Procedures to Update and Revise the CDS General Master Plan

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Procedures to Update and Revise the CDS General Master Plan

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Procedures to Update and Revise the CDS General Master Plan (GMP)
(Adopted by the Land Use Commission, February 1, 2015)

1) Review the current version of the GMP, dated 2008

2) Discuss within the LUC group members the overall purpose of the GMP, and field ideas as to what the major flaws are in the plan as it is currently.

3) Cluster Groups:
Decide on what should be changed from existing cluster groups

4) Brainstorm ideas within the LUC group for adjustments to:
cluster groups
localized themes
general topography

5) Assign members to draw various versions (if there is more than one version championed) of cluster groups onto a grid for display to the public. More than one vision of expansion clusters can be put on display for citizens to vote on. Cluster groups should have regions numbered so that it is easy to reference them.

6) Assign members who wish to champion localized themes to write descriptions of the vision; use images where possible. Describe general topography and state which cluster and region or regions for the theme.*

7) After cluster groups and themes are ready, display them to the public and request feedback from citizens. Make adjustments based on feedback if necessary (i.e. if many people are making similar comments).

8) Present to the Chancellor’s office for endorsement, then to the RA to adopt as the official plan.

*Keep in mind that the GMP should be a general guide to expansion and is not meant to be focused on region specifics beyond the general theme and topography. For example, a cluster could be described as “North-African Mediterranean, blending with the Colonia Nova region’s topography that it borders on”. Imagery is useful to convey general thematic ideas.
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