Transcript of LUC Meeting of 17 July 2016

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Transcript of LUC Meeting of 17 July 2016

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The following is a transcript of the LUC meeting held Sunday, July 17, 2016. The meeting was held at the dock in Colonia Nova. The meeting began at 3:09 pm and adjourned at 4:59 pm.

The primary topic of this meeting was to finalize a recommendation for the redesign of Friedsee.

Present at the meeting were: Delia Lake, Leslie Allandale, Widget Whiteberry, RG Cooperstone, Gaius Tiberius Curio, Aedan Charron, Lilith Ivory, Arria Perreault, Callipygian Christensen, Hannah Marie Bloodwolf, Andrew Lane & Pip Torok..


Transcript from the previous meeting was accepted with no changes

Les added “discussing the (LUC) member rotation to the agenda under ‘Other’. The agenda was then accepted.

Les requested clarification of price per prim associated with Option #1 of the “LUC Recommendations for the Redesign of Friedsee” document.

After agreeing to make the addition requested by Les, the “LUC Recommendations for the Redesign of Friedsee” was motion was made for approval and sending to the Chancellor. The motion was approved with Delia Lake, Widget Whiteberry, Lesslie Allandale, RG Cooperstone and Gaius Tiberius Curio voting “aye”. Aedan Charron voted “no”.

Delia presented a slideshow of the model of the recommended redesign.

Under ‘other’ business, the Rotation of LUC members or lack there-of was discussed with the point being that membership term expirations should be staggered in the interest of continuity. It was agreed that Les and Widget would work on a proposal that would implement that process for presentation to the RA.

The meeting was adjourned with the next meeting to be determined at a later date.

Meeting Transcript

[2016/07/17 15:09] Delia Lake: I call the meeting of the LUC to order at 3:09 pm

[2016/07/17 15:09] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): hiya again Calli

[2016/07/17 15:09] Delia Lake: and if anyone gets too warm feel free to jump in the river today :)

[2016/07/17 15:09] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): ã‹¡

[2016/07/17 15:10] Delia Lake: first agenda item is to approve the transcript of the previous LUC meeting. any comments or adds oof things that didn't make it in but are important?

[2016/07/17 15:11] Pip Torok: entered chat range (3.11 m).

[2016/07/17 15:11] Lilith Ivory: Hi Pip

[2016/07/17 15:11] Delia Lake hears no speaking and sees no typing

[2016/07/17 15:11] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): Hiya Pip :)

[2016/07/17 15:11] Pip Torok: hi hannah

[2016/07/17 15:11] Delia Lake: so if there are no adds, will someone please move that we approve the transcript?

[2016/07/17 15:11] Aedan (aedan.charron) shakes his head "none from me"

[2016/07/17 15:11] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): So moved.

[2016/07/17 15:11] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): So moved

[2016/07/17 15:11] Leslie Allandale: second

[2016/07/17 15:12] Delia Lake: in favor?

[2016/07/17 15:12] Pip Torok: is this to be a talk or a texting meeting?

[2016/07/17 15:12] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/07/17 15:12] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Aye.

[2016/07/17 15:12] Aedan (aedan.charron): Aye

[2016/07/17 15:12] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): aye

[2016/07/17 15:12] Widget Whiteberry: aye

[2016/07/17 15:12] Delia Lake: transcript approved

[2016/07/17 15:12] Lilith Ivory: text I think Pip

[2016/07/17 15:13] Callipygian Christensen: left chat range.

[2016/07/17 15:13] Delia Lake: second is this agenda. are there any mods or additions to this agenda?

[2016/07/17 15:13] Pip Torok: (sorry for interruption)

[2016/07/17 15:13] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): none from me

[2016/07/17 15:13] Aedan (aedan.charron): No

[2016/07/17 15:13] Delia Lake: lol Pip you're sitting on Han

[2016/07/17 15:13] Callipygian Christensen: entered chat range (19.89 m).

[2016/07/17 15:13] Widget Whiteberry: none here

[2016/07/17 15:13] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): None.

[2016/07/17 15:13] Pip Torok: ahh!

[2016/07/17 15:14] Delia Lake: agenda approved?

[2016/07/17 15:14] Delia Lake: Pip the seat on the end next to widget is empty

[2016/07/17 15:14] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Aye

[2016/07/17 15:14] Widget Whiteberry: aye

[2016/07/17 15:14] Aedan (aedan.charron) nods "aye"

[2016/07/17 15:14] Arria (arria.perreault): nay

[2016/07/17 15:15] Pip Torok: i dont see widget

[2016/07/17 15:15] Leslie Allandale: I had suggested discussing member rotation, Delia

[2016/07/17 15:15] Delia Lake: Arria, this is for the LUC members to approve the agenda

[2016/07/17 15:15] Arria (arria.perreault): I know

[2016/07/17 15:15] Delia Lake: would you like to add that to this agenda, Les?

