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Transcript of LUC Meeting of 29 May 2016

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The following is a transcript of the LUC meeting held Sunday, May 29, 2016 that began at a quet pond in Alpine Meadow . The meeting began at 15:07 (3:07 pm) and ran just short of two and a half hours to end at 17:30 (5:30 pm) after moving from chat to voice at 16:32 (4:32 pm) for a walkthrough of the matter being discussed.

The primary topics of this meeting again concerned Friedsee and how to proceed now that it has been homesteaded.

For the LUC, Delia Lake, Aedan Charron and Leslie Allandale were present. Many other interested citizens and officials were also in attendance.


The meeting was called to order 3:07 pm

The agenda was correct to reflect the current date, 29 May 2016.

No modifications or additions were made to the previous meeting’s transcript. ... 70a6662105

It was established that a quorum of the LUC was not present so no decisions requiring votes could be made but discussion would continue.

Old Business

Region Reviews: Currently completed reviews will be posted to the forum with summaries for public comment. Additionally, the Chancellor will receive complete copies of each. The LUC will be available to the Chancellor to answer any questions there might be.

LUC Survey: Following the LUCs action to contact each individual for feedback through the recent survey, there had been some additional responses and the number now stands at 33 of which 30 are current citizens.. The results to date appear to fall into similar lines indicating that location, region features, infrastructure and prims available rank higher than lot size. More input is valued so the poll is being left open but it is paramount that the conversion of Friedsee move forward. (Survey: )

Friedsee: There was ongoing discussion about the terraforming of Friedsee now deemed necessary by the conversion to a homestead because of the drastic cut in prims available for infrastructure and landscaping while balancing the need to keep the region financially viable. Various images were provided to those present before it was decided that a walkthrough of the area might be more expedient and answer many questions.

New Business
Before proceeding on the Walkthrough, Delia brought up that the RA needs to appoint 2 citizen representatives to the LUC and the Chancellor needs to appoint 1 representative.

Chat ended at 16:32 (4:32 pm) with Delia Lake, Widget Whiteberry, Shep Titian, Leslie Allendale and Aedan Charron moving to a combination of voice and chat.

Friedsee Walkthrough
Delia lead the field trip in voice on a walk through Friedsee to the peaks of Monastery while maneuvering sim privacy settings, browser tweeks and computer crashes. She pointed out as best could be anticipated, the necessary changes in terraforming to gradually bring Friedsee down to LL water level and how it will affect current residents of Friedsee and those in adjacent plots. The inclusion of Linden water will reduce the prims needed to provide an appealing place to live while also providing water access to those who appreciate that sort of thing.

From a peak in Monastery, Delia pointed out where public land is and how it could be modified without adversely affecting current residents of Monastery. There would however be some effect to those residents so they will be brought into the conversation if not already.

The walkthough appeared to answer many questions and provide a path forward. The next step is to do another walkthrough with the Chancellor to answer any questions she might have before the LUC submits two proposals to her to aid in her decision.

The meeting was adjourned at 17:36 (5:36 pm). The time and date of the next meeting is to be determined.

Meeting Transcript

[2016/05/29 15:07] Delia Lake: Calling the meeting of the LUC to order at 3:07 pm

[2016/05/29 15:08] Delia Lake: top of the agenda should say 29 May on the first line not 09 April. my bad

[2016/05/29 15:08] Aedan (aedan.charron): smiles

[2016/05/29 15:09] Delia Lake: any comments or additions on the transcript from our last meeting on 15 May?

[2016/05/29 15:09] Leslie Allandale: changed

[2016/05/29 15:09] Leslie Allandale: none

[2016/05/29 15:09] Naftali Torok: just came to say hello,

[2016/05/29 15:09] Naftali Torok: cant stay, must go back in rl

[2016/05/29 15:09] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): hi Naf

[2016/05/29 15:09] Aedan (aedan.charron): Hi Naf

[2016/05/29 15:09] Naftali Torok: nice setting for a meeting, good idea

[2016/05/29 15:09] Leslie Allandale: awwwww

[2016/05/29 15:09] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Bye Naf :P~~~~

[2016/05/29 15:09] Delia Lake: Hi Naf. please join us

[2016/05/29 15:09] Lilith Ivory: Hi Naf

[2016/05/29 15:09] Leslie Allandale: please

[2016/05/29 15:09] Aedan (aedan.charron): I'll let you play my guitar....

