Transcript of LUC Meeting of 1 May 2016

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Transcript of LUC Meeting of 1 May 2016

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The following is a transcript of the LUC meeting held Sunday, May 1, 2016 on the Platz of Neufreistadt Amoenus. The meeting began at 12:06 pm and ran just short of two hours to end at 13:54 (1:54 pm).

The primary topics of this meeting again concerned Friedsee and how to proceed now that it has been homesteaded.

Delia Lake, RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone), Aedan (Aedan Charron) and Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held) were present

A number of citizens and officials were also present


The meeting was called to order at 12:06 pm.

No modifications or additions to the prior meeting (16 April 2016) were recommended.

Old Business
Region reviews are ongoing. Han and Coop are still working on Monastery and Neufreistadt, respectively. Delia shared her draft assessment of Alpine Meadows ( ... Elyb8/edit) and Aedan shared his of Locus Amoenus ( ... Rwghekt4jM) There was ongoing discussion about several things that came up during the inspections. The goal was set for all evaluations to have been completed and an all encompassing document prepared and posted to the forum by the next scheduled meeting of the LUC.

New Business

There was lots of discussion about Friedsee. It has now been grandfathered and a plan is needed for it’s future. Much of that concerned the possibility of terraforming it so that Linden water would run all the way through it, connecting to the Linden water in Monastery. Concerns were raised about sheer drop offs and displacing residents with several people expressing an interest in seeing a model before deciding whether to or not to further consider such a change. Coop volunteered to do a model in opensim and bring pictures to help in the decision process.

Discussion of the Grand Master Plan was tabled because of the current focus on Friedsee.

The citizen survey is active. Twenty people have participated so far. It is hoped that more will take the survey so will be left available for another week. ( )

The next meeting of the LUC was scheduled for May 15, 2016 at 12pm SLT.

The meeting adjourned at 1:54 pm

Meeting Transcript

[2016/05/01 12:06] Delia Lake: ok. I call the meeting of the LUC to order at 12:06 pm, 01 May, 2016

[2016/05/01 12:06] Widget Whiteberry passes an agenda to Rat

[2016/05/01 12:07] Aedan (aedan.charron): (( incoming ))

[2016/05/01 12:07] Lilith Ivory: hiya Shep

[2016/05/01 12:07] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Heya Shep

[2016/05/01 12:07] Delia Lake: first order is to approve the transcript from the last meeting that serves as our minutes. Hi Shep. Agenda in the box to my right

[2016/05/01 12:07] Shep (shep.titian): Hi All

[2016/05/01 12:07] Shep (shep.titian): Still rezzing

[2016/05/01 12:08] Delia Lake: anything that may not have been copied/caught by the transcript that you would want to add?

[2016/05/01 12:09] Aedan (aedan.charron): sit, pen in hand

[2016/05/01 12:09] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I'm a little groggy...apologies...but I don't have a copy of the transscript?

[2016/05/01 12:10] Delia Lake: it's on the forum, Han. Aedan do you have the link handy? I should have put it into the agenda

[2016/05/01 12:10] Aedan (aedan.charron): viewtopic.php?f=67&t=7509

[2016/05/01 12:10] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): thanks; brb

[2016/05/01 12:10] Delia Lake: ty

[2016/05/01 12:12] Delia Lake: any additions to the transcript, or needed deletions?

[2016/05/01 12:12] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): None that I can see

[2016/05/01 12:12] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): not that I see

[2016/05/01 12:12] Delia Lake: if not, we approve the transcript?

[2016/05/01 12:12] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I do

[2016/05/01 12:13] Aedan (aedan.charron): nods, chuckling "I do...if I'm permitted"

[2016/05/01 12:13] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): do we need a motion?

[2016/05/01 12:14] Delia Lake: well, maybe but since it's a transcript not a summary it can probably just stand

[2016/05/01 12:14] Delia Lake: since there are no changes

[2016/05/01 12:14] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): ok, yes to accept

[2016/05/01 12:15] Delia Lake: old business. review and assessment of each region

[2016/05/01 12:15] Delia Lake: this is a work in progress still I think

[2016/05/01 12:15] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I've been going over Monastery, fwiw

[2016/05/01 12:15] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Though i did NOT look at prim counts

[2016/05/01 12:15] Delia Lake: Aedan has done LA and I've done AM. Han on Monastery

[2016/05/01 12:16] Aedan (aedan.charron): nods

[2016/05/01 12:16] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I mostly looked for egerious violations of covenant

[2016/05/01 12:16] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I'm coming along with NFS

[2016/05/01 12:16] Delia Lake: so who wants to talk first as to where they are and what they're finding?