[2016/07/17 15:15] Leslie Allandale: if we have time,

[2016/07/17 15:16] Delia Lake: I saw that but didn't copy it in as I was away to rl

[2016/07/17 15:16] Leslie Allandale: but it is something we need to address

[2016/07/17 15:16] Leslie Allandale: So, yes

[2016/07/17 15:16] Delia Lake: under Other then as new business if we have time

[2016/07/17 15:16] Delia Lake: if not, on the next meeting agenda for sure

[2016/07/17 15:17] Leslie Allandale: ty

[2016/07/17 15:17] Delia Lake: moving on, the first item on the agenda under old business is the proposal for the redesign of friedsee

[2016/07/17 15:17] Delia Lake: did everyone get a copy?

[2016/07/17 15:17] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker) nods.

[2016/07/17 15:18] Arria (arria.perreault): yes and I read it ...

[2016/07/17 15:18] Arria (arria.perreault): :-(

[2016/07/17 15:19] Aedan (aedan.charron): Yes, I did.

[2016/07/17 15:19] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/07/17 15:19] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): yes'm

[2016/07/17 15:19] Delia Lake: before the discussion of this proposal among LUC members, I want to say that this LUC has been really upstanding in participation. although I have been the mouth during much of the time in the public meetings, everyone on the LUC has worked and contributed

[2016/07/17 15:20] Andrew Lane: entered chat range (3.02 m).

[2016/07/17 15:20] Delia Lake: and a big thanks to Leslie for making available a sandbox on Purple where the LUC could try out possible rough designs

[2016/07/17 15:20] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Hi Andrew ã‹¡

[2016/07/17 15:20] Andrew Lane (andrewjon) is pulled somewhere unexpectedly :P~~~~

[2016/07/17 15:20] Delia Lake: so a big thanks to all from me

[2016/07/17 15:20] Leslie Allandale: yvw

[2016/07/17 15:21] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker) smiles.

[2016/07/17 15:21] Aedan (aedan.charron): Thank you

[2016/07/17 15:21] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): Hiya Gaius

[2016/07/17 15:21] Delia Lake: behind us there is a slideshow with photos that Aedan and I took. during our discussion we will probably refer to those photos

[2016/07/17 15:22] Leslie Allandale: I have a suggestion, Delia

[2016/07/17 15:22] Delia Lake: and Widget, could you put out some of the charts from last meeting or give people a link to the charts online?

[2016/07/17 15:22] Delia Lake: yes Les?

[2016/07/17 15:22] Leslie Allandale: Reccomendations, #1

[2016/07/17 15:22] Leslie Allandale: mm

[2016/07/17 15:22] Widget Whiteberry: hmmm yes

[2016/07/17 15:23] Delia Lake: before we get to that, one more comment from me

[2016/07/17 15:23] Leslie Allandale: Could the amount have units and time

[2016/07/17 15:23] Leslie Allandale: yes

[2016/07/17 15:23] Leslie Allandale: ?

[2016/07/17 15:23] Widget Whiteberry scrambles

[2016/07/17 15:24] Delia Lake: and that is to say that this has been an all around difficult and challenging process. we cds have not had to do a complete redesign of a region before. so in doing this we have held public meetings and individual conversations to solicit concerns and interests from citizens and particularly those who are current plot holders on Friedsee

[2016/07/17 15:24] Delia Lake: we have done our best to fit all these puzzle pieces together

[2016/07/17 15:25] Delia Lake: and also have done some clean up of the numbers throughout

[2016/07/17 15:25] Delia Lake: all the time with a recognition that since this hadn't been done before we were setting process precedents for the future

[2016/07/17 15:26] Delia Lake: that being said, yes, Les please continue

[2016/07/17 15:26] Leslie Allandale: #1 has an amount for cost of prims

[2016/07/17 15:26] Leslie Allandale: it should have units associated with it: lindens per week, for instance

[2016/07/17 15:27] Leslie Allandale: And I would like to see what it is being raised from

[2016/07/17 15:27] Leslie Allandale: and I would like to see what it is being raised from

[2016/07/17 15:27] Leslie Allandale: sorry lag

[2016/07/17 15:28] Leslie Allandale: done

[2016/07/17 15:29] Pip Torok: left chat range.

[2016/07/17 15:29] Delia Lake: it is cost per prim per month, and yes it is being raised because the current cost per prim was set when the region was a full region, and full regions have a LL lower cost per prim than homesteads do. with the current price per prim Friedsee is unsustainable

[2016/07/17 15:30] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): the prices are mentioned further into the document

[2016/07/17 15:30] Leslie Allandale: I am asking that it be inserted here

[2016/07/17 15:30] Delia Lake: for clarity we can add that to the beginning

[2016/07/17 15:30] Leslie Allandale: ty

[2016/07/17 15:31] Delia Lake: other comments from the LUC members?

[2016/07/17 15:31] Leslie Allandale: Not now

[2016/07/17 15:32] Widget Whiteberry wrestles with prtextures

[2016/07/17 15:32] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): No.

[2016/07/17 15:32] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): None here.

[2016/07/17 15:32] Aedan (aedan.charron): or here.

[2016/07/17 15:34] Delia Lake: is there a motion to recommend the proposed Friedsee redesign with Les's modification to include the former cost per prim and reason for increase in the recommendation list at the beginning of the doc?