[2016/05/29 15:09] Delia Lake: if none then our meeting transcript stands

[2016/05/29 15:09] Naftali Torok: have a good meeting

[2016/05/29 15:10] Leslie Allandale: meetings around town give us a better feel for the environment

[2016/05/29 15:10] Naftali Torok: nods

[2016/05/29 15:10] Leslie Allandale: I so move, etc

[2016/05/29 15:10] Aedan (aedan.charron): I second

[2016/05/29 15:10] Naftali Torok: is offline.

[2016/05/29 15:10] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/05/29 15:11] Leslie Allandale: Do we need to adopt agenda?

[2016/05/29 15:11] Leslie Allandale: if so, I so move

[2016/05/29 15:11] Delia Lake: probably yes.

[2016/05/29 15:11] Delia Lake: ty

[2016/05/29 15:11] Leslie Allandale: second?

[2016/05/29 15:11] Aedan (aedan.charron): Then I will second that too.

[2016/05/29 15:11] Delia Lake: all agreed then

[2016/05/29 15:11] Leslie Allandale: yes

[2016/05/29 15:11] Aedan (aedan.charron): yes

[2016/05/29 15:12] Delia Lake: we have only 3 of us today.

[2016/05/29 15:12] Delia Lake: so can't have a majority vote

[2016/05/29 15:12] Aedan (aedan.charron): nods in realization

[2016/05/29 15:12] Delia Lake: but we still have business to cover

[2016/05/29 15:12] Leslie Allandale: I will address that in luc update

[2016/05/29 15:12] Delia Lake: hi Pip. please join us

[2016/05/29 15:13] Leslie Allandale: g'day pip

[2016/05/29 15:13] Lilith Ivory: Hi Pip

[2016/05/29 15:13] Lilith Ivory: Hi Shep

[2016/05/29 15:13] Aedan (aedan.charron): Hi Shep....Pip :)

[2016/05/29 15:13] Shep (shep.titian): Hi Lil

[2016/05/29 15:13] Shep (shep.titian): rezzing

[2016/05/29 15:13] Pip Torok: hi .. just came by to say hello ... doing some modding ...

[2016/05/29 15:13] Shep (shep.titian): Hi Pip

[2016/05/29 15:14] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): hi Pip, Shep, Aedan,

[2016/05/29 15:14] Delia Lake: since this is the last LUC meeting of this term, I think we should post summaries of the region reviews that we have to the forum, and give copies/access of the whole to Rosie as the Chancellor

[2016/05/29 15:14] Pip Torok: hi shep ...

[2016/05/29 15:14] Delia Lake: hi Shep

[2016/05/29 15:14] Aedan (aedan.charron): I agree with that.

[2016/05/29 15:14] Leslie Allandale: Can you use my abbreviated form?

[2016/05/29 15:14] Delia Lake: yes Les

[2016/05/29 15:15] Shep (shep.titian): Hi Pip and Delia

[2016/05/29 15:15] Delia Lake: if each of us 3 would write a brief summary to post on the Forum then Coop can do his too

[2016/05/29 15:15] Leslie Allandale: I will post to google doc, and you can grab any copy you want

[2016/05/29 15:15] Shep (shep.titian): Hi Miz

[2016/05/29 15:15] Leslie Allandale: Good evening Shep

[2016/05/29 15:15] Aedan (aedan.charron): OK

[2016/05/29 15:15] Shep (shep.titian): Leslie

[2016/05/29 15:16] Leslie Allandale: I may have to do a quick one for Monastery

[2016/05/29 15:16] Delia Lake: Han had no changes to Monastery and Freidsee didn't need this as it will be changed. so we completed 4 sets of recommendations

[2016/05/29 15:16] Delia Lake: good work team!

[2016/05/29 15:17] Leslie Allandale: I talked to Han about her tour

[2016/05/29 15:17] Delia Lake: it will give the chancellor something concrete to work with

[2016/05/29 15:17] Shep (shep.titian): sorry .. not rezzing

[2016/05/29 15:18] Leslie Allandale: should we send an emissary along with the recommendations?

[2016/05/29 15:19] Leslie Allandale: Or perhaps meet with rosie as a team?

[2016/05/29 15:19] Delia Lake: if we give Rosie access to the docs then meet with her she can ask questions if she has any

[2016/05/29 15:20] Leslie Allandale: good

[2016/05/29 15:20] Aedan (aedan.charron): Or give her a chance to digest it and be available if she has questions (what Delia said )

[2016/05/29 15:20] Widget Whiteberry: mumbles something about a gov't question hour

[2016/05/29 15:20] Leslie Allandale: with popcorn, Widget?

