Updated Transcript of LUC Meeting of 9 April 2016

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Updated Transcript of LUC Meeting of 9 April 2016

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The following is a transcript of the LUC meeting held Saturday, April 9, 2016 in the lower level of Praetorium. The meeting began at 15:07 (3:07pm) and ran just over two hours to end at 17:12 (5:12pm).

Delia Lake, Leslie Allandale, RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone), Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held) and Aedan (Aedan Charron) were present.

A number of citizens were present and with some expressing keen interest in serving on the committee.


The first order of business was modifying and approving the agenda

In establishing a quorum, it was determined that Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte was sitting to represent the RA and that Aedan Charron had been elected by the Artisan Guild as one of their two members on the LUC but was yet to be accepted by the RA.

The next order of business was to adopt a resolution to carry forward the past policy of adopting the summary of these transcripts as the meeting minutes.

Delia Lake was then nominated and unanimously elected Chairperson of the LUC

RG Cooperstone and Leslie Allandale were nominated alternate LUC Chairperson. Leslie Allandale was elected to fill this role.

Aedan Charron was elected LUC Secretary.

CDSL 21-01, Section IV Structure” was presented for reference concerning the LUC.

Discussion hiring of LUC inspectors was tabled until the next meeting.

LUC Member responsibility for region inspection and assessment was determined and discussion of those reviews was tabled until the next meeting to allow for inspection.

Assignments are:
  • CN - Leslie Allandale
    LA - Aedan Charon
    NFS - Rogue Cooperstone

    Delia will get with Anjoux Herbit (absent LUC member) to determine which of them would cover AM and which Monestary

    FDS will be handled separately.
Delia will create a google doc for the committee to contribute ideas in establishing a guideline of what constitutes a good build for public buildings. Han suggested there also be a forum thread for citizens to input their opinions on this also.

A vote was passed to ask the Chancellor to arrange for a public contact board for the LUC within CDS.

All members were asked to review the Master Plan and be prepared for discussion and be prepared at the next meeting along. A subcommittee of Delia, Les and Coop was formed for investigating and updating the Master Plan concerning Friedsee.

Les brought forward the Chancellor’s request that the LUC offer guidance concerning CN and FDS. Les will offer suggestions to her with input from the committee.

Delia presented a draft survey to be distributed to residents soliciting their desires and expectations that could help the LUC better serve. Les had additional questions as did Han so they were given the task of creating a new survey for that purpose to be presented at the next meeting.

It was determined that the LUC meeting locations should be held at different locations each time to highlight the various amenities available and to get the committee into the community it serves. The next meeting will be held on the beach in LA at 11:00 (11am), Saturday, April 16th

The meeting adjourned at 17:12 (5:12pm)

Meeting Transcript

[2016/04/09 15:07] Delia Lake: Welcome everyone

[2016/04/09 15:08] Delia Lake: I have put out wine for your enjoyment as it is later for some people

[2016/04/09 15:08] Delia Lake: and there is an agenda in the box in the middle

[2016/04/09 15:08] Delia Lake: I did a first agenda as I was the chair of the LUC last term and we need to get started

[2016/04/09 15:09] Aedan (aedan.charron): Thank you !

[2016/04/09 15:09] Leslie Allandale: I have a modification if appropriate

[2016/04/09 15:09] Widget Whiteberry: me too

[2016/04/09 15:09] Delia Lake: for those who are current LUC members, the agenda as well as other docs are on google docs

[2016/04/09 15:10] Delia Lake: yes please the agenda is open for modification

[2016/04/09 15:10] Widget Whiteberry: You first, Les

[2016/04/09 15:10] Delia Lake: and I'm going to send Anj a reminder. he may be occupied as a dj though

[2016/04/09 15:10] Leslie Allandale: The executive as asked the Iuc for directions on revamping Friedsee

[2016/04/09 15:11] Leslie Allandale: has

[2016/04/09 15:11] Widget Whiteberry: snap!

[2016/04/09 15:11] Leslie Allandale: Can we discuss that?

[2016/04/09 15:11] Widget Whiteberry: under new biz, yes?

[2016/04/09 15:12] Delia Lake: yes under new biz

[2016/04/09 15:12] Leslie Allandale: Anywhere, at your pIeasure

[2016/04/09 15:13] Delia Lake: requests from the chancellor and ra are under new biz

[2016/04/09 15:14] Leslie Allandale: Then I wiII wait untiI it is caIIed, ty

[2016/04/09 15:14] Delia Lake: J.2.b.

[2016/04/09 15:14] Delia Lake: Widget?

[2016/04/09 15:14] Widget Whiteberry: same, Friedsee

[2016/04/09 15:15] Leslie Allandale: Move to approve

[2016/04/09 15:15] Widget Whiteberry: 2nd

[2016/04/09 15:16] Aedan (aedan.charron): 3rd

[2016/04/09 15:16] Delia Lake: thank you

[2016/04/09 15:17] Delia Lake: current LUC members please identify yourselves with your affiliation. I am one of the LUC appointees from the Artisan Guiild

[2016/04/09 15:17] Leslie Allandale: Executive

[2016/04/09 15:17] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): RA

[2016/04/09 15:17] Aedan (aedan.charron): I am here from the Artisan Guild

[2016/04/09 15:18] Delia Lake: and btw, does everyone consent to being recorded?

