March 31, Transcript

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March 31, Transcript

Post by Rosie Gray »

[2019/03/31 10:09] Rosie Gray: so, I'll call this meeting to order
[2019/03/31 10:09] Rosie Gray: seems we need to discuss the new Fishing Village name again
[2019/03/31 10:09] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me giggles
[2019/03/31 10:10] Rosie Gray: have you all read the thread about the name on the forum?
[2019/03/31 10:10] Sudane Erato: :)
[2019/03/31 10:10] Sudane Erato: yes
[2019/03/31 10:10] Drewski Northman: Naming the Fishing Village part 2: electric boogaloo
[2019/03/31 10:10] Drewski Northman: and yes
[2019/03/31 10:10] Rosie Gray: hahaha
[2019/03/31 10:10] Pip Torok: I have
[2019/03/31 10:10] Delia Lake: no. I was away for work and am just catching up
[2019/03/31 10:10] Pip Torok: LOL
[2019/03/31 10:10] Rosie Gray: well I think since we have a native Italian speaker who really didn't like the name we chose, that we need to pay attention to that
[2019/03/31 10:11] Pip Torok: agree
[2019/03/31 10:11] Sudane Erato: she said that the name sounds like the name of a homeless shelter
[2019/03/31 10:11] Rosie Gray: Delia, Laura who is Italian did not like our choice at all
[2019/03/31 10:11] Sudane Erato: in Italian
[2019/03/31 10:11] Rosie Gray: she said it was 'ridiculous', or something like this
[2019/03/31 10:11] Drewski Northman: Yes, I thought that was a pretty good point. It’s not a charity hospital lol
[2019/03/31 10:11] Sudane Erato: i agree
[2019/03/31 10:11] Pip Torok: originally she had suggested Stella Marina
[2019/03/31 10:12] Rosie Gray: yes she suggests it again
[2019/03/31 10:12] Drewski Northman: starfish
[2019/03/31 10:12] Pip Torok: and sticks to it
[2019/03/31 10:12] Drewski Northman: I kinda like that
[2019/03/31 10:12] Sudane Erato: i do too
[2019/03/31 10:12] Rosie Gray: Stella Marina?
[2019/03/31 10:12] Sudane Erato: yes
[2019/03/31 10:12] Pip Torok: ny other proposal?
[2019/03/31 10:12] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): Wanda
[2019/03/31 10:12] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me grins
[2019/03/31 10:12] Rosie Gray: ack
[2019/03/31 10:13] Sudane Erato: well, Tan had suggested Noobie... or something like that
[2019/03/31 10:13] Rosie Gray: lol
[2019/03/31 10:13] Drewski Northman: noobie?
[2019/03/31 10:13] Pip Torok: well Wanda is not italian
[2019/03/31 10:13] Sudane Erato: its a suburb of Koln
[2019/03/31 10:13] Drewski Northman: “Come to the village of the noobs!”
[2019/03/31 10:13] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): I know
[2019/03/31 10:13] Sudane Erato: I looked it up
[2019/03/31 10:13] Rosie Gray: hahah, well neither is terribly appealing
[2019/03/31 10:13] Rosie Gray: Wanda is only funny if you know it is from a movie
[2019/03/31 10:14] Delia Lake: read quickly...I like Stella Marina. the name says what it is
[2019/03/31 10:14] Pip Torok: quite
[2019/03/31 10:14] Drewski Northman: /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:14] Rosie Gray: shall we vote on Stella Marina?