[2016/05/29 15:21] Widget Whiteberry: and peanuts

[2016/05/29 15:21] Widget Whiteberry: others may have thoughts to add

[2016/05/29 15:21] Leslie Allandale: I am looking for a machine for you to rez when meetings go too long

[2016/05/29 15:21] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): How about ice cream? :D

[2016/05/29 15:21] Leslie Allandale: Too messy when you want to toss at a politico

[2016/05/29 15:22] Delia Lake: I had it later on the agenda because technically it's new business but the 3 of us will be remaining on the LUC for this coming term. You Les are now the RA rep and the Guild reps do not have to change each term, that is assuming you want to stay, Aedan

[2016/05/29 15:22] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): laughs

[2016/05/29 15:22] Delia Lake: we will post summaries on the forum, Widget

[2016/05/29 15:22] Leslie Allandale: Great that we have some continuity

[2016/05/29 15:22] Aedan (aedan.charron): can't get rid of me that easily.

[2016/05/29 15:23] Leslie Allandale: Stale popcorn doesn't work?

[2016/05/29 15:23] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): lol

[2016/05/29 15:23] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): lol

[2016/05/29 15:23] Aedan (aedan.charron): maybe! :D

[2016/05/29 15:23] Delia Lake: so tht people can comment. then if the Chancellor wishes to address the recommendations in a gov't question hour that would be fine

[2016/05/29 15:23] Leslie Allandale: Talk to the widget

[2016/05/29 15:23] Aedan (aedan.charron): nods

[2016/05/29 15:23] Leslie Allandale: too

[2016/05/29 15:24] Widget Whiteberry: nods too

[2016/05/29 15:24] Delia Lake: next on the agenda is the ongoing survey. we now have had 33 responses. and they are pretty consistent

[2016/05/29 15:24] Delia Lake: people care about location and features of regions

[2016/05/29 15:24] Widget Whiteberry: listens

[2016/05/29 15:24] Leslie Allandale: And a follow up response

[2016/05/29 15:24] Leslie Allandale: I will have a second one too

[2016/05/29 15:24] Delia Lake: parcel size is not as important as location

[2016/05/29 15:25] Delia Lake: number of prims is quite important

[2016/05/29 15:26] Delia Lake: and having well build structures and infrastructures and landscaping is very important

[2016/05/29 15:27] Delia Lake: 30 of the 33 are current citizens

[2016/05/29 15:27] Delia Lake: and a mix of single and multiple parcel owners

[2016/05/29 15:28] Aedan (aedan.charron): ok

[2016/05/29 15:28] Leslie Allandale: That gives us currency for our recommendations then?

[2016/05/29 15:28] Delia Lake: so no real surprises at least not to me but gives us guidelines for maintenance, upkeep and redesign of Friedsee

[2016/05/29 15:28] Delia Lake: yes very much so Aedan

[2016/05/29 15:29] Leslie Allandale: Then what is the next step?

[2016/05/29 15:29] Widget Whiteberry: How many responses were there to the Chancellor's last survey?

[2016/05/29 15:30] Leslie Allandale: I like your photos of the river valley, btw

[2016/05/29 15:30] Delia Lake: I think we should now publish on the forum preliminary response results and keep it ongoing but it would let people know what their fellow citizens think is important

[2016/05/29 15:30] Delia Lake: ty Les

[2016/05/29 15:30] Leslie Allandale: It is approaching my initial idea for the new sim

[2016/05/29 15:30] Leslie Allandale: so I have to like it

[2016/05/29 15:30] Aedan (aedan.charron): I agree Delia, It would be nice to get more input but we can't wait forever.

[2016/05/29 15:31] Leslie Allandale: No, and we have asked twice, at least

[2016/05/29 15:31] Leslie Allandale: So I move we move on

[2016/05/29 15:31] Shep (shep.titian): There are photos supporting plans?

[2016/05/29 15:31] Delia Lake: people should be able to get a sense of the results yes. so we will publish

[2016/05/29 15:31] Delia Lake: the next agenda item is discussion of Friedsee

[2016/05/29 15:31] Leslie Allandale: This plan is doable, and could be elastic enough to change as we go

[2016/05/29 15:32] Delia Lake: Shep there is an agenda in the box with a link to a google doc with pictures

[2016/05/29 15:32] Shep (shep.titian): thank you

[2016/05/29 15:33] Second Life: You decline 'GiveAllContent' ( ) from LUC Meeting Agenda.

[2016/05/29 15:33] Delia Lake: with Friedsee now a homestead it cannot stay with the layout of a full region because it now has only 1/4 of the prims it had

[2016/05/29 15:33] Second Life: You decline 'LUC Meeting Agenda 29 May 2016' ( ) from LUC Meeting Agenda.