[2016/04/09 15:18] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/04/09 15:18] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Oui

[2016/04/09 15:18] Aedan (aedan.charron): yes

[2016/04/09 15:18] Widget Whiteberry: aye

[2016/04/09 15:19] Leslie Allandale: I move we accept the Policy carryover from former LUCs: the Summary at the head of LUC transcripts be considered to be the meeting Minutes of the LUC

[2016/04/09 15:20] Leslie Allandale: and approve such

[2016/04/09 15:20] Widget Whiteberry: 2nd

[2016/04/09 15:20] Delia Lake: Aedan has been elected by the Guild but has yet to be approved by the RA. so I propose that we grant Aedan full privileges subject to revision if the RA were not to approve

[2016/04/09 15:20] Delia Lake: and thank you Les, that is important policy

[2016/04/09 15:21] Leslie Allandale: point of order

[2016/04/09 15:21] Leslie Allandale: we have a motion with second on fIoor

[2016/04/09 15:21] Leslie Allandale: However if we shouId accept Aedan first, I can withdraw

[2016/04/09 15:22] Delia Lake: please everyone else who is a LUC member identify yourself before we continue with making motions and voting so it will be official

[2016/04/09 15:22] Delia Lake: and we may suffer occasional lag delays in chat

[2016/04/09 15:22] Leslie Allandale: yes, of course

[2016/04/09 15:22] Widget Whiteberry: Delia am I formally a member?

[2016/04/09 15:23] Widget Whiteberry: I think* I am

[2016/04/09 15:23] Delia Lake: not sure. that is why it is important to identify with affiliations

[2016/04/09 15:23] Delia Lake: so Aedan and I are Guild

[2016/04/09 15:23] Delia Lake: others please

[2016/04/09 15:24] Leslie Allandale: was nominated by Rosie Grey as Executive member

[2016/04/09 15:24] Widget Whiteberry: hum, maybe I'm not

[2016/04/09 15:24] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/04/09 15:24] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Anj and I were the RA members

[2016/04/09 15:24] Lilith Ivory: (citizens appointed by the RA I would think)

[2016/04/09 15:24] Delia Lake: we should have 6 alltogether

[2016/04/09 15:25] Leslie Allandale: We need a siting RA member

[2016/04/09 15:25] Lilith Ivory: wasn´t that you Shep?

[2016/04/09 15:25] Widget Whiteberry: /me moves

[2016/04/09 15:26] Delia Lake: or perhaps Han?

[2016/04/09 15:26] Delia Lake: if not maybe Em would do it as she was before

[2016/04/09 15:26] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I'm here and a sitting RA member I can sit if if needed but I have no background and Shep would be a betterchoice

[2016/04/09 15:26] Shep (shep.titian): no Han

[2016/04/09 15:27] Leslie Allandale: I had thought that Han was the choice

[2016/04/09 15:27] Shep (shep.titian): yes she was

[2016/04/09 15:27] Delia Lake: Em is offline and it is late for her but she was before

[2016/04/09 15:27] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): To fill in for Anj?

[2016/04/09 15:27] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I can do that

[2016/04/09 15:27] Leslie Allandale: That is my memory

[2016/04/09 15:27] Delia Lake: Anj is currently working as a DJ so cannot be here

[2016/04/09 15:27] Shep (shep.titian): no Han you volunteered lol

[2016/04/09 15:28] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Han Held, RA, fillling in for Anj

[2016/04/09 15:28] Leslie Allandale: Good,

[2016/04/09 15:28] Shep (shep.titian): the RA member needed

[2016/04/09 15:28] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/04/09 15:28] Shep (shep.titian): then we appointed Anj and Coop

[2016/04/09 15:28] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Yeah

[2016/04/09 15:28] Leslie Allandale: That is my recoIiection too

[2016/04/09 15:28] Delia Lake: we now have a quorum of LUC members present and can hold votes

[2016/04/09 15:29] Delia Lake: sorry for sidetracking this off the agenda Les but we couldn't officially vote otherwise

[2016/04/09 15:29] Delia Lake: now if you can resume your motion please

[2016/04/09 15:29] Leslie Allandale: So do we discuss/vote on the motion proposed, or shaII I withdraw?

[2016/04/09 15:30] Delia Lake: we can now vote

[2016/04/09 15:30] Leslie Allandale: Yay

[2016/04/09 15:30] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): let me scroll up please

[2016/04/09 15:30] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): one sec

[2016/04/09 15:30] Delia Lake: this is item B. on the agenda

[2016/04/09 15:30] Leslie Allandale: Policy carryover from former LUCs: the Summary at the head of LUC transcripts be considered to be the meeting Minutes of the LUC

[2016/04/09 15:30] Leslie Allandale: accept and approve

[2016/04/09 15:30] Aedan (aedan.charron): What is this actually saying?

