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Transcript of LUC Meeting of 19 August 2015

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The following is a transcript of the LUC meeting held Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at the Colonia Nova Theater. The meeting ran from about 10:50 AM SLT until 11:55 AM SLT.

Delia Lake, Cadence Teas, Em Warden, Mizou Vavoom and Tor Karlsvalt were present.


The LUC elected Delia Lake as Chair and Tor Karlsvalt as Secretary.

The LUC accepted the modified plan proposal drafted by Delia Lake. This proposal addresses the problems recently discovered during the building of the new Friedsee(FS)region and offers considerable documentation in the form of pictures of real live topography and an elevation map. Delia will prepare an inworld draft of the Friedsee Plan for the Chancellor with the intention at he submit it to the RA for final discussion and approval.

The LUC discussed the Chancellor’s concern that covenants not adhered to. It was decided that members of the LUC would each have one region to investigate and report findings back to the LUC at the next meeting. The Chair will refer any recommendations to the Chancellor.

There was also a short discussion on other important projects. Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker) and Mizou are building a new Thermae. Rosie Gray is building a new Praetorium. Much of both structures will eventually be meshed. Mizou reported that the Thermae will take some time and will not likely be ready before the end of the term.


[2015/08/19 10:52:10] Cadence Theas: Delia, do you want to be the de facto chair for today?
[2015/08/19 10:52:16] Cadence Theas: until we select one
[2015/08/19 10:52:22] Delia Lake: NFS though is still here! and yes we need to transcript this meeting. will everyone agree to be recorded today?
[2015/08/19 10:52:32] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I do
[2015/08/19 10:52:35] Cadence Theas: yes
[2015/08/19 10:52:37] Tor Karlsvalt: yes, of course
[2015/08/19 10:52:37] Delia Lake: I can do that for today
[2015/08/19 10:52:51] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Thank you
[2015/08/19 10:53:02] Mizou Vavoom: yes i do agree to be recorded
[2015/08/19 10:53:07] Delia Lake: or perhaps we should elect a chair and secretary first thing
[2015/08/19 10:53:37] Cadence Theas: that probably makes the most sense
[2015/08/19 10:53:49] Tor Karlsvalt: /me nods
[2015/08/19 10:53:50] Delia Lake: yes
[2015/08/19 10:53:55] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): And it will be in the transcripts...
[2015/08/19 10:54:03] Mizou Vavoom: ok
[2015/08/19 10:54:18] Delia Lake: nominations for chair?
[2015/08/19 10:54:27] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Delia Lake
[2015/08/19 10:54:29] Cadence Theas: I nominate Tor
[2015/08/19 10:54:33] Mizou Vavoom: Delia
[2015/08/19 10:55:00] Tor Karlsvalt: two for Delia, I think she would be wonderful.
[2015/08/19 10:55:16] Cadence Theas: ok, I retract my nomination
[2015/08/19 10:55:31] Mizou Vavoom: Congrats Delia!
[2015/08/19 10:55:39] Delia Lake: ty :)
[2015/08/19 10:55:43] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Do you accept, Delia?
[2015/08/19 10:55:50] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Oh- great :)
[2015/08/19 10:55:57] Delia Lake: yes I accept for this term
[2015/08/19 10:56:01] Tor Karlsvalt: yup congrats. I think you understand the issue very well too.
[2015/08/19 10:56:04] Cadence Theas: great!!
[2015/08/19 10:56:32] Tor Karlsvalt: If you like I can do the transcript as you are the chair.
[2015/08/19 10:56:34] Delia Lake: do we have nominations for LUC Secretary?
[2015/08/19 10:56:44] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Tor Karlsvalt
[2015/08/19 10:56:48] Delia Lake: or volunteers?
[2015/08/19 10:56:53] Cadence Theas: Tor
[2015/08/19 10:56:56] Cadence Theas: and I can help
[2015/08/19 10:57:00] Mizou Vavoom: I nominate Tor
[2015/08/19 10:57:18] Tor Karlsvalt: hehe, ok. But I would enjoy the help if RL gets in the way.
[2015/08/19 10:57:29] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Of course :)
[2015/08/19 10:57:37] Mizou Vavoom: I offer help when needed
[2015/08/19 10:57:46] Mizou Vavoom: Just let me know Tor
[2015/08/19 10:57:50] Tor Karlsvalt: ok
[2015/08/19 10:57:58] Delia Lake: officers by acclamation. Delia as Chair and Tor as Secretary
[2015/08/19 10:58:00] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Thank you. Tor and Mizou
[2015/08/19 10:58:06] Tor Karlsvalt: yw
[2015/08/19 10:58:21] Mizou Vavoom: Congrats to both Delia and Tor :)
[2015/08/19 10:58:25] Delia Lake: with Mizou and Cadence helping as needed. this is a very good start imo
[2015/08/19 10:58:30] Cadence Theas: yes, we are well represented
[2015/08/19 10:58:34] Mizou Vavoom: :)
[2015/08/19 10:58:49] Tor Karlsvalt: Yes, I think this is a good and dedicated group.[2015/08/19 11:01:23] Cadence Theas: do you have an inworld copy of the draft Delia?