[2016/05/01 12:16] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): all 136 parcels of it

[2016/05/01 12:17] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I don't have much to say about Monastery; everything seems to fit the covenent and I don't see anything hugely pressing to update

[2016/05/01 12:18] Delia Lake: ok. thank you, Han

[2016/05/01 12:18] Delia Lake: I can go next. Here's my draft of AM on google doc. ... Elyb8/edit

[2016/05/01 12:19] Delia Lake: there are a few things on AM

[2016/05/01 12:19] Delia Lake: the landscaping is quite recent and the terraforming is ok

[2016/05/01 12:19] Delia Lake: the landing hub though is both out of covenant and old

[2016/05/01 12:20] Delia Lake: it's more roman in an alpine region

[2016/05/01 12:20] Delia Lake: there are no central public buildings on AM so the hub should better represent the region imo

[2016/05/01 12:21] Delia Lake: there are lots of paths and landscaping features for walking around, meeting friends, fishing, swimming, etc. I'm thinking there should be signs on the roadways and paths that show all of this, plus a map that people can pick up at the hub

[2016/05/01 12:21] Aedan (aedan.charron): nods

[2016/05/01 12:22] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): nods in agreement

[2016/05/01 12:22] Delia Lake: I've put at the bottom of the doc a picture of the type of a waystation that might be built instead of the columned thiing that is there now

[2016/05/01 12:22] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): The map links are still broken on the master parcel list on the portal

[2016/05/01 12:23] Delia Lake: a lot of things are broken right now including that

[2016/05/01 12:23] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): nods

[2016/05/01 12:23] Delia Lake: since you brought it up, though it isn't really in our purview, the links from the kiosk need to be revised. some are broken and others are 3 yrs out of date

[2016/05/01 12:24] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): it is sorta. I guess we can send a note up the chain

[2016/05/01 12:24] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Couldn't hurt; or a note on the forum

[2016/05/01 12:24] Delia Lake: not all of the broken things can be handled by Mizou though. it's too much. we should probably post to the forum or have Rosie do that and ask for volunteer help

[2016/05/01 12:24] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I'd sent a notecard first

[2016/05/01 12:24] Delia Lake: at least to identify things

[2016/05/01 12:25] Delia Lake: back to AM though, the other buiilding that needs to be replaced imo is The Mews.

[2016/05/01 12:26] Delia Lake: it's a 4 dwelling attached building that is from the original build out of the region

[2016/05/01 12:26] Delia Lake: it was great in 2007 but looks out of date now

[2016/05/01 12:27] Delia Lake: there are currently 2 residents in the building: Dante and Ranma

[2016/05/01 12:27] Aedan (aedan.charron): How many does it hold?

[2016/05/01 12:27] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): 4

[2016/05/01 12:28] Delia Lake: I am recommending that The Mews should be replaced with the same footprint as it currently has so that it would not inconvenience the residents but would look up to date

[2016/05/01 12:28] Aedan (aedan.charron) nods

[2016/05/01 12:28] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): On a personal note, I'm not a fan of change for the sake of change...we loose a historical feel going that route. However, I understand my opinion is the minority one on that subject and I'm willing to go along with the majority opinion.

[2016/05/01 12:29] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): lose, I meant; not loose

[2016/05/01 12:30] Delia Lake: I actually thought of that, Han. I looked carefully at the building. there are 2 points that stick out for me. 1 is the roofs make it obviously old prim style looking and the prims of the walls are very flat and look fake compared with the mesh buildings around them

[2016/05/01 12:31] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): It sounds jarring; I don't object to replacing them.

[2016/05/01 12:31] Delia Lake: if they had some historical significance, perhaps, but they really don't

[2016/05/01 12:31] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): We have a lot of builds that were built before large prims, and have some really dated looking textures

[2016/05/01 12:32] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): The Mews is a good choice for a replacement because a lot of folks don't even know it's a public build

[2016/05/01 12:32] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): one person's dated is another's Kendra's builds

[2016/05/01 12:32] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Yeah, I agree; if it's jarring we should update it

[2016/05/01 12:32] Delia Lake: sky boxes seem ok, and high enough

[2016/05/01 12:32] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I have a question about that

[2016/05/01 12:32] Delia Lake: I'm done with AM for now

[2016/05/01 12:32] Delia Lake: yes question?

[2016/05/01 12:33] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Have you tested that with shadows enabled and set at the default noon ?

[2016/05/01 12:33] Delia Lake: I have shadows set all the time

[2016/05/01 12:33] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I'm not sure what height skyboxes cast a shadow; I would test that, with draw distance set to 256

[2016/05/01 12:33] Delia Lake: don't know wht times of day it was

[2016/05/01 12:34] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I mean the viewer setting nooon; ctrl-shift-n

[2016/05/01 12:34] Delia Lake: I'll go back and check that

[2016/05/01 12:34] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Hi, Rosie

[2016/05/01 12:34] Rosie Gray: hi Han

[2016/05/01 12:34] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Thank you. :)

[2016/05/01 12:34] Delia Lake: hi Rosie

[2016/05/01 12:34] Rosie Gray: hi everyone ㋡

[2016/05/01 12:34] Lilith Ivory: Hi Rosie

[2016/05/01 12:34] Brooke (brooke.brandenburg): hi Rosie

[2016/05/01 12:34] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Hi Rosie

[2016/05/01 12:34] Delia Lake: good point, Han

[2016/05/01 12:34] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Feel free to rez a chair, Madame Chancellor :)

[2016/05/01 12:35] Delia Lake: Aedan or Coop?