[2016/05/29 15:33] Second Life: You decline 'DRAFT Questions for a semi-annual survey of citizens and friend' ( ) from LUC Meeting Agenda.

[2016/05/29 15:33] Delia Lake: so if we were to keep it the way it is and have any landscaping, we would not have enough prims to sell to cover tier. this would not be sustainable

[2016/05/29 15:34] Leslie Allandale: agrees

[2016/05/29 15:34] Delia Lake: we have to have $95US of tier from Friedsee each month starting soon

[2016/05/29 15:34] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): nods

[2016/05/29 15:35] Leslie Allandale: So we need a few "choice" plots to sell?

[2016/05/29 15:35] Lilith Ivory: can you provide LMs so we could have a look how gorges can be done in SL without spending too many ptims ?

[2016/05/29 15:35] Lilith Ivory: *prims

[2016/05/29 15:36] Leslie Allandale: I can make a model, if you want

[2016/05/29 15:36] Leslie Allandale: That we can walk around in

[2016/05/29 15:36] Lilith Ivory: is still concerned about bare step hills but would like to be convinced it will look good :)

[2016/05/29 15:36] Delia Lake: so if we don't have many public prims available and we want a region tht is both attractive with good features and landscaped probably the very best option is to replace land with LL water. no landscaping needed

[2016/05/29 15:36] Delia Lake: Lil, did you take an agenda?

[2016/05/29 15:37] Lilith Ivory: yes I did

[2016/05/29 15:37] Delia Lake: I spent some time looking for photos of a rl region that could serve as a model, not that our sl version would look identical to rl but for a guideline

[2016/05/29 15:37] Leslie Allandale: We could make a fullsized model in a sandbox, and rez it for a tour

[2016/05/29 15:37] Delia Lake: there are a couple of issues we have to keep in mind

[2016/05/29 15:37] Lilith Ivory: I was just thinking that coveroing the hill with rocks and trees would need a lot of prims too

[2016/05/29 15:38] Delia Lake: and yes Les that would be a great thing

[2016/05/29 15:38] Delia Lake: many of the hills would be plots for sale

[2016/05/29 15:38] Lilith Ivory: nods

[2016/05/29 15:38] Shep (shep.titian): And what of the people living there now?

[2016/05/29 15:38] Delia Lake: your plot, Sera's and Andrew's can be hills

[2016/05/29 15:38] Delia Lake: the people who live there can still live there

[2016/05/29 15:38] Lilith Ivory: that´s why I am asking as I live there too

[2016/05/29 15:39] Shep (shep.titian): No community then

[2016/05/29 15:39] Shep (shep.titian): just live on a hill?

[2016/05/29 15:39] Leslie Allandale: as monastery

[2016/05/29 15:39] Delia Lake: but to have Andrew a lone house in an abandoned village makes no sense and there are not prims for that kind of landscaping

[2016/05/29 15:40] Aedan (aedan.charron): I do share Lillith's concern about the dropoff. Friedsee is relatively easy if it is leading to the water anyway...but the canyon though Monastery will be steep and I think it will effect a couple properties.

[2016/05/29 15:40] Delia Lake: drops will have to be stepped

[2016/05/29 15:40] Delia Lake: we do not want to have textures stretched so they look bad

[2016/05/29 15:40] Lilith Ivory: nods

[2016/05/29 15:40] Leslie Allandale: Whatever, it will be a project

[2016/05/29 15:41] Leslie Allandale: so, start with models that people can see

[2016/05/29 15:41] Lilith Ivory: I had this at my AM parcel that I could not see anymore where the ground ended and the hill started

[2016/05/29 15:41] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): connection may die here in a moment.. if so, i'll be right back

[2016/05/29 15:41] Leslie Allandale: they can be plastic

[2016/05/29 15:41] Lilith Ivory: made me feel way unsettled

[2016/05/29 15:41] Shep (shep.titian): What is the prim situation there atm?

[2016/05/29 15:41] Delia Lake: on sims I've visited, a 30m drop is fine, a 50m is mmostly ok and sometimes depending on the texture a 75m drop but that doesn't look so good straight down

[2016/05/29 15:42] Aedan (aedan.charron): nods

[2016/05/29 15:42] Leslie Allandale: I think I have the basics of a scaled model that we can play with

[2016/05/29 15:42] Leslie Allandale: so some issues may be moot

[2016/05/29 15:42] Shep (shep.titian): Are you planning on asking the current populace what they think?

