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Feb 17th transcript

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[10:04] Rosie Gray: looks like we're all here
[10:04] Rosie Gray: so I call the meeting to order
[10:05] Rosie Gray: we have a few things to discuss.... a report about the fishing village, the river embankments, and the CN Forum
[10:05] Rosie Gray: and also a discussion about security orbs
[10:05] Rosie Gray: am I missing anything?
[10:06] Delia Lake: hmmm. I thought there was something else but it escapes me right now
[10:06] Rosie Gray: well if you think of it ㋡
[10:06] Rosie Gray: let's start with the fishing village
[10:06] Rosie Gray: Sudane?
[10:06] Delia Lake will probably think of it at 2 am
[10:06] Sudane Erato: oh...
[10:06] Rosie Gray: hehe
[10:07] Sudane Erato: well, i hope everyone likes whats happening, but if there are any issues... please don't be shy
[10:07] Pip Torok puts up hand
[10:07] Sudane Erato: and... i question
[10:07] Sudane Erato: i haven't put in any fireplaces and chimneys
[10:08] Sudane Erato: and i'm hoping its OK... people can puit in their own
[10:08] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): LOL
[10:08] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): priiims
[10:08] Rosie Gray: makes perfect sense to me, Sudane
[10:08] Sudane Erato: exactly
[10:08] Rosie Gray: wouldn't it be true that many houses wouldn't actually have fireplaces, in the med?
[10:08] Delia Lake: I know I like to choose where I place my fireplaces
[10:08] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) installed a wood burning stove
[10:08] Sudane Erato: well... i think all the older places have them
[10:08] Delia Lake: I think most of the old ones in rl have hearths
[10:08] Pip Torok: I'd like to withdraw my suggestion of a name for the FV
[10:09] Lilith Ivory: I have been desperately missing any kind of fireplace in mediterian hotels during the cold month!
[10:09] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:09] Rosie Gray: hehe
[10:09] Sudane Erato: so you put one in! :)
[10:09] Rosie Gray: that's what I recall too, Lilith
[10:09] Lilith Ivory: naw I want the houses to be autentic :)
[10:09] Lilith Ivory: lol
[10:09] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:09] Rosie Gray: well people can put their own
[10:09] Sudane Erato: what had you suggested Puip?
[10:10] Rosie Gray: makes sense
[10:10] Sudane Erato: Pip?
[10:10] Lilith Ivory: and I like to put my fireplace wherever I want it when buying a house
[10:10] Sudane Erato: good... so my instinct was right
[10:10] Rosie Gray: oh Pip, why do you want to withdraw that suggestion to name the village?
[10:10] Pip Torok: well I'd suggested there be a name, thought of "Stella Marina" but got involved in RL things ...
[10:11] Rosie Gray: still time to think about it
[10:11] Sudane Erato: sounds like a nice name to me
[10:11] Rosie Gray: yeah it does
[10:11] Pip Torok: so i notice Sudane appending FVn to house therefore i'd rather not muddy waters
[10:11] Lilith Ivory: I think naming the village is less urgend than other topics we have on the agenda today :)
[10:11] Rosie Gray: I agree Lilith
[10:12] Sudane Erato: FV is just to name the parcels
[10:12] Rosie Gray: so Sudane, you and Lilith have how many more houses to make?
[10:12] Sudane Erato: lol
[10:12] Pip Torok: in which case can we table the posible name?
[10:12] Sudane Erato: countless! :)
[10:12] Rosie Gray: rofl
[10:12] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:12] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) raises her hand
[10:12] Rosie Gray: yes we'll table the name for this meeting
[10:12] Rosie Gray: please
[10:13] Rosie Gray: yes Kyoko?
[10:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): Will there be some more smaller ones?
[10:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I know you and Lilith are working on bigger ones atm
[10:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): but I hope there will be more smaller ones
[10:13] Sudane Erato: if you ask for smaller parcels, we can make them, sure
[10:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I mean small like my cafe
[10:14] Lilith Ivory: the size of the houses is dictated by parcel size I think
[10:14] Sudane Erato: ok
[10:14] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): done
[10:14] Delia Lake: I like the idea of having some small plots
[10:14] Sudane Erato: do look at the existing parcels...
[10:14] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): k
[10:14] Sudane Erato: and suggestions for changing them are welcome
[10:14] Sudane Erato: they're all marked
[10:14] Sudane Erato: but easily changed now
[10:15] Sudane Erato: except the ones with houses already
[10:15] Rosie Gray: so there are more to do than for the 4 standin houses, there now?
[10:15] Sudane Erato: ?
[10:15] Sudane Erato: there are a lot more to do
[10:15] Rosie Gray: just looking from here I see 4 boxes where houses will be
[10:15] Sudane Erato: oh!
[10:16] Sudane Erato: no
[10:16] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): it takes a Sudane to make a village ;)
[10:16] Rosie Gray: oh okay, I didn't know
[10:16] Lilith Ivory: I am working on a house at the end of the quai which has no house on it atm and there are 2 or three more in this row
[10:16] Sudane Erato: no no... those are just scattered
[10:16] Sudane Erato: there are a lot more parcels than marker houses
[10:16] Sudane Erato: a lot
[10:16] Delia Lake: I'll take a closer look after the meeting
[10:16] Rosie Gray: okay, I will too
[10:17] Rosie Gray: haven't looked that closely
[10:17] Rosie Gray: so you have divided up all the parcels?
[10:17] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:17] Sudane Erato: but as said... easily changed
[10:17] Delia Lake: I'm thinking that in rl there are often little houses tucked in next to medium and larger houses, the way a village grows organically
[10:17] Lilith Ivory: the house I am building looks big but is not too expensive
[10:17] Rosie Gray nods
[10:18] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[10:18] Rosie Gray: so it's all coming along nicely
[10:18] Rosie Gray: any more comments or questions from anyone about the village?
[10:18] Delia Lake: I love the way it's developing
[10:18] Sudane Erato: great :)
[10:18] Delia Lake: I go there for coffee most mornings now
[10:18] Rosie Gray: I do too!
[10:18] Rosie Gray: it's looking really organic
[10:19] Lilith Ivory: I like the fact there are already people waiting for the houses to be finished
[10:19] Sudane Erato: Sylvia must be doing a good business :)
[10:19] Delia Lake: lol yes
[10:19] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): espresso is better than that Greek sluge LOL
[10:19] Rosie Gray: hehe
[10:19] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:19] Rosie Gray: okay so then if we're done with this for now
[10:19] Delia Lake makes a note to try the espresso tomorrow morning
[10:19] Rosie Gray: let's move on to the river embankments
[10:19] Rosie Gray: Delia?