[2016/04/09 15:30] Leslie Allandale: is the motion on the fIoor

[2016/04/09 15:31] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): (got it, thanks)

[2016/04/09 15:31] Leslie Allandale: yvw

[2016/04/09 15:31] Leslie Allandale: The existing transcripts have been pubIished, and are being proposed as minutes

[2016/04/09 15:32] Delia Lake: there is a transcript and there is a transcript summary that is usually done by the commission secretary. in the past we felt that that summary could suffice as meeting minutes rather than burden the secretary with a 3rd task

[2016/04/09 15:32] Delia Lake: the transcripts are published

[2016/04/09 15:32] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me nods "Ok, thank you"

[2016/04/09 15:33] Delia Lake: so Les has moved that we continue that practice

[2016/04/09 15:33] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): The motion still needs a second?

[2016/04/09 15:33] Aedan (aedan.charron): I will second that.

[2016/04/09 15:33] Delia Lake: all in favor?

[2016/04/09 15:33] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/04/09 15:33] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:33] Aedan (aedan.charron): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:33] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:34] Delia Lake: aye

[2016/04/09 15:35] Delia Lake: thank you. it passed

[2016/04/09 15:35] Delia Lake: next we have nominations for LUC chair

[2016/04/09 15:35] Delia Lake: for the current term

[2016/04/09 15:35] Leslie Allandale: I nominate Delia for chair

[2016/04/09 15:36] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me smiles and nods "as do I"

[2016/04/09 15:36] Leslie Allandale: Delia Lake

[2016/04/09 15:36] Delia Lake: I am willing to serve again for this term if it is the consensus

[2016/04/09 15:36] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Yes

[2016/04/09 15:36] Delia Lake: other nominees or volunteers?

[2016/04/09 15:37] Delia Lake: if not, vote please

[2016/04/09 15:37] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:37] Aedan (aedan.charron): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:37] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:37] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/04/09 15:37] Delia Lake: thank you :)

[2016/04/09 15:38] Delia Lake: nominations for alternate/vice chair for the LUC for this term?

[2016/04/09 15:38] Delia Lake: I nominate Leslie

[2016/04/09 15:38] Leslie Allandale: accept

[2016/04/09 15:38] Delia Lake: other nominations?

[2016/04/09 15:39] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I nominate Coop, if he's willing to do it

[2016/04/09 15:40] Delia Lake: Coop?

[2016/04/09 15:40] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): sure

[2016/04/09 15:40] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Thanks.

[2016/04/09 15:40] Delia Lake: others?

[2016/04/09 15:42] Delia Lake: vote for vice/alt chair. one vote please for either Les or Coop

[2016/04/09 15:42] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I vote for Coop

[2016/04/09 15:42] Leslie Allandale: Coop

[2016/04/09 15:43] Aedan (aedan.charron): A tough call for me, not knowing anybody but I vote for Leslie

[2016/04/09 15:43] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Les

[2016/04/09 15:43] Delia Lake: Les

[2016/04/09 15:43] Delia Lake: so thank you both and there will be more than enough work to go around this term!!!!

[2016/04/09 15:44] Leslie Allandale: Yes, who wants to sit on their hands

[2016/04/09 15:45] Delia Lake: we need also to have a LUC secretary. the main duty is making a meeting summary from the transcript and posting both the summary and the transcript to the forum

[2016/04/09 15:45] Delia Lake: /me does not anticipate any option for handsitting in the LUC this term

[2016/04/09 15:45] Aedan (aedan.charron): nl, I think you're right.

[2016/04/09 15:46] Delia Lake: nominations or volunteers for LUC secretary?

[2016/04/09 15:46] Leslie Allandale: then does cds provide gloves

[2016/04/09 15:46] Delia Lake: no gloves but I'm thinking we might need a shower room here

[2016/04/09 15:46] Leslie Allandale: great idea

[2016/04/09 15:47] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me looks at Coop "if he doesn't want it, then I suppose I could do that...getting practice at being secretary."

[2016/04/09 15:47] Delia Lake: back to secretary

[2016/04/09 15:47] Leslie Allandale: so nominate

[2016/04/09 15:47] Leslie Allandale: I nominate Aedan (aedan.charron)

[2016/04/09 15:47] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me chuckles "I nominate Coop"

[2016/04/09 15:48] Delia Lake: I'm a practical sort of gal and don't believe in nominating or pushing people into things they don't want to do

[2016/04/09 15:48] Leslie Allandale: Can we rotate the task?

[2016/04/09 15:48] Delia Lake: we could certainly rotate tasks

[2016/04/09 15:49] Leslie Allandale: I mean the titIe

[2016/04/09 15:49] Delia Lake: so long as they get done

[2016/04/09 15:49] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): As long as it gets done

[2016/04/09 15:49] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Aedan, are you willinig to do it?

[2016/04/09 15:49] Aedan (aedan.charron): Sure

[2016/04/09 15:49] Leslie Allandale: Then we couId nominate the sec, but rotate the task of posting

[2016/04/09 15:49] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): You spoke up, you have my vote

[2016/04/09 15:49] Delia Lake: Coop?