[2016/05/29 15:42] Delia Lake: to cover tier Coop did a preliminary estimate of plot prims and costs. on that doc there are a possibility of 3330 privately owned prims and 420 public prims

[2016/05/29 15:43] Shep (shep.titian): I know no one has talked to Sera

[2016/05/29 15:43] Delia Lake: right now there are over 900 prims used on public land

[2016/05/29 15:43] Delia Lake: I have talked with Sera. She likes the new proposal

[2016/05/29 15:43] Leslie Allandale: Rosie has spoken to the residents about changes

[2016/05/29 15:43] Leslie Allandale: we are including her in our discussions

[2016/05/29 15:43] Shep (shep.titian): Odd she did'nt tell me

[2016/05/29 15:44] Delia Lake: in fact Sera said she likes it very much

[2016/05/29 15:44] Delia Lake: I had a long conversation with her today

[2016/05/29 15:44] Leslie Allandale: She didn't say with whom she spoke

[2016/05/29 15:44] Leslie Allandale: But this is not happening in a vacuum

[2016/05/29 15:45] Delia Lake: so the short of it is right now we have barren land on Friedsee and can't landscape it and have enough prims to sell to cover tier

[2016/05/29 15:45] Delia Lake: so we have to do something different than we have

[2016/05/29 15:46] Delia Lake: at the same time we want or at least I feel it's important to take care of and listen to the concerns of Sera, Andrew, Lilith, Tan and Han who are the region's current residents

[2016/05/29 15:46] Leslie Allandale: And everyone will have access to the project at every stage

[2016/05/29 15:46] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/05/29 15:46] Leslie Allandale: I don't see this as impossible

[2016/05/29 15:46] Leslie Allandale: but rather as an adventure

[2016/05/29 15:47] Delia Lake: I don't see it as impossible either. an interesting design challenge and doable

[2016/05/29 15:47] Leslie Allandale: so, our next steps?

[2016/05/29 15:48] Aedan (aedan.charron): Yes...and it had been mentioned that we should provide two options. I'd suggest one with Friedsee leading back to the water but without the canyon through Monstary...and one with the canyon.

[2016/05/29 15:48] Delia Lake: with parcels of various sizes

[2016/05/29 15:48] Delia Lake: we could do that, Aedan

[2016/05/29 15:49] Delia Lake: my personal preference is for a canyon of LL water replacing the prim and script water of Monastery

[2016/05/29 15:49] Delia Lake: that would give us navigable and swimable water through 5 sims

[2016/05/29 15:49] Leslie Allandale: I have a photo of the drop that is requred on a model of CDS, if anyone is interested

[2016/05/29 15:49] Delia Lake: but again without disturbing any current Monastery residents

[2016/05/29 15:49] Lilith Ivory: I´d really need to see something like this in SL to be sure I will like it

[2016/05/29 15:50] Leslie Allandale: let me find it

[2016/05/29 15:50] Delia Lake: good, Les

[2016/05/29 15:51] Lilith Ivory: I do know how gorges look in RL but am still concerned if it is doable in SL :)

[2016/05/29 15:51] Delia Lake: Lil I'm not sure there is anything just like this in sl

[2016/05/29 15:51] Lilith Ivory: while trusting Delias skills in landscaping of course

[2016/05/29 15:51] Lilith Ivory: your homestead in AA lookes amazing and I still miss it

[2016/05/29 15:51] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): waves at everyone as she is about to leave to go to rl bed

[2016/05/29 15:51] Delia Lake: there are gorges on some mainlands but they are a hodge podge of buildings not a planned landscape

[2016/05/29 15:52] Aedan (aedan.charron): I too would prefer the water passage all the way through if it can be done attractively....and without too much disruption to the current residents in Monastary.

[2016/05/29 15:52] Delia Lake: they do give some idea of what is a reasonable drop before you need to terrace the next drop though

[2016/05/29 15:52] Delia Lake: Lil, your plot is the highest on Friedsee

[2016/05/29 15:53] Lilith Ivory: the highest one that is occupied

[2016/05/29 15:53] Delia Lake: the drop would be about 150m from your yard to the water which is at 20m usually. yours is at about 170m now

[2016/05/29 15:54] Lilith Ivory: and as I said I would not mind to move to another location as long as the plot has a good view and no step hill in my back

[2016/05/29 15:54] Delia Lake: that means there may have to be 4 terraced areas for the drop

[2016/05/29 15:54] Lilith Ivory: nods

[2016/05/29 15:54] Delia Lake: or we could lower your whole area a little if you would like that. but whatever we do you will still have a view and no cliff behind you

[2016/05/29 15:55] Delia Lake: and the terrain will not look like a stretched balloon below you