[10:19] Pip Torok: :-)
[10:20] Delia Lake: The river embankments are almost done. I tweak little bits and pieces still
[10:20] Delia Lake: but you can walk along most of the riversides now
[10:20] Sudane Erato: neat :)
[10:21] Delia Lake: and I tried to follow the photos I posted on google as best I could so it would follow the rl region look
[10:21] Delia Lake: I will put out a family of lynxes today, because we have lots of water birds but no preditors
[10:21] Delia Lake: and lynxes live in that kind of area
[10:22] Sudane Erato: poor birds :(
[10:22] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) giggles
[10:22] Rosie Gray: are they static animals, Delia?
[10:22] Delia Lake: I am also putting the top textures for the river cliffs into the cliff/cuesta itself so anyone in the RV can make season changes
[10:22] Delia Lake: the ducks swim
[10:23] Delia Lake: most of the animals are mostly static. the blue herons and the white egrets move their heads only
[10:23] Rosie Gray: I like the ones that move their heads
[10:23] Delia Lake: I do too
[10:23] Rosie Gray: gives it a bit of life
[10:24] Rosie Gray: and I understand that you and Kyoko took a boat ride down the river to make sure that it's navigable
[10:24] Delia Lake: I could put out a wandering goat around the fishing village where there are goats if people want me to do that
[10:24] Delia Lake: Udo and I took a boat also
[10:24] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): me hit a few ducks this morning alas
[10:25] Sudane Erato: i think they survived
[10:25] Rosie Gray: ha
[10:25] Lilith Ivory likes fresh ducks with orange sauce :)
[10:25] Sudane Erato: ummmmm
[10:25] Delia Lake: speaking of boats, there is a horse ferry that goes from the fishing pier to the other side. it is a rezzing one and derezzes when finished. Naftali suggested it and people seem to like it
[10:25] Rosie Gray: oh nice, I haven't tried that but I saw it
[10:25] Sudane Erato: yes, i saw it!... very neat
[10:26] Lilith Ivory: ah a connection between both parts of CN is something I always wanted to have
[10:26] Rosie Gray: and I really think that the embankments and the vegetation has made a tremendous difference to the nature-scape
[10:26] Sudane Erato: yes... they look great!
[10:26] Delia Lake: one more thing here, it occurred to me that I probably should put a couple of cuesta riverbank pieces along the west side of the Monastery lake. that area is quite blank and when I did that originally I didn't have the materials I have now
[10:27] Sudane Erato: one small problem now at this first prim parcel
[10:27] Sudane Erato: a grass texture got applied to the whole linkset
[10:27] Sudane Erato: stairs and all
[10:27] Rosie Gray: oh!
[10:28] Delia Lake: hmmm. oops. that's why I couldn't find the stairs! I can fix that. didn't have time earlier to figure it out
[10:28] Sudane Erato: yeah, thats what it is
[10:28] Delia Lake: Sudane maybe we can fix that after this meeting
[10:28] Sudane Erato: sure!
[10:28] Rosie Gray: I think you still have some work to do on the textures there, right Delia?
[10:28] Delia Lake: Rosie suggested that I narrow the stairway anyway. I did some tests and it seems possible
[10:28] Lilith Ivory: Hi Tan :)
[10:28] Rosie Gray: hi Tan ㋡
[10:29] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): WooT
[10:29] Pip Torok: hi Tan
[10:29] Delia Lake: hi Tan
[10:29] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): Ity's a Tan
[10:29] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:29] Tanoujin Milestone: Hello :)
[10:29] Lilith Ivory: .. and the stone textures could use some fine tuning in scaling , if I am allowed to say that :)
[10:29] Rosie Gray: I do think that the stairs looked too 'grand', myself
[10:29] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:29] Delia Lake: I can narrow and age them
[10:29] Rosie Gray: so making them narrower would help that
[10:30] Lilith Ivory: is it possible to add some materials?
[10:30] Delia Lake: what about a wandering goat? do we want that on the fishing pier? or across the river?
[10:31] Rosie Gray: might be nice to wait on things like wandering goats, don't you think? I'm jsut thinking that perhaps the people who buy the parcels might have ideas about that
[10:31] Sudane Erato: i think it would be neat :)
[10:31] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): i love goats
[10:31] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) has a donkey eating her flowers
[10:31] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar) apologizes for blurting that out... ^^
[10:31] Sudane Erato: i have a few here and there, and i don't find that they slow things down
[10:31] Delia Lake: Lil, I never fixed the textures because it was only there as a test so there is fixing to do on the walkway and stairs
[10:31] Lilith Ivory: I love goats too
[10:32] Delia Lake: wandering goat it will be
[10:32] Rosie Gray: I do too, was just thinking aobut the future parcel owners
[10:32] Sudane Erato: oh... they should stay on public land
[10:32] Rosie Gray: okay so still work to do on the walkway
[10:32] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): the goat could live on Soro's prim parcel No. 5
[10:32] Lilith Ivory: let´s all put wandering goats out :)
[10:32] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): well could limit it to the public parcel
[10:32] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): ROFL
[10:32] Rosie Gray: if you need some help with the textures, Delia, I am happy to help
[10:32] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): we can't use all that prim anyway because he deeded it to some other group.
[10:33] Sudane Erato: not TOO many goats... that WILL load down the sim
[10:33] Delia Lake: 1 wandering goat only
[10:33] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:35] Rosie Gray: so for the textures on the walkway, Delia
[10:35] Rosie Gray: I am happy to help with those, or maybe Lilith has time too
[10:35] Delia Lake: I will fix those this week
[10:35] Rosie Gray: would be nice to have materials on them too
[10:35] Lilith Ivory: yes!
[10:35] Delia Lake: materials?
[10:36] Rosie Gray: yes, Normal, and Specular maps
[10:36] Rosie Gray: it's what gives textures a more 3D look
[10:36] Delia Lake: ah
[10:36] Delia Lake: yes
[10:36] Lilith Ivory: so it fits better to Sudanes amazing city walls
[10:36] Rosie Gray: I think everything newly built really needs to have them now
[10:36] Delia Lake: yes
[10:37] Delia Lake: I agree
[10:37] Sudane Erato: for simple materials creation, use this website... its amazing
[10:37] Sudane Erato: https://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/
[10:37] Rosie Gray: yes was going to suggest that myself
[10:37] Rosie Gray: very easy to use
[10:37] Rosie Gray: I can give you some tips on it later, if you want
[10:37] Delia Lake: thank you
[10:37] Sudane Erato: need the Normal and the Specular maps
[10:38] Delia Lake: yes
[10:38] Sudane Erato: just those 2
[10:38] Rosie Gray: any more questions or comments for Delia?
[10:38] Lilith Ivory: both are easy to be made with the website Sudane suggested
[10:39] Rosie Gray: okay, guess not ㋡
[10:39] Rosie Gray: and for my report, as no doubt you've seen, the roads inside the walls are done
[10:39] Sudane Erato: look great!!
[10:39] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): Applause!!
