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LUC meeting log, Sunday, Jan 22, 2017

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Delia will serve as chair, Widget as secretary/archivist.
Current members of the LUC:
Delia was elected a rep from the Guild, Coop and Widget as citizens from the RA, Rosie Gray as Chancellor's rep, Bags as RA member.
Discussion of CN begins at 12:40.
Discussion of survey — with spreadsheet — gov builds on private land, to determine LI impact if it were set to count against the public lands begins at 13:31

[12:05] Delia Lake: Hello and welcome
[12:05] Delia Lake: I call this meeting of the LUC to order.
[12:06] Delia Lake: The meeting will be recorded and the transcript posted to the Forum
[12:07] Delia Lake: It is the practice of the LUC that we have a brief summary of key points but that the transcript stand as the meeting minutes
[12:09] Delia Lake: The LUC has 6 members. 3 are appointed by the RA including 2 citizens at large and 1 RA member, 1 is a Chancellor's rep, and 2 are Guiild Representatives
[12:09] Delia Lake: for the record, Widget and I are Guild reps for this term
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[12:11] Delia Lake: Bagheera is the sitting RA member
[12:11] Bagheera Kristan: *smiles and waves*
[12:11] Delia Lake: Rosie is the Chancellor's rep for thiis term
[12:12] Delia Lake: Coop and Les are citizens at large
[12:12] Delia Lake: welcome Arria
[12:12] Rosie Gray: hi Arria
[12:12] Arria (Arria Perreault): Hi Delia :-)
[12:12] Arria (Arria Perreault): Hi everybody :-)
[12:13] Delia Lake: The first thing we must do is elect LUC officers for this term
[12:13] Leslie Allandale: Good afternoon, Arria
[12:14] Tanoujin Milestone: Hello :)
[12:14] Delia Lake: so we need to have a LUC chair and a LUC secretary
[12:14] Arria (Arria Perreault): Hi Tan :-)
[12:14] Delia Lake: Hi Tan
[12:14] Lilith Ivory: HI All
[12:14] Rosie Gray waves at Tan and Lilith
[12:15] Widget Whiteberry smiles
[12:15] Delia Lake: I have opened the meeting as I have been the chair from last term
[12:15] Lilith Ivory: thanks Delia
[12:15] Delia Lake: Nominations for Chair?
[12:16] Widget Whiteberry: Oh goodness, Delia: you!
[12:17] Bagheera Kristan: Delia, do you want to serve again?
[12:17] Rosie Gray: there's a good question!
[12:17] Rosie Gray: hehe
[12:17] Delia Lake: I would to it 1 more time if you would want me to do so
[12:17] Bagheera Kristan: ach did we lose her? lol Delia?
[12:18] Rosie Gray: then I would second the nomination
[12:18] Leslie Allandale: second
[12:18] Bagheera Kristan: yes
[12:18] Delia Lake: other nominations?
[12:19] Leslie Allandale: no, I call the question
[12:19] Delia Lake: all in favor?
[12:19] Bagheera Kristan: aye
[12:19] Rosie Gray: aye
[12:19] Leslie Allandale: aye
[12:20] Lilith Ivory wonders ho has sent Leslie into the LUC
[12:20] Bagheera Kristan: ((Les is citizen at large))
[12:21] Delia Lake: thank you :)
[12:21] Lilith Ivory: I was thinking that would be Widget and Coop
[12:21] Widget Whiteberry votes for Delia
[12:21] Widget Whiteberry: Lil, what would be me and Coop?
[12:21] Lilith Ivory: what I said
[12:22] Bagheera Kristan: ((Widget is Guild rep))
[12:22] Lilith Ivory: and Delia sent from the guild
[12:22] Delia Lake: perhaps I had the incorrect information about membership
[12:22] Lilith Ivory: oh who sent Delia than?
[12:22] Lilith Ivory: also I was not aware the guild elected Widget as representative
[12:23] Lilith Ivory: I´d be in favor of Delia as guild member
[12:23] Rosie Gray: we haven't had a guild meeting for a long time
[12:23] Delia Lake: we have not, tht is so
[12:24] Lilith Ivory: I hope you don´t mind me trying to set the member list straight
[12:24] Leslie Allandale: I have wanted to change the text of the LUC law so this wouldn't happen
[12:25] Rosie Gray: ummm... sorry but I don't thin that Widget is in the guild
[12:25] Rosie Gray: think*
[12:25] Delia Lake: if the assignments are incorrect we do need to correct that
[12:25] Delia Lake: so maybe we should go through. I was elected a rep from the guild.