[2019/03/31 10:14] Sudane Erato: and if you didn't know its from a movie, like me, i don't like Wanda at all
[2019/03/31 10:14] Rosie Gray: /me nods at Sudane
[2019/03/31 10:15] Pip Torok: the joke has got a little sour imo
[2019/03/31 10:15] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2019/03/31 10:15] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me takes it off the table
[2019/03/31 10:15] Rosie Gray: okay, well then I move that we name the new fishing village in Colonia Nova, Stella Marina
[2019/03/31 10:15] Delia Lake: I agree, Pip, and I only saw the joke 2 min ago
[2019/03/31 10:15] Drewski Northman: I second that Rosie
[2019/03/31 10:15] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2019/03/31 10:15] Rosie Gray: vote
[2019/03/31 10:15] Delia Lake: remembering the movie, I'm not in favor or Wanda
[2019/03/31 10:15] Sudane Erato: aye
[2019/03/31 10:15] Delia Lake: aye to Stella Marina
[2019/03/31 10:16] Pip Torok: aye to Stella Marina
[2019/03/31 10:16] Rosie Gray: aye
[2019/03/31 10:16] Drewski Northman: aye
[2019/03/31 10:16] Sudane Erato: btw... this is just a reccomendation, ins't it?
[2019/03/31 10:16] Rosie Gray: thank you, motion carried
[2019/03/31 10:16] Rosie Gray: yes you're right Sudane
[2019/03/31 10:17] Rosie Gray: but to be honest, I don't know that we have a process for naming a place
[2019/03/31 10:17] Rosie Gray: can anyone advise about that?
[2019/03/31 10:17] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): do you submit to me or RA?
[2019/03/31 10:17] Rosie Gray: hello Badger ㋡
[2019/03/31 10:17] Sudane Erato: if in doubt, send it to the RA !
[2019/03/31 10:17] Pip Torok: to you within the RA
[2019/03/31 10:17] badgerofzen Resident: hullo rosie
[2019/03/31 10:17] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): Hi Badger
[2019/03/31 10:18] badgerofzen Resident: hullo kyoko
[2019/03/31 10:18] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:18] Rosie Gray: I don't think there is an actual law specifically about naming things ㋡
[2019/03/31 10:18] Pip Torok: i meant to the RA for the Chancellor to decide upon
[2019/03/31 10:18] Rosie Gray: okay so let's move on to the next thing, reports from each of us
[2019/03/31 10:18] Rosie Gray: /me nods at Pip
[2019/03/31 10:19] Delia Lake: we haven't assigned new names for years
[2019/03/31 10:19] Rosie Gray: Drewski, would you like to report on the region review?
[2019/03/31 10:19] Sudane Erato: Gaius was working on new street names
[2019/03/31 10:19] Pip Torok: we also haven't implmemted them into the landscape, I notice
[2019/03/31 10:19] Drewski Northman: Yes I can report on that.
[2019/03/31 10:20] Rosie Gray: that's true Sudane, and the committee did pick a bunch of names but it didn't go further than that
[2019/03/31 10:20] Rosie Gray: let's hear Drewski
[2019/03/31 10:21] Drewski Northman: So I probably missed some things...I’m sure I don’t have the eye for detail just yet, but I poured over the LA region the last couple weeks. Here is my report:
[2019/03/31 10:21] Drewski Northman: ... Z_O-I/edit
[2019/03/31 10:21] Rosie Gray: looking
[2019/03/31 10:21] Drewski Northman: the one thing that did stick out to me was a couple out of place landscape items on a walkway near C03
[2019/03/31 10:22] Drewski Northman: But otherwise, things look pretty good to me. I flew up to 1200 meters to check on skyboxes, nothing below 1k meters.
[2019/03/31 10:22] Drewski Northman: first one I saw was Kyoko’s at that alt lol
[2019/03/31 10:22] Drewski Northman: I do have a question.
[2019/03/31 10:22] Rosie Gray: okay
[2019/03/31 10:23] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): am I illegal?
[2019/03/31 10:23] Drewski Northman: I see Vic Mornington made a new restaurant, and I am unsure of the zoning on that side of the river. Would that still be under the countryside zoning?
[2019/03/31 10:23] Drewski Northman: No, all good to me Kyoko
[2019/03/31 10:23] Rosie Gray: good question
[2019/03/31 10:23] Rosie Gray: let's look at the covenant
[2019/03/31 10:24] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me riases her hand
[2019/03/31 10:24] Drewski Northman: It looks like a great restaurant btw. I am just unsure of the zoning sections.
[2019/03/31 10:24] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me takes it down
[2019/03/31 10:24] Drewski Northman: Yes Kyoko?