[2016/05/29 15:55] Lilith Ivory: sounds good to me :)

[2016/05/29 15:55] Lilith Ivory: and no need to raise my parcel

[2016/05/29 15:55] Delia Lake: the other plots are much lower

[2016/05/29 15:55] Delia Lake: Sera's is at about 120 and so is Andrew's

[2016/05/29 15:56] Delia Lake: ty

[2016/05/29 15:56] Delia Lake: the other high spot is adjacent to Cadence's NFS land

[2016/05/29 15:57] Delia Lake: but right along the sim edge she has forest so I think we can lower the NFS side a little if she agrees and make that slope more gradual as well

[2016/05/29 15:58] Delia Lake: were we to continue the LL water into Monastery the Monastery itself is the highest rented land there. the highest parts of that region are public land so can be lowered considerably

[2016/05/29 15:59] Aedan (aedan.charron): nods "I did note that the highest parts are not occupied...that certainly helps."

[2016/05/29 16:01] Lilith Ivory: will terraforming in Monastery have any effects to the parcel I own there and that is way close to the river?

[2016/05/29 16:01] Delia Lake: to Lil's points I did take some trips around sl to places that I knew were high and had LL water. that's how I know about the possible heights before terracing but they are pretty messy mainland places now not what they were 10 yrs ago

[2016/05/29 16:01] Delia Lake: ty Les

[2016/05/29 16:03] Delia Lake: one that was nice 10 yrs ago is Tethys mountain, wolf hollow but now there is junk around and the terrain texture is all granite

[2016/05/29 16:03] Delia Lake: still it is a gorge with LL water

[2016/05/29 16:04] Leslie Allandale: did everyone get a photo?

[2016/05/29 16:04] Aedan (aedan.charron): pauses his strumming to raise his hand "I didn't"

[2016/05/29 16:04] Leslie Allandale: newsim design?

[2016/05/29 16:04] Delia Lake: so much will depend on agreeing on a concept then working together throughout the process to build something that people like

[2016/05/29 16:05] Second Life: Leslie Allandale gave you Snapshot : CDS New-Sim Commission, Proposed Design, Purple (111.

[2016/05/29 16:05] Leslie Allandale: There Aedan

[2016/05/29 16:05] Lilith Ivory: I didn´t

[2016/05/29 16:05] Leslie Allandale: anyone else

[2016/05/29 16:05] Delia Lake: I got them

[2016/05/29 16:05] Leslie Allandale: I gave the last one to the group

[2016/05/29 16:06] Lilith Ivory: got it too

[2016/05/29 16:06] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): i got it.. sorry for the delay

[2016/05/29 16:07] Delia Lake: one of the considerations in addition to taking care of current residents of Friedsee, and possibly Monastery, is that the master plan says that this region is middle europe. I do think that works well adjacent to NFS ans Monastery

[2016/05/29 16:08] Delia Lake: I've done a lot of talking. I'm going to stop and let other people talk

[2016/05/29 16:09] Widget Whiteberry: I love the idea of being able to paddle a canoe through large connected waterways of Linden water

[2016/05/29 16:09] Aedan (aedan.charron): this picture you handed me, is this from the southwest corner of Friedsee?

[2016/05/29 16:13] Widget Whiteberry: nap time?

[2016/05/29 16:13] Aedan (aedan.charron): chuckles

[2016/05/29 16:14] Delia Lake: back to what is right now re Friedsee, it looks to me like there are currently about 1875 prims in private parcel ownership with 5 residents. Widget you may have better figures on that than I do

[2016/05/29 16:15] Leslie Allandale: The photo is of a model

[2016/05/29 16:15] Leslie Allandale: you are looking at a proposal for a new sim before FS

[2016/05/29 16:15] Delia Lake: so there would be about 1450 prims available for additional plots if we were to keep to Coop's 3330 of privately held prims

[2016/05/29 16:15] Leslie Allandale: the sim is situated in Monastery's place with monastery turned and put inthe empty corner

[2016/05/29 16:16] Lilith Ivory: never liked this old proposal

[2016/05/29 16:16] Leslie Allandale: which?

[2016/05/29 16:16] Leslie Allandale: mine?

[2016/05/29 16:16] Leslie Allandale: that is why I didn't proceed with it

[2016/05/29 16:16] Lilith Ivory: well talking about this is out of topic anyway I guess

[2016/05/29 16:16] Leslie Allandale: sorry

[2016/05/29 16:17] Lilith Ivory: let´s talk about FS instead

[2016/05/29 16:17] Aedan (aedan.charron): the waterfall in this is still where it is now...and not moved. That is why I was confused.

