LUC Meeting Transcript, 23 June 2019

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LUC Meeting Transcript, 23 June 2019

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[09:02] Rosie Gray: okay, 9:02, I'm going to call this meeting to order
[09:02] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): We're not waiting for Delia?
[09:02] Rosie Gray: first thing is, to choose a chair, and a secretary
[09:03] Rosie Gray: well Delia will be late
[09:03] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Heya Sudane -for some reason I thot you were Lil >.> Hiya, Lyu :)
[09:03] Sudane Erato: hehe... no... my German is terrible! :)
[09:03] Lilith Ivory: HI Lyubov
[09:03] Sudane Erato: Hi! :)
[09:03] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Can't be worse than mine,
[09:03] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): ✿ ✿ giggle ✿ ✿
[09:04] Rosie Gray: so, do we have any nominations for chairperson for this term?
[09:04] Rosie Gray: don't all rush at once
[09:04] Sudane Erato: Rosie!
[09:04] Lilith Ivory: I always try to hide the fact I speak german too
[09:04] Cathy Sabre: second
[09:04] Pip Torok: i propose rosie
[09:04] Sudane Erato: I second
[09:04] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): fourth
[09:04] Sudane Erato: :)
[09:04] Cathy Sabre: Too bad Rosie
[09:04] Rosie Gray: ummm... on a note of formality, Pip you aren't actually on the LUC this term so you can't propose me
[09:04] Rosie Gray squirms
[09:05] Pip Torok: shall we vote?
[09:05] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): oh, there's Delia now
[09:05] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): we ought to wait a min
[09:05] Cathy Sabre: Aye
[09:05] Sudane Erato: great!
[09:05] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): give her a chance to get here
[09:05] Pip Torok: Aye
[09:05] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): but Aye
[09:05] Rosie Gray: sure
[09:05] Lilith Ivory: in this case I propose Rosie :)
[09:05] Rosie Gray: hi Delia, glad you could make it
[09:05] Sudane Erato: hi! :)
[09:05] Lilith Ivory: Hi Delia
[09:05] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Hi, Delia
[09:05] Delia Lake: Hi. sorry I had to be late today
[09:05] Rosie Gray: 5 minutes isn't too bad ;)
[09:05] Sudane Erato: not too late!
[09:05] Cathy Sabre: Nice to see a quorum.
[09:06] Rosie Gray: okay, then thank you (I think), I accept the nomination
[09:06] Delia Lake: I didn't get to change but I did dry off so I won't ruin the chair
[09:06] Pip Torok: delia were in the middle of voting Rosie for chair
[09:06] Delia Lake: ok
[09:06] Rosie Gray: let's have a formal vote then
[09:06] Pip Torok: agrees
[09:06] Rosie Gray: all in favour
[09:06] Cathy Sabre: Aye
[09:06] Sudane Erato: aye
[09:06] Lilith Ivory: aye
[09:06] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): aye
[09:06] Pip Torok: Aye
[09:06] Rosie Gray gives Pip a POKE!
[09:06] Delia Lake: aye
[09:07] Sudane Erato: Pip voted!
[09:07] Rosie Gray: Pip, sorry dear but you can't vote
[09:07] Pip Torok: pip pokes back!
[09:07] Cathy Sabre: Does that mean we have to do it again
[09:07] Rosie Gray: no it doesn't
[09:07] Cathy Sabre: ?
[09:07] Cathy Sabre: kidding
[09:07] Pip Torok: ah ... understood
[09:07] Rosie Gray: we want you here, but only the official representatives can actually vote
[09:08] Rosie Gray: okay, next, we need a scribe
[09:08] Cathy Sabre: Yes, we want you here Pip
[09:08] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I don't mind saving and posting the transcript for the meetings I'm actually *at* but if they're going to be this early Idk if I can guarentee actually being here.
[09:08] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): though I obviously intend to try
[09:09] Rosie Gray: thank you Han
[09:09] Sudane Erato: so i nominate Han
[09:09] Rosie Gray: anyone else?
