LUC Transcript Feburary 1, 2015

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LUC Transcript Feburary 1, 2015

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Rosie Gray: Agenda
LUC Meeting
Held February 1, 2015, 8:30 am SLT
1.) Review and approve Minutes of previous 2 meetings
2.) Approve Agenda
3.) General Master Plan Procedures document ... sp=sharing
4.) Review Proposals for NFS W development
5.) Review Procedures for building inspections document ... 8LHzM/edit
6.) New Business
Rosie Gray: okay, since it is 8:44 am, I'm calling this meeting to order
Rosie Gray: we have a quorum, with 4 LUC members here
Rosie Gray: Has everyone read the previous 2 meeting Minutes, that anti posted on the forums?
AbbyRose Abbot: nods
Rosie Gray: can we have a motion to accept the Minutes of Jan 12 and Jan 25 as presented?
AbbyRose Abbot: I motion to accept the Minutes of Jan 12 and Jan 25 as presented
Rosie Gray: thank you
Rosie Gray: is there a second?
anti Wirefly: second
Rosie Gray: thank you
Rosie Gray: all in favour?
Rosie Gray: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Rosie Gray: Shep?
Rosie Gray: okay I guess she's afk
Rosie Gray: can we have a motion to approve the Agenda?
anti Wirefly: I so move
Rosie Gray: second?
AbbyRose Abbot: I second it
Rosie Gray: thank you
Rosie Gray: all in favour?
Rosie Gray: aye
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: okay... now down to business!
Rosie Gray: the General Master Plan Procedures document
Rosie Gray: any comments, complaints?
Rosie Gray: this document has been drafted since earlier December, but nobody has made any comments on it ... v4heA/edit
Rosie Gray: how about anyone not on the LUC... any comments?
anti Wirefly: seems to be perfect
Rosie Gray: I guess it is!
Rosie Gray: hehehe
AbbyRose Abbot: I agree.
Tor Karlsvalt nods

Rosie Gray: well now, I guess if it's okay, can we have a motion to adopt the Procedures to Update and Revise the CDS General Master Plan (GMP) as presented?
anti Wirefly: howdy Victor
Rosie Gray: hi Vic
AbbyRose Abbot: Hi Vic
Tor Karlsvalt waives to Vic.
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): ello
Catz Jewell: Hi Vic
anti Wirefly: I so move
Lilith Ivory: Hi Vic
Rosie Gray: thank you anti
Rosie Gray: do we have a second?
Shep (Shep Titian): Ok sorry back
anti Wirefly: wb Shep
AbbyRose Abbot: I second it
Shep (Shep Titian): Aye to both votes
Rosie Gray: thanks Shep
Rosie Gray: any more discussion about the GMP procedures?
Rosie Gray: any comments from anyone?
Shep (Shep Titian): Well I think a GMP is silly
anti Wirefly: paper trail is good to have
Rosie Gray: we have a GMP now, anyway
Rosie Gray: like it or not
Rosie Gray: and it is way out of date
Shep (Shep Titian): Not :)
Rosie Gray: okay, duly noted
Rosie Gray: lol
Rosie Gray: but the question remains about this plan to revise and update it
Shep (Shep Titian): It serves no purpose
Rosie Gray: if we don't have an up to date GMP, then there is no outline for expansion
Rosie Gray: oh it does, Shep
Rosie Gray: in my view the existing one though is too ambitious
Shep (Shep Titian): Expansion depends entirely on market status
Rosie Gray: market status impacts IF we expand
Rosie Gray: it does not determine HOW we expand though
Rosie Gray: that's what the GMP is for
Rosie Gray: and the laws demand that we have one
Shep (Shep Titian): What's the point of having a GMP that says we should have half a dozen roman sims when we know they are the worst sellers?
Rosie Gray: well Shep, that is the point of revising it
Tor Karlsvalt nods
AbbyRose Abbot: I agree
Rosie Gray: I agree, why would we want them... we need to update the GMP in large part to get rid of those
Rosie Gray: otherwise, someone comes along and wants to foist a Dougga on us, for example
AbbyRose Abbot: nods
Tor Karlsvalt nods
Rosie Gray: and there it is, in the GMP, that we have all these Roman sims
Shep (Shep Titian): I can't help but feel it's a bit like a Bond villain
Rosie Gray: well
Rosie Gray: we aren't here to debate IF we have a master plan or not... that is beyond this commission's mandate
Rosie Gray: we are here to determine a means to update the current one to make it more meaningful in today's CDS
Rosie Gray: so, acknowledging that you don't think we should have a GMP, how does this document seem as a procedure to update it?