[2016/04/09 15:50] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I'm good with helping, and letting Aedan get the practice

[2016/04/09 15:50] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/04/09 15:50] Delia Lake: vote? Aedan for LUC Secretary?

[2016/04/09 15:50] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:50] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/04/09 15:51] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:51] Delia Lake: aye

[2016/04/09 15:51] Delia Lake: thank you. we now have LUC officers

[2016/04/09 15:52] Delia Lake: moving on to item F.

[2016/04/09 15:52] Leslie Allandale: Can we table this to move on?

[2016/04/09 15:52] Delia Lake: just as a reminder and touchstone

[2016/04/09 15:52] Delia Lake: and at this time I don't feel we need additional inspectors though we might in the future

[2016/04/09 15:52] Leslie Allandale: I have some ideas the throw around between sessions

[2016/04/09 15:52] Delia Lake: so please review

[2016/04/09 15:53] Leslie Allandale: move to table G

[2016/04/09 15:53] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): It might be good to table G until Anj can attend

[2016/04/09 15:53] Delia Lake: second

[2016/04/09 15:53] Delia Lake: in favor?

[2016/04/09 15:53] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:53] Aedan (aedan.charron): Aye

[2016/04/09 15:53] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/04/09 15:53] Delia Lake: aye

[2016/04/09 15:53] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): aye

[2016/04/09 15:54] Delia Lake: so to H. Old business

[2016/04/09 15:54] Delia Lake: the LUC previous had started to assess the current conditions of each region

[2016/04/09 15:55] Leslie Allandale: Do you have an abbreviated schedule?

[2016/04/09 15:55] Delia Lake: I think that is important. the guidelines are in the google doc folder

[2016/04/09 15:55] Leslie Allandale: We need to divide up the task?

[2016/04/09 15:55] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): May I please have a link to that folder?

[2016/04/09 15:56] Delia Lake: given the time it is now I suggest that LUC members read that over and come to the next meeting prepared to assess a region

[2016/04/09 15:56] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): ah, ok; nm about the link then.

[2016/04/09 15:56] Delia Lake: yes Han I'll send you a new invite. I sent it out earlier to you

[2016/04/09 15:56] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me nods

[2016/04/09 15:56] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Thank you, Delia

[2016/04/09 15:56] Delia Lake: this is fundamental to the work of the LUC imo

[2016/04/09 15:57] Leslie Allandale: agreed

[2016/04/09 15:58] Delia Lake: so by next meeting we should be ready to act on this and complete quickly

[2016/04/09 15:58] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): yes

[2016/04/09 15:58] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me nods as he skims through it "Will be ready"

[2016/04/09 15:58] Leslie Allandale: we wiII divide the tasks at next meeting, then?

[2016/04/09 15:59] Leslie Allandale: per item 2

[2016/04/09 15:59] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): (rl a min, brb)

[2016/04/09 16:00] Delia Lake: yes. and since Friedsee will be downgraded to a homestead there will be 5 full regions to assess. and Friedsee will need to be handled separately.

[2016/04/09 16:01] Delia Lake: but we need written reports on each of the other 5 regions

[2016/04/09 16:01] Shep (shep.titian): Monastery is homestead too is'nt it?

[2016/04/09 16:01] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): yes

[2016/04/09 16:01] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): (back)

[2016/04/09 16:02] Shep (shep.titian): wb Han

[2016/04/09 16:02] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): TY. :)

[2016/04/09 16:02] Delia Lake: yes but Monastery is not changing its design. Friedsee must change its

[2016/04/09 16:02] Delia Lake: a homestead has only 3700 prims available. right now 1900 are used for public space. this doesn't compute financially

[2016/04/09 16:03] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): New parcels will have to be drawn up and repriced....

[2016/04/09 16:03] Leslie Allandale: But Monastery should be evaluated, shouldn't it?

[2016/04/09 16:03] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): and that includes infrastructure

[2016/04/09 16:03] Delia Lake: we need to look at an entirely new plan for Friedsee

[2016/04/09 16:04] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Monastery is Arria's sim

[2016/04/09 16:04] Leslie Allandale: Agreed

[2016/04/09 16:04] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I don't believe so, Leslie; noting is changing with Monastery, I don't see the need to re-evaluate it.

[2016/04/09 16:04] Delia Lake: yes Monastery should be evaluated along with LA, CN, AM and NFS

[2016/04/09 16:04] Leslie Allandale: there is Iandscaping

[2016/04/09 16:04] Leslie Allandale: roads

[2016/04/09 16:04] Delia Lake: Arria is a CDS sim along with the other full regions

[2016/04/09 16:04] Leslie Allandale: infrastructure that might need upgrade

[2016/04/09 16:04] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Good point

[2016/04/09 16:05] Delia Lake: and though it is a homestead it should be treated withiin the constraints the same as other regions

[2016/04/09 16:05] Leslie Allandale: we need a plausible, coherent estate to attract citizens

[2016/04/09 16:06] Leslie Allandale: So we read reviews that have been submitted, and come prepared to accept part of the review task?