[12:25] Leslie Allandale: I don't think the rep from the guild needs to be in the guild, at least the way the law is written
[12:26] Delia Lake: Rosie? you are?
[12:26] Rosie Gray: but the guild needs to meet to elect whom they want to have as reps
[12:26] Lilith Ivory: Widget and Coop got elected as citizens last term from the RA
[12:26] Rosie Gray: I'm the Chancellor's rep
[12:26] Lilith Ivory: Bags got elected as RA rep
[12:26] Bagheera Kristan: I am the RA member rep - elected by the RA
[12:26] Leslie Allandale: The citizens don't need to be reappointed each term
[12:26] Lilith Ivory: yes exactly
[12:26] Delia Lake: my mistake then
[12:27] Lilith Ivory: that´s why Widget and Coop are still here
[12:27] Rosie Gray: this should be clearer in the charter, in my opinion
[12:27] Leslie Allandale: Yes
[12:27] Delia Lake: and my apologies
[12:27] Rosie Gray: it's always confusing at the beginning of each RA
[12:27] Leslie Allandale: It was an oversight in the original bill
[12:28] Bagheera Kristan: lol, maybe add a section for introductions to the Agenda? *thinking outloud*
[12:28] Leslie Allandale: Not bad, but confusing under the circumstances
[12:28] Delia Lake: yes :)
[12:28] Leslie Allandale: I will rewrite it, if the LUC would like.
[12:29] Rosie Gray: maybe that could be added to our Agenda after this bit?
[12:30] Delia Lake: yes there is an "other"
[12:30] Delia Lake: we do have an undetermined other guild slot it would seem
[12:32] Delia Lake: Les, what interest do you think you are representing
[12:32] Leslie Allandale: I came here as a citizen
[12:32] Delia Lake: ok
[12:32] Leslie Allandale: I don't think I am representing any other interest
[12:33] Delia Lake: so we have 5 voting members today. Sorry for the confusion here
[12:33] Leslie Allandale: But thought you had information that I didn't
[12:33] Delia Lake: we do need a LUC secretary/archivist
[12:33] Delia Lake: nominations?
[12:33] Widget Whiteberry is confused about her standing
[12:34] Delia Lake: I was incorrect, Widget. You are a citizen rep
[12:34] Delia Lake: appointed by last term's RA
[12:34] Widget Whiteberry: phew, thank you
[12:35] Delia Lake: we do need to elect a secretary? nominations or volunteers :)
[12:35] Widget Whiteberry: I'm happy to be sec/archivist this time - though today I have rl beginning shortly
[12:35] Widget Whiteberry: this term*
[12:35] Bagheera Kristan: I second the nomination for Widget (or I nominate, whichever needs to be done)
[12:35] Widget Whiteberry smiles
[12:36] Delia Lake: second?
[12:36] Rosie Gray: I'll second that
[12:36] Delia Lake: other nominations?
[12:37] Delia Lake: no?
[12:37] Delia Lake: Widget has been nominated for secretary
[12:37] Delia Lake: all in favor?
[12:37] Bagheera Kristan: aye
[12:37] Rosie Gray: aye
[12:37] Delia Lake: aye
[12:38] Widget Whiteberry: Who will provide me with today's chat log? (in case SL logs me out before the end of the meeting) email is fine.
[12:38] Delia Lake: Coop?
[12:38] Bagheera Kristan: ((I can, Widget))
[12:38] Delia Lake: I can do that, Widget
[12:38] Widget Whiteberry: ok, I'm afk.....
[12:38] Delia Lake: thanks, Bagheera if you would do that it would be easier
[12:38] Widget Whiteberry: [email protected]
[12:39] Bagheera Kristan: I will do that - send widget the transcript

[12:39] Delia Lake: moving on, there were a few things that were suggested at the end of last term that the LUC take a look at
[12:40] Delia Lake: one of those was a review of CN because it is an older region and though some of the buildings are updated, others are not
[12:40] Bagheera Kristan: *raises hand* when topic is opened for discussion...