[2015/08/19 11:01:30] Delia Lake: no
[2015/08/19 11:01:40] Delia Lake: I didn't do that yet.
[2015/08/19 11:02:04] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I agreed to everything in it, and I had nothing to add
[2015/08/19 11:02:04] Delia Lake: it is easier to make changes on google docs
[2015/08/19 11:02:16] Delia Lake: but when it's final we should have an inworld copy
[2015/08/19 11:02:29] Tor Karlsvalt: same here, Em
[2015/08/19 11:02:30] Mizou Vavoom: I had nothing to add either as I am not very familiar with the project as yet
[2015/08/19 11:02:37] Cadence Theas: ok. I made my comments before
[2015/08/19 11:02:50] Cadence Theas: I saw that you added the crossroads:)
[2015/08/19 11:03:12] Delia Lake: yes, Cadence. that was a good addition from you
[2015/08/19 11:04:12] Delia Lake: if there are no changes to the draft the way it stands, may I have a motion to accept it?
[2015/08/19 11:04:24] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I so move
[2015/08/19 11:04:33] Cadence Theas: second
[2015/08/19 11:04:37] Mizou Vavoom: third
[2015/08/19 11:04:44] Tor Karlsvalt: 4th
[2015/08/19 11:05:26] Delia Lake: All in favor of accepting the LUC Recommendations for Modifications to the Design Plan of the Friedsee Region please?
[2015/08/19 11:05:31] Cadence Theas: aye
[2015/08/19 11:05:33] Tor Karlsvalt: aye
[2015/08/19 11:05:34] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Aye
[2015/08/19 11:05:37] Mizou Vavoom: aye
[2015/08/19 11:05:40] Delia Lake: aye
[2015/08/19 11:06:03] Cadence Theas: this is great
[2015/08/19 11:06:13] Delia Lake: thank you. I will make an inworld copy and give it to each of you and email it to Coop asap
[2015/08/19 11:06:20] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): At what stage do we present it to Gaius?
[2015/08/19 11:06:31] Cadence Theas: According to Calli
[2015/08/19 11:06:40] Cadence Theas: it is no longer of concern to Gaius
[2015/08/19 11:06:46] Cadence Theas: it would be a courtesy
[2015/08/19 11:07:17] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Yes
[2015/08/19 11:07:18] Tor Karlsvalt: I would think the Chancellor would have to disseminate it those who need it, but I imagine he would.
[2015/08/19 11:07:26] Delia Lake: Coop should present it to the RA. once a proposed plan for a region is accepted it becomes the CDS plan and is no longer belonging to the submitter
[2015/08/19 11:07:47] Tor Karlsvalt: /me nods.
[2015/08/19 11:07:52] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): ok
[2015/08/19 11:07:53] Mizou Vavoom: /me nods
[2015/08/19 11:09:15] Tor Karlsvalt: Does anyone have the ability to create a 3D model of this sim?
[2015/08/19 11:09:41] Mizou Vavoom: In 3D software?
[2015/08/19 11:10:08] Tor Karlsvalt: I think it would be nice for others (me) to see it rendered in world as a model.
[2015/08/19 11:10:23] Tor Karlsvalt: or is that too much to do now?
[2015/08/19 11:10:30] Cadence Theas: Leslie did a nice job when he did his plan for Friedsee
[2015/08/19 11:11:06] Mizou Vavoom: Tor do you mean a small scale model in SL?
[2015/08/19 11:11:13] Tor Karlsvalt: yes.
[2015/08/19 11:11:20] Delia Lake: It would be, Tor. Moon and Symo did that in the past. and yes Leslie did one. I don't think I have that software but will ask Leslie what he used. We should do that. I agree with Tor. e do have another request from the Chancellor I believe. Cadence, you mentioned it during the last meeting. that would be review and recommendations for the updating of the other settled CDS regions, yes?
[2015/08/19 11:11:33] Cadence Theas: yes
[2015/08/19 11:11:33] Tor Karlsvalt: I was thinking too, it might help answer questions from the citizens.
[2015/08/19 11:11:42] Mizou Vavoom: Yes that was the way it was done for CN, AM i remember
[2015/08/19 11:11:51] Cadence Theas: he wants the LUC to visit each region to see how it is conforming to the covenant
[2015/08/19 11:11:54] Tor Karlsvalt: people seem so in the dark about the project.
