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LUC Transcript Feburary 08, 2015

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Rosie Gray: so let's see what we need to look at today
Rosie Gray: I didn't get time to make an Agenda
Rosie Gray: so will make it now
anti Wirefly: I only know a couple things
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: first, approve the last meeting Minutes
Rosie Gray: then approve the Agenda
Rosie Gray: look at our tabled items
anti Wirefly: hi Delia
Rosie Gray: 5. Review Procedures for building inspections document ... 8LHzM/edit
This was tabled for the next meeting, set for Sunday, Feb 8, 8:30 am SLT.
AbbyRose Abbot: Hi Delia
Rosie Gray: hi Delia
Rosie Gray: come join us
Rosie Gray: we aren't exactly flush with members showing up
Delia Lake: HI. I'm here but not completely. dealing with rl snow at the same time
anti Wirefly: bummer
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: you must have all our snow because it's really mild here
anti Wirefly: here too
Rosie Gray: Commission for LUC Advice: Renovation of public infrastructure
Rosie Gray: that is from Pat
AbbyRose Abbot: we have much snow
Delia Lake: in the 20's F and going down. expecting 18" more snow this week
Rosie Gray: oh jeez
Delia Lake: you must also, Abby
anti Wirefly: ouch
Delia Lake: that's MORE snow
AbbyRose Abbot: yes, and it's very windy here as well
Rosie Gray: and here our ski mountains are bare
anti Wirefly: we have snow on the ski slopes but my window is open right now
AbbyRose Abbot: anti, what state are you in?
anti Wirefly: nortwest North Carolina
anti Wirefly: we get weather like Michigan
AbbyRose Abbot: I didn't realize that.
anti Wirefly: or used to lol
Rosie Gray: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=6391
Rosie Gray: shall we get started?
Delia Lake: I just read Pat's request
Delia Lake: posted in the forum
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: hmmm
Rosie Gray: we can't make any motions unless we have one more LUC member
Rosie Gray: we don't have a quorum
Rosie Gray: so we might as well talk about Pat's request
anti Wirefly: you have a link?
anti Wirefly: do I need to record this?
Rosie Gray: might as well
anti Wirefly: k
Rosie Gray: we can discuss this
Rosie Gray: can't vote on anything though
Delia Lake: yes even though there is not a quorum people should be able to read and comment
Rosie Gray: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6383
anti Wirefly: but no minutes lol
Rosie Gray: right... just the transcript I guess
Rosie Gray: so Pat has requested that the LUC propose priorities for revitalization of the sims
anti Wirefly: o I did read this
Rosie Gray: okay good
Rosie Gray: Abby, we'll give you a minute to read it too
AbbyRose Abbot: yes, I read it
Rosie Gray: okay, so... comments?
Rosie Gray: I think it's a good idea, but we also have the GMP to start work on
Rosie Gray: what do you think, Abby?
Delia Lake: the GMP is important. and I really think that finishing/updating the fishing village and harbor in LA is important.
Rosie Gray: I agree Delia
Delia Lake: that the reason we have empty plots there is that it is incomplete
AbbyRose Abbot: Put them on the list first.
AbbyRose Abbot: I'm unsure what he is asking. Does he want us to walk around and suggest places to update?
Delia Lake: for the record, I would volunteer to fix up the landscaping and shoreline--with those colonnades removed
anti Wirefly: that's what it sounds like
Rosie Gray: Pat wants us to look at all the regions and make priorities and consult with all citizens
Rosie Gray: thanks Delia
Rosie Gray: yes that's what he wants Abby
Rosie Gray: he wants all the sims looked at and everything prioritized
Rosie Gray: and everything consulted with all the citizens
AbbyRose Abbot: yes, I unstand that part of it.
Delia Lake: the harbor/quay looks like a dead area now. before we had activities or the indication of activities there. the only really active place now is Abby's lovely store
Rosie Gray: and then he'll decide if he agrees or not
Rosie Gray: so, it would mean systematically listing all the areas of each sim and deciding on what should come first
AbbyRose Abbot: The whole sims seen like ghost towns lately.