[2016/05/29 16:17] Aedan (aedan.charron): nods

[2016/05/29 16:17] Delia Lake: yes re FS because right now it's not covering its tier as a homestead

[2016/05/29 16:17] Delia Lake: we need to remedy this asap

[2016/05/29 16:18] Aedan (aedan.charron): nods in complete agrement

[2016/05/29 16:18] Leslie Allandale: agreed

[2016/05/29 16:19] Delia Lake: perhaps a next step might be do a walk through of Friedsee with marking out possible places for water and reasonable degrees of downslope

[2016/05/29 16:19] Aedan (aedan.charron): yes...I was wondering if a field trip is in order..

[2016/05/29 16:19] Widget Whiteberry: FDS has 1982 prims allocated to the current parcel holders

[2016/05/29 16:20] Delia Lake: I'm thinking so

[2016/05/29 16:20] Delia Lake: ty Widget

[2016/05/29 16:20] Delia Lake: so I was off by a little over 100 in my guess

[2016/05/29 16:20] Widget Whiteberry: and that includes' Tan's parcel

[2016/05/29 16:21] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/05/29 16:21] Widget Whiteberry: the largest, with 703

[2016/05/29 16:21] Leslie Allandale: and the tier for those prims doesn't cover expenses

[2016/05/29 16:21] Delia Lake: what do you have as the total tier, Widget, for Friedsee right now?

[2016/05/29 16:21] Widget Whiteberry: $60 Les

[2016/05/29 16:21] Leslie Allandale: ty

[2016/05/29 16:22] Delia Lake: so we are $35US short each month

[2016/05/29 16:22] Widget Whiteberry: $59.44

[2016/05/29 16:22] Delia Lake: ty

[2016/05/29 16:22] Leslie Allandale: So the math is straight forward

[2016/05/29 16:22] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/05/29 16:23] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Hookay.... folks.. I'm getting pulled away for something.. I'll have to catch the rest in the minutes.. Sorry everyone..

[2016/05/29 16:23] Aedan (aedan.charron): Thanks for coming Andrew.

[2016/05/29 16:23] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Take care :D

[2016/05/29 16:24] Delia Lake: thank you Andrew

[2016/05/29 16:25] Aedan (aedan.charron): I'd like to suggest that we do a field trip very soon to really get a good look at this...and if possible use voice so that we can sooner make some recommendations soon.

[2016/05/29 16:25] Delia Lake: so if we stick to the total of 3330 private prims we can sell 1348 in some arrangement of plots

[2016/05/29 16:25] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/05/29 16:25] Delia Lake: suggest when we might do this, Aedan

[2016/05/29 16:26] Delia Lake: we could take a field trip now or we could schedule a time or actually do both

[2016/05/29 16:26] Aedan (aedan.charron): laughs "I'm ready now..or later..or both :D

[2016/05/29 16:26] Delia Lake: Les?

[2016/05/29 16:27] Leslie Allandale: sure

[2016/05/29 16:28] Widget Whiteberry: I'm in

[2016/05/29 16:28] Lilith Ivory: I can´t atm as I am multitasking and walking would be too much for me atm

[2016/05/29 16:29] Aedan (aedan.charron): I think i'm stuck playing this guitar for the rest of the night...I promise to not sing, though :D

[2016/05/29 16:29] Delia Lake: before we would take a walk I would like to put into the transcript a request to the RA to appoint 2 citizen reps to the LUC and to the Chancellor to appoint 1 rep and do so asap. we need to have a full contingent to get this work done

[2016/05/29 16:29] Leslie Allandale: we can hoover

[2016/05/29 16:29] Delia Lake: sorry you can't join right now Lil but we can do this another time as well

[2016/05/29 16:30] Delia Lake: I think we should start at the south side of FS

[2016/05/29 16:30] Lilith Ivory: yes and if you want to do one right now I wont´be mad lol

[2016/05/29 16:30] Lilith Ivory: I can always catch up with oyu later

[2016/05/29 16:30] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/05/29 16:30] Aedan (aedan.charron): ok :)

[2016/05/29 16:30] Delia Lake: Shep are you coming?

[2016/05/29 16:31] Delia Lake: Shep can catch up too if she wants to come

[2016/05/29 16:31] Delia Lake: see you in FS

[2016/05/29 16:31] Widget Whiteberry: south side?

[2016/05/29 16:31] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/05/29 16:31] Aedan (aedan.charron): sounds good to me.

[2016/05/29 16:31] Widget Whiteberry: east or western half?