Shep (Shep Titian): We could make it dependent on market forces
Rosie Gray: that's not the purpose of the plan
Shep (Shep Titian): Ok I surrender
Rosie Gray: the plan is purely design and theme
Rosie Gray: lol
Rosie Gray: does that make sense, Shep?
Shep (Shep Titian): Even that ... it's preventing spontaneous expansion
Rosie Gray: yes, that is the point
Rosie Gray: by law, we must have a GMP
Rosie Gray: and it has been made the mandate of the LUC to update it
Rosie Gray: any other thoughts about the procedures?
AbbyRose Abbot whispers: I think it looks good as written.
Rosie Gray: thanks Abby
Rosie Gray: Shep... it is in the law that created the LUC that it is our mandate to manage the GMP
The Commission shall create, update and maintain a CDS master plan, under which future expansions in land area and themes shall occur. This plan shall be submitted to and approved by the RA, as well as being resubmitted to the RA for approval whenever modifications are deemed necessary by either the Commission or the RA.
The Land Use Commission shall, upon a request from the RA or the Chancellor, investigate the viability of new region purchase and present recommendations to both bodies. This will include, but is not limited to:
Consideration of type of region (full region, homestead, void, or other types that might become available in the future);
Consideration of placement of region;
Consideration of region theme;
A survey of Citizens;
Appropriate In-world meetings for discussion and public comments;.
Compilation and summarization of ideas and comments from citizens from surveys and official meetings, or future channels as they may be
Rosie Gray: useful.
A consideration of finances, balance of public and private prims and any specific public spaces appropriate to the theme.
A draft of legislation for the acquisition of a new region or regions, including covenants and/or codes for said region, which shall regulate the manipulation or use of CDS’ three-dimensional, graphical environment, whether on Public or Private parcels.
Shep (Shep Titian): Well nothing to be done about it then
Rosie Gray: what do youmean?
Rosie Gray: this is what we are meant to do
Rosie Gray: the document is an outline of procedures
Rosie Gray: I just want to make sure you understand that we, as this committee, do not have a choice but to manage the GMP... it is one of our main mandates
Rosie Gray: so... if we are ready, we can vote
Rosie Gray: any more comments from anyone?
Rosie Gray: I'll take that as time to vote then
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Shep (Shep Titian): Aye under protest
Rosie Gray: hehe
Rosie Gray: okay
Rosie Gray: thank you... now the next item
Rosie Gray: 4.) Review Proposals for NFS W development
anti Wirefly:
Rosie Gray: we have 2 proposals for NFS W
anti Wirefly:
Rosie Gray: one from Timo and one from Gaius
Rosie Gray: thanks for the links, anti
anti Wirefly: yw
Rosie Gray: I think both have put a lot of effort and thought into their proposals
Rosie Gray: and are to be commended for their work
anti Wirefly: I agree
AbbyRose Abbot: I agree also
Rosie Gray: Gaius, since you are here
Rosie Gray: would you care to speak to your design proposal?
Rosie Gray sneaks off to get another cup of tea
Rosie Gray: back
anti Wirefly: wb lol
Rosie Gray: lol, thanks
Rosie Gray: no comments from Gaius?
anti Wirefly: still waiting
Rosie Gray: okay I guess he's afk
Rosie Gray: so let's begin then
Tor Karlsvalt wonders if he is sleeping with his finger on a key.
Rosie Gray: who would like to go first?
AbbyRose Abbot: I like aspects of both of the plans.
anti Wirefly nods
Rosie Gray: can you expand on that thought, Abby?
AbbyRose Abbot: I like the ski chalet in Gaius' plan, and also the hamlet. I like the lakes in Timo's plan.
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: how about the breakdown of parcels?
Shep (Shep Titian): Are we not having a public build? there had been talk of an univerity
Rosie Gray: not on NFS W
Shep (Shep Titian): ok
AbbyRose Abbot: Gaius proposes an airport, Shep.