AbbyRose Abbot: brb
anti Wirefly: I do not feel like I know enough about the situation to do much on my own
Rosie Gray: I feel that we should be concentrating on the GMP right now
Rosie Gray: and that although this is a good idea, it is a lot of work
anti Wirefly: indeed
Rosie Gray: and we don't have the volunteers to do it
Rosie Gray: I'd rather see us concentrate on just finishing up LA properly, as Delia says
AbbyRose Abbot: I agree with that.
anti Wirefly: we can do anything, but not all at once
Rosie Gray: indeed
AbbyRose Abbot: Sudane put steps down the roadway in Alpine.
anti Wirefly: and if there is nothing there, that should be fixed before we start replacing stuff
Rosie Gray: she's replaced all the roads in NFS, AM, and Monastery too I believe
Rosie Gray: they look WAY better
Delia Lake: yes. Sudane has been upgrading the roads
AbbyRose Abbot: We were riding bikes yesterday and discovered them
Rosie Gray: I guess you have to go around them on bikes
Delia Lake: riding the bikes is fun!
AbbyRose Abbot: No. The bikes went up them.
AbbyRose Abbot: I am hoping the floats for RFL will go down them :-)
AbbyRose Abbot: They should.
Rosie Gray: oh they did?
AbbyRose Abbot: yes.
Rosie Gray: that's interesting!
Rosie Gray: glad to hear it
AbbyRose Abbot: Perhaps they are mesh?
Delia Lake: oh, regarding floats. as an aside, you gave me a float in inventory that I can use, but the one that was put on my land is no mod so I can't use it.
Rosie Gray: they are
Rosie Gray: oh good there is Em
AbbyRose Abbot: You have one in inventory? They should be full perm.
Rosie Gray: now we will have a quorum
AbbyRose Abbot: Catz was suppose to send them out in a notice.
Delia Lake: regarding the GMP and the finishing/fixing of LA. I do think these 2 can be done simultaneously. because the same skills are not required, and the time commitment for some of the fix to dos is flexible and not so much
anti Wirefly: thank you Abby
Rosie Gray: I agree Delia
Rosie Gray: but also doing all of this research and consultation is another matter
Delia Lake: so regarding LA. this sim should be a draw for citizens and visitors
Rosie Gray: yes
Rosie Gray: the fishing village should look like a fishing village
Delia Lake: yes
Rosie Gray: get rid of those collonades
AbbyRose Abbot: It should. It is a lot of fun down there when people are around.
Rosie Gray: make a proper shoreline and have some fishing gear
Delia Lake: to underscore that point. we did have ISTE (education) group people visit NFS this week
Rosie Gray: and fix up those really awful textures on the roads that Bags did
Rosie Gray: and make some nice welcoming areas for people
Rosie Gray: what else?
anti Wirefly: one thing I have always wondered about all the sims
Delia Lake: the about 12 people who walked around loved NFS. Abby was there and so was Catz and Lil
Delia Lake: they found the build to be very interesting and beautiful
anti Wirefly: why is the music not consistent on the roads?
AbbyRose Abbot: Yes, we popped in not knowing they were there
Delia Lake: LA should be too. it has most of the components but isn't finished
AbbyRose Abbot: That blue house near the bridge needs the textures fixed.
AbbyRose Abbot: They flutter.
Rosie Gray: which ones are they?
Delia Lake: is that one of Bags'?
AbbyRose Abbot: I belive it is. It is the first place near the bridge.
Rosie Gray: no that one is gone
Delia Lake: it might have been put back
AbbyRose Abbot: You will notice the flutter while walking over the bridge.
Rosie Gray: Cadence's house that I meshed is there now
Rosie Gray: it's a pinky colour
AbbyRose Abbot: This one is at the end of the fishing village
AbbyRose Abbot: Did I not notice a new one?