[12:41] Delia Lake: yes it is open for discussion
[12:41] Delia Lake: Bagheera?
[12:41] Bagheera Kristan: thank you... please give me a moment to type...
[12:43] Bagheera Kristan: CN was the first sim I owned property in, so I have sentimental attachment to its success - lol - so am always watching it....I think one of the big challenges to it being successful is the large outlying parcels are residential only. I know that has stopped me several times from acquiring one because I think some light - agricultural or event oriented activities would make it more attractive without spoiling the area - much like what Les and Rosie are doing with the theater
[12:43] Bagheera Kristan: so I would recommend an adjustment to the covenant, a loosening up there. Done
[12:43] Rosie Gray raises a hand
[12:44] Delia Lake: yes Rosie
[12:44] Rosie Gray: just thinking that there is nothing against agricultural activities there now
[12:44] Bagheera Kristan: well a garden shop would be commercial...
[12:44] Rosie Gray: but I'm wondering what sort of things you are thinking of ?
[12:44] Rosie Gray: oh I see
[12:45] Bagheera Kristan: and I remember Widget had to put her event in the sky, which I thought was too much, my own opinion
[12:45] Rosie Gray: something like that might be good
[12:45] Rosie Gray: might have to be careful
[12:46] Bagheera Kristan: yes, I agree
[12:46] Rosie Gray: oh that thing about Widget putting her event in the sky was more tied to the old amphitheatre, I think
[12:46] Delia Lake: I was thinking about the Forum area. It was originally conceived as the commercial section with shops. But many of the areas are not used that way.
[12:46] Rosie Gray: and a question of keeping to theme, at the time
[12:46] Rosie Gray: but the theme is now changed
[12:46] Delia Lake: Drew has a wonderful gothic library there on the corner
[12:46] Drewski Northman smiles
[12:46] Delia Lake: if you haven't looked, do so on the way out
[12:47] Delia Lake: but there are a number of places that are vacant on the Forum
[12:47] Bagheera Kristan: I know new visitors to the CDS are drawn to the walled city area of CN, just to walk around, so it is a draw, at least in appearance, from what I have observed
[12:47] Delia Lake: and also we have a really nice Thermae that is almost a secret I think
[12:47] Rosie Gray: oh true!
[12:47] Bagheera Kristan: it IS! both really nice and a secret lol
[12:48] Delia Lake: so do we want to undertake a review of CN and make suggestions?
[12:49] Bagheera Kristan: is that like forming a committee? I am confused, sorry, about protocol
[12:49] Rosie Gray: do we have a form for this?
[12:49] Rosie Gray: or specified format?
[12:49] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): We have the surveys we did before
[12:49] Delia Lake: as a commission we can function as a committee would in that sense
[12:49] Delia Lake: we do have the surveys
[12:50] Bagheera Kristan: okay, a review would be good, in my opinion
[12:50] Delia Lake: Bagheera you don't have that link to google docs but I'll get it to you
[12:50] Bagheera Kristan: thanks
[12:50] Rosie Gray: I don't think I have that link either, Delia
[12:52] Delia Lake: in the review it would seem from this we should include covenant, buildings that are of older design and may need updating, traffic flow and signs--re Thermae, and ???
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[12:52] Delia Lake: I thought you did but will send to you too, Rosie
[12:52] Rosie Gray: thank you
[12:52] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): I'm pretty sure we did Delia
[12:52] Rosie Gray: is there a specified format for reviewing regions?
[12:53] Delia Lake: yes but it doesn't include quite all of this
[12:53] Delia Lake: I'll make sure everyone has that form too
[12:54] Delia Lake: we will then put CN review on the agenda
[12:54] Delia Lake: do we have more to say about CN right now?
[12:55] Rosie Gray: who is going to review?
[12:56] Rosie Gray: do we all do it?
[12:56] Rosie Gray: or... how will this work?
[12:56] Arria (Arria Perreault): May I ask a question ?