[2019/03/31 10:24] Rosie Gray:
[2019/03/31 10:24] Rosie Gray: here is the covenant for Locus Amoenus
[2019/03/31 10:24] Rosie Gray: so, we look at which zone the restaurant is in
[2019/03/31 10:25] Rosie Gray: do you know the zone, Drewski?
[2019/03/31 10:25] Rosie Gray: you would get it from the tierbox
[2019/03/31 10:25] Pip Torok: I notice that the LA skybox height is 1200 .. shdnt it agree with the rest of the region which is(?) 1000
[2019/03/31 10:25] Rosie Gray: Pip, it's a minimum of 1000m
[2019/03/31 10:25] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me will move it
[2019/03/31 10:25] Rosie Gray: can be anywhere higher than that
[2019/03/31 10:25] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): it's zoned P
[2019/03/31 10:25] Pip Torok: Drew has set the LA limit at 1200
[2019/03/31 10:26] Drewski Northman: Nooooo if I did, that was not my intention lol
[2019/03/31 10:26] Drewski Northman: I just physically looked up to 1200m
[2019/03/31 10:26] Rosie Gray: lol, no Drew can't change the covenant
[2019/03/31 10:26] Pip Torok: ill check again ...
[2019/03/31 10:26] Rosie Gray: zoned P, thanks
[2019/03/31 10:27] Rosie Gray: hmmm, and the covenant doesn't seem to have reference to zone P
[2019/03/31 10:27] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me raises her hand?
[2019/03/31 10:27] Rosie Gray: but it is harbourfront
[2019/03/31 10:27] Drewski Northman: Yes Kyoko?
[2019/03/31 10:27] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:28] Sudane Erato: yeah, I see no zone P :(
[2019/03/31 10:28] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): RestaI agree on the harborside
[2019/03/31 10:28] Sudane Erato: but... is a restaurant really commercial?
[2019/03/31 10:28] Sudane Erato: they don't sell anything
[2019/03/31 10:28] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): And restaurants in TTuscany are often in the countryside
[2019/03/31 10:28] Rosie Gray: oh, and now I see in the covenant under Zone H there is reference to a few P buildings
[2019/03/31 10:28] Rosie Gray: so it is obviously the same zoning
[2019/03/31 10:28] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): Granted it is a big restaurant, but absent something about zone P
[2019/03/31 10:28] Drewski Northman: yes I see that.
[2019/03/31 10:29] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): I have no problems
[2019/03/31 10:29] Rosie Gray: hmmm, well I disagree on that Kyoko, I think that a restaurant is commercial
[2019/03/31 10:29] Rosie Gray: even if in SL they aren't technically 'selling', in RL it's a business
[2019/03/31 10:29] Sudane Erato: in RL, yes... but in SL its a hang-out place
[2019/03/31 10:29] Drewski Northman: In SL I think a restaurant falls more under a social space, as its not a money making operation
[2019/03/31 10:29] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): I agree, but restaurants in Italy are often in the countryside
[2019/03/31 10:29] Rosie Gray: but in this case, it is okay as the zoning allows for that
[2019/03/31 10:29] Delia Lake: commercial in sl may be different than commercial in rl
[2019/03/31 10:30] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): done
[2019/03/31 10:30] Rosie Gray: hmmm, okay then this is a topic that needs discussing by the RA, since there is no clarification on it
[2019/03/31 10:30] Delia Lake: if there would be a zoning problem though, the Chancellor can give a zoning variance
[2019/03/31 10:30] Rosie Gray: yes of course
[2019/03/31 10:31] Delia Lake: thanks Drew for doing this work
[2019/03/31 10:31] Sudane Erato: ahh... like they do in RL :)
[2019/03/31 10:31] Sudane Erato: yeah... thx Drew :)
[2019/03/31 10:31] Drewski Northman: well either way if it’s zone H, its fine.