[2016/07/17 15:34] Callipygian Christensen raises her hand

[2016/07/17 15:34] Delia Lake: yes Calli?

[2016/07/17 15:34] Arria (arria.perreault): are we talking only about #1 or about the whole proposal ?

[2016/07/17 15:35] Delia Lake: we are talkiing about the whole proposal as a recommendation for redesign to submit to the Chancellor

[2016/07/17 15:35] Delia Lake: the mod applies to #1

[2016/07/17 15:35] Arria (arria.perreault): in this case I have a statement, but Calli first

[2016/07/17 15:35] Callipygian Christensen: To be clear - yu are voting on the whole proposal BUT that includes the alternative tunneling, and the Chancellor would choose wichh or both options to present to RA?

[2016/07/17 15:35] Leslie Allandale: Yes

[2016/07/17 15:36] Callipygian Christensen: thank you

[2016/07/17 15:36] Delia Lake: The chancellor would have to choose which option.

[2016/07/17 15:36] Callipygian Christensen: done

[2016/07/17 15:36] Arria (arria.perreault): I have a statement about the LUC proposal

[2016/07/17 15:36] Aedan (aedan.charron) raises his hand?

[2016/07/17 15:37] Delia Lake: we will get to process a few items down and as it will relate to the laws and constitution, Calli, would appreciate your comments then

[2016/07/17 15:37] Delia Lake: yes Aedan?

[2016/07/17 15:37] Delia Lake: then Arria

[2016/07/17 15:38] Aedan (aedan.charron): It is my understanding that the Chancellor is not bound to either of these, that she might do something entirely different. Is that correct?

[2016/07/17 15:39] Delia Lake: the job of the LUC in this instance is to return a proposal for redesign to the Chancellor as that is what we were tasked to do by her

[2016/07/17 15:39] Leslie Allandale: I agree

[2016/07/17 15:40] Aedan (aedan.charron) nods "done"

[2016/07/17 15:40] Delia Lake: in this proposal the LUC has laid out a preferred design and the reasons for that choice

[2016/07/17 15:40] Delia Lake: Arria?

[2016/07/17 15:41] Arria (arria.perreault): It is my official statement as curator of the Monastery Uand I will publish it on the forums later)

[2016/07/17 15:42] Arria (arria.perreault): I deeply regret that the LUC did not understand my argumentation by not presenting a proposal without any effect on the Monastery

[2016/07/17 15:43] Delia Lake: With all due respect, Arria, I believe we did hear and understand your argument and did take it into consideration

[2016/07/17 15:43] Arria (arria.perreault): I have to think to the alternative of the tunnel. I dont understand what it really means. If it doesnt have any visual change, maybe I can live with it.

[2016/07/17 15:44] Arria (arria.perreault): Let me speak. It is a statement.

[2016/07/17 15:44] Arria (arria.perreault): I am aware that CDS can do everything with its lands

[2016/07/17 15:44] Arria (arria.perreault): I am also aware that my rights are only on my parcels

[2016/07/17 15:45] Arria (arria.perreault): I have explaned in the forums the special history of the Monastery sim.

[2016/07/17 15:45] Delia Lake: as you recall I asked you specifically during the last meeting to state what your concern was regarding the Monastery building and you said--I'm paraphrasing--that your concern was to look out of the Monastery tower and see the waterfall

[2016/07/17 15:45] Delia Lake: we have addressed that concern

[2016/07/17 15:46] Delia Lake: we do know the history of Monastery and actually of all the other regions in the CDS. we have discussed much of them and gone over the niumbers for all of them

[2016/07/17 15:46] Delia Lake: each region in the cds has a special history

[2016/07/17 15:47] Arria (arria.perreault): If the RA confirm the following variant : "Replace the current waterfall on Monastery with a curved river with rapids", it will mean for me as Curator of the Monastery that the Monastery sim is not linked anymore to the Monastery building in the point of view of the MOnastery.

[2016/07/17 15:47] Arria (arria.perreault): in the point of view of the CDS *

[2016/07/17 15:47] Delia Lake: but given the charge and law governing the LUC we are bound to take into consideration the whole of the CDS Estate as well as a region

[2016/07/17 15:47] Arria (arria.perreault): SO if the RA confirms this variant, the Monastery will leave CDS on 31.12.2016.

[2016/07/17 15:48] Arria (arria.perreault): I am already looking for alternatives for the Monastery project.

[2016/07/17 15:48] Arria (arria.perreault): In this case, the LUC can also reconsider to make a reparcelling of le Monastery sim for the 01.01.2017.

[2016/07/17 15:49] Arria (arria.perreault): I am done.

[2016/07/17 15:49] Delia Lake: and let me reiterate that the proposal as stated takes great care NOT to disturb ANY of the plots of ANY of the CURRENT PLOT HOLDERS

[2016/07/17 15:49] Arria (arria.perreault): Delia, I have explaned that my interest was on the whole sim and not on my plot.

[2016/07/17 15:50] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): You know, Arria, I don't think your fellow citizens view threats very kindly.