[12:57] Delia Lake: It seems to me that we should all have a voice in this. so if we each did a review noting things that we feel are important then bring them back to discuss and prioritize
[12:57] Delia Lake: yes Arria
[12:57] Rosie Gray nods
[12:58] Delia Lake: Rosie and Bagheera, I just sent you invitations to the google drive folder
[12:58] Arria (Arria Perreault): Is is possible during the review process to collect the original textures of walls and roofs or at least to make a new one ?
[12:58] Delia Lake: That's a very good question, Arria. Some of the old textures I fear may be unavailable
[12:58] Bagheera Kristan: ((got it, Delia, thank you))
[12:59] Arria (Arria Perreault): We should make a new set of textures maybe.
[12:59] Delia Lake: they were set on prims that were never set to share with the LV and the people who made them are not around
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[12:59] Rosie Gray raises a hand
[13:00] Delia Lake: Rosie and I have colleccted some of the textures that are basic cds ones but it is not a formal system. it should be for all regions imo
[13:00] Delia Lake: Coop? then Rosie
[13:00] Bagheera Kristan: ((I have a large folder of textures given to me in 2010, I will find it and collaborate, if anyone wants
[13:00] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): I'll pass for now.
[13:01] Delia Lake: Rosie?
[13:01] Rosie Gray: thanks Coop
[13:01] Now playing: Musica Secreta - Sino alla morte
[13:01] Rosie Gray: I was just going to say that a lot of the older builds in CN that are held by citizens are old
[13:01] Rosie Gray: but we can't go around just replacing citizen owned buildings without their say-so
[13:02] Rosie Gray: there are some right in the most central part of the forum in particular (can think of 2 specifically)
[13:02] Rosie Gray: that really need updating, but they are privately held
[13:02] Rosie Gray: so something to consider
[13:02] Rosie Gray: done
[13:03] Delia Lake: This imo points once again to the critical importance of setting builds to share and giving Archie a copy of each public building or nonreplacable building
[13:03] Bagheera Kristan: *nods*
[13:04] Rosie Gray: these aren't public buildings though
[13:04] Rosie Gray: they are private
[13:04] Delia Lake: that kind of leads into the next topic, one that Bagheera raised in the RA and referred here to the LUC
[13:04] Lilith Ivory: (Rosie is talking about the store owned by Gwyn and Cindy if I am right)
[13:05] Rosie Gray nods
[13:05] Bagheera Kristan: *raises hand* re: next topic, when ready to be discussed
[13:05] Delia Lake: that is if a building is fixed and cannot be replaced by a citizen it is in essence a publicly held building and perhaps should be considered as such
[13:06] Delia Lake: yes, Bagheera, and in a real way these 2 issues are related
[13:06] Bagheera Kristan: yes, I just had a point of clarification re: the RA ....
[13:07] Bagheera Kristan: Kate has not posted the formal transcript, so many may not know.... I posted an unofficial transcript today, so you can see...
[13:07] Bagheera Kristan: at the last RA meeting, the RA voted to request the LUC review distribution of LI and counts prior to the RA giving authorization to go forward, so the LUC has a charge to review the LI costs from the RA now
[13:08] Bagheera Kristan: done
[13:08] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Delia?
[13:08] Delia Lake: that would include the Mews of AM and the Quay building of LA
[13:08] Delia Lake: for sure
[13:09] Delia Lake: as those are not replacable by plot owners
[13:09] Drewski Northman: *raises hand*
[13:09] Delia Lake: would it also include any of the CN Forum buildings?
[13:09] Delia Lake: some are already privately owned
[13:10] Delia Lake: yes, Drew?
[13:10] Bagheera Kristan: I would think it would include the CN forum buildings because the gov owns them and they are required to be elevated in compliance with their surrounding builds...
[13:10] Bagheera Kristan: oops, sorry
[13:11] Drewski Northman: That was the jist of my question, really. I know my building is privately owned, but it contains links to the public builds (the catacombs) so it would be hard to replace. Thanks.