[2019/03/31 10:31] Rosie Gray: but perhaps we ask the RA to clarify if restaurants are 'commercial' for our purposes here
[2019/03/31 10:31] Rosie Gray: yes it is
[2019/03/31 10:31] Sudane Erato: yes, we should
[2019/03/31 10:31] Rosie Gray: just good to have that clarified
[2019/03/31 10:32] Sudane Erato: I think that the Gasthaus I built up in Monastery might be in threat
[2019/03/31 10:32] Rosie Gray: what else did you find, Drewksi?
[2019/03/31 10:32] Sudane Erato: thats surely not a commercial area
[2019/03/31 10:32] Delia Lake: I do have a comment about landscaping. I didn't check today but sometimes we have a bit of landscaping overlapping paths in the CDS because we are an old community, the paths were laid years ago and grass grows over them sometimes
[2019/03/31 10:32] Rosie Gray: I agree, Delia
[2019/03/31 10:32] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf: entered chat range (6.72 m).
[2019/03/31 10:33] Drewski Northman: Other than the question about the restaurant and the landscaping issue, I did not see anything that jumped out at me.
[2019/03/31 10:33] Rosie Gray: okay, so that's a good start
[2019/03/31 10:33] Drewski Northman: But going forward, I’ll check the tier box if I have zoning questions. That helps.
[2019/03/31 10:33] Sudane Erato: hi Han
[2019/03/31 10:33] Rosie Gray: I think we need to have another walkthrough to look carefully at things like texturs
[2019/03/31 10:34] Rosie Gray: hi Han
[2019/03/31 10:34] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): Hi Han :)
[2019/03/31 10:34] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): HIya, Sudane :)
[2019/03/31 10:34] Delia Lake: Hi Han
[2019/03/31 10:34] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): hiya, Rosie, hiya Kyoko
[2019/03/31 10:34] Rosie Gray: any more comments about this?
[2019/03/31 10:34] Drewski Northman: Hi Han!
[2019/03/31 10:34] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): Hiya, Drewski!
[2019/03/31 10:35] Drewski Northman: Yes, would like to see how you check the textures.
[2019/03/31 10:35] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:35] Rosie Gray: Drew and I are going to do another walkthrough on Monday
[2019/03/31 10:36] Delia Lake: ok
[2019/03/31 10:36] Rosie Gray: at 3 pm, so if anyone wants to join us, please do
[2019/03/31 10:36] Rosie Gray: Sudane, can you give a report on the fishing village builds?
[2019/03/31 10:37] Sudane Erato: sure
[2019/03/31 10:38] Sudane Erato: Lil and I are both working on the next ones
[2019/03/31 10:38] Sudane Erato: although I was very laggardly this week
[2019/03/31 10:38] Rosie Gray: :D
[2019/03/31 10:38] Sudane Erato: I got distracted by Enviornments!
[2019/03/31 10:38] Sudane Erato: :)
[2019/03/31 10:38] Sudane Erato: but... we're moving along...
[2019/03/31 10:39] Sudane Erato: Kyoko made some very helpful suggestions
[2019/03/31 10:39] Sudane Erato: so...
[2019/03/31 10:39] Sudane Erato: not much more to say, really
[2019/03/31 10:39] Sudane Erato: oh
[2019/03/31 10:40] Sudane Erato: there's an interesting development
[2019/03/31 10:40] Sudane Erato: the texture source we frequently use, which I shall not mention
[2019/03/31 10:40] Sudane Erato: has in its TOS that the textures should not be used in SL
[2019/03/31 10:41] Drewski Northman: ut oh
[2019/03/31 10:41] Sudane Erato: we are trying to get a clarification
[2019/03/31 10:41] Delia Lake: whoa!
[2019/03/31 10:41] Pip Torok: ??
[2019/03/31 10:41] Sudane Erato: its very strange
[2019/03/31 10:41] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me *dies*
[2019/03/31 10:41] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): Is this a new development?
[2019/03/31 10:41] Drewski Northman: Some texture makers put that in there because they do not want people reselling them in SL
[2019/03/31 10:41] Sudane Erato: i have no idea... how long that term has been there
[2019/03/31 10:41] Sudane Erato: that could be Drew
[2019/03/31 10:41] Sudane Erato: exactly
[2019/03/31 10:42] Drewski Northman: Or selling items inworld with their textures. It’s a pretty old thing in those communities.