[2016/07/17 15:50] Arria (arria.perreault): I can find a plot in mainland and live with chaos around,

[2016/07/17 15:50] Delia Lake: Arria, I feel bound to ask given your statement are you suggesting that you intend to hold the best interests of the overall CDS Estate hostage by threatening to remove your Monastery building from the CDS?

[2016/07/17 15:51] Arria (arria.perreault): I have given all my arguments in the forums. I am not contesting the right of CDS to redesign its land.

[2016/07/17 15:51] Arria (arria.perreault): I only think to what I want for the Monastery.

[2016/07/17 15:51] Delia Lake: then what are you doing now? you are contesting the right of the CDS to entertain redesign proposals

[2016/07/17 15:51] Arria (arria.perreault): And I clearly don't want this gorge.

[2016/07/17 15:52] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): Two points I'm going to throw out into the melee'; 1) FS loses money until we can get it reparcelled and on themarket 2)Any proposal has to have MINIMAL impact on external regions for me to vote for it

[2016/07/17 15:52] Arria (arria.perreault): I am not contesting it. YOu can do what you want with CDS land.

[2016/07/17 15:52] Delia Lake: you may have a proposal for a gorge, the LUC does not

[2016/07/17 15:52] Leslie Allandale: So why don't you work with the group instead of drawing lines in the sand?

[2016/07/17 15:52] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): All due respect, Arria; there's at least one option you're ignoring; the tunnel around the waterfall

[2016/07/17 15:52] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): and I'm done, and going back to lurking since I'm not on the LUC

[2016/07/17 15:52] Arria (arria.perreault): I am only saying that I will leave, what is my right.

[2016/07/17 15:53] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Or, Arria, you could have presented your own alternative.

[2016/07/17 15:53] Delia Lake: every citizen of the cds has a right to leave at any time

[2016/07/17 15:53] Arria (arria.perreault): I said that the tunnel is a possibility and I will study it carefully.

[2016/07/17 15:54] Delia Lake: back to the agenda. may we have a motion to give the proposed recommendation of the LUC for Friedsee redesign with the #1 mod by Les, to the Chancellor?

[2016/07/17 15:54] Arria (arria.perreault): Delia, the question I have asked in the forums is the link between CDS and the Monastery as project. The LUC cannot answer this question. It is an historical link and I agree that CDS can change it at any time, as I have not contract with it.

[2016/07/17 15:55] Widget Whiteberry: So move

[2016/07/17 15:55] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Second

[2016/07/17 15:55] Delia Lake: second?

[2016/07/17 15:55] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): secnd

[2016/07/17 15:55] Delia Lake: all in favor?

[2016/07/17 15:55] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/07/17 15:55] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Aye

[2016/07/17 15:55] Widget Whiteberry: aye

[2016/07/17 15:55] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Aye

[2016/07/17 15:56] Delia Lake: Aedan?

[2016/07/17 15:56] Aedan (aedan.charron): I've had my concerns and have voiced them quite often but am quite aware of the effort that has been made to meet all of the expectatons and requirements while still meeting the tier requirements and creating an attractive region. That no structures in Monastery will be affected in marrying it with Friedsee in the recommended design is commendable. Thanks to all who worked so hard - I know it hasn't been easy. It is with this understanding and appreciation that I intended to vote in the affirmative and move this forward. However, having just come to the understanding that the Chancellor must choose from these two options, regretfully - and respectfully, I vote "no".

[2016/07/17 15:56] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): The Chancellor is not bound by our proposals.

[2016/07/17 15:57] Widget Whiteberry waits for Aedan to elaborate

[2016/07/17 15:57] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Nope

[2016/07/17 15:57] Delia Lake: thank you all

[2016/07/17 15:57] Delia Lake: the proposal passes and will be officially presented to the chancellor with Les's addition

[2016/07/17 15:57] Delia Lake: now to new business

[2016/07/17 15:58] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): clap clap clap

[2016/07/17 15:58] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): clap clap clap

[2016/07/17 15:58] Delia Lake: and first on that is process and next steps regarding the Friedsee redesign

[2016/07/17 15:59] Delia Lake: as I said earlier this is a first. there has not been a total redesign of a region in the cds and with current occupants in place no less

[2016/07/17 15:59] Delia Lake: so it is important to discuss who is responsible for doing what, and making requests to fill in gaps

[2016/07/17 16:00] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): hand

[2016/07/17 16:00] Delia Lake: first, constitutionally, the Chancellor is responsible for land use

[2016/07/17 16:00] Leslie Allandale: We may stumble on the product, but the process is what is important

[2016/07/17 16:00] Arria (arria.perreault): I really don't understand why the LUC did not try to find an alternative that affects only Friedsee. I was possible.

[2016/07/17 16:00] Delia Lake: yes, Coop?

[2016/07/17 16:00] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Given that we are now waiting for word from the Chancellor, this is more of a task list pending 'the word'?