[13:11] Bagheera Kristan: *raises hand*
[13:11] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): if we're going to discuss LI, we need to understand that the way LL counts land impact has changed. Some of the older builds tht have linked torii shapes may be going up in count, especially builds with sculpts
[13:11] Delia Lake: good point, Coop
[13:12] Rosie Gray: you can avoid upping the LI though
[13:12] Delia Lake: The buildings on the Forum currently are owned by many different people and not set to LV share and not owned by the parcel owners in many cases
[13:13] Bagheera Kristan: *raises hand*
[13:13] Rosie Gray: ... onia-nova/
[13:13] Delia Lake: yes, Bagheera
[13:13] Rosie Gray: covenant, for reference
[13:14] Bagheera Kristan: When I originally proposed this, it was for the purpose of being competitive with the Lab and other land rentals who provide builds for tenants... my thinking was *IF* a build on aprivate parcel is governmetn owned, it should link to gov land and not count against private LI. If a person wants to put their own build - they are accountable for LI - that is how Linden Labs is doing it with the new Horizons areas they created
[13:14] Bagheera Kristan: done
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[13:16] Delia Lake: Thank you. that was my understanding of your proposal too. so that's why I mentioned the Quay buildings. there are 4 plots but it is essentially a single building and not replaceable by plot owners
[13:16] Bagheera Kristan: *nods*
[13:17] Delia Lake: so to carry that further, should plot owners have a build over which they have no control or say docked against their prim count. is that correct?
[13:17] Rosie Gray: that was an RA decision, I think Delia
[13:17] Rosie Gray: no LUC decision
[13:17] Rosie Gray: not*
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[13:18] Bagheera Kristan: the RA has asked the LUC to determine the LI impact first, before they authorize going forward, at this point, per last RA meeting
[13:18] Delia Lake: so that would be the impact on the public prims as well as what would released for plot owner use
[13:18] Bagheera Kristan: yes
[13:19] Now playing: Catherine Duc - Mantra [aZO]
[13:19] Bagheera Kristan: essentially the *how* I think
[13:19] Delia Lake: ok
[13:20] Delia Lake: how do you want to do this? assess the Quay and the Mews and report back to the RA? then perhaps afterwards consider this as an option for the Forum area or CN?
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[13:21] Bagheera Kristan: yes and maybe NFS too
[13:21] Bagheera Kristan: NFS platz
[13:21] Rosie Gray: shouldn't we do all of the buildings that are specified now, in the covenants?
[13:21] Rosie Gray: totally agree about the platz too Bags
[13:21] Rosie Gray: although that would require a covenant change
[13:22] Delia Lake: the platz buildings like the ones here in CN can be changed with permission, and have been
[13:22] Delia Lake: the mews and the quay because they are essentially as single shell with different internals can't be
[13:23] Rosie Gray: that's why there would need to be a covenant revision, for the platz
[13:23] Bagheera Kristan: I think, *IF* someone has a gov build, they should be not charged LI - or at least that option could be assessed.
[13:23] Rosie Gray: and also for the quay
[13:23] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Why does it take a covenant revision to change the Platz?
[13:24] Rosie Gray: because there is no restriction on replacing the fachwerks now
[13:24] Rosie Gray: so if we want to make them non-replaceable, we'd need a revision to the covenant
[13:25] Bagheera Kristan: in the LL Horizon lands, LL has created rezzers that allow a landowner to rez a LL building. They are not charged LI for the LL building. They can still rez their own, but then they have to pay the LI - if they use any LL building, no LI charge
[13:25] Rosie Gray: and they are difficult parcels to find an appropriate building for
[13:25] Bagheera Kristan: I am not saying the gov builds are not replaceable, only that if they are used, the citizen does not get charged LI for it
[13:25] Delia Lake: I guess my real question here is do we want to do the smaller, obvious ones --the mews and quay --and use those as sort of the pilot to get this going,, and so it's not too complicated to start? then include CN recommendations about the forum along with other recommendations? or something else
[13:25] Rosie Gray: in our case though Bags, the buildings are not replaceable for a reason
[13:25] Rosie Gray: to maintain the continuity of the regions
[13:26] Delia Lake: it is impossible to replace the building on a single plot of the quay because it is one building on the outside
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[13:27] Bagheera Kristan: yes. I could have replaced my NFS plat build, but it was too much hassle - the problem was I only had 4 LI left, lol, I had to buy a prim parcel if I wanted to do anything meaning ful with it
[13:28] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): that is mostly because it is single prim bonus too
[13:28] Rosie Gray: and because the parcels are small
[13:28] Rosie Gray: but it is still one of our most loved regions
[13:28] Rosie Gray: and very affordable
[13:29] Drewski Northman: Apologies, folks. Need to scoot to RL. Take care!