Rosie Gray: the only blue one I can see is behind Ariel's house
AbbyRose Abbot: Cadence's house is next to Molly's?
Rosie Gray: no
Rosie Gray: across from it
AbbyRose Abbot: has been replaced. Great
AbbyRose Abbot: that's much better
Rosie Gray: :)
AbbyRose Abbot: I need someone to terraform at the Vineyard.
Rosie Gray: but the big round piece just in front of that house... where the bridge meets it
Delia Lake: yes. I can probably make a list of some of the details. I do walk through there sometimes
AbbyRose Abbot: and I need both places inspected.
Rosie Gray: it is just awful
Rosie Gray: oh we did inspect them Abby
AbbyRose Abbot: Will the Quay be revamped too?
Rosie Gray: gave the thumbs up to Pat
Delia Lake: where is your vineyard, Abby?
Rosie Gray: hi Em
anti Wirefly: howdy Em :)
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Hello everybody
AbbyRose Abbot: I put it behind the Lighthouse at the end of the, across from the beach
Delia Lake: hi Em
Delia Lake: ah ok
AbbyRose Abbot: Hi Em
Delia Lake: the quay right now, imo, looks foreboding not inviting
AbbyRose Abbot: It does. It's not so inviting for a shop.
Delia Lake: not at all. and that should be fixed/changed asap imo
Rosie Gray: Em we are talking about LA
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Yes
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): TY
Rosie Gray: and also talking about Pat's request to the LUC
Rosie Gray: ... 736df9e94a
AbbyRose Abbot: You all iknow I love LA. I want to see it full again.
Delia Lake: me too, Abby
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Once there was a café at the end of the kay
Rosie Gray: me too
AbbyRose Abbot: yes! When we were new here, we'd go sit there and chat
Rosie Gray: it was very nice
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): :)
Delia Lake: yes, and JD had put out a public sailboat which was fun--of course now the river is frozen
Rosie Gray: Cadence made that cafe
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Ah
Rosie Gray: Bags got rid of it
AbbyRose Abbot: There was artwork displayed there.
Delia Lake: yes. it was very ince
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): In a rather unsiphistic way thou
AbbyRose Abbot: It was a nice place to gather.
Delia Lake: it was high prim. maybe we could have a low prim cafe area though
Rosie Gray: but before that is done, the infrastructure should be fixed
Rosie Gray: hi Tor ?
AbbyRose Abbot: Hi Tor
Rosie Gray: nice to see you
anti Wirefly: howdy Tor
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Hello Tor
Delia Lake: I agree, Rosie
Tor Karlsvalt: Hi everyone.
Rosie Gray: well, now that we have a quorum, with Em here
Rosie Gray: we can go back to our Agenda and make some motions
Rosie Gray: can we have a motion to approve the previous meeting minutes?
Delia Lake: including some of the foundations for the houses in the fishing village. Bags raised the houses in order to put out her colonnades and the foundations are faced with huge granite slabs not with small stones that would be appropriate
anti Wirefly: I so move
Rosie Gray: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=6391
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Aye
AbbyRose Abbot: I second it
Rosie Gray: vote
Rosie Gray: aye
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Aye again:)
Rosie Gray: :)
Rosie Gray: and the Agenda for today that I didn't prepare in advance:
document ... 8LHzM/edit
This was tabled for the next meeting, set for Sunday, Feb 8, 8:30 am SLT.
Rosie Gray: and
Rosie Gray: Commission for LUC Advice: Renovation of public infrastructure
Rosie Gray: from Pat
Rosie Gray: and the GMP
Rosie Gray: is there anything else from anyone?
anti Wirefly: I move we accept this agenda
Rosie Gray: if not, can we have a motion to approve the Agenda?
Rosie Gray: thanks anti
Rosie Gray: second?
