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General Master Plan (GMP) update

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The LUC was tasked with updating the General Master Plan. We have been working on it, and have arrived at a point to put it out to the citizens for comments.

Link to the Procedures to Update and Revise the CDS General Master Plan (GMP): ... sp=sharing


General Master Plan (2015) Notes:
(link to original document: ... sp=sharing)
This plan was worked on by the Land Use Commissionaires, Rosie Gray, Timo Gufler, Em Warden, and has been reviewed by the rest of the LUC team.

Once this document is agreed upon by all LUC members, it will complete stage 5 of the Procedures to Update and Revise the CDS General Master Plan (GMP). We will then move on to stage 6 of the plan. (this is done).

Cluster Groups:
The 2015 recommended cluster groups have made some significant changes from the previous (2008) version.

- reduced the number of regions planned as being more realistic to accomplish
- removed the ‘ancient Roman’ theme entirely, except for the existing region of Colonia Nova

The GMP now shows a maximum of 23 regions that would complete a landmass that brought the terrain down to LL sea level, and would make the entire landmass circumnavigable. The challenge was to provide a minimal landmass necessary to bring the height down in a manner that would allow for naturalistic terrascaping and blending with the existing regions.

General cluster themes:
1. Middle European; 5 regions (includes the Neufreistadt, Monastery, Alpine Meadows, & planned Friedsee regions)
2. Northern European; 6 regions
3. Eastern European; 2 regions
4. South-Eastern European; 1 region
5. Mediterranean; 6 regions (includes the Locus Amoenus & Colonia Nova* regions)
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