[2016/04/09 16:06] Delia Lake: the reason Friedsee is being assessed differently is that it is now a full region but is about to become a homestead so requires the LUC to propose a redesign. it cannot remain as it is. the prim/tier relationship doesn't work as a homestead

[2016/04/09 16:07] Delia Lake: the region reviews from the previous LUC were never formally submitted

[2016/04/09 16:07] Leslie Allandale: So what do you propose as our homework?

[2016/04/09 16:08] Delia Lake: read the assessment guidelines. consider which region you would like to assess and come to the next meeting with revisions if any and/or a beginning on a region assessment

[2016/04/09 16:09] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me nods

[2016/04/09 16:09] Delia Lake: we have a lot to do and the sooner we get to foundational thing the better off all will be

[2016/04/09 16:09] Leslie Allandale: we shouId say which now, so we don't dupe

[2016/04/09 16:09] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/04/09 16:09] Delia Lake: shout out

[2016/04/09 16:09] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Anj isn't here to say which he is willing to do

[2016/04/09 16:09] Leslie Allandale: I wiII work on FDS with rosie

[2016/04/09 16:09] Delia Lake: FDS>

[2016/04/09 16:10] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me raises his hand "I'll take LA...since it's just outside the door"

[2016/04/09 16:10] Delia Lake: FDS?

[2016/04/09 16:10] Leslie Allandale: CN then DeIia

[2016/04/09 16:10] Delia Lake: Aedan - LA

[2016/04/09 16:10] Delia Lake: Les - CN

[2016/04/09 16:11] Delia Lake: AM and NFS and Monastery?

[2016/04/09 16:11] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I'll take NFS

[2016/04/09 16:11] Leslie Allandale: We can give anj monastery since it is smaII

[2016/04/09 16:11] Delia Lake: Han? Coop?

[2016/04/09 16:11] Leslie Allandale: Coop nfs

[2016/04/09 16:11] Delia Lake: Han?

[2016/04/09 16:12] Leslie Allandale: Han? AM?

[2016/04/09 16:12] Delia Lake: I'll take what is leftover

[2016/04/09 16:12] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Anj has commented a bit about FDS on the fgorum, so I'd say he should take that;

[2016/04/09 16:12] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I am hesitant to volunteer him for anything; but I'd say since he isn't here he should fill in for AM

[2016/04/09 16:13] Delia Lake: Friedsee must be treated differently. it requires a redesign on account of the RA vote earlier today

[2016/04/09 16:13] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): durr...you're absolutely right; I'd ask Anj to do AM then

[2016/04/09 16:13] Delia Lake: I'll ask him whether he wants to do AM or Monastery and I'll take the other oone

[2016/04/09 16:14] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/04/09 16:14] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Thanks, sorry for the holdup

[2016/04/09 16:14] Leslie Allandale: Who does fds?

[2016/04/09 16:14] Delia Lake: that leaves you without one Han but that might be ok in this case

[2016/04/09 16:14] Delia Lake: we all do fds under new business

[2016/04/09 16:15] Leslie Allandale: super

[2016/04/09 16:15] Delia Lake: I. though is the Development of guidelines for the review of new public builds. there is no official guideline for what constitutes a good build for public buildings. this cannot be left to be arbitrary

[2016/04/09 16:16] Delia Lake: If it is ok with everyone I will start a google doc where we can contribute ideas and essentials for what is "good" and what would be unacceptable

[2016/04/09 16:17] Delia Lake: we have a bit of time to craft that but it is also important

[2016/04/09 16:17] Aedan (aedan.charron): yes, that would be great.

[2016/04/09 16:17] Leslie Allandale: I would like to see a contact board for luc to expedite officials or citizens contacting us

[2016/04/09 16:17] Delia Lake: other comments on I. ?

[2016/04/09 16:17] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): YeSaH!

[2016/04/09 16:17] Delia Lake: good idea, Les

[2016/04/09 16:18] Delia Lake: that would be for private builds?

[2016/04/09 16:18] Leslie Allandale: any buiIds

[2016/04/09 16:18] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Would it be possible to open this up to the forum so people can give feedback?

[2016/04/09 16:18] Delia Lake: for which we also need guidelines

[2016/04/09 16:18] Delia Lake: yes Han

[2016/04/09 16:18] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Great, thanks.

[2016/04/09 16:18] Leslie Allandale: absolutely

[2016/04/09 16:19] Delia Lake: but I think it would be good to have at least a draft strawman to
post on the forum. one we can change according to comments and concerns

[2016/04/09 16:19] Leslie Allandale: how soon can we do that/

[2016/04/09 16:19] Leslie Allandale: ?

[2016/04/09 16:20] Delia Lake: and let's ask that we have a public contact board like the RA and EMs have

[2016/04/09 16:20] Leslie Allandale: I so move

[2016/04/09 16:21] Delia Lake: second. vote? I'll start the doc this eve and people can post, comment and add

[2016/04/09 16:21] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/04/09 16:21] Delia Lake: sorry for the mixed post

[2016/04/09 16:21] Delia Lake: aye

[2016/04/09 16:21] Aedan (aedan.charron): Aye

[2016/04/09 16:21] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Aye

[2016/04/09 16:22] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Aye

[2016/04/09 16:22] Leslie Allandale: yay

[2016/04/09 16:22] Delia Lake: Les, would you ask Rosie to set that up please?