[10:39] Rosie Gray: lol, thanks
[10:39] Lilith Ivory: I didn´t have time to look yet :(
[10:40] Pip Torok: applause
[10:40] Lilith Ivory: did it work with all existing buiildings?
[10:40] Rosie Gray: yes it did
[10:40] Lilith Ivory: good :)
[10:40] Lilith Ivory: I was worried about the two I have built in the past
[10:40] Rosie Gray: I lowered them all a little bit so that there is a small step up into buildings, as there should be
[10:40] Rosie Gray: oh no, they look fine
[10:41] Lilith Ivory: good :)
[10:41] Rosie Gray: there were a couple of places on public parcels that I had to fix up the foundation prims a bit, but nothing much
[10:41] Rosie Gray: I am quite pleased with this roads kit that I used
[10:41] Lilith Ivory: I NEED to have a look!
[10:42] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:42] Rosie Gray: it enables to make the slopes really nicely so you don't have hard 90 degree seams
[10:42] Tanoujin Milestone: lets have a walk later, Lilith
[10:42] Rosie Gray: okay, please do and if you notice anything that needs attention pklease let me know
[10:42] Lilith Ivory: ok :)
[10:43] Rosie Gray: next on this project is to make new builds for the two parcels on the main plaza that are really old
[10:43] Rosie Gray: I'll do Gwyn's first, and then need to contact Cindy about hers
[10:43] Rosie Gray: am I correct in thinking that these buildings on the plaza will be linked to public land, like the fishing village buildings?
[10:44] Lilith Ivory: that would make total sense
[10:44] Sudane Erato: in my opinion that would be fine... but thats only my opinion
[10:44] Rosie Gray: we discussed it before, but I wanted to make sure
[10:44] Sudane Erato: i think that the "linking onto public land" was only officially authrorized in NFS
[10:44] Rosie Gray: they are very small parcels so you cvan'tg really do much with them otherwise, and still leave any LI for the person to use
[10:45] Rosie Gray: yes, and then the RA discussed that we need to update the CN covenant, taking into account what we do here too
[10:45] Tanoujin Milestone: do not worry, it is in the scope of "experimentation" the RA allowed the LUC
[10:45] Lilith Ivory: yes please! those parcels have terribly less prims available
[10:45] Sudane Erato: yeah... i've been linking all the fv builds to public land
[10:46] Delia Lake: I agree that if possible it would be good to link those buildings because there are so few prims for shop owners there
[10:46] Lilith Ivory: we DO need to make CN more attractive for buyers :)
[10:46] Rosie Gray: thanks Tanoujin ;)
[10:47] Tanoujin Milestone: ;)
[10:47] Tanoujin Milestone: yvw
[10:47] Rosie Gray: I just wanted to be sure about it
[10:47] Sudane Erato: perhaps we should begin to think about a blanket proposal... slowly linking all city and village homes to public land
[10:47] Rosie Gray: all the small ones, perhaps
[10:47] Rosie Gray: but that would also mean ensuring that the builds are up to date
[10:48] Sudane Erato: yes... would have to be an evolution
[10:48] Rosie Gray nods
[10:48] Sudane Erato: but it would also mean that the owners couldn't change them
[10:48] Rosie Gray: so for now, we proceed as planned
[10:48] Sudane Erato: kk
[10:49] Rosie Gray: yes, and like the new builds in NFS, it would ensure a cohesive look for the city centres
[10:49] Delia Lake: yes
[10:49] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[10:49] Rosie Gray: any more comments about this before we move on?
[10:49] Delia Lake: I really like the new road/walkway texture in the CN Forum
[10:50] Sudane Erato: agreed!
[10:50] Delia Lake: and I love having the tree in the center
[10:50] Rosie Gray: thanks ㋡
[10:50] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I love the new sitting area and the trree
[10:50] Delia Lake: I like the bollards too but I'm wondering about the texture on those
[10:50] Sudane Erato: the tree is growing out of the corpses down below
[10:50] Tanoujin Milestone lolls "I must see that"
[10:50] Rosie Gray: hahaha
[10:50] Delia Lake: lol, Sudane!
[10:50] Lilith Ivory giggles
[10:50] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): ROFL
[10:50] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:50] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): :o
[10:51] Rosie Gray: the bollards are meant to look more modern
[10:51] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I wondered if the bollards needed to be on all four corners
[10:51] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I understood the ones near your cafe
[10:51] Sudane Erato: well, we'll need some cars there to justify them :)
[10:51] Rosie Gray: hehe
[10:51] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): and thought maybe 2 sets were enough
[10:52] Delia Lake: ok. and modern is ok. maybe it's just my viewer but the texture looks a bit plastic to me. I'm guessing they are meant to look metal?
[10:52] Rosie Gray: yes metal
[10:52] Delia Lake: it could be just my viewer
[10:53] Rosie Gray: I started off with just 2 corners with the bollards, but then it looked unbalanced
[10:53] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I preferred that
[10:53] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): more like real Italy LOL
[10:53] Rosie Gray: and also I wanted to have something on each corner which closes it in
[10:54] Rosie Gray: so there aren't these big areas of nothing
[10:54] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) nods and still thinks 2 are the right number ;)
[10:54] Rosie Gray: but if they are in the way of an event they can be lowered into the ground to put them out of the way
[10:55] Rosie Gray: ha, I hear you Kyoko
[10:55] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) ijks not a fan of symmetry
[10:55] Delia Lake: maybe in one of those corners there can be one of the rezzing bicycle stands
[10:55] Rosie Gray: I like all of them, but maybe Lilith and Tan gave give their opinion about that when they have a look?
[10:55] Lilith Ivory: we will :)
[10:55] Rosie Gray: thank you
[10:56] Lilith Ivory: normally I do like ballance but will have to have a look first
[10:56] Rosie Gray: yes
[10:56] Rosie Gray: I will defer to the majority ;)
[10:56] Tanoujin Milestone: i cammed out... the Kiosk does not need to be enclosed, I believe
[10:56] Tanoujin Milestone: the others are justified
[10:56] Tanoujin Milestone: ;)
[10:56] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) nods and agrees
[10:56] Tanoujin Milestone: imo
[10:57] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): looks as tho we are keeping people away from it
[10:57] Rosie Gray: oh I hadn't thought of that
[10:57] Delia Lake: oops we don't want to do that
[10:57] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:57] Rosie Gray: there, I've just lowered them into the ground so you can see it like that
[10:57] Delia Lake: better
[10:58] Delia Lake: I think
[10:58] Tanoujin Milestone: :) good
[10:58] Delia Lake: I love the pigeons with the crumbs on the ground
[10:58] Delia Lake: again gives the area some life
[10:58] Rosie Gray: I think the crumbs are guano, hehe
[10:59] Delia Lake: hehe
[10:59] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) grins
[10:59] Rosie Gray: anything else on this?