[2016/05/01 12:35] Aedan (aedan.charron): My draft review of LA is available here: ... Rwghekt4jM My summary and comments are at the very bottom.

[2016/05/01 12:35] Rosie Gray: thank you

[2016/05/01 12:35] Aedan (aedan.charron): To summarize my summary though....

[2016/05/01 12:36] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): nothing on AM

[2016/05/01 12:36] Aedan (aedan.charron): I found very little to nothing out of the covenant....a floating light.. I did find some items that were set to group and yet I couldnt' move them ( on the beach, on the fishing dock)

[2016/05/01 12:37] Aedan (aedan.charron): There are invisible obstacles (bounding boxes) on a few stairways and a pier.

[2016/05/01 12:37] Delia Lake: so you like the dead fish smell, lol?

[2016/05/01 12:37] Aedan (aedan.charron) laughs "and that too! "

[2016/05/01 12:38] Delia Lake: I haven't posted my ongoing, perennial nag to the LV group about setting all things on public property to group share.. I'll do that

[2016/05/01 12:39] Delia Lake: it's a real pain when you need to move things and can't

[2016/05/01 12:39] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Indeed

[2016/05/01 12:39] Rosie Gray: I agree

[2016/05/01 12:39] Delia Lake: everyone needs to monitor their own things in that group

[2016/05/01 12:39] Aedan (aedan.charron): even just trying to tidy up a bit rather than comment on them in this review.

[2016/05/01 12:39] Rosie Gray: all public items should be set to the LV group and shared

[2016/05/01 12:40] Delia Lake: Anything else, Aedan?

[2016/05/01 12:40] Aedan (aedan.charron): I found no skyboxes below 1000m...I think that pretty much summarizes it unless we start talking about future builds :)

[2016/05/01 12:41] Delia Lake: Coop, anything you want to say about NFS?

[2016/05/01 12:41] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I just realized the doc I wanted to share is on my work laptop

[2016/05/01 12:42] Widget Whiteberry snorts

[2016/05/01 12:42] Delia Lake: lol, I've done that sometimes too

[2016/05/01 12:42] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Hiya, Ranma

[2016/05/01 12:42] Rosie Gray: hi Ranma

[2016/05/01 12:42] Lilith Ivory: Hi Ranma

[2016/05/01 12:42] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): just that I know it was a part of doing things then, but the number of parcels because this is a single prim sim is hard to keep up with

[2016/05/01 12:42] Ranma Tardis: Hello

[2016/05/01 12:43] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): There's an empty chair if you'd like a seat

[2016/05/01 12:43] Widget Whiteberry: join us, Ranma

[2016/05/01 12:43] Delia Lake: How about we agree to have these doc's completed and ready to give to the chancellor and post summaries on the forum by next LUC meeting. Would that work for everyone? This is good progress btw

[2016/05/01 12:43] Delia Lake: hi Ranma

[2016/05/01 12:43] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): So...between now and next Sunday then?

[2016/05/01 12:44] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): ok, and I will get mine shared out so the rest of you can have a peek

[2016/05/01 12:44] Delia Lake: we haven't yet picked a next meeting time

[2016/05/01 12:45] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): ok.

[2016/05/01 12:45] Delia Lake: but let's make sure all the LUC can see what we've done this week

[2016/05/01 12:45] Delia Lake: post on google docs in LUC

[2016/05/01 12:46] Delia Lake: anything more on region reviews right now?

[2016/05/01 12:46] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): The good thing is regression testing is over at work, so I have a little breather before the new sprint starts

[2016/05/01 12:46] Delia Lake: that is good!

[2016/05/01 12:47] Delia Lake: if there is nothing more re region reviews right now let's move on. I had put Master Plan next but if it's ok, I'd like to move the order and discuss ideas and options for Friedsee first

[2016/05/01 12:48] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): fine with me

[2016/05/01 12:48] Aedan (aedan.charron)x nods "sure"

[2016/05/01 12:49] Delia Lake: this should be I think in the flavor of brainstorming right now

[2016/05/01 12:49] Delia Lake: we have just downgraded Friedsee from a full region to a homestead as everyone knows

[2016/05/01 12:50] Delia Lake: so there are fewer prims available overall

[2016/05/01 12:50] Delia Lake: and the design that was, was for a full region

[2016/05/01 12:50] Ranma Tardis: news to me

[2016/05/01 12:50] Delia Lake: that happened last week, Ranma, following a vote by the RA at their last meeting

[2016/05/01 12:50] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): We've talked it over on the forum; when we debated accepting LL's offer to grandfather our estate

[2016/05/01 12:51] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): and also at the RA meetings

[2016/05/01 12:51] Ranma Tardis: ok, I have been busy in the rl with finals at university. I graduate Saturday or at least I hope

[2016/05/01 12:51] Widget Whiteberry: yay!