[2016/04/09 16:23] Leslie Allandale: Yes

[2016/04/09 16:23] Leslie Allandale: So we need to coordinate work on fds and buiIding guidIines?

[2016/04/09 16:24] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/04/09 16:24] Delia Lake: and we need to rework the master plan

[2016/04/09 16:24] Leslie Allandale: Can we make someone responsible for each?

[2016/04/09 16:24] Delia Lake: so we are at new business

[2016/04/09 16:24] Leslie Allandale: that is three tasks

[2016/04/09 16:25] Delia Lake: yes, there is a lot to do

[2016/04/09 16:25] Delia Lake: please before the next meeting review the master plan as it stands

[2016/04/09 16:25] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): When you say "rework the GMP" what do you mean?

[2016/04/09 16:26] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): To me that sounds like something that has a really huge scope

[2016/04/09 16:26] Delia Lake: there was a GMP image of the regions done in the past

[2016/04/09 16:26] Leslie Allandale: we need a lead for new build guidelines

[2016/04/09 16:26] Delia Lake: Coop, or Les, do you know if that was updated for Friedsee? I don't recall that it was

[2016/04/09 16:27] Leslie Allandale: I think not

[2016/04/09 16:27] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): If it was revised it was not extensive

[2016/04/09 16:27] Leslie Allandale: not for the first commission

[2016/04/09 16:27] Delia Lake: we need to do that as a baseline imo

[2016/04/09 16:28] Leslie Allandale: you are right it is a big project

[2016/04/09 16:28] Leslie Allandale: maybe a sub-committee?

[2016/04/09 16:28] Delia Lake: probably, yes

[2016/04/09 16:28] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): It would be worth looking at the documentation, not just the picture

[2016/04/09 16:28] Delia Lake: agree, Coop

[2016/04/09 16:29] Leslie Allandale: absolutely

[2016/04/09 16:29] Delia Lake: I volunteer to be part of that subcommittee. others?

[2016/04/09 16:29] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I recall some conversation about it when the plan for Friedsee was first being floated

[2016/04/09 16:30] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I'll go too Delia

[2016/04/09 16:30] Delia Lake: ty

[2016/04/09 16:30] Delia Lake: Les?

[2016/04/09 16:31] Leslie Allandale: Do you have time to lead that investigation? I will help, coop

[2016/04/09 16:31] Delia Lake: you have done models, and good ones, in the past

[2016/04/09 16:31] Delia Lake: Coop, would you be willing to be the point person for this subcommittee?

[2016/04/09 16:32] Leslie Allandale: Me? make models? Oh no, toto

[2016/04/09 16:32] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me chuckles

[2016/04/09 16:32] Leslie Allandale: With coop as boss, i can do anything

[2016/04/09 16:32] Delia Lake: <grin>

[2016/04/09 16:33] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): sure

[2016/04/09 16:33] Leslie Allandale: So we agree? good

[2016/04/09 16:33] Delia Lake: thank you

[2016/04/09 16:33] Leslie Allandale: I think "sure" means, "yes, of course"

[2016/04/09 16:33] Delia Lake: now we are to what Les raised initially. new requests from the Chancellor

[2016/04/09 16:34] Delia Lake: Les?

[2016/04/09 16:34] Leslie Allandale: Rosie asked specifically for guidance from us on CN and FDS

[2016/04/09 16:34] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Now with the vote FDS is a special case

[2016/04/09 16:35] Leslie Allandale: I will handle CN, and help with the other

[2016/04/09 16:35] Delia Lake: I surmise that concern with CN is that the occupancy has been low for a long time now

[2016/04/09 16:35] Leslie Allandale: Her concern was outdated buiIds

[2016/04/09 16:35] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): even with the revision of the covenant

[2016/04/09 16:35] Leslie Allandale: her words

[2016/04/09 16:36] Delia Lake: I know that the covenant was revised fairly recently but given our charge I suggest that we take a broader look at CN than just the outdated builds

[2016/04/09 16:36] Delia Lake: which leads to another new business item

[2016/04/09 16:36] Leslie Allandale: yes, of course

[2016/04/09 16:36] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I have thoughts on CN

[2016/04/09 16:37] Leslie Allandale: dynamite?

[2016/04/09 16:37] Delia Lake: I placed in the agenda box a draft survey of cds citizens. we do not have a good idea of what the citizenry really values so we keep talking around it

[2016/04/09 16:37] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Indeed

[2016/04/09 16:37] Delia Lake: whispers: doing surveys is within the purview of the LUC

[2016/04/09 16:37] Leslie Allandale: no, kidding, Coop. pass your thoughts to me

[2016/04/09 16:37] Delia Lake: didn't mean to whisper

[2016/04/09 16:38] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): May I say something Delia?

[2016/04/09 16:38] Delia Lake: did anyone read the draft yet?

[2016/04/09 16:38] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I have

[2016/04/09 16:38] Delia Lake: yes please Coop

[2016/04/09 16:38] Aedan (aedan.charron): Just finished reading it.