[11:00] Rosie Gray: okay, hearing nothing
[11:00] Rosie Gray: let's talk about security orbs
[11:00] Rosie Gray: Lilith, I think you brought it up, so maybe you want to start?
[11:01] Lilith Ivory: errmmm ... lol
[11:01] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:01] Rosie Gray: :D
[11:01] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): may I speak?
[11:01] Lilith Ivory: ok, as I have been talking with some people about security via email and as in the past I have talked with a few citizens I was thinking it is a good idea to review this covenant rule
[11:02] Rosie Gray: after Lilith, Kyoko
[11:02] Lilith Ivory: sepecially as Sudane has mentioned in this email conversation it is possible now to have orbs who protect only a small clearly defined part of a property
[11:02] Lilith Ivory: done for now
[11:02] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): *raises hand*
[11:02] Pip Torok: may i speak sometime fter kyoko?
[11:02] Rosie Gray: Kyoko first, then Lia
[11:03] Rosie Gray: then Pip
[11:03] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): II should probably wait
[11:03] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): that was I
[11:03] Rosie Gray: okay, Lia?
[11:04] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): Since LL scripting went through an overhaul in 2018, there are orbs that can be set to protect parcel only, parcel only -2 to -4 meters in... theres a issue though, New orbs suck up a LOT of script memory allocation on a sim now
[11:04] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): thats me finished :)
[11:04] Rosie Gray: thanks LIa
[11:04] Sudane Erato: interesting
[11:04] Rosie Gray: Pip?
[11:05] Rosie Gray: yes interesting and a good point
[11:06] Object: Tanoujin Milestone is away!
[11:06] Delia Lake: after Pip and Kyoko I have a question
[11:06] Rosie Gray: okay ㋡
[11:06] Pip Torok: can I suggest this approach: in the covenant we state what is allowed/not allowed and WHERE rather than state what piece of hardware should be located here
[11:07] Pip Torok: for example the security orbs i have (on the ground) i use as visitor counters
[11:08] Rosie Gray: Pip, that's a very heavy script object that you could use a simple visitor counter for instead
[11:08] Pip Torok: finished
[11:08] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): *raises hand again*
[11:08] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) defers to Lia
[11:08] Sudane Erato: i wonder... if its not securing the land, whether it still uses the heavy load?
[11:08] Rosie Gray: I don't know
[11:08] Pip Torok: ill note that and speak with you afterwards if thats ok
[11:08] Rosie Gray: but it might
[11:08] Rosie Gray: okay Pip ㋡
[11:09] Rosie Gray: so, Delia, then LIa
[11:09] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): then me :)
[11:09] Rosie Gray: noted
[11:09] Lilith Ivory: also as per our current rules orbs are forbidden and we can´t be expected to check every day if they are running or not
[11:09] Rosie Gray: yes that's right
[11:09] Delia Lake: I've never used one so I would like to know why people want security on their parcels?
[11:10] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): chair in the corner behind me, dear
[11:10] Delia Lake: what does it do for people or what do they think it would do?
[11:10] Tanoujin Milestone: I have no idea , lol
[11:10] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): do not sit below you, someone in the seat
[11:10] Rosie Gray: they boot people
[11:10] Sudane Erato: many people in SL are im[polite and walk right into other people's homes
[11:11] Delia Lake: when I'm on my property I can boot people with the mystitool I've had forever
[11:11] Lilith Ivory: as I have mentioned in the forum they do give people a feeling of being secure in their homes
[11:11] Pip Torok: speaking for myself, its a -contingency_ in case certain ex-citizens might turn up
[11:11] Lilith Ivory: not me but some like this feeling :)
[11:11] Rosie Gray: I agree with Delia that you can just boot someone if you are there
[11:11] Rosie Gray: and if you aren't there, I am not sure why it matters
[11:11] Delia Lake: I have booted lurkers off my land
[11:11] Lilith Ivory: I never understood too why some people don´t like others to use their poseballs but it´s a known fact it is like this :)
[11:12] Sudane Erato: booting feels so... aggressive
[11:12] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) snickers
[11:12] Rosie Gray: so do security orbs, in my opinion
[11:12] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): eeeuuuuuw
[11:12] Delia Lake: not if I ask someone to leave and they say no. then I think aggressive is appropriate
[11:12] Sudane Erato: true
[11:13] Rosie Gray: Lia, please jump in if you have something
[11:13] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): Sorry forgot to mention something about Orbs... "The Bounce..."
[11:13] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): tyou get two parcels, owned by two different people next to each other...
[11:13] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): both those people have orbs, both are switched on, someone walks into the range of one, they bounce...straight into the SECOND orb... that that continues on until the viewer crashes
[11:14] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): OMG
[11:14] Delia Lake: wow
[11:14] Sudane Erato: jeez
[11:14] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): Linden "Homes" was rife with that, Linden Lab itself decided to class it as "greifing"...
[11:14] Lilith Ivory giggles
[11:14] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): So... you will need to be carefull with the placement of them...
[11:14] Lilith Ivory: can´t that be handled with the settings of those orbs?
[11:14] Rosie Gray: oh that's awful
[11:15] Rosie Gray: how would we monitor it?
[11:15] Rosie Gray: (wb, Pip)
[11:15] Sudane Erato: that would be using a parcel eject.... you could also set them to eject to home
[11:15] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): Most orbs thesedays will just keep kicking, and kicking, and kicking until they dont see anyone within range, if that range is set to 2000m... it will keep kicing until the person goes above 2000m, some orbs released last month will kick up to 4000m and above now
[11:15] Lilith Ivory: if we allow orbs I´d be in favour of providing casper orbs owned by Archie and have the set-up done by trained EMs
[11:16] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): What i would do first? Offer a new home owner who doesnt know anything about building... a lockable door, most stranger walk stright into home that are unlocked... thats me finished :)
[11:16] Rosie Gray: thanks Lia
[11:17] Rosie Gray: I can't say as I've had any problem with strangers walking into my CDS homes
[11:17] Delia Lake: another thought. right now ban lines are prohibited. I thought we did this so people would feel welcome walking through our regions. wouldn't a security orb that yelled at someone for wandering over a ragged property line --and we have a bunch of those, then feel unwelcome in the CDS?
[11:17] Rosie Gray: and I don't even lock the doors
[11:17] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): :D
[11:17] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar) nods
[11:17] Lilith Ivory: the security orb would only be allowed to protect the inside of houses
[11:17] Sudane Erato: well, we would NOT want an orb protecting an entire parcel
[11:18] Sudane Erato: only the inside
[11:18] Rosie Gray: we already allow security orbs above 1000m, so you can have it for your skybox if you want
[11:18] Delia Lake: I have had newbies walk in, and if they are annoying I ask them to leave after telling them tht we don't walk into houses in sl anymore than we would in sl
[11:18] Delia Lake: *rl
[11:18] Tanoujin Milestone raises hand
[11:18] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:18] Rosie Gray: yes Tan?