[2015/08/19 11:12:10] Mizou Vavoom: yes, it would be better to have a visual clue
[2015/08/19 11:12:20] Cadence Theas: so we could each select a region and report back here, no?
[2015/08/19 11:12:26] Delia Lake: I'll try to catch Leslie this eve
[2015/08/19 11:12:46] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): As for covenant violations in the other sims...
[2015/08/19 11:12:54] Tor Karlsvalt: Good, I bet he would enjoy helping.
[2015/08/19 11:13:06] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I think we ought to establish some routine for it
[2015/08/19 11:13:11] Tor Karlsvalt: Did the Chancellor have any particular concerns?
[2015/08/19 11:13:25] Mizou Vavoom: I agree Em
[2015/08/19 11:13:38] Cadence Theas: when we talked, it was mostly a matter of maintaining standards
[2015/08/19 11:13:43] Cadence Theas: there are violations
[2015/08/19 11:13:43] Tor Karlsvalt: You are right, Em, as it is our job.
[2015/08/19 11:13:51] Cadence Theas: number of trees
[2015/08/19 11:13:58] Cadence Theas: clearance to the edge of the property
[2015/08/19 11:13:59] Tor Karlsvalt: hehe
[2015/08/19 11:14:01] Cadence Theas: things like that
[2015/08/19 11:14:04] Tor Karlsvalt: ok
[2015/08/19 11:14:06] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): It is clear that the newcomers never observe the rule to ask the Chancellor for acceptance of their house
[2015/08/19 11:14:17] Mizou Vavoom: /me nods
[2015/08/19 11:14:27] Cadence Theas: this is something that the chancellor could delegate to the LUC
[2015/08/19 11:14:38] Mizou Vavoom: i agree Cadence
[2015/08/19 11:14:58] Cadence Theas: I think in effect, he has by asking us to review the other sims
[2015/08/19 11:15:05] Cadence Theas: but it would have to be announced
[2015/08/19 11:15:46] Tor Karlsvalt: Well, I live in AM, so I could take AM.
[2015/08/19 11:15:52] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I have informed Coop of a couple of disagreements with covenant, and I have one more waiting, but I think we should inform him in a more established way
[2015/08/19 11:15:53] Cadence Theas: I want to do LA
[2015/08/19 11:16:15] Delia Lake: I think there are covenant reviews and recommendations for changes, buildings reviews and recommendations for making or upholding or even revoking approved variances. also list buildings that are really old builds and should be redone, and updating landscaping
[2015/08/19 11:16:17] Mizou Vavoom: I can take CN
[2015/08/19 11:16:29] Delia Lake: I'd like NFS
[2015/08/19 11:16:39] Mizou Vavoom: /me smiles at 'old buildings'
[2015/08/19 11:16:42] Cadence Theas: we could follow Delia’s suggestion and do a more comprehensive review
[2015/08/19 11:16:43] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Nothing left for me :(
[2015/08/19 11:16:53] Cadence Theas: Monastery
[2015/08/19 11:16:57] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): YAY!
[2015/08/19 11:17:02] Mizou Vavoom: :)
[2015/08/19 11:17:14] Tor Karlsvalt: hehe
[2015/08/19 11:17:24] Tor Karlsvalt: Monastery is easy tho.
[2015/08/19 11:17:25] Mizou Vavoom: Do we have a method to review each sim?
[2015/08/19 11:17:40] Mizou Vavoom: Is it checking the regulations on each current building?
[2015/08/19 11:17:50] Mizou Vavoom: and making a list?
[2015/08/19 11:18:14] Tor Karlsvalt: Perhaps we could just make a simple ok on parcels and elaborate if we find any violations.
[2015/08/19 11:18:25] Mizou Vavoom: ok sounds simpler
[2015/08/19 11:18:26] Cadence Theas: I think that is the least intrusive
[2015/08/19 11:18:42] Cadence Theas: and we can also make it a pedagogical moment as well
[2015/08/19 11:18:47] Mizou Vavoom: then bring them all together in a google doc?
[2015/08/19 11:18:52] Delia Lake: yes
[2015/08/19 11:18:55] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Could we make the list a google... yes!
[2015/08/19 11:19:03] Tor Karlsvalt: I could try to make list of parcels from the Hippo website
[2015/08/19 11:19:20] Mizou Vavoom: yes Tor would simplify the work
[2015/08/19 11:19:20] Delia Lake: I think a google doc list of what we are addressing for each sim would be useful
[2015/08/19 11:19:22] Cadence Theas: but we also need to look at the public spaces as well
[2015/08/19 11:19:37] Cadence Theas: and the 1000 meter skybox limit
[2015/08/19 11:19:48] Tor Karlsvalt: Now that is a problem.