Rosie Gray: the public builds ... yes
Rosie Gray: and a chalet
Rosie Gray: I wish Timo was here, because there are parts of his plan I don't quite understand
Rosie Gray: maybe someone else does
AbbyRose Abbot: I do not know what a turm is.
Rosie Gray: I don't know what the big pink blocks are
Rosie Gray: yeah, I don't either
Rosie Gray: does anyone here know what a 'Turm' is?
Shep (Shep Titian): No idea
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): Turm is a folly tower
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): like the tower of Piza
Rosie Gray: oh okay, thanks Vic
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): or ythe round end tower of classic medieval castles
Rosie Gray: so he suggests a folly at the top of a hill
anti Wirefly: /e imagines Rapunzel
AbbyRose Abbot: laughing
Shep (Shep Titian): LOL
Rosie Gray: I'm not convinced that the public to private prims is right
AbbyRose Abbot: I'd rather see something people can use, rather then a folly.
Rosie Gray: although I guess it's not that different from Gaius
Rosie Gray: Gaius... can you speak to your design?
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Sure!
Rosie Gray: thanks
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): My deign envisions a sort of valley hamlet around an alpine lake, sort of like the Arosa community.
Rosie Gray: not here
Rosie Gray: in public!
Rosie Gray: oops
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Descending through the valley, there are cottages and farms, though the sim is a mix of parcel sizes
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): The private parcels will be near the border with NFS, whereas public buildings: a chapel, an airport, and a ski chalet, will be near the tall mountain to the west
Rosie Gray: do you think that 1705 public prims is enough for all the roads, the lakes and rivers, and a chapel, airport and chalet?
Rosie Gray: that seems ambitious to me
Rosie Gray: and also trees
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): I made my numbers as close as I could make them to Trebor's numbers which represent, if I recall correctly, a similar version to Locus Amoenus.
Rosie Gray nods
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): But, over all, yes.
Rosie Gray: the rivers and lake will all have to be synthetic, as the lake will be too high to use Linden water
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): I think 1,000 prims will be used in the building of the major public buildings, and the rest to be used for public infrastructure.
Rosie Gray: okay
Rosie Gray: I like the mix of parcel sizes and tiers
Tor Karlsvalt nods
AbbyRose Abbot: agrees
Tor Karlsvalt thinks a ski lodge and even the airport would be fun.
anti Wirefly: you can make quite a number of trees with one prim, if need be.
Rosie Gray: Gaius, I think you made some provision for people to pay for hangers in the airport, I think?
Rosie Gray nods at anti
Shep (Shep Titian): What kind of capacity will the airport have?
Tor Karlsvalt raises hand.
Rosie Gray: Tor?
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Indeed, I did. There are three spaces at the airport that will be available for purchase. Those are the "Parking" spaces.
Tor Karlsvalt: I think my question is similar to Sheps.
Rosie Gray: everyone can just talk here... we're just discussing ?
Tor Karlsvalt: Would planes need prims?
Catz Jewell: good question Tor
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): yes, and thats the worrying parts, theres severe bugs with those planes when it comes to folks parcels
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): The airport would include a small space for rezzing.
Rosie Gray: so there would be parameters on the size of planes, and style?
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): While there are concerns of crashing, that happens mostly at sim borders, and most planes now self-delete when that happens.
Shep (Shep Titian): Its going to need a big parcel
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): In otherwords, it's unlikely that planes will be of much problem.
Shep (Shep Titian): We still get grounded planes on out water sim
Rosie Gray: your vision is of a small, rural airport, yes?
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Yes
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): ...and foilks will be able to take off from the airport and fly around the sims?
Tor Karlsvalt likes that idea. ca. 1910.
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): And the runway would be short enough to not be able to be used with the most recent military planes in SL.
Rosie Gray imagines biplanes
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Folks will be, yes, Vic, especially those who own parkings spaces and hangars.
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington) imagines folks buildings getting auto returned when i high LI plane detaches from the pilot if they crash, the plane is over a primmed out parcel and theres no one around to return it
Rosie Gray: hmmm that's a good point Vic
Tor Karlsvalt hmmmmm
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): It makes the CDS more attractive to SL pilots.
anti Wirefly: would our own planrezzer and a tour be possible?