[11:18] Rosie Gray: please jump in at this point, it's a conversation
[11:18] Tanoujin Milestone: i wouldlike to quote Sudane from the forums discussion: "I'd be in favor of a policy like we have in New England, and perhaps even more specific. Security orbs must cover volumes ONLY within your home or terrace. Perhaps we could require a certain "official" sign be placed in front of any protected home to minimize unpleasant surprises."
[11:19] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): Incoming Drewski
[11:19] Drewski Northman: Hi everyone!
[11:19] Tanoujin Milestone: that seems a reasonable approach to me - done
[11:19] Rosie Gray: hi Drew
[11:19] Sudane Erato: hi :)
[11:19] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): hi Drewski
[11:19] Lilith Ivory: Hi Drewski :)
[11:19] Tanoujin Milestone: hi drew
[11:19] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar) raises hand
[11:19] Delia Lake: hi Drew
[11:19] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): find a seat
[11:19] Rosie Gray: Emilia?
[11:19] Pip Torok: hi Drewski
[11:19] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): maybe behind you next to Tan
[11:20] Drewski Northman: chairs took a bit to appear lol
[11:20] Tanoujin Milestone: hehe, Dreheew,
[11:20] Tanoujin Milestone: ;)
[11:20] Tanoujin Milestone: welcome
[11:20] Drewski Northman: thank you
[11:20] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) raises her hand
[11:20] Rosie Gray: yes Kyoko?
[11:21] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): OK
[11:21] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): There are a lot of issues wrapped together here
[11:21] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): Some are pros some are cons
[11:21] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): ok, jumping in, i use an orb on my Mainland, only to monitor my house up high, and have it set to a small range..but here's the problem. Orbs can be glitchy, and that was a good one in the past...however, it sometimes fails to acknowledge the group tag, and since i set it to Notify me, i have gotten dozens of notices (false alarms from group.) and if that happened here, the owner (Citizen) will surely complain to EM about every little glitch.
[11:21] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I expect Casper has an awesome, and very expensive system...
[11:21] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): me waits
[11:22] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): but it would generate lots of requests to EMs.
[11:22] Rosie Gray: interesting
[11:22] Rosie Gray: I think our EMs are working hard already, so adding this seems like a lot to ask
[11:22] Lilith Ivory: I would like Sudane to tell us about her experiences with Casper orbs in New England
[11:23] Sudane Erato: well
[11:23] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I don't have experience with the Casper Orb system, that i recall...but how much does it cost for an Estate vs a single Owner.
[11:23] Sudane Erato: i use Casper orbs... but i know how to set them
[11:23] Sudane Erato: there are other residents who we sometimes have to go after to reset their orbs
[11:24] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Well setting security orbs is easy enough, but i thought we might be discussing an Estate wide system, if it exiss.
[11:24] Sudane Erato: because the zone extends far from the house
[11:24] Sudane Erato: that takes EM time... but doesn't happen often
[11:24] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): yes, and Citizens might innocently or not, reset the range..
[11:24] Sudane Erato: thATS REALLY IT
[11:24] Sudane Erato: sorry
[11:24] Lyubov (20180414): i think i've been clear regarding my thoughts on the forum :) this seems to me like a lot of "security theater" solving a problem we don't have... not a fan of "building walls"
[11:25] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I agree, Lyubov....
[11:25] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): it's just modeling real world anxiety.
[11:25] Lyubov (20180414): Lia's placebo door lock sounds just as effective
[11:25] Sudane Erato: I agree... if there's too much concern about them, we should not make any changes
[11:25] Delia Lake: I'm thinking what Lyubov said
[11:25] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): me raises her hand again
[11:25] Rosie Gray: I agree as well
[11:25] Rosie Gray: yes Kyoko
[11:25] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): As I said LOL
[11:26] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): the issues are intertwined
[11:26] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): there are pros and cons
[11:26] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): some practical
[11:26] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): like the bounce, potential lag and EM time sink
[11:27] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): not to mention script time being sucked up
[11:27] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): the other issues are ideplogical having to do with our idea of CDS
[11:27] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar) nods
[11:27] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): that was my reference to lag
[11:27] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): and two or three of our regions are Homesteads.
[11:27] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I think it is solvable
[11:27] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): because very few of us will want them
[11:27] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): There are two ways to avoice problems.
[11:28] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): Set your parcel to not be heard by other avatars, as han mentioned on the forum
[11:28] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): and if you want a lovenest get a sky box LOL
[11:28] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) knows of at least 5 we have up there
[11:29] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:29] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[11:29] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): it's the virtual version of "get a room"
[11:29] Sudane Erato: she's been visiting :)
[11:29] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): newp
[11:29] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): amyway
[11:29] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I don't think that many of us would want them
[11:29] Tanoujin Milestone raises hand
[11:30] Lilith Ivory: not me, I was just playing devils advocate here
[11:30] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): iwhile it might be cheaper to buy folks skyboxes
[11:30] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I think it is solvable
[11:30] Rosie Gray: I think people can buy their own skyboxes
[11:30] Rosie Gray: lol
[11:30] Rosie Gray: Tan next
[11:30] Delia Lake: I agree with what Kyoko says. I'd add that imo it's polite and considerate to set your parcel to not let sounds off the parcel if you have ambient sounds on your land.
[11:30] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I am thinking that Sudan'es NE sims are younger than oiurs
[11:30] Delia Lake: oops sorry for inserting
[11:30] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): we are developing a lag proble, which I half blame on Linden Lab
[11:31] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): but setting a few of the kind Sudane is referring to carefully would probably work, but just to the voilume of the building
[11:31] Tanoujin Milestone: let us state it is common sense in the CDS not to enter a home uninvited. Let us further put the burden of reasonable orb use completely to the user: it should only interfere when this common sense is violated. done
[11:32] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): verticval setting has to be possible to steer clear of planes and balloons
[11:32] Tanoujin Milestone: we can rule accordingly
[11:32] Lilith Ivory has a comment to Tan
[11:32] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): soI do have strong feeling about Friedsee and NFS countryside
[11:32] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): we are set up to wander
[11:33] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): we mok I am not reading just getting it out
[11:33] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) stops for now
[11:33] Tanoujin Milestone: ;)
[11:33] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) scrolls
[11:33] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[11:33] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): and shuts up
[11:33] Tanoujin Milestone: sorry, i should have waited
[11:33] Lilith Ivory: Tan, I agree with you that it is common sense in CDS not to enter the property of others ...