[09:09] Cathy Sabre: I can take notes if she can't be here
[09:09] Cathy Sabre: I second the nomination
[09:09] Rosie Gray: excellent, thank you Cathy
[09:09] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I appreciate it, thank you
[09:09] Rosie Gray: so, please vote for Han as official scribe
[09:09] Cathy Sabre: aye
[09:09] Sudane Erato: aye
[09:09] Lilith Ivory: aye
[09:09] Rosie Gray: and Cathy as emergency second
[09:09] Rosie Gray: aye
[09:09] Cathy Sabre: aye
[09:09] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): :)
[09:09] Rosie Gray: Delia?
[09:10] Rosie Gray: well, motion passes
[09:10] Sudane Erato: great!
[09:10] Rosie Gray: thank you everyone ㋡
[09:10] Rosie Gray: we have a few things carrying over from last term
[09:10] Rosie Gray: one is the review in progress of LA
[09:11] Rosie Gray: Cathy and I have made a start and done about 1/3 of it so far
[09:11] Rosie Gray: is anyone else interested in adding to this review?
[09:11] Cathy Sabre: I am willing to continue the suvey
[09:11] Rosie Gray: don't all fight over it now
[09:12] Sudane Erato: hehe
[09:12] Cathy Sabre: survey.
[09:12] Rosie Gray: good thanks Cathy, and so am I, but it would be great to have someone else too
[09:12] Cathy Sabre: absolutely
[09:12] Rosie Gray: anyone?
[09:12] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): What are ou surveying, I'm happy to help out
[09:12] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): if I know what I'm looking for
[09:12] Delia Lake: I'll help
[09:12] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): and what timelines I need to have it by (next meeting?)
[09:13] Rosie Gray: we are reviewing everything on the sim, the builds and all else
[09:13] Rosie Gray: okay thanks Delia
[09:13] Cathy Sabre: Can we make a date to finish the walk-through.
[09:13] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): For compliance?
[09:13] Rosie Gray: and Han too
[09:13] Rosie Gray: for compliance, but also for aesthetics
[09:13] Sudane Erato: a tall order
[09:13] Rosie Gray: indeed
[09:13] Lilith Ivory: I can try if I get to it :)
[09:14] Rosie Gray: compliance when it comes to private parcels, and aesthetics when it comes to public
[09:14] Delia Lake: aesthetics are important. if they are off, visitors who happen to find us don't return
[09:14] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Yeah, not sure about aesthetics, tho I'm always willing to give my opinion -if you wnat me to do my own walk through, or take a section, I'm happy to do so either way
[09:14] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): compliance is easier, but sure
[09:14] Rosie Gray: well, what we've been doing is walking around together and discussing
[09:14] Cathy Sabre: I enjoyed that, actually
[09:15] Rosie Gray: yeah me too
[09:15] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): If I'm around, I'd be happy to come along
[09:15] Rosie Gray: you look closely at things
[09:15] Cathy Sabre: sometimes with one eye closed
[09:15] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): or we can set a date -I'm easy
[09:15] Sudane Erato: are you giving grades on builds? :)
[09:15] Rosie Gray: okay, so later we can make a time and try to get the 4 of us together
[09:15] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): sounds great
[09:15] Cathy Sabre: yes
[09:15] Rosie Gray: wasn't really giving grades as much as observances
[09:15] Cathy Sabre: Yes, grades are given
[09:16] Cathy Sabre: Well, we differ, lol.
[09:16] Cathy Sabre: smiles
[09:16] Sudane Erato: ahhh :)
[09:16] Rosie Gray: hehe
[09:16] Rosie Gray: okay, so that's a go
[09:16] Rosie Gray: the next thing is that the RA has asked us to draft a new Covenant for CN, to include the changes made
[09:17] Rosie Gray: is someone able to take that on, and make the draft?
[09:17] Cathy Sabre: I can write it, but would like some help.
[09:17] Rosie Gray: okay great Cathy
[09:17] Sudane Erato: Lyubov... you've been really good at drafting stuff
[09:17] Cathy Sabre: sighs
[09:18] Rosie Gray: maybe Lyubov would lend a hand
[09:18] Rosie Gray: but I do think that Sudane you need to have a look at it too, because of Stella Marina
[09:18] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): wb, PIp
[09:18] Rosie Gray: welcome back Pip
[09:18] Em Warden (emwarden): wb, Pip
[09:18] Sudane Erato: oh my... i'm happy too
[09:18] Delia Lake: wb
[09:18] Rosie Gray: thank you
[09:19] Cathy Sabre: Maybe I can contact Sudane and Lyubov independently?