[2016/05/29 16:32] Widget Whiteberry: nm, I'll find you

– voice begins - (Delia, Shep & Aedan in voice) the transcript below is somewhat obscure since most of the discussion was conducted in voice but in the interest of transparency…)

[2016/05/29 16:35] Widget Whiteberry: Aedan, can you hear Delia?

[2016/05/29 16:35] Aedan (aedan.charron): no..not hearing anything :(

[2016/05/29 16:36] Delia Lake: Aedan do you have voice activated?

[2016/05/29 16:36] Delia Lake: I don't see any white dot for you

[2016/05/29 16:36] Aedan (aedan.charron): yes...and I see the dot over my head

[2016/05/29 16:36] Aedan (aedan.charron): you don't?

[2016/05/29 16:36] Widget Whiteberry: and keyboard activated and headset activated? (has made all these mistakes

[2016/05/29 16:36] Aedan (aedan.charron): hmm..

[2016/05/29 16:36] Aedan (aedan.charron): let me relog then.

[2016/05/29 16:36] Widget Whiteberry: no dot for AC

[2016/05/29 16:36] Aedan (aedan.charron): checking the settings again before I relog..

[2016/05/29 16:37] Widget Whiteberry: sometimes helps to turn voice off and on again

[2016/05/29 16:37] Aedan (aedan.charron): I just toggled it and now don't see the dot over my head :D

[2016/05/29 16:38] Widget Whiteberry: heard a guy, wsn't looking

[2016/05/29 16:38] Widget Whiteberry: Aedan!

[2016/05/29 16:40] Widget Whiteberry: also, can t parcels be moved?

[2016/05/29 16:46] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): is online.

[2016/05/29 16:47] Widget Whiteberry: if we were to sink a hole we would know for sure where Linden water is

[2016/05/29 16:47] Widget Whiteberry: just what I was thinking, Delia

[2016/05/29 16:47] Widget Whiteberry: I hear Shep

[2016/05/29 16:48] Widget Whiteberry: we have been pasing through parcels with privacy settings

[2016/05/29 16:49] Widget Whiteberry: say again, pls

[2016/05/29 16:49] Widget Whiteberry: what would be reasonable to do?

[2016/05/29 16:51] Widget Whiteberry: nods

[2016/05/29 16:53] Widget Whiteberry: I'm hoping for an island with a hammock

[2016/05/29 17:01] Aedan (aedan.charron): I think there is no voice here..

[2016/05/29 17:02] Delia Lake: right no voice

[2016/05/29 17:02] Aedan (aedan.charron): I can't hear it me again?

[2016/05/29 17:02] Aedan (aedan.charron): oh..ok..I see :D

[2016/05/29 17:02] Delia Lake: let's walk back

[2016/05/29 17:02] Widget Whiteberry: no voice

[2016/05/29 17:04] Shep (shep.titian): OK voice can't be working

[2016/05/29 17:04] Aedan (aedan.charron): it is working again, Shep

[2016/05/29 17:04] Shep (shep.titian): I asked about the linden rocks

[2016/05/29 17:04] Delia Lake: you may have to click on active voice again

[2016/05/29 17:04] Delia Lake: I had to do that when I crossed the sim line

[2016/05/29 17:09] Widget Whiteberry: afk, back soon

[2016/05/29 17:09] Widget Whiteberry: I'll catcch up

[2016/05/29 17:09] Aedan (aedan.charron): ok

[2016/05/29 17:20] Widget Whiteberry: /m nods

[2016/05/29 17:25] Widget Whiteberry: I'd love to be part of the LUC

[2016/05/29 17:26] Widget Whiteberry: thank you, Shep

[2016/05/29 17:26] Widget Whiteberry: Coop would be great

[2016/05/29 17:31] Leslie Allandale: I will be in Portland next Sunday

[2016/05/29 17:32] Leslie Allandale: l leaving Sat afternoon after RA

[2016/05/29 17:32] Leslie Allandale: two weeks, soz

[2016/05/29 17:32] Leslie Allandale: yes

[2016/05/29 17:33] Leslie Allandale: I might be able to get on, but not sure

[2016/05/29 17:34] Leslie Allandale: no

[2016/05/29 17:34] Leslie Allandale: 11th to 15 th

[2016/05/29 17:35] Leslie Allandale: we can do impromptu inbetween

[2016/05/29 17:36] Leslie Allandale: I move we adjourn

[2016/05/29 17:36] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/05/29 17:36] Leslie Allandale: ty all

[2016/05/29 17:37] Widget Whiteberry: thank you, this was informative
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