[2016/07/17 16:01] Delia Lake: Arria, we did. you will see thta if you look at the proposal and look at the photos

[2016/07/17 16:01] Arria (arria.perreault): every proposal affects the Monastery

[2016/07/17 16:01] Delia Lake: there is a constitutional division of labor so to speak between the chancellor and the RA in my reading anyway

[2016/07/17 16:01] Arria (arria.perreault): only the tunnel is a possibility and you don't recommand it

[2016/07/17 16:02] Delia Lake: the RA is responsible for the finances

[2016/07/17 16:02] Leslie Allandale: And making laws

[2016/07/17 16:02] Delia Lake: and so imo must pass on the increase of tier for Friedsee

[2016/07/17 16:03] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): After a certain point, we have to get FS on the market. Or get rid of it;w hich would improve the view from monastery (assuming you enjoy void sims)

[2016/07/17 16:03] Delia Lake: the chancellor on the other hand is responsible for determining land use

[2016/07/17 16:03] Delia Lake: so would have to make the decision on the final design

[2016/07/17 16:04] Delia Lake: the RA does not have design responsibility so far as I can see

[2016/07/17 16:05] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:05] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:05] Delia Lake: but the RA is responsible for long term planning and so the overall health of the estate, that it is financially sustainable and attractive to residents and visitors is a concern

[2016/07/17 16:05] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:05] Arria (arria.perreault): I cannot view the slideshow

[2016/07/17 16:05] Leslie Allandale: Which is why they created the luc

[2016/07/17 16:05] Arria (arria.perreault): I see only one picture

[2016/07/17 16:05] Delia Lake: I just reset it to CDS group

[2016/07/17 16:05] Delia Lake: see if it works now

[2016/07/17 16:06] Arria (arria.perreault): no

[2016/07/17 16:06] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:06] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:06] Arria (arria.perreault): It sais : You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:06] Widget Whiteberry zooms in to watch the slideshow

[2016/07/17 16:06] Arria (arria.perreault): I see only one picture

[2016/07/17 16:07] Delia Lake: I don't know if this makes a difference but I just deeded it to CDS group

[2016/07/17 16:07] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:07] Widget Whiteberry: that's all you should see

[2016/07/17 16:07] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:07] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:07] Aedan (aedan.charron): As do I see only one

[2016/07/17 16:07] Widget Whiteberry: let Delia advance it

[2016/07/17 16:07] Delia Lake: sorry about that

[2016/07/17 16:07] Delia Lake: I'll advance it

[2016/07/17 16:07] Delia Lake: this first photo is a view of FS as it is now. mostly empty

[2016/07/17 16:07] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:08] Widget Whiteberry: from the south?

[2016/07/17 16:08] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:08] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:08] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Yes, it must be\

[2016/07/17 16:08] Delia Lake: this will not let me advance now either :(

[2016/07/17 16:09] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): If one right clicks and edits it, one can find te images in the "contents" folder

[2016/07/17 16:09] Widget Whiteberry: Delia should be the only one touching it. Delia, do you need to take it back into inventory?

[2016/07/17 16:09] Delia Lake: good idea, Gaius

[2016/07/17 16:09] Aedan (aedan.charron) sits on his hands

[2016/07/17 16:10] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:10] Widget Whiteberry does too

[2016/07/17 16:10] SlideShow--Bonca's NEW (CMT): You don't have the permission

[2016/07/17 16:10] Delia Lake: the first few slides are of friedsee as it is now

[2016/07/17 16:10] Arria (arria.perreault): it doesnt work

[2016/07/17 16:10] Delia Lake: I will have to advance it

[2016/07/17 16:11] Delia Lake: so please look

[2016/07/17 16:11] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): The Friedsee.

[2016/07/17 16:11] Widget Whiteberry: Delia seems to be operating the slide show

[2016/07/17 16:11] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): View of the valley from the NW

[2016/07/17 16:11] Delia Lake: Friedsee is hilled with water

[2016/07/17 16:11] Delia Lake: thanks Gaius

[2016/07/17 16:11] Delia Lake: other LUC providing narration wiill help

[2016/07/17 16:12] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Delia above thehamlet area ã‹¡

[2016/07/17 16:12] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): View of FS down the valley and stream

[2016/07/17 16:13] Delia Lake: this is the border of FS and MON

[2016/07/17 16:13] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Toward the chalet.

[2016/07/17 16:13] Delia Lake: note that the border textures to not match up well. they never have and although much adjusting has been tried it has been unsuccessful in makiing it work well

[2016/07/17 16:14] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Ah, this is Leslie and Aedan's model.

[2016/07/17 16:14] Delia Lake: this is a view of our sandbox on Purple

[2016/07/17 16:14] Delia Lake: and we will provide a lm for people to visit

[2016/07/17 16:15] Delia Lake: it is a Rough Build as it is 1/5 scale and lacking detail

[2016/07/17 16:15] Delia Lake: but the water here is at LL level

[2016/07/17 16:15] Delia Lake: looking from what would be the south edge of Friedsee

[2016/07/17 16:15] Widget Whiteberry: the red bars will make sense when looking from above

[2016/07/17 16:16] Delia Lake: we seem to have lost photos :(

[2016/07/17 16:16] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): I still see them in the contents.

[2016/07/17 16:16] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): I haven't been able to see them; are they on google docs anywhere?