[09:19] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): (I am not typing, but my ao is...just fyi)
[09:19] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): (nm)
[09:19] Sudane Erato: but i think Stella Marina would comply with the text for many of the sims covenants
[09:19] Pip Torok: sorry all, screen froze
[09:19] Rosie Gray: oh yes, but it needs to be included
[09:19] Sudane Erato: fine with me Cathy
[09:19] Cathy Sabre: Thank you.
[09:19] Rosie Gray: thank you that sounds good
[09:19] Lyubov (20180414): i would be happy to do all that i can to help
[09:19] Rosie Gray: any other comments about this?
[09:20] Cathy Sabre: I will be point person for that project.
[09:20] Sudane Erato: great!
[09:20] Rosie Gray: yay, thanks Cathy
[09:20] Rosie Gray: so those were the immediate items I had
[09:20] Delia Lake: my only comment is that english is a second language for some citizens so make the languaging as simple as possible
[09:20] Lyubov (20180414): yes, anyting that i can do, i will be delighted to make my best efforts
[09:21] Rosie Gray: who has something else for our Agenda?
[09:21] Sudane Erato: good point Delia
[09:21] Sudane Erato: oh... me
[09:21] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm not jumping on this, but I'm willing to offer suggestions here and there
[09:21] Rosie Gray: please then, Sudane
[09:21] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): or answer questions re:language
[09:21] Sudane Erato: I had proposed to have our LUC meetings here
[09:21] Lilith Ivory: I have a favour to ask from you :)
[09:21] Lilith Ivory: not sure if it is LUC
[09:21] Sudane Erato: and i wonder if people agree that we continue this
[09:21] Rosie Gray: Sudane first, then Lilith
[09:22] Sudane Erato: I'd really like this building to be associated with the things that both Guild and LUC represent
[09:22] Rosie Gray: I love the idea, Sudane!
[09:22] Sudane Erato: so moving LUC to here would buttress that
[09:22] Rosie Gray: hello Paul, welcome
[09:22] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Hi, paul, welcome to the land use commision
[09:22] Sudane Erato: done
[09:22] Rosie Gray: come have a seat
[09:22] Lilith Ivory: Hi Paul :)
[09:23] Rosie Gray: would you like to make a Motion to that, Sudane?
[09:23] Delia Lake: I like this space, always have. I do think that we should occasionally visit other regions for meetings though. for instance if we are surveying LA, once this term we should hold a LUC meeting in LA
[09:23] Sudane Erato: also... btw... it would enourage me to rebuild it :)
[09:23] Lyubov (20180414): hi Paul, you can join us to my left :)
[09:23] Pip Torok: suppose too many citizens come to an LUC meeting for this place?
[09:23] Rosie Gray: we will pull out some more chairs, Pip
[09:23] Delia Lake: but having this as a primary meeting space is good
[09:23] Sudane Erato: Pip, then we could switch to the theater! :)
[09:23] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): There's room for more chairs.
[09:23] Pip Torok: fine !
[09:24] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): unless we get like, 30 ppl, which I don't personally anticipate
[09:24] Rosie Gray: ahaha
[09:24] Sudane Erato: also, btw... there is a classroom upstairs for me in depth meetings with illustrations
[09:24] Lilith Ivory: oh that would be more than active voters lol
[09:24] Rosie Gray: Paul, please join the circle, you don't have to sit back
[09:24] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[09:25] Rosie Gray: I think we get ahead of ourselves with that
[09:25] Rosie Gray: lol
[09:25] Rosie Gray: are you making a Motion then, Sudane?
[09:25] Sudane Erato: well... I guess i am
[09:25] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): seconded
[09:25] Rosie Gray: can we hear it?
[09:25] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): oh, sorry
[09:25] Rosie Gray: hehe
[09:26] Cathy Sabre: does this need a motion?