Rosie Gray: what if there was a cap on the size (prims) that the plane could be
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Well, Vic, that's not true. A hi LI plane wouldn't detach on crashing.
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): The base of the plane detaches because you stand up, you would still be wearing the plane itself.
Shep (Shep Titian): Forgive me .. but 6 sims is a short flight
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): Gaius its been a bug in the SL attachment points for about a year now...why do you think younever see those high detailed zeppelins flying around the 11 sims of new babbage?
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Vic, I'm an SL pilot, and such a thing has never happened to me. ?
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Mesh planes are often scripted to delete themselves if the pilot stnads up during a crash.
AbbyRose Abbot: I have flown with Gaius. He is a good piolet.
Rosie Gray: I agree, Abby
Rosie Gray: of course we don't know who the pilots would be
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): it doesnt even take a high detailed high LI plane either, the older style 30 prim planes that ya sit on, if the pilot's viewer crashes, and the plan remains out in someones parcel which doesnt have enough prims to support it, the last rezzed item on the person parcel and not the plane gets returned in the countdown
Rosie Gray: wouldn't that depend on the settings of the land, Vic/
Tor Karlsvalt: Maybe we could test this.
Rosie Gray: I'm wondering what happens now, on our existing sims
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): In that case, it is always the plane that is returned, then, Vic, because it's the last thing to be rezzed on that specific parcel
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): On the existing sims, the plane is returned if a parcel has too few prims.
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): fair enough
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): In some cases, you're plane stops working when you meet a parcel you're banned from or if there isn't a large enough LI capacity.
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): *your plane
Rosie Gray: or if there's 'no entry' for prims set on the parcel, I should think
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): In other words, the inconvenience is on the pilot's side, but seldom on the landowner's
Tor Karlsvalt nods, remember something like that with balloons.
Rosie Gray: I have a question about the style of the airport
Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): laters all
Rosie Gray: are we talking about a vintage airport, say up to 1930's or something?
Tor Karlsvalt: see you Vic.
anti Wirefly: later Vic
Catz Jewell: see ya Vic
Catz Jewell: jfk? Denver?
Catz Jewell: lol
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): A vintage airport, yes, such as a 1920 art deco airport
Rosie Gray: ooh, I like that
Shep (Shep Titian): bye Vic
Rosie Gray: but just a little rural one, yes? as we would have to restrict the prim numbers for everything
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker) nods
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): A small, rural airport. The original idea I had was it being based off of the airport Courcheval, in France.
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): *Courchevel
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): That airport has a sloped runway, but that would be impractical in SL
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): ... hevel2.jpg
Rosie Gray: ... 4&dpr=1.25
Rosie Gray: a picture speaks a thousand words ;)
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): :)
Rosie Gray: any other questions for Gaius?
Shep (Shep Titian): nope
AbbyRose Abbot: Yes.
AbbyRose Abbot: Will there be provisions for ski trails and a ski lift at the Chalet?
Tor Karlsvalt is warned about getting on any planes in small Swiss towns.
Catz Jewell: hehe
Rosie Gray laughs
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): The ski resort will likely be a continuationof the ski trail currently in Monastery
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): As for a ski lift, that's a wonderful idea, though I had not thought of it
Rosie Gray: are you thinking primarily cross-country skiing?
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker) nods
Tor Karlsvalt: ooo, we could have an observation hut at the pass.
AbbyRose Abbot: A lift can even be used in summer
Catz Jewell: snow Boarding?
Rosie Gray: I think that is quite doable as it would require very few prims
Rosie Gray: yeah, you'd need a lift for snowboarding or downhill
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): The ski resort would look out over NFS and over CN, Monastery, and LA.
AbbyRose Abbot: sounds fun to me!
Tor Karlsvalt: And the observation hut could double as a weather station.
Tor Karlsvalt looks outside and suggests snow even in summer.
Rosie Gray: yeah!
Rosie Gray: oh... not that
Rosie Gray: hahah
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Maybe as an event ;)
anti Wirefly: snow blowing
Rosie Gray: could have a gondola
Rosie Gray: which is fun even in the summer
Tor Karlsvalt: speak of the devil. :)
anti Wirefly: howdy Coop
Rosie Gray: hi Coop
Tor Karlsvalt: Hi Coop!