[11:33] Tanoujin Milestone: apologizes for being pushy
[11:33] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): *raises hand*
[11:33] Lilith Ivory: but sadly that does not always count for visitors of CDS
[11:33] Rosie Gray: nothing to apologize for, Tan
[11:34] Tanoujin Milestone: yes, Lilith? So we allow an orb pushing them out
[11:34] Lilith Ivory: we have had a few of them in the past who had no respect for privacy and I have always felt like a liar when telling potential buyers their privacy will be respected on CDS ground
[11:34] Rosie Gray: I agree that there are some very rude people in SL, of course, but really how much of a problem has it been here in the CDS?
[11:35] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) agrees with Tan per usual
[11:35] Tanoujin Milestone: as soon as they cross the threshold, with sufficient time, polite etc
[11:35] Lilith Ivory: nudging them out :)
[11:35] Rosie Gray: and a parcel owner has the ability to boot and even to ban individuals
[11:35] Rosie Gray: so it's not as though there is nothing they can do if someone is coming where they aren't wanted
[11:36] Pip Torok: I notice that we now have "graded ban-times" .. iyo opinion is there a place for these?
[11:36] Rosie Gray: in some cases with newbies, it may be that they really just don't understand and need someone to tell them that they shouldn't go in someone's home
[11:37] Tanoujin Milestone: yes, just one thing and I am finished for now: if this keeps people from joining us... that is the only argument i see - if they want it and it does not disturb... done for now :D
[11:37] Rosie Gray: thanks Tan
[11:37] Sudane Erato: agree with Tan!
[11:37] Rosie Gray: question f9or Sudane
[11:37] Rosie Gray: is it possible for Archie to own the orbs, and for the EMs to set them out if requested?
[11:38] Rosie Gray: is that technically workable
[11:38] Sudane Erato: hmmm... probably, but not sure
[11:38] Rosie Gray: thinking of permissions
[11:38] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) will not train Archie
[11:38] Sudane Erato: exactly
[11:39] Delia Lake: I have another random thought re what Tan said
[11:39] Lilith Ivory: I think it will make us look even more welcoming if we provide casper orbs on request
[11:39] Rosie Gray: so, if we include in the covenant for security orbs, we need to be really clear as to what, where, and how they are used.
[11:39] Rosie Gray: if we can't provide them
[11:39] Delia Lake: if someone is so concerned about privacy and doesn't ever want anyone straying onto property maybe they would not be a good, participatory citizen for the CDS anyway
[11:40] Lilith Ivory: and if we can´t provide we need to provide a list of orbs who can work as we allow so not to have citizens buy a wrong one by accident
[11:40] Soro Dagostino: Agreed
[11:40] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar) agrees with Delia
[11:40] Lyubov (20180414): yes Delia
[11:40] Sudane Erato: perhaps true Delia, but we'd like them here anyway... we need revenue
[11:40] Rosie Gray agrees with Delia too
[11:40] Rosie Gray: that's also true
[11:40] Pip Torok: agree strongly with both Rosie and Delia
[11:40] Tanoujin Milestone: lol
[11:40] Drewski Northman: I agree with Delia.
[11:41] Sudane Erato: we have LOTS of non-participitory citizens
[11:41] Rosie Gray: and I still don't see what the problem with just using the land tools is
[11:41] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): we are working on that LOL
[11:41] Lilith Ivory: people who come from real estate regions or the mainland might have to learn first they are safe in our community
[11:41] Rosie Gray: why do people care if someone comes into their house when they aren't there?
[11:41] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): *raises hand*
[11:41] Tanoujin Milestone: "Here you got your orb from the CDS security adviser, now pay your tier..."
[11:41] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): the script load might, in the final analysis, prove it not to be feasible, though
[11:41] Lilith Ivory: some of my friends who would be valuable citizens were concerned about privacy when I showed them around
[11:42] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): No, charge them extra rent for the Orb every month.
[11:42] Sudane Erato: oh!
[11:42] Rosie Gray: did you explain that they could have an orb in a skybox?
[11:42] Lilith Ivory: some don´t like to spend all their time in a skybox :)
[11:42] Rosie Gray: and that they would have the ability to boot and ban a particular person, from their parcel?
[11:42] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): OO more rent LOL
[11:42] Rosie Gray: it seems like a pretty good insurance if you are having someone bothering you
[11:43] Rosie Gray: a stalker, for instance
[11:43] Rosie Gray: even better than a security orb ㋡
[11:43] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): If you know who is stalking you, ban them from your parcel...and ask if they can be Estate banned, perhaps, after making your case.
[11:43] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): yep
[11:43] Rosie Gray: exactly, Emilia
[11:44] Lyubov (20180414): agree Emilia
[11:44] Rosie Gray: I can see we are going around with this
[11:44] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): use a cheap Visitor Tracker, which costs may 25L on MP, and see who's visiting.
[11:44] Rosie Gray: what do we think about the idea of having it put to referendum, with explanation?
[11:45] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) sighs
[11:45] Rosie Gray laughs at Kyoko's sigh
[11:45] Lyubov (20180414): how did that work out for Beexit?
[11:45] Pip Torok: I dont agree, with respect, Rosie
[11:45] Lilith Ivory: at the moment it pretty much looks like we don´t want to change the covenant rule :)
[11:45] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) whispers: ROFL
[11:45] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): good onew Lyu
[11:45] Sudane Erato: hehe Lyubov :))
[11:45] Rosie Gray: good point, Lyubov
[11:45] Rosie Gray: haha
[11:45] Tanoujin Milestone raises hand
[11:45] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I think a well considered decision in this committee is the appropriate method
[11:45] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I feel it should be presented as both a philosophical issue, about quality of life here, and not just about tecnnical details, if brought forward to a vote.
[11:46] Pip Torok: Liubov re Brexit is on my wavelength !!
[11:46] Rosie Gray: we could have a vote between all present now, to see where we stand with it?
[11:46] Sudane Erato: well, I would abstain, as i could go either way
[11:46] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I am of the opinion that a carefully crafted decision here, presented to RA is the right vote.
[11:46] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): sure, polling the attendees...
[11:46] Lyubov (20180414): Nay.
[11:46] Rosie Gray: although not representative of the citizenry, it might still indicate whether or not we need to continue discussing it
[11:46] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): it's not either or
[11:47] Pip Torok: what question are we voting on?
[11:47] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I'd hate to do something that would set us into camps
[11:47] Lilith Ivory: is it not Kyoko?
[11:47] Rosie Gray: seems to me it is either or ㋡
[11:47] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): wel orbs or no is an either or
[11:47] Lilith Ivory: lol to me too :)
[11:48] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I just think there is a path to amking most people happy
[11:48] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): and this is a deocracy
[11:48] Lilith Ivory: as if we stay with not allowing orbs on the ground all that are here already have to go
[11:48] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): *democracy
[11:48] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): we have a system
[11:48] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): do we have a system for referendums?