AbbyRose Abbot: I can not open that link
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I second
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Rosie Gray: you have to be logged into the forums, Abby
Rosie Gray: vote
Rosie Gray: aye
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: for the record, Pat emailed the Renovation of public infrastructure to everyone on the LUC, + Tor
Rosie Gray: as well as posting it on the forum
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): So there is no escape then...
Tor Karlsvalt nods
Rosie Gray: lol
Rosie Gray: well, actually we were discussing its feasibility before you got here Em
Rosie Gray: I feel that we have a lot on our plate, for a small group
Rosie Gray: we need to concentrate on the GMP
Rosie Gray: we are doing building inspections as they come up
Rosie Gray: this group seems to agree that finishing LA should be the priority right now, for public infrastructure
Tor Karlsvalt raises hand.
Rosie Gray: jump in Tor
Rosie Gray: :)
Tor Karlsvalt: Just thinking that small improvements might be suggested. People with not much to do and some expertice might be willing to update some things at least temporarily.
Tor Karlsvalt: For example these arches here.
Tor Karlsvalt: done
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): The Thermae is a hugh task. I may have to wait for a bit
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): It *
Rosie Gray: that is what Pat wants us to do... is review all of the sims and make suggestions like that for all of themn
Tor Karlsvalt nods re the Thermae
Rosie Gray: and survey all the citizens to see if they agree
Delia Lake: the Thermae is very much in need of updating but I agree. it needs a design that someone or a group that wants to take it on. not as much a priority as LA and the GMP unless a group wants to propose a design, bet it passed and do it
Delia Lake: same here with the praetorium
Rosie Gray: there are so many areas that need to be updated
Rosie Gray: the information building on the platz in NFS is another one
AbbyRose Abbot: I think the areas should be completed one sim at a time.
Rosie Gray: we can't do anything if we get mired down in thinking about all of it at the same time
Tor Karlsvalt nods yes, the infocenter is in need of attention.
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): WE need a plan
Rosie Gray: so, what does this group think then, about the idea of suggesting to the Chancellor that LA be finished first
AbbyRose Abbot: I agree. Then, move on to CN.
Delia Lake: yes LA first
Tor Karlsvalt: I would agree. It would be nice to have that finalized in such a manner so that LA ceases to become some sort of a football.
Rosie Gray: prioritize the sims, then
AbbyRose Abbot: yes
Rosie Gray: rather than try to tackle everything at once
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I agree that LA is priority one
Rosie Gray: I think that is more manageable
AbbyRose Abbot: brb
Tor Karlsvalt: hb, Abby
Rosie Gray sighs
Rosie Gray: well at least we have accomplished choosing a proposal for NFS W
Rosie Gray: just waiting for the RA to meet on that now
Delia Lake: btw, it makes no sense to me to move ahead with a new sim without at the same time fixing glaring problems like the LA fishing village/quay. this is a both/and not an either/or to me
Tor Karlsvalt sees no problem there.
Rosie Gray: I completely agree Delia
Rosie Gray: but I think also that people need to be given a bit of autonomy to start doing things
Rosie Gray: if we spend all our time consulting, there is no time to do anything
Tor Karlsvalt: I do think tho we should try to bring a new sim online before June, do you think that would be possible?
Rosie Gray: and we will never get to it
Rosie Gray: well there is a timeline that Timo made
Rosie Gray: and the LUC has kept to it
Rosie Gray: but now we wait for the RA
Tor Karlsvalt: I think the RA will meet Tuesday.
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): WIll it be on the agenda for the next RA meeting, do you think?
Rosie Gray: I sure hope it is
Rosie Gray:
Rosie Gray: there is the timeline
Tor Karlsvalt: The timeline was approved I believe.
Rosie Gray: according to that, we should be bringing the sim online this week
Rosie Gray: lol
Rosie Gray: guess that is missed
Tor Karlsvalt: I am just thinking that ideally we can offer new parcels before summer.
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): We will haveto work overtime...