[2015/08/19 11:19:49] Mizou Vavoom: oh yes
[2015/08/19 11:20:05] Delia Lake: yes to both
[2015/08/19 11:20:09] Cadence Theas: how so Tor?
[2015/08/19 11:20:21] Tor Karlsvalt: Only that is is ignored.
[2015/08/19 11:20:27] Cadence Theas: ah, yes
[2015/08/19 11:20:40] Cadence Theas: I have seen skyboxes below 1000 meters
[2015/08/19 11:20:43] Delia Lake: the skyboxes should be required to be high enough that someone doesn't sit on a ground level deck and look at the sunset and a skybox
[2015/08/19 11:20:54] Mizou Vavoom: :)
[2015/08/19 11:20:56] Tor Karlsvalt: yes
[2015/08/19 11:21:04] Cadence Theas: I think that is why it was set at 1000 meters
[2015/08/19 11:21:18] Tor Karlsvalt: Tho I wonder if 1000 is enough sometimes. Our mountain is high.
[2015/08/19 11:21:23] Mizou Vavoom: and even at that height a skybox can cast a shadow on the land below
[2015/08/19 11:21:33] Delia Lake: I was thinking that also Tor
[2015/08/19 11:21:35] Tor Karlsvalt: but we should at least enforce the 1000 rule.
[2015/08/19 11:21:52] Cadence Theas: well, the LUC before made the changes to the covenant
[2015/08/19 11:22:05] Delia Lake: years ago objects higher than 500m behaved oddly but that was corrected long ago
[2015/08/19 11:22:12] Cadence Theas: we can propose a modification, saying 1000 meters from the altitude of the property
[2015/08/19 11:22:14] Mizou Vavoom: yes
[2015/08/19 11:22:18] Tor Karlsvalt: /me nods
[2015/08/19 11:22:25] Mizou Vavoom: /me nods
[2015/08/19 11:22:51] Tor Karlsvalt: I will say I was told that in 09 when I came to SL, but I think LL fixed that issue before I showed up.
[2015/08/19 11:23:15] Tor Karlsvalt: I never had a problem over 500 feet or even 3000
[2015/08/19 11:23:29] Mizou Vavoom: Just as a matter of interest, how high can a skybox go up?
[2015/08/19 11:23:51] Tor Karlsvalt: hehe, don't know, but that is a good point.
[2015/08/19 11:24:17] Tor Karlsvalt: I suppose as an EM I should watch for interlopers very high up.
[2015/08/19 11:24:18] Mizou Vavoom: the reason why I ask is that i noticed a shadow on my land when the platform was at 1000m
[2015/08/19 11:24:46] Delia Lake: I've had platforms at 2000 to 3000 m and they've been fine
[2015/08/19 11:24:55] Cadence Theas: then maybe we should make the modification to 1000 meters above the altitude of the property
[2015/08/19 11:24:57] Mizou Vavoom: no shadow Delia?
[2015/08/19 11:25:12] Mizou Vavoom: agreed Cadence
[2015/08/19 11:25:12] Delia Lake: not that I noticed, no
[2015/08/19 11:25:22] Mizou Vavoom: thkx Delia
[2015/08/19 11:25:31] Delia Lake: both in Al Andalus and Cedar
[2015/08/19 11:26:01] Cadence Theas: did we decide who was going to make the checklist
[2015/08/19 11:26:14] Cadence Theas: or can we construct it in a google doc?
[2015/08/19 11:26:33] Delia Lake: it would be easy to use in Google docs
[2015/08/19 11:26:52] Mizou Vavoom: make a copy from existing docs?
[2015/08/19 11:26:57] Mizou Vavoom: lists
[2015/08/19 11:26:58] Lilith Ivory: entered chat range (18.30 m).
[2015/08/19 11:27:04] Delia Lake: hi Lil
[2015/08/19 11:27:07] Cadence Theas: Hi Lilith
[2015/08/19 11:27:08] Mizou Vavoom: Hi Lilith
[2015/08/19 11:27:09] Lilith Ivory: Hi Delia
[2015/08/19 11:27:09] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Hi Lilith
[2015/08/19 11:27:13] Lilith Ivory: Hi MIzou and all
[2015/08/19 11:27:17] Mizou Vavoom: :)
[2015/08/19 11:28:05] Cadence Theas: Delia, would you invite us to a begging doc?