[11:48] Rosie Gray: well any on the ground now shouldn't be there
[11:48] Delia Lake: so far I'm not seeing that orbs on the ground on parcels are needed. I suppose I could change my mind if there were a visitor friendly way and lo lag way of doing this but right now I don't see it
[11:49] Lilith Ivory: the lag is a concern for me too indeed
[11:49] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): *raises hand*
[11:49] Rosie Gray: Lia?
[11:50] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): I had a word with vic... CasperLet Orbs or any of the new ones like Casper... 3 or more orbs on a homestead starts to impact timings... 6 or more ona full prim same... same...
[11:50] Pip Torok: we do not have a system for referendums, only a mechanism for the RA to consider "mass" swings of opinion among citizens
[11:50] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): *full prim sim
[11:50] Lilith Ivory: Pip, we do have a system for referendums :)
[11:51] Lilith Ivory: we can include it in a poll for the next elections or just do a survey
[11:51] Rosie Gray: yes
[11:51] Sudane Erato: a survey might be good... just gather info
[11:51] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) raises her hand
[11:52] Lilith Ivory: Thank you Lia , I highly appreciate your input! it´s very interestign facts
[11:52] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) agrees
[11:52] Rosie Gray: if we do a survey, I would like to ensure that there is enough explanation before the choice... i.e. a good explanation on why we would want to allow orbs, and also a good explanation on the ramifications
[11:52] Lilith Ivory: I agree Rosie
[11:52] Tanoujin Milestone: may I comment?
[11:52] Rosie Gray: yes Tan
[11:53] Tanoujin Milestone: i learned today a simple visitor counter in combo with the ban list would do the same - we should include that in the expalnation. Done
[11:53] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[11:53] Rosie Gray: good point
[11:54] Rosie Gray: since we are approaching the hour, I'd like to bring this discussion to some closure, if possible
[11:54] Lilith Ivory: I ran into a working orb on the ground this week and gave the owner the hint of setting furniture to be used by group or owner only
[11:54] Lilith Ivory: another thing that keeps visitors out while you are away :)
[11:54] Tanoujin Milestone: good point!
[11:54] Rosie Gray nods
[11:54] Rosie Gray: of course
[11:55] Rosie Gray: if the entire reason for worry is because people are worried about others using their furniture, that seems an easy solution
[11:55] Delia Lake is reminded of Goldilocks and the 3 bears
[11:55] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:55] Rosie Gray: hehe
[11:55] Lilith Ivory giggles and rembers her newbie days when she broke into others homes to use the beds there
[11:55] Drewski Northman: naughty Lilith!
[11:55] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): :D
[11:55] Sudane Erato: lol :)
[11:56] Rosie Gray: lol
[11:56] Lilith Ivory grins
[11:56] Tanoujin Milestone: interesting....
[11:56] Lyubov (20180414): i hear easy solutions: use land tools. set furniture to owner/group. and a compelling issue with 6+ orbs impacting even a full sim..
[11:56] Rosie Gray: agreed, Lyubov
[11:56] Lilith Ivory: .. and we already have orbs in the sky
[11:56] Sudane Erato: ahgreed
[11:57] Rosie Gray: maybe the answer is to have a notecard that could be given to people about how to handle these things, when they become citizens
[11:57] Drewski Northman: I feel that orbs at ground level don’t mesh with a cohesive community.
[11:57] Tanoujin Milestone: I would read it with interest, that nc
[11:57] Pip Torok: imo the most feasible plan
[11:57] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): and attached in the notecard a full perm lockable door they can rez and set up... theres lots of free ones on the marketplace
[11:57] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar) well said, Drewski
[11:58] Lilith Ivory: the starting point of the email discussio I had was if it would be more work to allow orbs or to adjust the door scripts any time a densified house becomes a new owner
[11:58] Rosie Gray: yes, most buildings you can't just put your own door
[11:59] Rosie Gray: but the scripts are there to make them lockable, if a person wishes it
[11:59] Rosie Gray: trouble is that the creator of the build needs to set the scripts
[11:59] Drewski Northman: I find the “Kool Doors” to be really intuitive and easy to set up and change.
[11:59] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) raises her hand
[11:59] Tanoujin Milestone: there is a casper let door plug in
[11:59] Drewski Northman: I believe there are either full perm or builders editions.
[11:59] Rosie Gray: there's many plugins and many scripts
[11:59] Sudane Erato: there must be door scripts that allow a tenant to set the whitelist
[12:00] Lyubov (20180414): yes rosie, and excellent idea, one i have discussed with lilith, is some instructional notecard with "best practices" for land settings (and funiture...)
[12:00] Rosie Gray: I think only the owners can, not tenants
[12:00] Sudane Erato: I use the Zimberlabd door script, and it doesn't have a feature for tenant settings
[12:00] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) raises her hand
[12:00] Rosie Gray: neither do the scripts I've used
[12:00] Rosie Gray: yes Kyoko?
[12:00] Tanoujin Milestone: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ca ... in/3805532?
[12:00] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): OK
[12:01] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): in listening a couple things are clear
[12:01] Sudane Erato: but thats a plugin Tan
[12:01] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): most of us don't want orbs
[12:01] Rosie Gray nods
[12:01] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I proposed what I did because I represent ALL citizens, including those that might want orbs
[12:02] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): got to run folks! Vic's popped up for a visit to fix my ailing graphics card :)
[12:02] Lia Venuto (venra.aries): *waves*
[12:02] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I think the notecard idea is probably not the way to go
[12:02] Rosie Gray: bye Lia, and thanks for your valuable input
[12:02] Lilith Ivory: bye Lia :)
[12:02] Delia Lake: bye Lia
[12:02] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): lbye Lia :)
[12:02] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): Because it raises an issue that a new citizen might not even think of
[12:02] Tanoujin Milestone: bye L :)
[12:02] Pip Torok: bye Lia
[12:02] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I think we need a clear and clean policy and as little explanation as possible
[12:02] Soro Dagostino: Sorry folk, have to go, and pay tier for my barge.
[12:02] Lyubov (20180414): mmm good point kyoko, don't raise objections during the sales process :)
[12:03] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I probably didn't even read the sim specific covenant when I first rented
[12:03] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) is done
[12:03] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): see you later then, Soro :)
[12:03] Rosie Gray: bye Soro
[12:03] Delia Lake: bye Soro
[12:03] Tanoujin Milestone: bbSoro
[12:03] Pip Torok: cheers Soro
[12:03] Rosie Gray: and I agree that a clear policy is essential
[12:03] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): more
[12:04] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): the more we talk about it the more important it comes, when it really isn't a problem that we have
[12:04] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): really done
[12:04] Rosie Gray: :D
[12:04] Lilith Ivory: well , we have this clear rule already but it does not get followed 100%
[12:05] Rosie Gray: I agree, it seems that if 2 or 3 people are asking about security, then it might be better just to give those people a notecard about how to deal with things without using an orb
[12:05] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): me nods
[12:05] Rosie Gray: if the rule isn't followed, then it should be
[12:05] Rosie Gray: the only one I've seen is Pip's, which he had said was used for seeing who visitors are
[12:06] Rosie Gray: and it's very easy to use a visitor script instead of that
[12:06] Rosie Gray: do you know of any others, Lilith?
