LUC Meeting Minutes Feb. 2, 2015

Announcements and transcripts of the Land Use Commission

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LUC Meeting Minutes Feb. 2, 2015

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Meeting of the CDS Land-Use Commission

Garden Room (lower level) of the Praetorium CN

Sunday, February 1, 2015, 8:30 am SLT

Rosie Gray, anti Wirefly, AbbyRose Abbot, Shep Titian

Rosie calls the meeting to order at 8:44 am.

  • 1. Review and approve Minutes of previous 2 meetings

AbbyRose moves to accept the minutes, anti seconds, and the motion passes.

  • 2. Approve Agenda

anti moves to approve the agenda as proposed by Rosie, Abby seconds, and the motion carries.

  • 3. General Master Plan Procedures document ... sp=sharing
anti moves to adopt the Procedures to Update and Revise the CDS General Master Plan (GMP) as presented, Abby seconds, the motion carries.

  • 4. Review Proposals for NFS W development

2 proposals were discussed, one at the second at

anti moves that the proposal submitted by Gaius be recommended to the RA. Anny seconds and the motion passes.

  • 5. Review Procedures for building inspections document ... 8LHzM/edit
This was tabled for the next meeting, set for Sunday, Feb 8, 8:30 am SLT.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:44 SLT.

Respectfully submitted,

anti Wirefly
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