[13:29] Rosie Gray: bye Drewski ㋡
[13:29] Delia Lake: thanks for coming, Drew
[13:29] Lilith Ivory: bye drew
[13:29] Drewski Northman: Feel free to stop by the Sanctum at your leisure! Just be careful as to what you touch ;)
[13:30] Bagheera Kristan: *raises hand*
[13:31] Delia Lake: yes Bagheera

[13:31] Bagheera Kristan: At this point, I think what needs to happen, is to survey all the gov builds on private land, and determine the LI impact if it were set to count against the public lands and create a spreadsheet report. I think.
[13:32] Bagheera Kristan: done
[13:32] Rosie Gray: I second that, if it's a motion
[13:33] Delia Lake: is it a motion, Bagheera?
[13:33] Bagheera Kristan: okay, yes that was a motion, sorry
[13:33] Delia Lake: more discussion?
[13:34] Rosie Gray: perhaps assignments?
[13:34] Rosie Gray: I can do the mews, since I made them
[13:34] Delia Lake: I guess I have some. it seems to me we have different categories to account for
[13:35] Delia Lake: first is the quay and mews category where publicly owned buildings are situated on privately owned land, and the buildings cannot be replaced
[13:36] Delia Lake: second is places like the Platz and the CN Forum where some buildings are publicly owned but they can be replaced with permission on private land
[13:37] Rosie Gray: which ones are those?
[13:37] Delia Lake: then there are a few where there are publicly owned buildings that were put out for marketing purposes on vacant land but were kept by the owners of the plots when purchased
[13:38] Delia Lake: some of the old fachwerks on the platz are owned by Archie
[13:38] Delia Lake: some are privately owned
[13:38] Rosie Gray: but that is only because they were put out by Archie since the owners didn't have something suitable
[13:38] Bagheera Kristan: Rudeen also owns some
[13:38] Delia Lake: yes
[13:38] Rosie Gray: not because of the covenant
[13:38] Rosie Gray: so they aren't really public buildings
[13:38] Rosie Gray: they are kind of 'loaned'
[13:39] Delia Lake: but the owners cannot leave plots on the platz vacant
[13:39] Rosie Gray: no they cannot
[13:39] Rosie Gray: but it doesn't mean those are publicly owned
[13:39] Delia Lake: nor should they do that here though I did notice today that one is vacant
[13:39] Rosie Gray: they just didn't have to purchase something
[13:39] Delia Lake: so then are there places besides the quay and mews that we should include?
[13:40] Bagheera Kristan: I think if the gov provided it - either Archie or Rudeen - it should be attached to gov parcel - otherwise, to a new citizen, it will feel confusing
[13:40] Bagheera Kristan: I would include the city of CN and the NFS Platz
[13:40] Rosie Gray: this is where the covenant would need to be revised for the platz and CN
[13:40] Bagheera Kristan: I think citizens could still replace a gov build, but they are then liable for the LI
[13:41] Rosie Gray: but as it stands, they are not public buildings, just provided free of charge by the community
[13:41] Bagheera Kristan: the goal is to attract citizens who might be tempted or familiar with what LL is doing
[13:42] Delia Lake: yes
[13:42] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): The thing will be is that how do you propose to offset the prims on the parcel?
[13:43] Bagheera Kristan: technically, you attach the building to a base prim on gov land
[13:43] Rosie Gray: with a prim linking it to public land
[13:43] Now playing: Cernunnos Rising - Hear it with my heart (Awen) [fPO]
[13:43] Rosie Gray: the building will count where the root prim is
[13:43] Delia Lake: given this discussion, I'm feeling it would be good to start with just the quay and mews, get that done and then see how we can expand that to include the Platz and the Forum given that some covenants or policies may have to be changed for the 2 later areas
[13:43] Rosie Gray: and the fishing village too I think Delia
[13:44] Rosie Gray: they are in the covenants
[13:44] Delia Lake: ok, but can't those be replaced with permission? the fishing village?