[2019/03/31 10:42] Sudane Erato: and of course we don't
[2019/03/31 10:42] Drewski Northman: er....texturing circles
[2019/03/31 10:42] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): I know a bunch of texture makers put that in there in response to the ALL-UR_BASE BELONGS TO US changes LL made to the TOS in '13; better safe than sorry
[2019/03/31 10:42] Rosie Gray: I think in this case that it is that LL includes in its ToS that it owns everything uploaded
[2019/03/31 10:42] Sudane Erato: yes... in in previous years the copybots were a real scourge
[2019/03/31 10:42] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): Yes-what Rosie said.
[2019/03/31 10:42] Sudane Erato: it caused the loss of many creators
[2019/03/31 10:43] Sudane Erato: including my favorite skin maker :(
[2019/03/31 10:43] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): depends on what "owns" means
[2019/03/31 10:43] Sudane Erato: anyway... i think its something worth noting
[2019/03/31 10:43] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:43] Rosie Gray: to be safe, either purchase or make your own textures
[2019/03/31 10:44] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): Filterforge is often on sale; I love and use that.
[2019/03/31 10:44] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): You render it, you own it
[2019/03/31 10:44] Sudane Erato: Han thats true... i have it too
[2019/03/31 10:44] Sudane Erato: and Moon loved it!
[2019/03/31 10:45] Pip Torok: Cdnt we ask LL for the definitive list of "forbidden" textures?
[2019/03/31 10:45] Sudane Erato: well
[2019/03/31 10:45] Sudane Erato: it COULD be that this is some fight between LL and the texture website
[2019/03/31 10:45] Rosie Gray: it's the opposite way around, Pip
[2019/03/31 10:45] Sudane Erato: in which case LL will be no help
[2019/03/31 10:46] Pip Torok: h ...
[2019/03/31 10:46] Pip Torok: ah ...
[2019/03/31 10:46] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): I doubt they know, to be quite honest. It's better to check the site you're gettin the texture from -see what they allow. Or use something like filterforge that sidesteps it :0
[2019/03/31 10:46] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): :)
[2019/03/31 10:47] Delia Lake: not sure how far this LL owns everything actually goes or would stand up. Book publishers say they own everything also. but they can't own something previously copyrighted by someone and they publish those things anyway
[2019/03/31 10:47] Delia Lake: just went through that a few months ago
[2019/03/31 10:47] Sudane Erato: exactly Delia
[2019/03/31 10:47] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:47] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): If taken to court; I suspect it would fall right over. That assumes having the resources to actually take it to court, though.
[2019/03/31 10:47] Sudane Erato: that might be another issue here
[2019/03/31 10:48] Rosie Gray: I think the main thing for us, is not to advise people to use that site
[2019/03/31 10:48] Sudane Erato: yes, agreed
[2019/03/31 10:48] Sudane Erato: so we won't name it here
[2019/03/31 10:48] Sudane Erato: :)
[2019/03/31 10:48] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:48] Delia Lake: where does one get filterforge?
[2019/03/31 10:48] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): I'll post the addresss
[2019/03/31 10:48] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held):
[2019/03/31 10:48] Rosie Gray: thanks Han
[2019/03/31 10:48] Delia Lake: ty
[2019/03/31 10:49] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): Open offer -if someone sees a filter on there they want to use for the CDS and I can load it; I'll be happy to upload a rendered version for the CDS' use
[2019/03/31 10:49] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): they are having a sale right noiw
[2019/03/31 10:49] Sudane Erato: neat Han :)
[2019/03/31 10:50] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane):
[2019/03/31 10:51] Rosie Gray: I have a question about the fishing village, Sudane
[2019/03/31 10:51] Sudane Erato: sure!
[2019/03/31 10:51] Rosie Gray: do you know how many more builds you have to do?
[2019/03/31 10:51] Sudane Erato: oh... i don't... maybe 10?