Tor Karlsvalt: Well I can look again. I admit I have been really distracted lately.

Rosie Gray: yes
Tor Karlsvalt: Hello Catz
AbbyRose Abbot: Hi Catz
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Hi Catz
Rosie Gray: hi Catz
Catz Jewell: Hello all
Rosie Gray: so, to bring us back to the Agenda
Tor Karlsvalt: Thankfully I have a nice long holiday coming up next week.
Rosie Gray: 5. Review Procedures for building inspections document ... 8LHzM/edit
Rosie Gray: ... sp=sharing
Rosie Gray: sorry, use that link
AbbyRose Abbot: That one works :-)
Rosie Gray: this document was approved by the LUC 2 months ago, but the Chancellor didn't agree so it's been revised
Rosie Gray: now we need to approve it again
Rosie Gray gives time for everyone to read it again
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Is the Chancellor satisfied with it this time?
Rosie Gray: he said he was going to review it again, but that was some time ago
Rosie Gray: I have not heard since
Rosie Gray: but everything that he wanted changed, was changed to what he wanted
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I have a feeling he won't like the addition about LUC inspectors having the right to initiate an inspection
Rosie Gray: hmmm, that's right, that was added
Tor Karlsvalt nods and wonders the same as Em.
Rosie Gray: well, he needs to look again
Rosie Gray: what about the rest of it?
Rosie Gray: Catz... you don't need to sit over there.. come sit with us
Rosie Gray: ?
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): It is a good document in my opinion
Rosie Gray: it's an intimate group ;)
Catz Jewell: lol, ok Rosie
Rosie Gray: any other comments about the document?
AbbyRose Abbot: I think it's a good proceedure.
Tor Karlsvalt: It seems to me that the LUC should be able to initiate an inspection, but should notify the Chancellor when doing so.
Delia Lake: if the LUC initiates inspection, they should also notify the Chancellor that they are doing that, not wait until the inspection is done
anti Wirefly: I move we accept the procedure
Delia Lake: lol Tor
Catz Jewell: In RL, there are building Inspectors.
Catz Jewell: why not here
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: okay, well here's a question
Tor Karlsvalt: hehe, Delia, great minds.
Rosie Gray: let's say that the LUC notices a building that appears to not meet covenants
Rosie Gray: and hasnt' received a request for inspection
Rosie Gray: someone has to notify the Chancellor that they want to do an inspection, and then wait until the Chancellor says yes to go ahead?
Rosie Gray: that seems bulky to me
Delia Lake: I'm not saying wait, I'm saying notify
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Or we could politely ask the Chancellor to ask us to inspect it
Rosie Gray: given the fact that the inspectors do not talk to the building owner about it at all
Delia Lake: so that the Chancellor knows
Tor Karlsvalt: I think it is mostly a matter of protocol and that the Chancellor should not be blindsided.
anti Wirefly: it all goes through the Chancellor anyway
Rosie Gray: right, but the Chancellor would immediately receive a notecard about the results of the inspection
Rosie Gray: exactly, anti
Rosie Gray: seems like a needless step to me
Rosie Gray: because if the Chancellor doesn't agree with the assessment, he will ignore it anyway
Delia Lake: exactly, Tor. yes but the Chancellor should know before/when it's starting not after
Rosie Gray: and nobody else can say anything
anti Wirefly: yes definitely notigy
Tor Karlsvalt: Yes, but perhaps the Chancellor has been in communication with the person over his building. In such a cases we might cause some drama to flare up.
Rosie Gray: how would lthat happen, if nobody is allowed to talk to the building owner anyway?
