosie Gray: so what is your thinking Timo?
Timo Gufler: so, it might be better, if someone else take care of the inspection
Rosie Gray: okay, well anti and I... is that okay with you anti?
anti Wirefly: works for me
Rosie Gray: okay
Rosie Gray: so, lastly, the RFP's for NFS W
Rosie Gray: I guess Timo you haven't quite got yours ready?
Timo Gufler: my plan is to finish it on Saturday evening
Rosie Gray: okay, cool
anti Wirefly: please spell out for me what is needed, or perhaps later
Rosie Gray: and will you put it down somewhere where we can all see it?
anti Wirefly: maybe that is what I need, to see it
Rosie Gray: or, post on forums or googledocs?
Timo Gufler: would you like to see it before posting to the forum?
Rosie Gray: yes I asked that the RFP's be submitted to a LUC commissioner
Rosie Gray: obviously, you can't submit it toyourself
Rosie Gray grins
Rosie Gray: can you share with me, and anti?
Timo Gufler: well, I'll send it to you then, Rosie
Rosie Gray: okay.. you should send to anti too, please
Rosie Gray: and hopefully the next RA meeting will appoint 2 more commissioners
Timo Gufler: ok, I'll let you know
Rosie Gray: who can also look
Rosie Gray: because the LUC is meant to make a decision from the RFP's received as to which plan to recommend to the RA
Rosie Gray: is there anything else anyone would like to bring up?
anti Wirefly: howdy Pure ?
Pure Caramel: Good Evening....!
Rosie Gray: hello Pure
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Hello Pure
Pure Caramel: :)
Timo Gufler: I don't have anything, to add
Timo Gufler: Pure is my friend
anti Wirefly: glad you could make it Pure
Rosie Gray: nice to meet you PUre
Pure Caramel: Nice to meet you all too! Its an honor
anti Wirefly: I am good also, I think we have a plan
Rosie Gray: okay, so we can adjourn this meeting then ?
anti Wirefly: I so move
Rosie Gray: second
Rosie Gray: vote
Timo Gufler: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: thank youour transcript here.
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