[13:44] Rosie Gray: only with permission
[13:44] Rosie Gray: so essentially the same thing
[13:45] Rosie Gray: the idea was that they not be replaced
[13:45] Rosie Gray: b. Restricted to the original buildings. Prior to replacement, rebuilds of the existing buildings must be specifically approved by the Chancellor.
[13:45] Delia Lake: not really. because an owner of a quay plot is unable to replace the building regardless of permissions
[13:46] Rosie Gray: b. covers the fishing village
[13:46] Leslie Allandale: Sorry to leave, but I promised an old friend to stop by her 10th
[13:46] Delia Lake: in order to replace on one quay plot you would be messing up someone else's plot
[13:46] Rosie Gray: c. Quay buildings on P.01, P.02, and P.03 are restricted to the original buildings. Prior to replacement, rebuilds must be specifically approved by the Chancellor.
[13:46] Delia Lake: thanks for coming, Les
[13:46] Rosie Gray: yes, the Quay buildings are the same
[13:46] Leslie Allandale: If you want me to help with LUC rewrite, just ask
[13:46] Rosie Gray: you're right
[13:46] Bagheera Kristan: what happened to the vote on my motion? it was seconded?
[13:47] Delia Lake: it was seconded and is in discussion
[13:47] Bagheera Kristan: ok
[13:48] Rosie Gray thinks it's always best to look at the covenant and not rely on her poor memory
[13:48] Delia Lake: yes
[13:48] Tanoujin Milestone: Excuse me, I need to go. My compliment, drilling a thick board here. Bye
[13:48] Rosie Gray: bye Tan ㋡
[13:48] Lilith Ivory: bye Tan :)
[13:49] Rosie Gray looks at the time too
[13:49] Delia Lake: thanks for coming. bye Tan
[13:49] Delia Lake: here's Bagheera's motion.
[13:49] Delia Lake: Bagheera Kristan: At this point, I think what needs to happen, is to survey all the gov builds on private land, and determine the LI impact if it were set to count against the public lands and create a spreadsheet report. I think.
[13:51] Delia Lake: I think this is a good idea provided that we list like with like and not mix up those that are impossible to replace with those that currently have government buildings that could be plot owner replaced
[13:51] Bagheera Kristan: *nods*
[13:52] Delia Lake: any more discussion?
[13:52] Rosie Gray: just to clarify the list
[13:52] Bagheera Kristan: I like that, Rosie -
[13:53] Rosie Gray: mews in Alpine Meadow
[13:53] Rosie Gray: Quay and Fishing Village buildings in Locus Amoenus
[13:54] Delia Lake: ok
[13:54] Delia Lake: any others?
[13:54] Rosie Gray: Stalls and zone c in colonia nova
[13:55] Bagheera Kristan: oh, I don't know, are the airport hangers in Friedsee gov owned?
[13:55] Delia Lake: are those currently government owned?
[13:55] Rosie Gray: Zone C 15. No structure in zone C may be replaced or moved without prior consent of the Executive.
[13:55] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): I think they are
[13:55] Rosie Gray: 22. No structure in zone S may be replaced or moved without prior consent of the Executive
[13:55] Rosie Gray: stalls
[13:56] Bagheera Kristan: and the NFS platz builds
[13:56] Delia Lake: there are 4 of those on the Forum?
[13:57] Rosie Gray: can't remember... whoever does it will have to look
[13:57] Delia Lake: the 4 there are not government owned
[13:58] Rosie Gray: I agree on the platz buildings Bags, and then it would have to have a recommendation that the covenant be changed
[13:58] Rosie Gray: I'm going by the covenants Delia
[13:58] Rosie Gray: if you can't replace them, then they fit that bill, no?
[13:58] Delia Lake: 2 are by Gaius and owned by him, 1 is owned by Cindy but the roof is yours, and the other is owned by Gwynneth
[13:59] Rosie Gray: yes, and the roof is mine on that one too
[13:59] Delia Lake: but it is impossible to link to public land something that is privately owned
[13:59] Rosie Gray: because their roofs have old textures that won't rez anymore
[14:00] Bagheera Kristan: at this point we are just counting gov prims, per my motion, I think
[14:00] Delia Lake: ok
[14:00] Rosie Gray: yes I agree Bags
[14:00] Rosie Gray: one thing at a time ㋡
[14:00] Delia Lake: yes.