Rosie Gray: they wouldn't even know that their building is being inspected
anti Wirefly: anybody can look at a building
Rosie Gray: I can imagine seeing a building that I think needs to be inspected
Delia Lake: it's only writing a short nc to the Chancellor saying this wis what we found and what we're doing. will give you a report shortly
Rosie Gray: sending the Chancellor a notecard to say, the LUC is initiating an inspection
Rosie Gray: doing the inspection, and 15 minutes later sending him another notecard with the results of the inspection
Delia Lake: that might be the case sometimes
anti Wirefly: I can't see a problem with it
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): And then he can decide if he will act upon it or not
Rosie Gray: most of the time, we will receive a request from the Chancellor to do aqn inspection
Tor Karlsvalt: Ok, but then I suggest that the inspection be delayed for at least 48 hours in order to hear a response from the Chancellor.
Rosie Gray: why?
Tor Karlsvalt: It could be that the Chancelor has already suggested modifications.
Rosie Gray: but the notecard doesn't go to the owner
Rosie Gray: it only goes to the Chancellor
Rosie Gray: who is free to ignore it if he wants to
Delia Lake: I don't think there needs to be a delay. the Chancellor doesn't have to agree with the inspection but shouldn't prevent the inspection from taking place, not ever
Rosie Gray: it's just adding another bureucratic procedure
Rosie Gray: and we are already swamped with bureaucracy
Delia Lake: we would have big problems if a chancellor ever would say we are not going to inspect this new build at all
Rosie Gray: I'm trying to streamline things, ate least a bit
Tor Karlsvalt: I agree he should not prevent the inspection. But I am thinking he might have info about the issue that could be pertinent.
AbbyRose Abbot: nods. I agree with Rosie on this. The parcel owner wouldn't even know until contacted by the Chancelor afterwards.
Rosie Gray: exactly
Rosie Gray: I'm worried that we make everything so cumbersome to accomplish, that nobody wants to do anything
and are initiating an inspection. We will send you our report shortly." it's as simple as that
AbbyRose Abbot: and sometimes, Chancellors go on vacation...why would we have to wait for a week or two?
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: I can't imagine we would bother to initiate an inspection, unless we've already noticed that a building seems to be out of covenant
Rosie Gray: it is just adding more work to what is already a busy group
anti Wirefly: a citizen can always request our input on a build right?
Tor Karlsvalt: seems that would be a good idea.
Rosie Gray: yes
Rosie Gray: it is in point number 1
anti Wirefly: so it is
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): THe only case where a problem would occur is if LUC inspects, sends the result to the CHancellor, but he doesn't agree with the LUC's opinion
Rosie Gray nods
Tor Karlsvalt: I remember when I first came to CDS I was given a list of builders who might help me or could be contacted for building a house.
Rosie Gray: and then he would ignore it
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Exactly
anti Wirefly: but, if the citizen requests advice, it still goes through the Chancellor?
Tor Karlsvalt: I would think ignoring a reasonable report would have political repercussions.
Rosie Gray: that's another debate, Tor ;)
Rosie Gray: the Chancellor has specifically forbidden the LUC to give advice to people
Rosie Gray: of course, a citizen can always ask the guild for advice
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Are those builders still around, Tor?
anti Wirefly: yes good
Tor Karlsvalt: No, Em I don't think most are.
Rosie Gray: are we ready to vote on this procedural document, or make a change to it?
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I am ready to vote, and then wait for theCHancellor's response, again
anti Wirefly: I move we accept the document
AbbyRose Abbot: I second it
Rosie Gray: vote
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
Rosie Gray: whew, one down
Rosie Gray: lol, thanks
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden) smiles
Rosie Gray: now, the GMP
Rosie Gray: ... sp=sharing
Rosie Gray: we have already voted to accept these procedures
anti Wirefly: did it change again too?
Rosie Gray: so now, it comes down to doing them!
Rosie Gray: no, it's not changed anti
Rosie Gray: so we have the current version of the GMP, from 2008 on the wall here
Rosie Gray: is everyone familiar with it?
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): So-so
anti Wirefly: vaguely lol
Rosie Gray: hehe
Rosie Gray: can you zoom in with your cameras now, and look at them?