[2016/07/17 16:16] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Ah, there

[2016/07/17 16:17] Delia Lake: they will be on google docs

[2016/07/17 16:17] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): now it shows up just as soon as I say something. :\

[2016/07/17 16:17] Delia Lake: here is Monastery as it currently exists

[2016/07/17 16:17] Delia Lake: note that much of the public land on this region is empty. few trees and some rocks

[2016/07/17 16:18] Delia Lake: also, note the steep gorge currently entering the lake

[2016/07/17 16:18] Delia Lake: this is a view from the north side of Monastery

[2016/07/17 16:19] Delia Lake: this lake is LL water level

[2016/07/17 16:20] Widget Whiteberry notices two slide shows

[2016/07/17 16:20] Delia Lake: the green barrier in this photo is what the current height of the hills are on the north of Friedsee and the south of Monastery

[2016/07/17 16:21] Delia Lake: the slideshow is not showing textures only photos. so the photos i uploaded from google docs do not show:(

[2016/07/17 16:22] Callipygian Christensen: drop them to me and Ill take photos of them Delia

[2016/07/17 16:26] Leslie Allandale: I want to put together a production team, then advertise for talent

[2016/07/17 16:26] Leslie Allandale: soz, wrong chat

[2016/07/17 16:27] Widget Whiteberry smacks Les on the back of the neck

[2016/07/17 16:27] Leslie Allandale: ouch

[2016/07/17 16:27] Delia Lake: sorry folks, in my haste this morning I put in textures without chhanging the perms to mod copy

[2016/07/17 16:28] Aedan (aedan.charron): tsk tsk ;)

[2016/07/17 16:28] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): ((please excuse me, I have to take off; I'll watch for the transcript etc on the forum))

[2016/07/17 16:30] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Bye Han ã‹¡

[2016/07/17 16:30] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): *waves* thanks, Andrew �

[2016/07/17 16:30] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf (han.held): I didn't want to litter; bye y'all

[2016/07/17 16:30] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): You're welcome �

[2016/07/17 16:30] Hannah Marie Bloodwolf: left chat range.

[2016/07/17 16:30] Delia Lake: so these are not in any order

[2016/07/17 16:31] Delia Lake: but let me say that an effort has been made in this proposed design to take into account all the comments made byy residents of both Friedsee and Monastery

[2016/07/17 16:31] Arria (arria.perreault): I have published my statement in the forums : viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7654&sid=f8bf6215c0 ... 12d856f58c

[2016/07/17 16:31] Delia Lake: and NO part of the modifications will change the current plots of current residents

[2016/07/17 16:32] Arria (arria.perreault): Delia, I don't want this river ....

[2016/07/17 16:32] Delia Lake: the design is intended to integrate the two homesteads visually and add forested areas to Friedsee and usable water to Friedsee

[2016/07/17 16:32] Arria (arria.perreault): The problematic of the Monastery is not only about its parcel. It is a whole. But it is the RA to confirm or not this.

[2016/07/17 16:33] Delia Lake: Arria, the RA does not have land use or design responsibility. the Chancellor does

[2016/07/17 16:33] Delia Lake: the RA has fiscal responsibility and can approve or reject the proposal for tier increase for Friedsee

[2016/07/17 16:33] Arria (arria.perreault): So the Chancellor will have to decide about a decision of the RA to create the Monastery sim.

[2016/07/17 16:34] Delia Lake: the RA has to approve the purchase of any new sim

[2016/07/17 16:34] Delia Lake: when Monastery was new, the RA had to approve to purchase it

[2016/07/17 16:34] Delia Lake: then direct that to happen

[2016/07/17 16:34] Arria (arria.perreault): My problem: you linked a financial issue with an aesthetic one and clearly in favor of the Friedsee sim

[2016/07/17 16:35] Delia Lake: the RA does not have land use and design responsibilities

[2016/07/17 16:35] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): "clearly"?

[2016/07/17 16:35] Delia Lake: no, the design was in favor of the cds estate as a whole

[2016/07/17 16:35] Arria (arria.perreault): Friedsee will be a nice sim and the Monastery will be cut in two pieces with an ugly gorge

[2016/07/17 16:35] Andrew Lane (andrewjon): ...

[2016/07/17 16:35] Delia Lake: not any one region and not any one individual

[2016/07/17 16:35] Andrew Lane: left chat range.

[2016/07/17 16:35] Arria (arria.perreault): I am looking your pictures

[2016/07/17 16:36] Delia Lake: the Monastery sim will NOT be cut by an ugly gorge such as you posted on the forum, Arria

[2016/07/17 16:36] Arria (arria.perreault): Look this picture

[2016/07/17 16:36] Arria (arria.perreault): the whole sim is in two pieces

[2016/07/17 16:37] Leslie Allandale: point of order, Delia

[2016/07/17 16:37] Delia Lake: the intent is to have a curved river that gives a view from the monastery tower of a waterfall, a river with rapids, some forests

[2016/07/17 16:37] Arria (arria.perreault): And I am not talking about the relief that is totally modified

[2016/07/17 16:37] Arria (arria.perreault): but it is your right and the one of the Chancellor

[2016/07/17 16:37] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Madame Chair?