[09:26] Cathy Sabre: can
[09:26] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): yeah
[09:26] Rosie Gray: yes I think so
[09:26] Sudane Erato: I move that we generally hold the LUC meetings here unless there are special purpose functions requiring the meetings at other locations
[09:26] Rosie Gray: do we have a second?
[09:26] Lilith Ivory: I second
[09:26] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): second
[09:26] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): third
[09:26] Rosie Gray: vote
[09:26] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): whatever
[09:26] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): aye
[09:26] Cathy Sabre: aye
[09:26] Sudane Erato: aye
[09:26] Rosie Gray: aye
[09:26] Delia Lake: aye
[09:26] Lilith Ivory: aye
[09:26] Rosie Gray: motion carries
[09:26] Sudane Erato: thank you!
[09:26] Sudane Erato: :)
[09:27] Rosie Gray: now, Lilith, you had an item?
[09:27] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Sudane, can I ask something?
[09:27] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Sorry, Rosie
[09:27] Sudane Erato: when i finish stella marina with Lil I'll rebuild this building... needs updating!
[09:27] Sudane Erato: sure!
[09:27] Rosie Gray: yes it does! excellent to hear
[09:27] Lilith Ivory: yes but only if we have nothing else on the LUC aganda as it is only halfways related to UC I guess :)
[09:27] Lilith Ivory: LUC
[09:27] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I was going to ask if there's a way to combine this and the classroom
[09:27] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): in the next build
[09:27] Sudane Erato: combine in what way?
[09:28] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): different floors, maybe
[09:28] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): LUC/Guid on the first floor, classroom up above
[09:28] Sudane Erato: well... actually, the classroom is
[09:28] Sudane Erato: you go thru the door downstairs
[09:28] Sudane Erato: and up end up in the classroom up stairs :)
[09:29] Delia Lake: :)
[09:29] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I didn't even know about that, and thought the classroom was a work area, that's why I ask
[09:29] Sudane Erato: no... its literally up above us
[09:29] Sudane Erato: there used to be 3
[09:29] Sudane Erato: and could be again
[09:29] Rosie Gray: if you haven't been up there Han, you should go have a look sometime
[09:29] Sudane Erato: but we took the 2 out to save prims
[09:30] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I saw it, but didn't look closely bc I wasn't sure if it was public or not.
[09:30] Delia Lake: I don't think we need more than 1 classroom
[09:30] Lilith Ivory waits patiently for her turn :)
[09:30] Sudane Erato: its a good place to meet if there are lots of illustrations to view
[09:30] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Sorry, Lilith :(
[09:30] Em Warden (emwarden) grins
[09:30] Lilith Ivory: well ....#as you might have noticed we got a new citizen in AM last week
[09:30] Rosie Gray looks around for a gavel
[09:31] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Anyways, I wanted that out there so y'all can think it over :)
[09:31] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held) listens to Lilith
[09:32] Lilith Ivory: I made the first contact but this nice woman is only one month or so old and after I made the first contactshe answered my offline note saying she would appreciate to know what building to use
[09:32] Lilith Ivory: sadly I don´t really have time atm to help her but feel bad to let her wait for so long
[09:32] Rosie Gray: ah, I've also talked to her Lilith
[09:32] Lilith Ivory: perhaps some of you can reach out to her and help?
[09:32] Delia Lake: I spoke with her this morning
[09:33] Lilith Ivory: ah good :)
[09:33] Rosie Gray: oh you did too, Delia?
[09:33] Delia Lake: she had 3 sample buildings. each of them would fit in the cottage area of AM
[09:33] Sudane Erato: great!... the more the better :)
[09:33] Lilith Ivory: did you offer to give advices with the prefabs she wants to buy?
[09:33] Lilith Ivory: yes thank you all :)
[09:33] Lilith Ivory: I felt bad for not being able to reach out to her faster
[09:34] Lilith Ivory leans back with relieve
[09:34] Delia Lake: yes. they are modern but still wood and with a cabin type of feel that fits with AM
[09:34] Rosie Gray: so you told her any would fit the covenant?
[09:34] Delia Lake: yes
[09:34] Rosie Gray: oh good
[09:35] Rosie Gray: I saw she had a rez box there, unrezzed
[09:35] Lilith Ivory: and did you have a loook if they fit on the parcel?