Rosie Gray: let's look at Map 03
Rosie Gray: it shows the cluster groups
Rosie Gray: does everyone understand the purpose of the GMP?
anti Wirefly: an expansion plan?
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I belive so
AbbyRose Abbot: I think so
Rosie Gray nods at anti
Rosie Gray: would anyone like to start with what they think are the problems with the current plan?
AbbyRose Abbot: It is not allowing for new themes
anti Wirefly: I have heard it is not market driven
Rosie Gray: hmmm... well I think the light blue areas are meant to allow for new themes
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): The ones with only a number?
Rosie Gray: yes
AbbyRose Abbot: ok
Rosie Gray: there is a huge Roman cluser
Rosie Gray: cluster*
Rosie Gray: I think that is what you are alluding to, anti
anti Wirefly: yes
Rosie Gray: as not being market driven?
anti Wirefly: Roman does not sell well
Rosie Gray: no it doesn't
Tor Karlsvalt nods, and done better by some other sims.
Rosie Gray: right
Delia Lake: to start, the map doesn't have on it all the regions we currently have
Rosie Gray: also, personally I think that ancient roman is not very suitable for non-role playing
Rosie Gray nods at Delia
AbbyRose Abbot: I agree with you Rosie
Rosie Gray: or reflect the Tuscan theme
Rosie Gray: or reflect the Tuscan theme
Delia Lake: so first would be to fix it to reflect what the CDS is now
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: also, I think that it is VERY ambitious to think that we would expand to so many regions
Rosie Gray: I'd like to see it made a bit more realistic
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I think the main problem with the roman theme is the wide open houses with zero comfort :)
anti Wirefly: we have a little more history to go on now
Delia Lake: yes, this was done when sl was on a fast expansion track before the financial meltdown in rl
Rosie Gray: right
Rosie Gray: and before all the other options for VR were available to people
Tor Karlsvalt nods, we should plan to have the land mass terminate at the see, say within at least two regions from NFS/AM.
Tor Karlsvalt: sea*
Rosie Gray: I like that Tor
Delia Lake: 2nd for me is to have a GMP that develops out a coherent community
Rosie Gray: can you expand on that idea, Delia?
Delia Lake: yes. let's use the most recent and rejected Dougga region as an example. it was not only Roman but did not complement the CN region that is already there, not in terms of location or use for the community. with the proposed NFS new region we need to look at the flow in terms of infrastructure and potential community use and new potential
Tor Karlsvalt nods, in my opinion one thing wrong with dougga was that it was too urban and too close to the CN City.
Delia Lake: so for instance, who do we want to attract--citizens, businesses, education, entertainment--and we need to encourage use by current citizens but also attend to what would add citizens that would contribute and augment what we already have
Rosie Gray: :)
Rosie Gray: all points I think that have been considered for NFS W
AbbyRose Abbot: nods
Tor Karlsvalt: Perhaps the GMP, might offer some general guideline for each potential region. For example, Mediterranean, Rural, or Med. Urban.
Delia Lake: imo we have not done enough ever to encourage and support businesses in the cds
Rosie Gray: I'd agree with that Delia
Rosie Gray: or attract new businesses that might fit in well
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden) nods
Delia Lake: yes
Rosie Gray: I like your suggestion too, Tor
Rosie Gray: re adding the 'rural', or 'urban' designation
Rosie Gray: to ensure we get a balance
Tor Karlsvalt: Thanks, I think if the current GMP had such criteria, the plan of Dougga could have been controlled more.
Rosie Gray: although we'd still have another unwanted roman theme
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Right
Tor Karlsvalt: Leaving the criteria way too general leads to loss of control by the CDS.
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: so that's another good point to keep in mind
AbbyRose Abbot: It does.
Rosie Gray: that there is still the provision for a private person to add a sim
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I agree completely
Rosie Gray: that's one reason that the GMP is so important
Rosie Gray: are we ready to break into some workgroups on this, perhaps?