[2019/03/31 10:51] Rosie Gray: ah
[2019/03/31 10:51] Sudane Erato: a lot
[2019/03/31 10:51] Rosie Gray: quite a few
[2019/03/31 10:51] Rosie Gray: it's looking great so far!
[2019/03/31 10:52] Sudane Erato: it will take awhile
[2019/03/31 10:52] Sudane Erato: thx :)
[2019/03/31 10:52] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:52] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): It's close to a critical mass
[2019/03/31 10:52] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): and next month's luve opperformer will be in the FV
[2019/03/31 10:52] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (Han Held): (my apologies; I gotta split :( **waves**)
[2019/03/31 10:52] Drewski Northman: Greatness can’t be rushed. It’s already a really cool build!
[2019/03/31 10:52] Hannah Marie Tempestwolf: left the region.
[2019/03/31 10:52] Delia Lake: great!
[2019/03/31 10:52] Rosie Gray: bye han
[2019/03/31 10:52] Sudane Erato: ty Drew :)
[2019/03/31 10:52] Drewski Northman: Bye Han!
[2019/03/31 10:52] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): That was *live performer*
[2019/03/31 10:53] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:53] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): Will be Naftali Torok ;)
[2019/03/31 10:53] Sudane Erato: oh Kyoko, that's neat!
[2019/03/31 10:53] Rosie Gray: great! love Naf's music
[2019/03/31 10:53] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): we myh and PIO job is to market CDS so market we will ;)
[2019/03/31 10:53] Delia Lake: while it may take a bit of time to finish this phase, in active communities there is really no finish. any active community is always a work in probress
[2019/03/31 10:53] Rosie Gray: true, Delia
[2019/03/31 10:53] Drewski Northman: /me nods
[2019/03/31 10:53] Rosie Gray: thus the necessity to go back and review the regions regularly
[2019/03/31 10:54] Sudane Erato: hehe... just like the CDS :)
[2019/03/31 10:54] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2019/03/31 10:54] Rosie Gray: now I see that Sudane has posted about EEP, and so has Lyubov
[2019/03/31 10:54] Rosie Gray: do we want to discuss this now? I haven't had time to read those posts myself
[2019/03/31 10:55] Pip Torok: Can somone publish a "EEPS for newbies"?
[2019/03/31 10:55] Sudane Erato: well... there's a lot there... a number of issues
[2019/03/31 10:55] Sudane Erato: perhaps we should just go slow
[2019/03/31 10:55] Rosie Gray: we're all newbies when it comes to EEP
[2019/03/31 10:56] Drewski Northman: yeah its all new.
[2019/03/31 10:56] Drewski Northman: And I think most of us run Firestorm, right?
[2019/03/31 10:56] Rosie Gray: shall we leave that topic for now then, and talk about it next meeting?
[2019/03/31 10:56] Pip Torok: I was afraid of that :(
[2019/03/31 10:56] Sudane Erato: fine with me
[2019/03/31 10:56] Rosie Gray: I think you're right, Drewski
[2019/03/31 10:56] Sudane Erato: the only way you can see the EEP now is with the SL beta viewer
[2019/03/31 10:56] Drewski Northman: so most all of us don’t see the full benefits of the changes, just some strange effects
[2019/03/31 10:56] Sudane Erato: yep
[2019/03/31 10:56] Rosie Gray: Delia, how are you coming with your projects? Is the walkway finished?
[2019/03/31 10:57] Delia Lake: it is for now
[2019/03/31 10:57] Delia Lake: as the season progresses we may see a few flowers pop up then wilt and disappear :)
[2019/03/31 10:57] Sudane Erato: :)
[2019/03/31 10:57] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me giggles
[2019/03/31 10:58] Delia Lake: at some time in the future we might want to replace the dirt paths there with the kind that Sudane has put in the fishing village. I don't own that kind though
[2019/03/31 10:58] Delia Lake: maybe we should buy them for Archie
[2019/03/31 10:59] Rosie Gray: where are you talking about?