[2016/05/01 12:51] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Congrats!

[2016/05/01 12:51] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Good luck/congratulations in advance :)

[2016/05/01 12:52] Ranma Tardis: :) I have a project and a screen play to rewrite

[2016/05/01 12:52] Delia Lake: I don't know if other people have been considering the redesign of Friedsee but I've been rolling some things around and want to put out something bold

[2016/05/01 12:52] Aedan (aedan.charron) is all ears

[2016/05/01 12:53] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Same here

[2016/05/01 12:53] Delia Lake: The beginning of this idea came in a conversation Coop, Widget and I had a few weeks ago

[2016/05/01 12:53] Ranma Tardis: I never understood why the theme

[2016/05/01 12:53] Ranma Tardis: ?

[2016/05/01 12:54] Delia Lake: right now the landscaping on Friedsee is disjointed because there are fewer buildings. and the amount of prims available for landscaping and features is close to max

[2016/05/01 12:54] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): the new max will be 3750

[2016/05/01 12:55] Ranma Tardis: how many lot owners were displaced?

[2016/05/01 12:55] Rosie Gray: none, Ranma

[2016/05/01 12:55] Ranma Tardis: :)

[2016/05/01 12:55] Delia Lake: so what Coop, Widget and I were tossing around is what if we lowered the land on Friedsee so that we could remove the water prims and have LL water? and what if we lowered the high parts of the south side of
Monastery so that water would also be LL water? both are homesteads

[2016/05/01 12:56] Delia Lake: at first I thought it couldn't reasonably be done

[2016/05/01 12:56] Delia Lake: but I've been checking things out and I think it could be

[2016/05/01 12:56] Aedan (aedan.charron): Would that affect anybody on Monastery?

[2016/05/01 12:57] Rosie Gray: there is an occupied parcel near the sim border there

[2016/05/01 12:57] Delia Lake: it would not only reduce the prim count but it would make it possible to boat from Friedsee through to the mouth of the Rhenus at the CN/LA border

[2016/05/01 12:57] Delia Lake: we could do it I think without disturbing any of the current citizens and their parcels

[2016/05/01 12:57] Delia Lake: it would mean a drop off from my NFS land and Les's

[2016/05/01 12:58] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): That would be wonderful if we were able to open that up

[2016/05/01 12:58] Rosie Gray: how would you bring down the land that much?

[2016/05/01 12:58] Rosie Gray: it would be extremely steep

[2016/05/01 12:58] Delia Lake: and Lil's and Sera's would have to be stepped down

[2016/05/01 12:58] Delia Lake: I thought so too, Rosie, so I went around some places on the mainland to see how steep

[2016/05/01 12:59] Delia Lake: and what it might look like

[2016/05/01 12:59] Delia Lake: the edge of my NFS corner is now at about 120 m and the LL water level when it's reached is at about 20 m

[2016/05/01 13:00] Delia Lake: so I also looked on google to see if there were any examples in rl of what that wouuld be, and appropriate ones, of central Europe

[2016/05/01 13:00] Delia Lake: ... LYXH9aM%3A

[2016/05/01 13:01] Rosie Gray: lots of trees in those landscapes

[2016/05/01 13:01] Delia Lake: there is, in poland at the slovinian border in the Carpathian mountains.

[2016/05/01 13:01] Rosie Gray: I have a question... how many prims are you talking about saving, by removing the water prims?

[2016/05/01 13:01] Widget Whiteberry: gorgeous gorges

[2016/05/01 13:02] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): very beautiful

[2016/05/01 13:02] Delia Lake: it would save prims, plus give the attraction of LL navigable water

[2016/05/01 13:02] Rosie Gray: they look like where I live

[2016/05/01 13:02] Ranma Tardis: looks like western PA

[2016/05/01 13:02] Delia Lake: how much land we turned to water would be up to us to design

[2016/05/01 13:02] Rosie Gray: do you know how many prims you've used for the water now?

[2016/05/01 13:03] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Pittsburgh Pride!! :D

[2016/05/01 13:03] Delia Lake: most of the highest spots of the regions are not inhabited--of Friedsee and Monastery

[2016/05/01 13:03] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): :D

[2016/05/01 13:03] Delia Lake: I don't know the prim count but will check

[2016/05/01 13:03] Lilith Ivory: I´m a little concerned as I would not want to have a step hill in my backyard. I had this in AM before after the rock prims got removed and decided to leave my parcel there

[2016/05/01 13:04] Delia Lake: if the land were different we could also replace some of the 8 group conifers with 16 group for the same prim count

[2016/05/01 13:04] Widget Whiteberry: 1982 public prims in all

[2016/05/01 13:04] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Is there a way to do this w/out a steep incline?