[14:01] Delia Lake: vote on Bagheera's motion?
[14:01] Bagheera Kristan: aye
[14:01] Delia Lake: Bagheera Kristan: At this point, I think what needs to happen, is to survey all the gov builds on private land, and determine the LI impact if it were set to count against the public lands and create a spreadsheet report. I think.
[14:01] Rosie Gray: aye
[14:02] Delia Lake: aye
[14:02] Delia Lake: Coop?
[14:02] Delia Lake: Bagheera?
[14:02] Bagheera Kristan: aye :) I said :)
[14:02] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): aye
[14:03] Rosie Gray: do you want to create the spreadsheet, Bags?
[14:03] Bagheera Kristan: sure
[14:03] Delia Lake: to start, the spreadsheet will include 1. The Mews in AM, 2. the Quay in LA, and 3, The Fishing Village in LA, yes?
[14:03] Bagheera Kristan: yes
[14:04] Bagheera Kristan: well actually I will count all gov prims on private land, per my motion, but I will specify replaceable versus unreplaceable per the covenants, okay?
[14:04] Delia Lake: ok
[14:04] Rosie Gray: and the forum buildings and the platz buildings
[14:04] Bagheera Kristan: yes
[14:04] Bagheera Kristan: *all* gov prims
[14:04] Bagheera Kristan: and then categorized
[14:05] Bagheera Kristan: the more complete the info to start, the better, I think
[14:05] Rosie Gray nods in agreement
<b>[14:05] Delia Lake: and can you make it a google spreadsheet in the LUC folder to share with us all?
[14:05] Rosie Gray: it's just information, and then it goes to the RA
[14:05] Bagheera Kristan: right
[14:06] Bagheera Kristan: yes, I can
[14:06] Delia Lake: thank you</b>

[14:07] Delia Lake: We had a few other potential things to cover but I suggest we hold those to the next meeting
[14:08] Bagheera Kristan: is there anything urgent?
[14:08] Rosie Gray raises a hand
[14:08] Delia Lake: yes Bagheera
[14:08] Delia Lake: please continue
[14:08] Bagheera Kristan: ((Rosie raised her hand))
[14:09] Rosie Gray: go ahead
[14:09] Bagheera Kristan: ((nothing from me))
[14:09] Delia Lake: oops, yes Rosie
[14:10] Rosie Gray: okay well I was just going to say that the for sale signs will likely change soon, as Sudane and Tor are looking at Casperlet to replace the Hippos, and also another add on that would make the signs redundant
[14:10] Rosie Gray: so I wouldn't be wasting time on that
[14:10] Delia Lake: perfect
[14:10] Bagheera Kristan: :)

[14:11] Delia Lake: next meeting time?
[14:11] Bagheera Kristan: any day except Sunday, please
[14:11] Delia Lake: what times are preferable and are there any times that people cannot ever meet?
[14:12] Rosie Gray: evenings are usually not good for me
[14:12] Delia Lake: Coop?
[14:13] Bagheera Kristan: anytime before 3pm is better - after 3pm is not good most days
[14:13] Rosie Gray: same with me
[14:13] Delia Lake: Saturdays?
[14:13] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): Sundays after 10AM, Saturdays about the same. During the week after 5PM
[14:14] Rosie Gray: you could try using the Doodle, Delia
[14:14] Rosie Gray: might make it easier to pick a time
[14:14] Delia Lake: ok. I'll do that
[14:14] Delia Lake: but it is looking like Saturday
[14:14] Bagheera Kristan: Saturday late morning would be great
[14:14] Delia Lake: ok
[14:15] Delia Lake: I'll send a doodle
[14:15] Bagheera Kristan: ok

[14:15] Delia Lake: thank you for participating. unless there are any other pressing issues, I move we adjourn
[14:16] Rosie Gray: second!
[14:16] Delia Lake: adjourn? aye
[14:16] Bagheera Kristan: aye
[14:17] RG Cooperstone (RogueGeek Cooperstone): aye
[14:17] Rosie Gray: aye
[14:17] Delia Lake: thank you to the citizens who came today too
[14:18] Delia Lake: Widget will post the transcript
[14:18] Bagheera Kristan: :) good meeting :) thank you !
[14:18] Delia Lake: thank you all!
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