[2016/07/17 16:37] Delia Lake: yes Les

[2016/07/17 16:37] Arria (arria.perreault): I am not contesting that

[2016/07/17 16:37] Delia Lake: let's finish with the agenda

[2016/07/17 16:37] Leslie Allandale: we need to move on, and this is not time to argue

[2016/07/17 16:37] Arria (arria.perreault): I will not stay there if it is realized

[2016/07/17 16:38] Delia Lake: the process is to submit to the Chancellor

[2016/07/17 16:38] Delia Lake: and to recommend an update of the Friedsee covenant

[2016/07/17 16:38] Arria (arria.perreault): I will let the process go to its end.

[2016/07/17 16:38] Widget Whiteberry: yes, we need to move on

[2016/07/17 16:38] Arria (arria.perreault): I will wait and make my decision.

[2016/07/17 16:39] Arria (arria.perreault): I just want to be frank.

[2016/07/17 16:39] Delia Lake: once whatever plan is implemented, the LUC will need to make a new masterplan to reflect that

[2016/07/17 16:39] Leslie Allandale: raises hand

[2016/07/17 16:39] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Arria, you're acting rather petulant.

[2016/07/17 16:40] Delia Lake: also the LUC will be responsible for either doing the design or contracting with others to do that or both

[2016/07/17 16:40] Delia Lake: yes, Les?

[2016/07/17 16:40] Arria (arria.perreault): If one of a project you give a lot of energy to is about to end, you would also try to fight a bit, Gaius ....

[2016/07/17 16:40] Leslie Allandale: Can you explain where we are in the agenda

[2016/07/17 16:40] Leslie Allandale: and what we are doing at that point?

[2016/07/17 16:41] Delia Lake: D.3.

[2016/07/17 16:41] Leslie Allandale: So what is our mission

[2016/07/17 16:41] Leslie Allandale: are we discussing it

[2016/07/17 16:41] Leslie Allandale: is there a motion?

[2016/07/17 16:41] Delia Lake: a motion for what?

[2016/07/17 16:41] Leslie Allandale: for 3

[2016/07/17 16:42] Leslie Allandale: How are we dealing with that topic

[2016/07/17 16:42] Delia Lake: no not yet

[2016/07/17 16:42] Leslie Allandale: is it an annoucement

[2016/07/17 16:42] Leslie Allandale: ?

[2016/07/17 16:42] Leslie Allandale: I am concerned with procedure

[2016/07/17 16:42] Delia Lake: it is in our enabling legislation that the LUC is responsible for updating the masterplan

[2016/07/17 16:42] Leslie Allandale: yes

[2016/07/17 16:42] Delia Lake: until there is a decision on redesign there is no to do

[2016/07/17 16:42] Leslie Allandale: I wrote it

[2016/07/17 16:43] Leslie Allandale: So we are discussing updating the masterplan

[2016/07/17 16:43] Delia Lake: we are stating that the LUC will need to do that in the near future

[2016/07/17 16:43] Leslie Allandale: Noted

[2016/07/17 16:43] Leslie Allandale: then we can move on?

[2016/07/17 16:44] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): pending what the Executive does

[2016/07/17 16:44] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/07/17 16:44] Leslie Allandale: good, ty

[2016/07/17 16:44] Arria: left chat range.

[2016/07/17 16:44] Delia Lake: to Other, and you have an "other" Les?

[2016/07/17 16:44] Leslie Allandale: Yes

[2016/07/17 16:44] Leslie Allandale: there has been confusion as to the rotation of luc members

[2016/07/17 16:45] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/07/17 16:45] Widget Whiteberry listens

[2016/07/17 16:45] Leslie Allandale: I would ask the members to think of how we can keep track of the rotation, and perhaps change it to reflect or situation

[2016/07/17 16:45] Delia Lake: yes

[2016/07/17 16:46] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Could we have a board like the RA has for LUC members?

[2016/07/17 16:46] Widget Whiteberry thinks of a spreadsheet

[2016/07/17 16:46] Leslie Allandale: When I wrote the bill, I didn't think about the fact that no one waskeeping track of who was still on the luc

[2016/07/17 16:46] Delia Lake: good ideas

[2016/07/17 16:46] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Maybe we need a board like the EMs have

[2016/07/17 16:46] Leslie Allandale: Just so we get it done before next election so there is continuity

[2016/07/17 16:46] Widget Whiteberry: If someone can recreate terms and start dates for each of us, I can make a chart

[2016/07/17 16:47] Delia Lake: yes.

[2016/07/17 16:47] Leslie Allandale: I will work with Widgeet

[2016/07/17 16:47] Delia Lake: the terms is one thing we need to discuss

[2016/07/17 16:47] Leslie Allandale: Widget, even

[2016/07/17 16:47] Leslie Allandale: I move that leslie and Widget work on a proposal

[2016/07/17 16:47] Delia Lake: 2 of the LUC members are appointed to represent elected officials--the RA and the Chancellor reps

[2016/07/17 16:48] Leslie Allandale: only the RA needs to start with the new term

[2016/07/17 16:48] Delia Lake: second to Les's proposal?