[2016/04/09 16:39] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): If we take a survey, we need to take heed of what it says. Not that I disagree with what happened today at the RA meeting, but the survey Rosie did had like a 69% vote to sell a sim...

[2016/04/09 16:39] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/04/09 16:40] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): So I'd be curious to hear what folks say about the survey you have pending

[2016/04/09 16:40] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Good point.

[2016/04/09 16:41] Delia Lake: with Les's comments that haven't yet been incorporated added, let's post the draft to the forum then

[2016/04/09 16:41] Delia Lake: and any other mods you all have first

[2016/04/09 16:41] Delia Lake: then post

[2016/04/09 16:42] Delia Lake: my whole thrust here is that I dont want to propose changes to current regions without having some idea of what the citizenry values, what people feel is important to keep or add or discard

[2016/04/09 16:43] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Agreed

[2016/04/09 16:43] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): May I say something?

[2016/04/09 16:43] Delia Lake: of course, Han

[2016/04/09 16:43] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): This isn't what Delia wants

[2016/04/09 16:43] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): or me

[2016/04/09 16:43] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): It's "us"

[2016/04/09 16:44] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): It's good to figure out what the current citizens value; but we also need to find a way to figure out what potential customers want, not to mention identifying potential customers. That won't be addressed by this survey, but should be addressed somehow

[2016/04/09 16:44] Leslie Allandale: what is "this" Coop?

[2016/04/09 16:44] Delia Lake: I agree, Han

[2016/04/09 16:44] Leslie Allandale: I do too

[2016/04/09 16:44] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Talking about the survey results Les

[2016/04/09 16:46] Delia Lake: and I feel it is important to know what current citizens value, what past citizens valued and didn't and what folks who are subscribers to our cds group like and don't like so much about the cds particularly in the context of the LUC responsibilities

[2016/04/09 16:46] Delia Lake: that is not the be all and end all

[2016/04/09 16:46] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I agree with you as well Han

[2016/04/09 16:46] Delia Lake: yes it is important to discern what would interest potential new citizens as well

[2016/04/09 16:47] Delia Lake: but imo that would be different than a survey of the cds citizens and group members

[2016/04/09 16:47] Leslie Allandale: My questions address that, somewhat

[2016/04/09 16:47] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): exactly so Delia

[2016/04/09 16:47] Leslie Allandale: wouId you care for an NC?

[2016/04/09 16:47] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): The view from insode out can be myopic

[2016/04/09 16:48] Delia Lake: would you want to start a draft doc of what that might look like and how we would do that outreach, Han and Les?

[2016/04/09 16:49] Delia Lake: on google doc so we can all find it and respond?

[2016/04/09 16:49] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Amen to that, Coop

[2016/04/09 16:49] Delia Lake: agreed

[2016/04/09 16:50] Delia Lake: we want new citizens, in fact we need new citizens imo, and we want to keep current citizens. it's a both and not an either or

[2016/04/09 16:51] Aedan (aedan.charron): agreed

[2016/04/09 16:52] Delia Lake: Han and Les are you up for drafting something together that would address getting information or sparking interest even from potential new citizens?

[2016/04/09 16:52] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): No, not at all either/or; but it's two questions that need to be looked at. :)

[2016/04/09 16:52] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I am, YeSaH!

[2016/04/09 16:53] Leslie Allandale: yes

[2016/04/09 16:53] Delia Lake: great!

[2016/04/09 16:53] Delia Lake: report back at or before the next LUC meeting?

[2016/04/09 16:54] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): We can have something by then.

[2016/04/09 16:54] Delia Lake: excellent

[2016/04/09 16:54] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): A draft, at least.

[2016/04/09 16:54] Leslie Allandale: I now have too much to do ;)

[2016/04/09 16:54] Leslie Allandale: When is next meeting, just before I agree

[2016/04/09 16:54] Delia Lake: moving on. I have proposed that we rotate meeting venues for the LUC so we highlight good meeting spaces in the estate

[2016/04/09 16:55] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Very good idea.

[2016/04/09 16:55] Aedan (aedan.charron): I like that idea

[2016/04/09 16:55] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Excellent idea

[2016/04/09 16:55] Leslie Allandale: Or meet at projects that need review

[2016/04/09 16:56] Delia Lake: so in which region should we meet next?

[2016/04/09 16:56] Leslie Allandale: fds?

[2016/04/09 16:56] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I vote LA

[2016/04/09 16:56] Leslie Allandale: second

[2016/04/09 16:56] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): It's under-performing, it would be good to think over possible reasons why

[2016/04/09 16:56] Delia Lake: a beach meeting?

[2016/04/09 16:56] Leslie Allandale: fins required

[2016/04/09 16:57] Delia Lake: lol

[2016/04/09 16:57] Leslie Allandale: scuba gear provided

[2016/04/09 16:57] Aedan (aedan.charron): There is lots of empty space...but the beach is nice :)

[2016/04/09 16:57] Leslie Allandale: bring your own spear

[2016/04/09 16:57] Delia Lake: /me is thinking of how to protect the dolphins and birds

[2016/04/09 16:58] Delia Lake: ok so the LA beach it is

[2016/04/09 16:58] Delia Lake: when?