[2015/08/19 11:28:24] Cadence Theas: *beginning
[2015/08/19 11:28:56] Delia Lake: yes
[2015/08/19 11:29:02] Mizou Vavoom: thx Delia
[2015/08/19 11:29:07] Cadence Theas: ty
[2015/08/19 11:29:25] Tor Karlsvalt: I emailed Lil a copy of the transcript up to just before she came,
[2015/08/19 11:29:47] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): We should copy/paste as much as possible, to save work and time
[2015/08/19 11:29:59] Mizou Vavoom: /me nods
[2015/08/19 11:30:02] Delia Lake: yes absolutely
[2015/08/19 11:30:20] Cadence Theas: well, the list is more of what we should be looking out for, no?
[2015/08/19 11:30:36] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I remember Pat ordered the Thermae to be completely rebuilt... Did that expire together with his Chancellorship?
[2015/08/19 11:30:54] Tor Karlsvalt: Gaius is working on that.
[2015/08/19 11:30:55] Delia Lake: it's still ongoing isn't it Mizou?
[2015/08/19 11:31:00] Cadence Theas: I think Gauis is still working on it
[2015/08/19 11:31:02] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Ah
[2015/08/19 11:31:10] Mizou Vavoom: Euh about the Thermae, Gaius and myself will not have been finished by the end of this term
[2015/08/19 11:31:26] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): No hurry, as I see it
[2015/08/19 11:31:28] Mizou Vavoom: I have RL commitments since July
[2015/08/19 11:31:35] Mizou Vavoom: But am working on it with Gaius
[2015/08/19 11:31:37] Tor Karlsvalt: oh that is right, Mizou you are on that project too. sorry for forgetting.
[2015/08/19 11:31:47] Mizou Vavoom: :)
[2015/08/19 11:32:06] Mizou Vavoom: It is a nightmare with the roof and windows and vaults
[2015/08/19 11:32:14] Mizou Vavoom: but it will be beautiful in the end
[2015/08/19 11:32:19] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I am hoping for more colours, above all :)
[2015/08/19 11:32:28] Delia Lake: we have a lot of building and potential building to be done in the CDS right now
[2015/08/19 11:32:33] Mizou Vavoom: yes, you will get your wish Em :)
[2015/08/19 11:32:37] Tor Karlsvalt: /me nods
[2015/08/19 11:32:49] Mizou Vavoom: A lot of buildings in CN could be revamped
[2015/08/19 11:33:00] Mizou Vavoom: to current standards
[2015/08/19 11:33:03] Cadence Theas: we are in a good space right now, CDS, I mean
[2015/08/19 11:33:09] Delia Lake: It will be great to have the Thermae rebuilt. It's hardly ever used anymore
[2015/08/19 11:33:13] Mizou Vavoom: but it takes a lot of time for research only
[2015/08/19 11:33:28] Delia Lake: it does, yes
[2015/08/19 11:33:47] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): The buildings around the CN forum/agora/marketplace need a lot of revamping IMO
[2015/08/19 11:33:47] Tor Karlsvalt: I have seen the build and I think it will be much more usable than the current build.
[2015/08/19 11:33:59] Tor Karlsvalt: /me nods at Em
[2015/08/19 11:34:00] Mizou Vavoom: So the idea is to build it on top of Gaius land then submit to the then chancellor
[2015/08/19 11:34:11] Mizou Vavoom: whenever it is completed
[2015/08/19 11:34:21] Mizou Vavoom: if that is an acceptable solution?
[2015/08/19 11:34:39] Cadence Theas: here is my major question about jurisdiction
[2015/08/19 11:34:48] Delia Lake: yes. CN buildings have been there for 8 yrs and could use updating
[2015/08/19 11:34:59] Cadence Theas: what if a new chancellor decides he or she does not like the building
[2015/08/19 11:35:12] Delia Lake: so could the Rathaus in NFS imo
[2015/08/19 11:35:14] Lilith Ivory: once again I would like to ask you to inform Antonius Camus before you return his old building as he is still around sometimes and would most likely appreciate it
[2015/08/19 11:35:22] Mizou Vavoom: Well on what grounds would they disagree?
[2015/08/19 11:35:30] Mizou Vavoom: Is he??
[2015/08/19 11:35:39] Mizou Vavoom: I did IM him but no answer
[2015/08/19 11:35:47] Lilith Ivory: yes he is a friend of mine and I see him online sometimes
[2015/08/19 11:35:47] Delia Lake: I see Tony pop in occasionally
[2015/08/19 11:35:48] Cadence Theas: right now, there is no criteria other than the will of the chancellor
[2015/08/19 11:35:50] Tor Karlsvalt: /me as an aside, I think Moon has declared an interest in the Rathaus if it is to be rebuilt.
[2015/08/19 11:35:54] Mizou Vavoom: I worked with him on the current thermae
[2015/08/19 11:36:06] Lilith Ivory: oh really -great
[2015/08/19 11:36:19] Mizou Vavoom: Have you got an email for him Lil?