[2016/05/01 13:04] Widget Whiteberry: Raise the water level?

[2016/05/01 13:05] Delia Lake: the hill would have to step down from your plot, Lil, and from Sera's. the incline would be too steep otherwise

[2016/05/01 13:05] Rosie Gray: ... l0zc97lz8v

[2016/05/01 13:05] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): terraform a waterway from Friedsee to LA

[2016/05/01 13:05] Delia Lake: yes Han

[2016/05/01 13:05] Rosie Gray: here is the doc I made of prims, before the downgrade

[2016/05/01 13:05] Lilith Ivory: nods

[2016/05/01 13:05] Lilith Ivory: if I am not happy how it becomes I can always move elsewhere :)

[2016/05/01 13:05] Delia Lake: we want to make it attractive not odd looking

[2016/05/01 13:06] Rosie Gray: I think it is important to keep the existing parcel owners happy

[2016/05/01 13:06] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Yeah, as natural as possible

[2016/05/01 13:06] Ranma Tardis: we all may not have a choice

[2016/05/01 13:06] Delia Lake: so a very steep incline that stretches the textures oddly won't work

[2016/05/01 13:06] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): We have a choice; that's why we're discussing it

[2016/05/01 13:06] Delia Lake: yes :) this is just the beginning of a discussion

[2016/05/01 13:06] Delia Lake: brainstorming

[2016/05/01 13:06] Ranma Tardis: oh what does LL call the 3D wonder?

[2016/05/01 13:07] Delia Lake: and Lil and Andrew live there so what they think is important

[2016/05/01 13:07] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I do too

[2016/05/01 13:07] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I might even have a conflict of interest as I may want to trade my cn parcel for one in FS

[2016/05/01 13:07] Delia Lake: oh yes, I forgot. sorry, Han

[2016/05/01 13:08] Delia Lake: lol

[2016/05/01 13:08] Ranma Tardis: Project Sansar

[2016/05/01 13:08] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): depending on how FS shakes out

[2016/05/01 13:08] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): FS=friedsee I mean

[2016/05/01 13:08] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Well, where I live at, I don't think it's a big issue for me, personally

[2016/05/01 13:08] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): No; you and I are on the other end of the sim than what is being discussed

[2016/05/01 13:08] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Right

[2016/05/01 13:09] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Are we keeping the airport; or is that on the table as well?

[2016/05/01 13:09] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): the biggest thing to keep in mind is we have 3750 prims total to work with, which will shake out to about 350 or so public prims to play with

[2016/05/01 13:09] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): The public bits will have to all be on the table from what I see

[2016/05/01 13:09] Ranma Tardis: about this I support the majority being in Alpine and I use to have a homestead sim in Caledon, rather restrictive

[2016/05/01 13:10] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I think a small airfield should be doable in 100-200 prims **looks at Andrew**?

[2016/05/01 13:10] Rosie Gray: first thing to decide, is if the existing citizens owning parcels there are enough to cover the tier

[2016/05/01 13:11] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Absolutely it could..

[2016/05/01 13:11] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held) isn't sure what the current one clocks in at

[2016/05/01 13:11] Rosie Gray: has that been thought about?

[2016/05/01 13:11] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Good point, Rosie

[2016/05/01 13:11] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I'm suspecting not.

[2016/05/01 13:11] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): as long as everyone has enough prims for their personal parcels

[2016/05/01 13:11] Delia Lake: Widget, do you happen to have that information?

[2016/05/01 13:12] Aedan (aedan.charron): I counted 116 at the current airport.

[2016/05/01 13:12] Delia Lake: covering the tier is critical

[2016/05/01 13:12] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Yep, it is. We might have to consider divesting it instead of renovating it

[2016/05/01 13:13] Rosie Gray: there 154 prims for the airport

[2016/05/01 13:13] Rosie Gray: as it is currently, but some stuff could be removed

[2016/05/01 13:13] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Tho we should look at the report Widget posted before tossing the region, too

[2016/05/01 13:13] Delia Lake: does that include the rented plane parking, Rosie?

[2016/05/01 13:13] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): is the hangar just there or available for rental for additional income?

[2016/05/01 13:13] Rosie Gray: no, there are no parcels for hangar space now

[2016/05/01 13:14] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): small parcels like that would end up with maybe 5 prims available; not really practical

[2016/05/01 13:14] Widget Whiteberry: Sorry Deklia, which info?

[2016/05/01 13:14] Delia Lake: if we had LL water we could even rent 50 prim docks for small boats there

[2016/05/01 13:14] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): on a homestead

[2016/05/01 13:14] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I like that idea -renting docks

[2016/05/01 13:14] Delia Lake: or on any of the regions

[2016/05/01 13:14] Rosie Gray: what report is it, of Widgets?