AbbyRose Abbot: Hi Coop
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): That's Mr Devil to you bud
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Hi Coop
Rosie Gray: lol
Tor Karlsvalt house across the street just disappeared in a whiteout.
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Hiya
Tor Karlsvalt: haha
Rosie Gray: ewh, Tor
Rosie Gray: KCoop, we are discussing the 2 proposals for NFS W... right now Gaius' design
Rosie Gray:
Rosie Gray: and this one is Timo's design:
Rosie Gray: so... any more discussion about Gaius' design?
Rosie Gray: from anyone... just jump in
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker) plays with his thumbs.
Rosie Gray: hehe
Tor Karlsvalt: hehe
Rosie Gray: okay then, let's look at Timo's design
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): IS there a working layout?
Rosie Gray: it was the second link I posted, above
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): ok
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): I am a classically trained surveyor. I like pictures
Rosie Gray: does anyone know what a Steinbrücke is
Tor Karlsvalt: mountain stream?
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Stone bridge, I believe
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker) nudges Lilith.
Rosie Gray: ;)
Rosie Gray: maybe it's a stone bridge
Rosie Gray: seems that is what google says
AbbyRose Abbot: My concern with this plan is it looks like some of the roads are dead ends
Rosie Gray: there is one road he has included to go into NFS, near the bottom, that would have to go through Delia's property
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker) nods.
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): And that road doesn't seem to connect to the rest of the roads in the sim
Rosie Gray: she commented about that somewhere, I believe, that it would be okay to reparcel for that if she could get some space elsewhere, I think
Tor Karlsvalt: ... CAcQ_AUoAg
Rosie Gray: maybe this is what the Steinbrucke is
Tor Karlsvalt: it is indeed a stone bridge
Rosie Gray: ah, thanks Tor
Rosie Gray: so maybe his idea was to have the steinbrucke as a major feature, going over the river, and maybe some marshlands or something
Rosie Gray: I'm just guessing
Rosie Gray: any more discussion about this plan?
anti Wirefly: I think it would be quite attractive
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Why are the parcels the sizes they are?
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): as in not 'standard' sizes?
Tor Karlsvalt: Um, I like this plan too. I rather like Gaius' plan more in that it provides more for community use.
anti Wirefly: /nods
Tor Karlsvalt: I do like the Turm. I think it was to be a monument to our 10th anniversary.
Rosie Gray: Timo has just explained to me (he's offline but he messaged me), that the pink blocks are the prim parcels
Rosie Gray: I think it's a nice rural design, but there doesn't seem to be much of a public draw
AbbyRose Abbot: I agree
Rosie Gray: Coop, I think the sizes of the parcels are just how he has decided, and to give some variety
Rosie Gray: it's a lot like Monastery, without the Monastery, lol
Tor Karlsvalt: I agree, tho I love my AM for being a sleepy rural mountain world. Still I think we should mix it up a bit sometimes.
Rosie Gray agrees with Tor
Rosie Gray: it does make for a nice natural place for walking, biking etc.
AbbyRose Abbot: It's good to have public spaces to hang out and even have events
Rosie Gray: and even as a destination for your bikeride ;)
AbbyRose Abbot: yes and carriage :-)
AbbyRose Abbot: dead end streets concern me
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): will there be rez spots then?
Rosie Gray: I only see the one, Abby
anti Wirefly: we could have bike rentals
AbbyRose Abbot: one at the bottom to the turm and one at the top
Catz Jewell: sneaks out... take care all
Rosie Gray: bye Catz ?
anti Wirefly: later Catz
Tor Karlsvalt notes that he has a bike rezzer out on his Winery.
Rosie Gray: oh yes, you're right... two
Tor Karlsvalt agrees with anti tho too.
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): what if I want to use my own?
Rosie Gray: but the one at the bottom goes to 2 parcels
Rosie Gray: I guess it is the same as the rest of the sims now, Coop
anti Wirefly: easy to have a small spot by the rentals
Rosie Gray: what do you do now?
Tor Karlsvalt: I am guessing it should be ok. by the way ski trails might be good for mtn biking
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): I don't now, unless I ride from home
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: aren't lots of bikes attachments that you sit on?