[2015/08/19 11:36:47] Lilith Ivory: I´m not sure if I have an email but I will see what I have
[2015/08/19 11:36:47] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Cadence- your concern is very important
[2015/08/19 11:36:54] Mizou Vavoom: /me nods
[2015/08/19 11:37:09] Cadence Theas: this has been my concern all along
[2015/08/19 11:37:10] Tor Karlsvalt: You know, when I was Chancellor last, Tony expressed interest in building a mesh Thermae. But then he disappeared.
[2015/08/19 11:37:22] Mizou Vavoom: Thx Lil, i was very concerned that he did not answer, not sure what to think
[2015/08/19 11:37:35] Cadence Theas: the final decision about any build is done by a committee of one
[2015/08/19 11:37:36] Mizou Vavoom: a mesh thermae... my dream
[2015/08/19 11:37:52] Mizou Vavoom: I will use the script to create mesh
[2015/08/19 11:38:02] Mizou Vavoom: from the build or parts of
[2015/08/19 11:38:44] Mizou Vavoom: Committee of one Cadence?
[2015/08/19 11:38:58] Cadence Theas: the chancellor of the moment
[2015/08/19 11:39:08] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): The Rathhaus in NFS Delia... maybe the building is not too bad, but the textures are VERY bad with modern standards
[2015/08/19 11:39:13] Tor Karlsvalt: Not too worried about the Chancellor having that role. I imagine that a new Thermae would be far better than the old. It would be hard to refuse it unless it was so obviously inferior.
[2015/08/19 11:39:33] Mizou Vavoom: :) thkx Tor my thinking entirely
[2015/08/19 11:39:40] Cadence Theas: I agree Tor, but the possibility always exists
[2015/08/19 11:39:45] Delia Lake: yes, the Chancellor. what Cadence said. some Chancellors have been competent at building and evaluating building and others over the years have not
[2015/08/19 11:40:10] Tor Karlsvalt: I note that the RA accepted the Schloss.
[2015/08/19 11:40:46] Cadence Theas: because the chancellor approved the final build
[2015/08/19 11:40:54] Tor Karlsvalt: I had presented the plan to the RA. I don't think I could have stopped it.
[2015/08/19 11:40:57] Cadence Theas: the filter is the chancellor
[2015/08/19 11:41:22] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): The filter should be the LUC...
[2015/08/19 11:41:22] Tor Karlsvalt: Well it was just an obviously better build
[2015/08/19 11:41:31] Cadence Theas: Tor, I am mostly talking aabout the change of Chancellors
[2015/08/19 11:41:57] Cadence Theas: that is where you see the discrepancies
[2015/08/19 11:42:15] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Yes, it is a little worrying that it all depends on the Chancellor's personal taste
[2015/08/19 11:42:23] Mizou Vavoom: Well in the instance that the new Thermae is not acceptable to a new chancellor, can we then resubmit it to a next one? :)
[2015/08/19 11:42:25] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): *taste
[2015/08/19 11:42:32] Cadence Theas: lol
[2015/08/19 11:42:39] Cadence Theas: good point Mizou!!
[2015/08/19 11:42:46] Tor Karlsvalt: Since we are talking about builds, Rosie is rebuilding the Praetorium.
[2015/08/19 11:42:56] Mizou Vavoom: The build is done with research by Gaius, and I follow his instructions to the millimeter
[2015/08/19 11:43:06] Tor Karlsvalt: I imagine we could Mizou
[2015/08/19 11:43:08] Mizou Vavoom: same for the textures
[2015/08/19 11:43:31] Mizou Vavoom: I would be totally surprised if the final build would be rejected :)
[2015/08/19 11:43:37] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): We could always stall things for various reasons :)
[2015/08/19 11:43:38] Tor Karlsvalt: me too
[2015/08/19 11:43:48] Mizou Vavoom: yes we could
[2015/08/19 11:43:57] Delia Lake: so perhaps one of our longer term projects should be to provide the Chancellor with guidelines for evaluating builds
[2015/08/19 11:44:08] Tor Karlsvalt: of course the best way to avoid problems is to get the Chancellor's opinion along the way.
[2015/08/19 11:44:08] Cadence Theas: the particular build is not the issue, it is the fact that it can happen
[2015/08/19 11:44:10] Mizou Vavoom: hmmm good point Tor!!
[2015/08/19 11:44:11] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Bright idea!
[2015/08/19 11:44:23] Mizou Vavoom: yes i can see the possibility Cadence
[2015/08/19 11:44:24] Cadence Theas: would they be binding guidelines, Delia?