[2016/05/01 13:14] Widget Whiteberry: What's the quesion?

[2016/05/01 13:14] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Yes, I meant her report of what regions are breaking even

[2016/05/01 13:15] Delia Lake: the region break even spreadsheet, Widget

[2016/05/01 13:15] Widget Whiteberry: oh, moment

[2016/05/01 13:15] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): That would be good, indeed..

[2016/05/01 13:15] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): (the rental idea)

[2016/05/01 13:16] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): as long as we have a rez in spot for the water

[2016/05/01 13:16] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/05/01 13:17] Widget Whiteberry: as of today, all but FDS are breaking even - to different degrees.

[2016/05/01 13:18] Widget Whiteberry: lowering tier was a big fctor

[2016/05/01 13:18] Widget Whiteberry: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7205&start=15#p43165

[2016/05/01 13:18] Rosie Gray: how many more parcels do we need to create for Friedsee to cover its cost?

[2016/05/01 13:18] Widget Whiteberry: we lost 3 people

[2016/05/01 13:19] Rosie Gray: right now, the only parcels that are cut on FS, are those that are occupied

[2016/05/01 13:19] Delia Lake: 1. how far off is Friedsee, Widget? and 2. does this idea of lowering the terrain and getting LL water seem doable enough that we should continue to play with it and come up with some design rough outs?

[2016/05/01 13:19] Rosie Gray: so part of this discussion needs to be how many more parcels do we need to create for people to buy

[2016/05/01 13:19] Lilith Ivory: we should not forget the cost per prim is slightly higher on a homestead than on a full region

[2016/05/01 13:19] Widget Whiteberry: Rosie it's not a matter of the numbers of parcels

[2016/05/01 13:19] Ranma Tardis: なに?

[2016/05/01 13:19] Rosie Gray: yes it is Widget, for planning purposes

[2016/05/01 13:19] Widget Whiteberry: but of the numbers of prims

[2016/05/01 13:20] Rosie Gray: how many parcels and the prim counts for them

[2016/05/01 13:20] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): and anticipated income that they can generate

[2016/05/01 13:20] Ranma Tardis: what is this, we lot three people?

[2016/05/01 13:20] Ranma Tardis: lost

[2016/05/01 13:20] Rosie Gray: people coming and going Ranma

[2016/05/01 13:20] Rosie Gray: we've also got some new citizens

[2016/05/01 13:20] Widget Whiteberry: yes, but the timing was in some ways coincidental

[2016/05/01 13:21] Ranma Tardis: in the sim we are discussing?

[2016/05/01 13:21] Widget Whiteberry: yes, Ranma

[2016/05/01 13:21] Rosie Gray: hi Pip ㋡

[2016/05/01 13:21] Delia Lake: hi Pip

[2016/05/01 13:21] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Hiya, Pip

[2016/05/01 13:21] Ranma Tardis: so when I asked my question the answer should of been three

[2016/05/01 13:22] Widget Whiteberry nods

[2016/05/01 13:22] Widget Whiteberry: I thought so, too

[2016/05/01 13:22] Rosie Gray: what 3 people did we lose from FS?

[2016/05/01 13:22] Rosie Gray: Shep was there, but she is still a citizen

[2016/05/01 13:23] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): shep, anj and one other?

[2016/05/01 13:23] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): but no longer in friedsee; which is the question I think

[2016/05/01 13:23] Rosie Gray: ah, Anj yes we have lost, and Tori

[2016/05/01 13:23] Rosie Gray: but that had nothing to do with the changes to Friedsee

[2016/05/01 13:23] Delia Lake: how many prims would people have to pay for--beyond what is private pay now-- on Friedsee for the region to break even?

[2016/05/01 13:23] Lilith Ivory: but not because of the downgrading to my knowing

[2016/05/01 13:23] Rosie Gray: that was my question, Delia

[2016/05/01 13:24] Shep (shep.titian): I had 2100 prims there .. that would'nt have worked with the downgrading

[2016/05/01 13:24] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): so the current tier for a homestead is 95 USD?

[2016/05/01 13:24] Ranma Tardis: they lost their homesteads, so it is a good guess

[2016/05/01 13:24] Widget Whiteberry: Yes, Coop

[2016/05/01 13:24] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): ok

[2016/05/01 13:24] Rosie Gray: because creating some new parcels for sale will be a big part of deciding what a new design would look like

[2016/05/01 13:24] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held) nods in agreement with Rosie

[2016/05/01 13:24] Andrew Lane (andrewjon) nods as well

[2016/05/01 13:25] Ranma Tardis: I have to go

[2016/05/01 13:25] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): side comment: I'm not sure if we're paying $95 or $125

[2016/05/01 13:25] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Take care

[2016/05/01 13:25] Delia Lake: there are a number of ways it could be accounted for such as N x 50 prim boat slips, or plane parking or ? x resident lots, etc or any mix but that would have to be after we decide on the concept of any redesign

[2016/05/01 13:25] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): bye Ranma

[2016/05/01 13:25] Ranma Tardis: bye bye

[2016/05/01 13:26] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): Good luck!

