LUC Meeting and Agenda. 09 April 2016

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LUC Meeting and Agenda. 09 April 2016

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LUC Meeting Agenda, 09 April 2016
Prepared by Delia Lake, LUC Chair for the previous term (22nd RA term)
Location: Lower floor of the Praetorium

Call to order at 3 pm slt

A. Review, modifications, and approval of the LUC Meeting Agenda

B. Policy carryover from former LUCs: the Summary at the head of LUC transcripts be considered to be the meeting Minutes of the LUC

C. Nominations for, and vote on person to fulfill the position of LUC Chairperson for the current term

D. Nominations for, and vote on person to fulfill the position of LUC alternate Chairperson

E. Nominations for, and vote on person to fulfill the position of LUC Secretary

F. Regarding LUC responsibilities and powers, according to CDSL 21-01,
“SECTION IV: STRUCTURE. The commission shall select a chairperson and an alternate, who shall preside over meetings, without a vote, unless to decide a split decision, a secretary who shall keep minutes of the proceedings and inspectors who may be hired from the Commission or Citizenry-at-large, who will determine the conformity of all builds and uses, including complete regions, within the jurisdiction of CDS, either in Second Life, or other grids, as CDS establishes presence on them”

G. Discuss possible need for and process for hiring LUC inspectors

H. Old business
Review and discussion of “LUC guidelines for assessment of content, and condition of a CDS region and identification of issues”
1. Discussion of schedule for review of each region
2. Discussion and assignment of LUC members to review each region

I. Development of guidelines for review of CDS new public builds when they are requested of the LUC by the Chancellor, or the RA

J. New business
1. Draft survey of CDS residents per SLCDS 21-01
2. Plan to review the CDS Master Plan --to be discussed at the next meeting of the LUC
The Commission shall create, update and maintain a CDS master plan, under which future expansions in land area and themes shall occur. This plan shall be submitted to and approved by the RA, as well as being resubmitted to the RA for approval whenever modifications are deemed necessary by either the Commission or the RA.

b. New requests to the LUC from the RA? the Chancellor?

K. Propose that the LUC rotate meeting spaces so that we intentionally use and highlight the different available public spaces in each region

L. Other?

M. Open the floor to LUC related questions from citizens who are present

N. Next meeting

O. Adjourn
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