[2016/07/17 16:48] Aedan (aedan.charron): I second that

[2016/07/17 16:48] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): To work on a proposal for what, Les?

[2016/07/17 16:48] Leslie Allandale: The chancellor's rep can continue until replaced

[2016/07/17 16:49] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): or until the Chancellor changes

[2016/07/17 16:49] Leslie Allandale: terms for the luc members

[2016/07/17 16:49] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): second

[2016/07/17 16:49] Leslie Allandale: The new chancellor could just keep the old member

[2016/07/17 16:49] Leslie Allandale: we need to vote

[2016/07/17 16:49] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): they could, but they might want their own person

[2016/07/17 16:50] Leslie Allandale: that would be their prerogative

[2016/07/17 16:50] Leslie Allandale: point of order

[2016/07/17 16:50] Leslie Allandale: we have a motion and second

[2016/07/17 16:50] Leslie Allandale: we need to vote

[2016/07/17 16:51] Widget Whiteberry is ready to vote

[2016/07/17 16:51] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): I still do not quite understand what we are voting on.

[2016/07/17 16:51] Delia Lake: discussion after seconding is fine. are we ready to vote on Les and Widget making a terms for members proposal at the next meeting?

[2016/07/17 16:51] Leslie Allandale: yes

[2016/07/17 16:51] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): No.

[2016/07/17 16:52] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): What do you mean by terms?

[2016/07/17 16:52] Leslie Allandale: The time that the members are appointed for

[2016/07/17 16:53] Delia Lake: in the legislation enabling the LUC there is mention that there would be staggered terms for members so that there would be some continuuity of knowledge in this commission

[2016/07/17 16:53] Delia Lake: but the process for implementing that has never been set

[2016/07/17 16:53] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): And will this proposal be going to the RA?

[2016/07/17 16:53] Leslie Allandale: Yes

[2016/07/17 16:53] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Ok.

[2016/07/17 16:53] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): I'm ready to vote ã‹¡

[2016/07/17 16:53] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Thank you

[2016/07/17 16:54] Leslie Allandale: smiles

[2016/07/17 16:54] Delia Lake: all in favor?

[2016/07/17 16:54] Leslie Allandale: aye

[2016/07/17 16:54] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Aye

[2016/07/17 16:54] Widget Whiteberry: aye

[2016/07/17 16:54] Aedan (aedan.charron): aye

[2016/07/17 16:54] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Aye

[2016/07/17 16:54] Delia Lake: thank you Les and Widget

[2016/07/17 16:54] Delia Lake: any other "other"?

[2016/07/17 16:54] Leslie Allandale: thank you for hearing me

[2016/07/17 16:54] Leslie Allandale: no

[2016/07/17 16:54] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): No

[2016/07/17 16:55] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Nope

[2016/07/17 16:55] Aedan (aedan.charron): No

[2016/07/17 16:55] Delia Lake: F. is there anything else that citizens would like to raise? Lilith? Calli?

[2016/07/17 16:55] Lilith Ivory: not at the moment :)

[2016/07/17 16:56] Lilith Ivory: thank you

[2016/07/17 16:56] Delia Lake: next meeting date?

[2016/07/17 16:56] Widget Whiteberry: no idea

[2016/07/17 16:56] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): next month?

[2016/07/17 16:57] Delia Lake: suggestions? or doodle again?

[2016/07/17 16:57] Leslie Allandale: doodle is fine

[2016/07/17 16:57] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Let's doodle again ã‹¡

[2016/07/17 16:57] Aedan (aedan.charron): Doodle works

[2016/07/17 16:57] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/07/17 16:57] Widget Whiteberry: Doodle

[2016/07/17 16:57] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): Dooodle

[2016/07/17 16:57] Delia Lake: sunday afternoons seem to work ok for us, yes?

[2016/07/17 16:58] Leslie Allandale: yes, fine for now

[2016/07/17 16:58] Delia Lake: Gaius, do you know what your schedule will be?

[2016/07/17 16:58] Aedan (aedan.charron) nods " I can only say that the weekend of aug 9 & 10 I will be ...gone and with no access"

[2016/07/17 16:58] Gaius Tiberius Curio (guillaume.mistwalker): Next Sunday, no, but Sundays should be more reliable for me.

[2016/07/17 16:58] Delia Lake: ok

[2016/07/17 16:58] Delia Lake: will send doodle

[2016/07/17 16:59] Delia Lake: anything else for today?

[2016/07/17 16:59] Leslie Allandale: move to adjourn

[2016/07/17 16:59] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): SECOND

[2016/07/17 16:59] Widget Whiteberry: 2nd

[2016/07/17 16:59] Delia Lake: in favor?

[2016/07/17 16:59] Aedan (aedan.charron): Aye

[2016/07/17 16:59] RG Cooperstone (roguegeek.cooperstone): AYE

[2016/07/17 16:59] Callipygian Christensen hears choruses of angels singing hallelujahs

[2016/07/17 16:59] Delia Lake: thank you all!!!!
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