[2016/05/01 13:26] Delia Lake: we should be paying 95 because it should be grandfathered

[2016/05/01 13:26] Ranma Tardis: thanks :)

[2016/05/01 13:26] Delia Lake: that was the intent

[2016/05/01 13:26] Rosie Gray: yes it is grandfathered

[2016/05/01 13:26] Rosie Gray: sorry I have to go

[2016/05/01 13:26] Rosie Gray: look forward to hearing more

[2016/05/01 13:26] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I thot that was two operations we had to go through...thanks, Rosie; tc!

[2016/05/01 13:27] Aedan (aedan.charron): Take care, Rosie.

[2016/05/01 13:27] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): take care, Rosie!

[2016/05/01 13:27] Shep (shep.titian): Bye Rosie

[2016/05/01 13:27] Rosie Gray: but... for the record, I am somewhat sceptical that a nice terraforming can be done from the existing height down to the system water. Perhaps I'm wrong, but that's what Im thinking

[2016/05/01 13:27] Rosie Gray: bye everyone ㋡

[2016/05/01 13:27] Lilith Ivory: bye Rosie

[2016/05/01 13:27] Brooke (brooke.brandenburg): bye Rosie :)

[2016/05/01 13:28] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I have to afk a few; RL

[2016/05/01 13:28] Delia Lake: I thought what Rosie thought until I traveled around looking at actual regions in sl

[2016/05/01 13:28] Delia Lake: now I think it's doable

[2016/05/01 13:28] Widget Whiteberry: a model would help us to visualize yhis concept

[2016/05/01 13:28] Lilith Ivory: I´m sceptical too but might be able to be convinced :)

[2016/05/01 13:29] Aedan (aedan.charron) nods "that would help to be able to see it"

[2016/05/01 13:29] Delia Lake: it would help to have a model, yes

[2016/05/01 13:29] Lilith Ivory: indeed

[2016/05/01 13:30] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): if somehow we had the ability to export an OAR and import it to an OpenSim type place for mucking about with it.... lol

[2016/05/01 13:30] Delia Lake: Lil, your lot is the highest occupied plot on FS?

[2016/05/01 13:30] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): you can't do OARs

[2016/05/01 13:30] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): I know

[2016/05/01 13:30] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): You can get the RAW file

[2016/05/01 13:30] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): imagine the unholy howl if they ever did them!

[2016/05/01 13:30] Delia Lake: lol

[2016/05/01 13:30] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): No kidding, Hannah :P~~~~

[2016/05/01 13:30] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): They'd be able to hear it on Vulcan!

[2016/05/01 13:31] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): It'd make life easier for estate owners

[2016/05/01 13:31] Delia Lake: So what do you all think? is this direction worth pursuing?

[2016/05/01 13:32] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I can do a model of what I was thinking in OSgrid and take pictures

[2016/05/01 13:32] Lilith Ivory: there are a few that were higher but those are not rented atm

[2016/05/01 13:32] Aedan (aedan.charron): I do like the idea and don't think we should can it.

[2016/05/01 13:33] Lilith Ivory: and I do not insist in staying exactly at this position

[2016/05/01 13:33] Lilith Ivory: just don´t want a house in front of my nose and a step hill in my back :)

[2016/05/01 13:33] Aedan (aedan.charron) chuckles

[2016/05/01 13:33] Delia Lake: the more I think about it the more I like the idea of having a multi region LL waterway

[2016/05/01 13:34] Delia Lake: agree, Lil, that wouldn't work

[2016/05/01 13:34] Lilith Ivory smiles

[2016/05/01 13:34] Delia Lake: but the path of the water doesn't have to be where it is now

[2016/05/01 13:34] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): When we first started talking about it, it might take some raising and lowering

[2016/05/01 13:34] Delia Lake: the whole hill to the west is now unoccupied

[2016/05/01 13:34] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): but the end goal will be really sexy

[2016/05/01 13:34] Lilith Ivory: I wouldn´t mind moving to the weat if it helps

[2016/05/01 13:35] Lilith Ivory: west

[2016/05/01 13:35] Delia Lake: good to know

[2016/05/01 13:35] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): back...I think Coop's idea of making a model is a good one; I'm in favor of it

[2016/05/01 13:35] Shep (shep.titian): You can buy RAW files on MP

[2016/05/01 13:36] Delia Lake: now, to make this work it can't be just Friedsee but has to include some redesign of Monastery as well

[2016/05/01 13:36] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I have the last RAW we tried to drop in of FDS

[2016/05/01 13:36] Delia Lake: yes Coop, that would be really helpful imo

[2016/05/01 13:36] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): We already have a multi-region waterway; it just doesn't go through the entire estate. It would be great if it idd

[2016/05/01 13:36] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): *did

[2016/05/01 13:37] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): that would be wonderful

[2016/05/01 13:37] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): I could sail my little sailboat all the way through :D

[2016/05/01 13:37] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): yep!