Rosie Gray: or wear, rather
AbbyRose Abbot: I wear my bike and horse.
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): I have a real vehicle
Rosie Gray: I think that's why people have the ones you wear, mostly
Rosie Gray: because then you don't have to worry about it
Rosie Gray: it would be easy to set up a rez point though
Rosie Gray: in any of the sims
AbbyRose Abbot: This would need a rezz area to enjoy boating
Rosie Gray: and have a return on it after 1 minute
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): like why is there no rezpoint in the water?
Rosie Gray: I guess nobody ever asked for it before, Coop
RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone) asks :)
Rosie Gray: :)
Rosie Gray: any more thoughts about the 2 proposals?
Rosie Gray: are we ready to make a decision on which one to recommend?
anti Wirefly: I feel guilty that Timo is not here for input, but Daius' plan has me interested
anti Wirefly: Gaius*
Rosie Gray: you shouldn't feel guilty, anti ?
anti Wirefly: lol
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker) sits on his hands and starts playing his iPod...
Rosie Gray: I will remind everyone that we have a timeline, so we need to make a decision
Rosie Gray: we are already delayed with it
Rosie Gray:
Rosie Gray: here is the timeline
Rosie Gray: we are a week behind schedule
AbbyRose Abbot: I like Gaius plan because of the public spaces.
Rosie Gray: I like the idea of the Steinbrucke
Rosie Gray: and the Turm
Rosie Gray: but I agree, that there seems to be more to 'do' in Gaius plan, and I like that
AbbyRose Abbot: nods
anti Wirefly: I move we accept Gaius' plan
AbbyRose Abbot: I second it.
Rosie Gray: okay, let's vote
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Shep (Shep Titian): You don't think we should give Timo the opportunity to speak to his plan?
Rosie Gray: he still has the opportunity at RA
Rosie Gray: but we are already past our timeline and need to keep going
Rosie Gray: from here, it is a recommendation to RA, and they make the final decision
anti Wirefly: I will state that I had favored this one all along
Rosie Gray: so noted
Shep (Shep Titian): Well I'm not voting
Rosie Gray: personally, I would like either of them, I think
anti Wirefly: yes
Rosie Gray: okay, motion passes
Rosie Gray: so now this recommendation will go to the RA for their next meeting
Rosie Gray: whew
Rosie Gray: okay
Rosie Gray looks at the rest of the Agenda, and the time
Rosie Gray: I move that we table the rest of the items, for our next meeting
anti Wirefly: second
Rosie Gray: vote
anti Wirefly: we did get the time sensitive things done
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray nods and smiles
Rosie Gray: aye
Rosie Gray: Shep?
Rosie Gray: well in any case, it passes
Rosie Gray: next meeting
Rosie Gray: should we set a time now, or should I 'Doodle' it?
anti Wirefly: This is a good time for me
Shep (Shep Titian): Aye to the tabling
Rosie Gray: thanks
Rosie Gray: it is for me too
AbbyRose Abbot: This is a good time for me also
Rosie Gray: is it a good time for you Shep?
Shep (Shep Titian): Yes I think so LOL
Rosie Gray: :D
anti Wirefly: I think Timo said it would usually work for him.
Rosie Gray: Em and Timo both said they could be here, but seems they couldn't in the end :(
Rosie Gray: does anyone know if there is an RA or SC meeting scheduled for next Sunday?
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): None yet
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): For the RA
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): I'm going to go, folks!
Gaius Tiberius Curio (Guillaume Mistwalker): Bye!
Rosie Gray: okay, well let's call our next meeting as Sunday, Feb 8, 8:30 am SLT
AbbyRose Abbot: TC Gaius
anti Wirefly: have a good one Gaius
Rosie Gray: bye Gaius
Lilith Ivory: bey all, I need to run too
Rosie Gray: bye Lilith
anti Wirefly: later ;)
AbbyRose Abbot: TC Lilith
Rosie Gray: Motion to adjourn?
anti Wirefly: I so move
Shep (Shep Titian): Second
AbbyRose Abbot: I motion to adjourn this meeting
Rosie Gray: aye
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Shep (Shep Titian): aye
Rosie Gray: yay!
Rosie Gray: thanks eveyrone
Rosie Gray: everyone*
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