[2016/04/09 16:58] Leslie Allandale: date?

[2016/04/09 16:58] Leslie Allandale: soon

[2016/04/09 16:58] Delia Lake: what timeframes work best for folks? our timezones span UK - Anj to US Alaska - Han

[2016/04/09 16:59] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Any time close to SLT works for me

[2016/04/09 16:59] Delia Lake: it's now 1 am for Anj so a little earlier would work better for him I'm thinking

[2016/04/09 17:00] Delia Lake: and are weekends a must?

[2016/04/09 17:00] Shep (shep.titian): anj has set days for his gigs

[2016/04/09 17:00] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I know I'm free then; weekdays are hit-and-miss for me; idk about anyone else.

[2016/04/09 17:00] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): he plays a lot of gigs

[2016/04/09 17:01] Aedan (aedan.charron): The times I selected on the doodle site are pretty standard for me...week to week. Weekends are open and week day evenings are OK after 3.

[2016/04/09 17:01] Delia Lake: yes. he said to me that somewhere around noon slt works ok for him

[2016/04/09 17:01] Shep (shep.titian): 3 or 4 a week atm

[2016/04/09 17:01] Delia Lake: Coop, you have some weekend restrictions

[2016/04/09 17:02] Delia Lake: Coop?

[2016/04/09 17:02] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): mostly after 10 SLT most days

[2016/04/09 17:03] Delia Lake: 10 am?

[2016/04/09 17:03] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I have Scouts or PD on Saturdays, and church on Sunday

[2016/04/09 17:03] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/04/09 17:03] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): 10 AM, yes

[2016/04/09 17:03] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Weekdays, after 4 SLT

[2016/04/09 17:04] Delia Lake: since we have a lot to do, should we try for next Sunday at 10 am slt for the next LUC meeting?

[2016/04/09 17:04] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I can be here then, probably

[2016/04/09 17:04] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Though I won't need to be if Anj shows up

[2016/04/09 17:05] Aedan (aedan.charron): I can be here, then.

[2016/04/09 17:05] Delia Lake: yes, Han we still need a member of the RA. Anj and Coop are citizen appointees

[2016/04/09 17:05] Lilith Ivory: erm ... I will have to reshedule our SC meeting and we are planing tp meet at this time

[2016/04/09 17:05] Leslie Allandale: No, Han, we need a sitting RA

[2016/04/09 17:06] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): next sunday?

[2016/04/09 17:06] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/04/09 17:06] Lilith Ivory: yes next sunday 9am slt

[2016/04/09 17:06] Lilith Ivory: as we are not quorate tomorrow

[2016/04/09 17:06] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I thought it was tomorrow

[2016/04/09 17:06] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): ah

[2016/04/09 17:06] Lilith Ivory: makes no sense if nobody can come

[2016/04/09 17:06] Delia Lake: oh. Lil how long do you expect the SC to run?

[2016/04/09 17:07] Delia Lake: will it be over in an hour?

[2016/04/09 17:07] Lilith Ivory: not longer than two hours , most likely less

[2016/04/09 17:07] Lilith Ivory: the aganda is still the same as it had been for tomorrow and there is not much on it

[2016/04/09 17:07] Delia Lake: this is a very long meeting for the LUC I do not expect future meetings to run much more than an hour

[2016/04/09 17:08] Delia Lake: what about Saturday then for the LUC?

[2016/04/09 17:08] Delia Lake: 11 am on Saturday? I can't do 10 that day

[2016/04/09 17:09] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I have to leave at 1pm saturday for another meeting

[2016/04/09 17:09] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I"m good other thna that

[2016/04/09 17:09] Aedan (aedan.charron): Works for me

[2016/04/09 17:09] Delia Lake: we will absolutely be done before 1 next saturday, Han

[2016/04/09 17:10] Delia Lake: we need to do our own reading and start our reviews and projects, and report to the group

[2016/04/09 17:10] Delia Lake: if we've done our homework we will be done quickly

[2016/04/09 17:10] Aedan (aedan.charron): /me nods

[2016/04/09 17:10] Leslie Allandale: get your rubber stamps out

[2016/04/09 17:11] Delia Lake: before we adjourn, do the "audience" attendees have anything you'd like to raise?

[2016/04/09 17:11] Widget Whiteberry: well done!

[2016/04/09 17:11] Shep (shep.titian): not at this juncture thank you

[2016/04/09 17:11] Brooke (brooke.brandenburg): Who do we send completed surveys to please?

[2016/04/09 17:11] Lilith Ivory: indeed, thanks for having us :)

[2016/04/09 17:11] Delia Lake: thank yyou. it was a lot to get through

[2016/04/09 17:12] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Thanks for hanging in there, everyone :D

[2016/04/09 17:12] Delia Lake: we will put out the survey questions on the forum with a link to a survey monkey site so we can tabulate, Brooke

[2016/04/09 17:12] Delia Lake: thanks everyone!
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