[2015/08/19 11:44:50] Delia Lake: I don't know. that hasn't been done before
[2015/08/19 11:45:10] Cadence Theas: it probably requires a change in the constitution
[2015/08/19 11:45:51] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): The bill of the Chancellor's power...
[2015/08/19 11:46:03] Mizou Vavoom: ...coming back to that :)
[2015/08/19 11:46:18] Cadence Theas: anyway, I am just letting the thought out for consideration in the future
[2015/08/19 11:46:27] Delia Lake: the Constitution has a number of places where it is woefully obsolete right now
[2015/08/19 11:47:02] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Yes... it is still written as if NFS was the only sim at some places
[2015/08/19 11:47:10] Delia Lake: yes
[2015/08/19 11:47:38] Cadence Theas: Delia, but you and Widget did a lot of work with this or was it just the legislation?
[2015/08/19 11:49:25] Delia Lake: yes. there are a few areas that are still to be worked on including the Exec and the SC
[2015/08/19 11:49:55] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I am very glad that you are involved in that work, Delia
[2015/08/19 11:50:39] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): You are meticulous :)
[2015/08/19 11:50:47] Delia Lake: ty. a number of people are contributing
[2015/08/19 11:51:38] Cadence Theas: I have to start thinking about going back to rl. Is there something else pending?
[2015/08/19 11:51:46] Delia Lake: in the case of the constitution having served on the SC I know how frustrating it can be when the rules and laws are contradictory
[2015/08/19 11:52:25] Tor Karlsvalt: /me thanks god for the judges or Professors of the SC.
[2015/08/19 11:52:33] Cadence Theas: :)
[2015/08/19 11:52:36] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): :)
[2015/08/19 11:52:39] Cadence Theas: I agree Tor
[2015/08/19 11:53:03] Delia Lake: I think we have accomplished the main topics for today. we have LUC officers, we passed the recommendations and everyone will be reviewing a region. I will set up a google doc for region review tonight and invite everyone
[2015/08/19 11:53:19] Cadence Theas: ok, ty Delia
[2015/08/19 11:53:21] Delia Lake: when should we meet again?
[2015/08/19 11:53:22] Tor Karlsvalt: ok, that works
[2015/08/19 11:53:28] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): And I have one more suggestion:
[2015/08/19 11:53:36] Delia Lake: yes Em?
[2015/08/19 11:54:01] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): That the LUC chair is the one to report violations against the covenants to the Chancellor
[2015/08/19 11:54:19] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): and the rest of report the Chair
[2015/08/19 11:54:28] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): to the chair *
[2015/08/19 11:54:35] Delia Lake: does that work for people?
[2015/08/19 11:55:04] Cadence Theas: If you are willing to do it, yes
[2015/08/19 11:55:06] Tor Karlsvalt: yes, I think that works better than for all of us to report to the Chancellor.
[2015/08/19 11:55:17] Delia Lake: yes that would be fine with me
[2015/08/19 11:55:24] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Good
[2015/08/19 11:55:26] Delia Lake: and probably good process
[2015/08/19 11:55:27] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Ty
[2015/08/19 11:55:50] Cadence Theas: thanks to all for a delightful meeting
[2015/08/19 11:56:01] Tor Karlsvalt: otherwise we might be stepping on eash other's toes.
[2015/08/19 11:56:06] Mizou Vavoom: Thx Cadence, Tor, Delia, Em, Lil
[2015/08/19 11:56:27] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Thank you all LUC members for a fruitful meeting
[2015/08/19 11:56:29] Delia Lake: thank you everyone. I think I'll use doodle for setting up the next meeting. with everything going on we should probably meet again in 2 wks
[2015/08/19 11:56:34] Tor Karlsvalt: I think too we all should decide if any one's concern warrants referral.
[2015/08/19 11:56:36] Tor Karlsvalt: ok
[2015/08/19 11:56:49] Tor Karlsvalt: /me shuts up in the interest of the common good
[2015/08/19 11:57:00] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): :)
[2015/08/19 11:57:41] Cadence Theas: bye everyone, have a wonderful day, afternoon, or evening
[2015/08/19 11:57:50] Tor Karlsvalt: bye Cadence
[2015/08/19 11:57:51] Em Warden (mothercard.warden): The same to you, Cadence
[2015/08/19 11:57:53] Delia Lake: thank you. and to you also Cadence
[2015/08/19 11:57:55] Cadence Theas: left chat range.
[2015/08/19 11:58:07] Mizou Vavoom: thank you everyone
[2015/08/19 11:58:26] Delia Lake: I need to leave also. this is the last day of my current series of Wednesday night webinars that I run



Once a plan for a new region is received from the LUC and accepted by the RA, then that plan belongs to the CDS rather than any individual or group of designers. At the point of acceptance, the Estate Owner is directed to purchase and place a region and the Executive to manage the build. Managing the build includes adjustment to the plan in order to assure plausible landscape, fit along borders and promote economic sustainability.