[2016/05/01 13:37] Aedan (aedan.charron): might be a traffic jam out there :)

[2016/05/01 13:38] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): my boats get jammed in cn; but that's another story

[2016/05/01 13:38] Delia Lake: that's right, Andrew

[2016/05/01 13:38] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): I'm going to have to go, I have to take care of things irl

[2016/05/01 13:38] Aedan (aedan.charron): bye Han

[2016/05/01 13:38] Lilith Ivory: see you Han

[2016/05/01 13:39] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Bye Han

[2016/05/01 13:39] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): bye everyone **waves**

[2016/05/01 13:39] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): See ya, Hannah ❤

[2016/05/01 13:39] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): See ya soon Andrew ❤

[2016/05/01 13:39] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf-Firelyte (han.held): *mews*

[2016/05/01 13:41] Delia Lake: it seems like there are enough positives to play with this, and some real concerns about the doability as well, that we should pursue rough outs of designs before our next meeting

[2016/05/01 13:41] Delia Lake: btw, there are preliminary results from the survey and landscape, natural beauty are important to people

[2016/05/01 13:42] Delia Lake: we have 20 respondents so far. I'd love to have double that

[2016/05/01 13:42] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): I wasn't able to view that survey, btw

[2016/05/01 13:42] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): survey analysis*

[2016/05/01 13:42] Delia Lake: hmmm

[2016/05/01 13:43] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): required sign in

[2016/05/01 13:43] Delia Lake: I'd like to keep it open another week then close it and post results

[2016/05/01 13:43] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): it worked fine for me

[2016/05/01 13:43] Delia Lake: it should be whoever has the link

[2016/05/01 13:43] Delia Lake: I didn't make it sign in

[2016/05/01 13:43] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): the link at D in the agenda?

[2016/05/01 13:44] Delia Lake: if that doesn't work I'll IM you a new link

[2016/05/01 13:44] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Hookay....

[2016/05/01 13:44] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): yeah, it's requiring a sign in for me.. lemme try another browser

[2016/05/01 13:44] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I think you gave out the admin link D

[2016/05/01 13:45] Aedan (aedan.charron): yes..this link does want a signin but the original didn't

[2016/05/01 13:45] Delia Lake: I don't want to hold people today. I think under the circumstances we should table discussion of the master plan until we decide on Friedsee, and Monastery

[2016/05/01 13:45] Widget Whiteberry: would it help to pass around notecards to people who haven't done it yet?

[2016/05/01 13:46] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): yeah, must be an admin link.. didn't show results in Firefox either..

[2016/05/01 13:46] Widget Whiteberry: or maybe to everyone in CDS group..... we coould divide hem up

[2016/05/01 13:46] Delia Lake: sending the take the survey link to everyone in the group is a good idea I think

[2016/05/01 13:46] Widget Whiteberry: I'll be back in a few hours and could help

[2016/05/01 13:46] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/05/01 13:47] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone):

[2016/05/01 13:47] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): try that one

[2016/05/01 13:47] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): already taken

[2016/05/01 13:47] Aedan (aedan.charron): I agree about the Master Plan, Delia...they are certainly related. I don't think we can do much with that now.

[2016/05/01 13:47] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): that was the link to take it, I think

[2016/05/01 13:47] Delia Lake: are there any other urgent things we need to discuss today?

[2016/05/01 13:48] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): I have nothing

[2016/05/01 13:48] Aedan (aedan.charron) shakes his head " I have nothing else"

[2016/05/01 13:48] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): nope

[2016/05/01 13:48] Delia Lake: citizens who haven't spoken?

[2016/05/01 13:49] Delia Lake: concerns or comments?

[2016/05/01 13:49] Lilith Ivory: I´m fine atm

[2016/05/01 13:50] Delia Lake: then next meeting. I will be away next weekend but someone else could chair a LUC meeting or we can and should probably anyway schedule for the following weekend

[2016/05/01 13:50] Delia Lake: 15 May? with the possibility of holding a meeting next sunday without me?

[2016/05/01 13:51] Aedan (aedan.charron): I like the 15th of May. Wouldn't want to go on without you :)

[2016/05/01 13:52] Delia Lake: Coop?

[2016/05/01 13:52] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): I should be ok on the 15th

[2016/05/01 13:53] Delia Lake: 12 noon slt on 15 May then?

[2016/05/01 13:53] Aedan (aedan.charron): Sounds good.

[2016/05/01 13:53] Delia Lake: Adjourn?

[2016/05/01 13:54] Aedan (aedan.charron) nods "as does that. ...aye :)

[2016/05/01 13:54] Delia Lake: thank you everyone for coming and for participating today
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