[2019/03/31 10:59] Sudane Erato: they're basic Botanical things
[2019/03/31 10:59] Delia Lake: along the other side of the Rhenus beyond the garden of peace there is a rough dirt path
[2019/03/31 11:00] Delia Lake: overgrown with grass as it would be
[2019/03/31 11:00] Rosie Gray: in CN?
[2019/03/31 11:01] Drewski Northman: wb Pip
[2019/03/31 11:01] Rosie Gray: wb Pip
[2019/03/31 11:01] Pip Torok: tks rosie
[2019/03/31 11:01] Delia Lake: yes in CN
[2019/03/31 11:01] Pip Torok: drewski as well
[2019/03/31 11:01] Rosie Gray: okay, not sure where you mean
[2019/03/31 11:02] Delia Lake: below Tor's winery
[2019/03/31 11:02] Delia Lake: along the river
[2019/03/31 11:02] Rosie Gray: along the waterside?
[2019/03/31 11:02] Rosie Gray: ah
[2019/03/31 11:02] Rosie Gray: oh now I see
[2019/03/31 11:02] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2019/03/31 11:03] Pip Torok: talking of tor, can an ee delete his snowstorn next to the MM?
[2019/03/31 11:03] Rosie Gray: I notice that there is still a patch of snow in the corner of CN and LA/Mon and AM
[2019/03/31 11:03] Delia Lake: hmmm. I'll walk home that way and check. in rl I still have a few patches of snow too :(
[2019/03/31 11:04] Delia Lake: and I'll see if I can return Tor's snow flakes
[2019/03/31 11:04] Drewski Northman: LOL yes I woke up to a nice covering of snow in RL this morning
[2019/03/31 11:04] Rosie Gray: Pip, have another look as I think I moved his snowstornm
[2019/03/31 11:04] Sudane Erato: oh my... thats right!
[2019/03/31 11:04] Pip Torok: tks rosie
[2019/03/31 11:04] Rosie Gray: oh yikes did you?
[2019/03/31 11:04] Drewski Northman: mhmm, a good inch or 2 that stuck.
[2019/03/31 11:04] Rosie Gray: /me looks outside at the sun and spring flowers
[2019/03/31 11:04] Rosie Gray: damn eh
[2019/03/31 11:05] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): it's cold again here, but blue skies
[2019/03/31 11:05] Drewski Northman: not unreasonable to happen here lol
[2019/03/31 11:05] Drewski Northman: back into the 50s this week though
[2019/03/31 11:05] Delia Lake: /me looks outside at the freezing rain with temps going down to 26F tonight
[2019/03/31 11:05] Rosie Gray: okay, and the walkway along the wall, Delia are you finished with that now?
[2019/03/31 11:06] Pip Torok: Mother Nature's April Fool joke ...
[2019/03/31 11:06] Delia Lake: I have to check but I think so, unless I accidentally change the grass textures in which case the stairs turn to grass again
[2019/03/31 11:06] Rosie Gray: okay, so we can go have a look at that
[2019/03/31 11:06] Rosie Gray: anything else from you?
[2019/03/31 11:07] Delia Lake: not that I can think of
[2019/03/31 11:07] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2019/03/31 11:07] Rosie Gray: and from me, I've placed down the new build where Gwyn's shop is on the CN forum
[2019/03/31 11:07] Delia Lake: great
[2019/03/31 11:07] Drewski Northman: awesome!
[2019/03/31 11:07] Rosie Gray: and Sudane was able to move Gwyn's things a bit so they fit
[2019/03/31 11:07] Sudane Erato: looks great!
[2019/03/31 11:07] Rosie Gray: thanks
[2019/03/31 11:08] Rosie Gray: so I hope to contact Cindy about her parcel building but haven't done that yet
[2019/03/31 11:08] Delia Lake: That looks just right, Rosie. well done
[2019/03/31 11:08] Rosie Gray: thank you Delia
[2019/03/31 11:09] Rosie Gray: other than that I am not working on anything else yet ㋡
[2019/03/31 11:09] Rosie Gray: does anyone have anything else they'd like to address this meeting?