[12:06] Lilith Ivory: I ran into an orb this week and I am not sure there are not a few others around
[12:06] Pip Torok: and cd easily be persuaded to stop using it
[12:06] Lilith Ivory: as not even all EMs remembered this rule :)
[12:06] Rosie Gray: easy enough to remind them :D
[12:07] Sudane Erato: hehe... hard to remember ALL rules! :)
[12:07] Lilith Ivory: if a new citizen asks it depends on to whom she or he talks to get permission of having an orb or not
[12:07] Rosie Gray: it is, Sudane!
[12:07] Lyubov (20180414) just gave Pip her free full perm visitor counter script, just drop into a prim :)
[12:07] Lilith Ivory: lol I agree Sudane
[12:07] Rosie Gray: then everyone should know that they can't have an orb on the ground
[12:07] Rosie Gray: so they don't give the incorrect information
[12:07] Lilith Ivory: it´s the general covenant after all :)
[12:07] Pip Torok: tks L but I'm a guy !! :-))
[12:08] Sudane Erato: hehe
[12:09] Tanoujin Milestone: sorry, RL - will read the transcript with interest! Was nice seeing ou all. Have a good day
[12:09] Lilith Ivory: see you Tan :)
[12:09] Drewski Northman: take care Tan ㋡
[12:09] Rosie Gray: I think perhaps a general posting through the group and on the forum as a reminder should make sure everyone knows
[12:09] Rosie Gray: before we all have to leave
[12:09] Sudane Erato: sorry... need to go :(
[12:09] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): check your IM Rosie ;)
[12:09] Lilith Ivory: bye Sudane :)
[12:10] Rosie Gray: Kyoko, please
[12:10] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): may I make an announcement before you all disappear?
[12:10] Rosie Gray: yes
[12:10] Pip Torok: please do
[12:10] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): As you know I selected Cadence Theas to be the chancellor's representative on LUC
[12:11] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): she has been absent recently due to conditions in her country
[12:11] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar) sorry to hear it.
[12:11] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): So I have asked Drewski Northman is he would take over the LUC slot that I am allowed to fill
[12:11] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): So let me introduce your new member ;)
[12:11] Rosie Gray: yay!
[12:11] Lyubov (20180414): congratulations Drewski!
[12:12] Lilith Ivory smiles and applauds
[12:12] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): WooT
[12:12] Rosie Gray: excellent news
[12:12] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): speech
[12:12] Pip Torok: pleasednto meet you Drew
[12:12] Drewski Northman smiles and nods, “Thank you for the opportunity!”
[12:12] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[12:12] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): This is a great committee
[12:12] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): I miss serving on it :(
[12:12] Rosie Gray: before we all have to go, can we try to find a next date for meeting?
[12:12] Drewski Northman: I am not the most experienced builder or land expert, but I hope that I can help out how I can, and provide a good perspective.
[12:12] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): and on that note I have to pack for Japan LOL
[12:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) bows humbly
[12:13] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): bon voyage, Kyoko!
[12:13] Rosie Gray: have a great trip, Kyoko
[12:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): welcome Drew
[12:13] Lilith Ivory: see you Kyoko and have fun in japan
[12:13] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): jololahity
[12:13] Rosie Gray: jololahity
[12:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): jololahity
[12:13] Pip Torok: enjoy Japan, Kyoko
[12:13] Lyubov (20180414): have a wonderful trip and uneventful flight :)
[12:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) giggles
[12:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): take care of CDS while I'm away
[12:13] Drewski Northman: be safe, Kyoko, and have LOTS of fun!
[12:13] Drewski Northman: we’ll keep the lights on for you
[12:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): IMs will go to email
[12:13] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): and you can email
[12:14] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): but I will be eating delicious food and drinking much sake
[12:14] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane): Yopu will enjoy this group Drew
[12:14] 恭子 Kyoko (samara.barzane) poofs
[12:14] Delia Lake: happy travels, Kyoko! we'll miss you and drink virtual sake with you
[12:14] Rosie Gray: welcome, Drew
[12:14] Drewski Northman: I think so, and thanks!
[12:14] Rosie Gray: so, how about next meeting?
[12:14] Lyubov (20180414): we'll clean out Kyoko's sake bar on the Platz while she's gone :)
[12:14] Lilith Ivory is flexible with any time to meet again :)
[12:14] Drewski Northman: so when is the next meeting?
[12:15] Rosie Gray: weekends it has to be for Sudane
[12:15] Rosie Gray: want to decide that now, Drew
[12:15] Drewski Northman: weekends work for me too.
[12:15] Pip Torok is flexible too
[12:15] Rosie Gray: Pip, Delia?
[12:15] Delia Lake: welcome Drew. glad to have you in the LUC
[12:15] Drewski Northman: would Sunday around 11 SLT work again?
[12:15] Rosie Gray: not next Sunday
[12:16] Rosie Gray: that's Lyubov's party
[12:16] Pip Torok: for me, yes
[12:16] Rosie Gray: how about March 3rd?
[12:16] Delia Lake: most Sundays that works but not always
[12:16] Lilith Ivory: somehow I guess 10 might be better for Sudane
[12:16] Drewski Northman: that should work for me
[12:16] Drewski Northman: well if that’s the case, that could work too
[12:16] Rosie Gray: I'd prefer 10 too
[12:16] Lilith Ivory: me too
[12:17] Rosie Gray: so shall we say next meeting Sunday March 3rd, 10 am slt?
[12:17] Drewski Northman: works for me!
[12:17] Lilith Ivory: fine with me
[12:17] Pip Torok: and me
[12:17] Delia Lake: 10 is 1 pm for me. kind of makes it so I can't do much else away from home during the day
[12:17] Rosie Gray: how about 9 am slt?
[12:17] Delia Lake: so it's ok sometimes but not if it would be every week
[12:18] Rosie Gray: do you know if that would work for Sudane, Lilith?
[12:18] Drewski Northman: 9 won’t work for me.
[12:18] Delia Lake: 10 is probably better than 9.
[12:18] Rosie Gray: oh okay, never mind then
[12:18] Lilith Ivory: not really
[12:18] Rosie Gray: well let's do 10 am, and then sometimes we all won't be able to make it
[12:18] Delia Lake: Sudane is in my timezone
[12:18] Rosie Gray: that's just how it is
[12:18] Rosie Gray: 9 am is a bit early for me too ㋡
[12:19] Lilith Ivory: let´s do march3th at 10 for now
[12:19] Rosie Gray: yes
[12:19] Drewski Northman: sounds good!
[12:19] Rosie Gray writes it down
"The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it."
Terry Pratchett
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