Rosie Gray: is anyone interested in creating some draft ideas to change the GMP?
Tor Karlsvalt: one more thing, perhaps we need an updated map of our neighbors. I see some significant changes.
Rosie Gray: do you think they affect the CDS much, Tor?
Tor Karlsvalt: The Mind sims seem to be staking out more territory on the grid.
Delia Lake: I agree, Tor. there are fewer and different neighbors now
Tor Karlsvalt: Well not yet, but it could.
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: I need to leave shortly
anti Wirefly: yes me too
Tor Karlsvalt: I should probably as well, The Chicago Museums are free this month and I thought I would go to the Aquarium.
Rosie Gray: is anyone interested in working in small groups to draw up some ideas for the GMP?
anti Wirefly: I am here most mornings at least by 4 am if anybody wants to kick some ideas around
Rosie Gray: it would be nice if we could get 2 or 3 different ideas to compare
anti Wirefly: sometimes earlier than that lol
Rosie Gray: bit early for me, anti ;)
Tor Karlsvalt: I could try to make a map. Tho I wish I know how these maps were made.
Rosie Gray: Tor, do you want some help with that? I'd be willing to work with you
Tor Karlsvalt: ok
Rosie Gray: anyone else?
AbbyRose Abbot: I need to be with someone that knows what they are doing.
anti Wirefly: that's what I was thinking
AbbyRose Abbot: I will work with anyone.
Rosie Gray: well, how about we do this by googledoc
AbbyRose Abbot: *hugs* anti
Rosie Gray: how about Tor and I do an initial, general kind of draft
Rosie Gray: and share it with everyone here?
Tor Karlsvalt: ok
AbbyRose Abbot: That sounds good to me.
Rosie Gray: and people can make comments and suggestions
anti Wirefly: or create an alternate :)
Rosie Gray: right
Rosie Gray: right
Rosie Gray: it's all blue-skying right now :)
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): That is always the easiest critisize what others have done :)))
Rosie Gray: hahah, very true Em
Tor Karlsvalt: We can make a plan for grid domination. Or is this the wrong game for that?
Rosie Gray: hehehe
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): ROFL
Rosie Gray: okay, well if that works for everyone, perhaps we can have a motion to it
anti Wirefly: I move that Tor and Rosie knock out a draft
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I move that we gratefully accept Rosie's and Tor's offwer
Rosie Gray: ;)
anti Wirefly: I second Em's lol
Rosie Gray: okay, vote
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): aye
Rosie Gray: Catz and Delia, are you both interested to be a part of the process?
Catz Jewell: wel right now, it would depend on how much participation is needed. I am extremely busy with the Realy Team right now.
Catz Jewell: realy
Catz Jewell: relay
Rosie Gray: I think it would be a matter of including you in on the google-doc
Rosie Gray: so you can comment
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): :)
Catz Jewell: sure, its fine then.
Rosie Gray: will need your email address for that, please
Catz Jewell: sure, I will get thst to you
Rosie Gray: okay, thanks :)
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Sorry folks, I have to walk my dog
Rosie Gray: I have to go too
Tor Karlsvalt: bye Em
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Thank you all for a very constructive meeting
Rosie Gray: can we vote to adjourn?
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Aye
anti Wirefly: I move we table the Chancellor's latest request until we can draft a counter, perhaps moving one sim at a time
Rosie Gray: aye
anti Wirefly: aye lol
Rosie Gray: oh thanks anti!
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): BYe bye
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Rosie Gray: hmmm, too bad we couldn't vote before she left
anti Wirefly: I guess it happened then lol
Rosie Gray: yes
Rosie Gray: lol
AbbyRose Abbot: lol
Tor Karlsvalt: haha
Rosie Gray: for the record, I would assume that Delia would like to be a part of the GMP doc too
Tor Karlsvalt: Adjournment is my favorite vote.
Rosie Gray: I think she must be afk
Rosie Gray: :)
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