[2019/03/31 11:09] Pip Torok: yes
[2019/03/31 11:09] Drewski Northman: Not I
[2019/03/31 11:10] Pip Torok: on OldBox there is a looke mahjong tile .. it has a sparrow on it to mark it out .. Cound an EE take it away, though not the bird?
[2019/03/31 11:11] Pip Torok: looke-loose
[2019/03/31 11:11] Rosie Gray: don't you own that parcel, Pip?
[2019/03/31 11:11] Delia Lake: btw, Kyoko, I like the garland across the road in CN off the forum. I think we should keep it there until Autumn
[2019/03/31 11:12] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): LOL
[2019/03/31 11:12] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): well it was specific to the event
[2019/03/31 11:12] Delia Lake: I know
[2019/03/31 11:12] Pip Torok: i own the parcel and the tile as well as a fresh mahjong set .. I dont understand why I cant delete it
[2019/03/31 11:12] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): but we can leave it up for a bit if people want
[2019/03/31 11:12] Delia Lake: but it adds character and whimsy to the street
[2019/03/31 11:12] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): the clouds will reappear at the fishing village for next month;'s event
[2019/03/31 11:12] Rosie Gray: okay I can look at it for you Pip
[2019/03/31 11:12] Rosie Gray: you'll have to show me where
[2019/03/31 11:13] Pip Torok: its the ONE tile I need gone, delia, not the whole new set .....
[2019/03/31 11:13] Pip Torok: ok
[2019/03/31 11:13] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2019/03/31 11:13] Rosie Gray: anything else anyone would like to bring up for the LUC, including the guests?
[2019/03/31 11:14] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): I just want to thank LKUC for the care they take with our sims
[2019/03/31 11:14] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): *LUC
[2019/03/31 11:14] Rosie Gray: thanks Kyoko
[2019/03/31 11:14] Awenbunny Lisle: it all sounds well in hand * smile *
[2019/03/31 11:14] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): and I miss being on LUC :(
[2019/03/31 11:15] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2019/03/31 11:15] Rosie Gray: you can't, Ms. Chancellor
[2019/03/31 11:15] Sudane Erato: :)
[2019/03/31 11:15] Rosie Gray: but you have Drewski here as representative!
[2019/03/31 11:15] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me resigns LOL
[2019/03/31 11:15] Drewski Northman: /me laughs
[2019/03/31 11:15] Sudane Erato: hey
[2019/03/31 11:15] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me grins
[2019/03/31 11:15] Sudane Erato: none of that talk :)
[2019/03/31 11:15] Drewski Northman: shush!
[2019/03/31 11:16] Rosie Gray: right, then looking at the clock
[2019/03/31 11:16] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): WooT
[2019/03/31 11:16] Rosie Gray: let's decide on the next meeting time
[2019/03/31 11:17] Rosie Gray: how would Sunday the 14th, same time be for everyone?
[2019/03/31 11:17] Delia Lake: I am unavailable April 22 (Easter) and April 28 but April 14 is fine
[2019/03/31 11:17] Sudane Erato: works for me
[2019/03/31 11:17] Drewski Northman: Yeah the 14th would work for me I think
[2019/03/31 11:17] Sudane Erato: yes, I'm unavailable Apr 28, which is MY Easter :)
[2019/03/31 11:17] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2019/03/31 11:17] Rosie Gray: so 14th is okay?
[2019/03/31 11:18] Rosie Gray: and Pip, how about you?
[2019/03/31 11:18] Drewski Northman: /me nods
[2019/03/31 11:18] Pip Torok: ok for me (Br*xit permitting)
[2019/03/31 11:18] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2019/03/31 11:18] Sudane Erato: lol :)
[2019/03/31 11:18] Delia Lake: lol
[2019/03/31 11:18] Rosie Gray: fingers crossed on that!
[2019/03/31 11:18] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (Samara Barzane): /me hugs Pip
[2019/03/31 11:18] Drewski Northman: Rock and a hard place there....Brexit and the EU’s lame-ass Article 13
[2019/03/31 11:19] Rosie Gray: okay then let's adjourn this meeting, and next meeting will be Sunday April 14, 10 am SLT
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