Friedsee is now the sixth region of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. Friedsee is in place and has entered its initial build out stage. Time is of the essence to insure that Friedsee is built out, populated and covering it’s monthly financial obligation as quickly as possible.

We believe that Friedsee can be a beautiful, attractive and enjoyable addition to the CDS, and complement the existing regions well, and attract new citizens..

Three important considerations of residential region planning and design
  1. 1. The CDS comprises a community and not merely a collection of regions. Although the CDS pays for each region separately, people experience the land as a whole. While any region design need not contain all the details that will be in the build, the design must allow for desired features to be included.
    1. a. Citizens want plots that easily accommodate appropriate builds and other amenities such as outdoor seating and personal objects they enjoy. People do not want plots that are difficult to build or use; they must be easily buildable.
    • b. A mix of small and large parcels accommodate various needs of citizens, e.g. clustered housing.
    1. c. Borders and functional interfaces between and within regions need to be seamless continuations from the point of view of citizens and visitors to the community. This includes paths, roads, waterways and mountains.
  • 2. Accessibility and aesthetics are important to people.
    1. a. In order to make to make a region attractive to citizens and visitors, it is critical to build in desirable features such as landscaping and gathering spots. We cannot expect citizens to use their personal prims to landscape for public benefit.
    • b. Setbacks and buffers, including the spaces for landscaping details and public buildings are visual reinforcements of community. Easy to use, versatile public buildings and gathering spaces accommodate a variety of government organized or privately sponsored events
  • 3. Financial considerations. To attract and keep citizens,
    1. a. sustainable region design requires sufficient purchasable private prims to cover tier.
    • b. The private parcels that command those prims must be easily buildable.
    1. c. Covenants dictate the look and feel of the region. In a community such as the CDS, covenants reinforce community. They assure visual coherence and plausibility. They must be flexible enough for people to be able to build something they like and will inhabit and make clear the conditions regarding acceptable builds.
With these in mind, the LUC recommendations a number of design modifications:
  1. 1. Terraforming - Central Alpine Europe has sloped hillsides but no pallasades (steep, almost vertical mountainsides..
    a. Gradual lowering should proceed from the NW corner ie, where the ski lodge will sit.
    b Lower the elevation from the NE corner where it currently — to no purpose — rises from the Neufreistadt border.
  • 2. Central Alpine European Rivers are glacier dependent. Through seepage, glaciers feed the groundwater, springs and small high elevation lakes, Water seeps downhill from the glacier. These springs and small lakes create river headwaters. In that sense, FS is similar to AM and very different from Monastery. Consistent with their slower flow and gently curved river paths, Central Alpine rivers have rapids but not waterfalls. Rivers in this region create wide floodplains which is where people build (rather than on steep inclines). Being a prominent feature of this region, the river
    1. a. needs a plausible source
      b. needs to relate to the nearby river on Monastery (which comes directly from the glacier)
      c. need to flow slowly through flat and wide terrain.
      d. the lake at the mouth of the river needs to be enlarged (at least double)
  • 3. Terraforming must insure a predominance of easily buildable residential plots.
  • 4. Parcelling must accommodate changes in the landscape features, allow for easements and create more regularly shaped plots.
  • 5. To increase the number of small plots and encourage newcomers, create an additional small village cluster and crossroads in the NW quadrant.
  • 6. Good buffer zones (3-4 m) between rural private parcels assure continuity of visual aesthetics and creates less work for Executive teams.
  • 7. Ski lodge
    1. a. Positioning the ski lodge on the NW corner of FS positions it properly near the existing ski slope, trailhead and hot spring on Monastery.
    • b. Being a public building, and something we want people to use, the ski lodge, plausibly, should be connected to the road from the sw edge of Neufreistadt.
  • 8. Move the airport to the middle of the western border, which takes advantage of the necessary Monastery border elevation, does not impinge on the parcels along the Neufrustadt edge and would allow us more space for easily buildable private parcels. If the airport is at 50m above the closest trees, planes will clear them.
  • 9. Once terraforming and major features are in place, review and adjust parcels and prims.

Resources and documents
Establishment of the LUC. viewtopic.php?f=67&t=6861
Friedsee Covenant.
Proposed region design elevation map.
Proposed parcel breakdown sheet.
Trebor Warcliff’s discussion of setting prim tier rates. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5259&start=15
Photos of the Gurktal Alps, Central Europe. ... oWTog/edit
CDS Land Information Summary
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