[09:35] Delia Lake: each leaves about 50% of the land still open
[09:35] Lilith Ivory: knowing that parcel she might need help to put it on that step ground :)
[09:35] Rosie Gray hopes it looks nice there since she is my neighbour
[09:35] Delia Lake: she has a floor footprint out right now
[09:36] Lilith Ivory: oh cool
[09:36] Rosie Gray: I will help her with a foundation if she needs it
[09:36] Delia Lake: I said I'd check right after this meeting
[09:36] Lilith Ivory: thank you so much :)
[09:36] Rosie Gray: excellent!
[09:37] Rosie Gray: so, that was all you had Lilith?
[09:37] Lilith Ivory: yes :))
[09:37] Rosie Gray: okay, let's go around the room with LUC members first, then guests
[09:37] Rosie Gray: Delia, do you have anything for the LUC?
[09:38] Delia Lake: I don't have anything extra today, thanks
[09:38] Rosie Gray: okay thank you
[09:38] Rosie Gray: Sudane?
[09:38] Sudane Erato: yes
[09:38] Sudane Erato: OMG
[09:38] Rosie Gray: hehe
[09:38] Sudane Erato: go look at Alex Bader's new water
[09:38] Sudane Erato: INCREDIBLE
[09:38] Rosie Gray: I saw your notice about that!
[09:38] Cathy Sabre: He rocks
[09:38] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I missed it, where can I see it?
[09:39] Sudane Erato: I put some in the channel in the Sancuary
[09:39] Delia Lake: oooh, I didn't know he had new water texture
[09:39] Delia Lake: ok
[09:39] Delia Lake: will look asap
[09:39] Sudane Erato: who wants a LM to his demo?
[09:39] Rosie Gray: maybe there is a possibility for an update on the Friedsee water?
[09:39] Sudane Erato: I can give it
[09:39] Delia Lake: I do
[09:39] Pip Torok: I do
[09:39] Rosie Gray: oh yes please
[09:39] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I would like one, please. Thanks.
[09:39] Lilith Ivory: yes me too please
[09:40] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I think that update would be a great idea, tho I haven't seen the water so I reserve the right to change my mind...
[09:40] Rosie Gray: thank you
[09:40] Second Life: Sudane Erato gave you Skye River Inworld.
[09:40] Lilith Ivory: thank you
[09:40] Sudane Erato: I was there again today... walked around in the water
[09:40] Sudane Erato: my feet got all wet!
[09:40] Rosie Gray: :D
[09:40] Rosie Gray: cool
[09:41] Sudane Erato: he has really accomplished something amazing
[09:41] Sudane Erato: now
[09:41] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I have to see that, it sounds awesome
[09:41] Rosie Gray: it does!
[09:41] Sudane Erato: only 2 kits so far
[09:41] Sudane Erato: first is a straight river
[09:41] Sudane Erato: and 2 is rapids
[09:41] Sudane Erato: still to come are waterfalls and ponds
[09:42] Sudane Erato: but that's why i did the sample in the Sanctuary
[09:42] Sudane Erato: you'll be amazed
[09:42] Delia Lake wonders if he has an upgrade of if I have to buy anew
[09:42] Sudane Erato: anyway... I'll calm down :)
[09:42] Sudane Erato: no... you have to buy new
[09:42] Rosie Gray: Delia, maybe it would be best if the CDS bought them, for Archie?
[09:42] Rosie Gray: these things get expensive
[09:42] Sudane Erato: they are 899 a pak
[09:43] Rosie Gray: oh that's not so bad
[09:43] Rosie Gray: but there is money for redevelopment in Kyoko's budget
[09:43] Lilith Ivory: still we do have money to spend for landscape improvements
[09:43] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): IF they're going to be for infrastructure, I think that would be appropriate
[09:43] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): sorry for typos, but yeah
[09:43] Rosie Gray: yes, and I think it's good when the CDS owns that sort of thing
[09:43] Delia Lake: ok. yes Archie should own these things. I use the water in other builds though so I need my own as well
[09:43] Rosie Gray nods
[09:43] Sudane Erato: one further thing... sorry
[09:44] Sudane Erato: I finished #12 of stella marina
[09:44] Sudane Erato: sorry... 11
[09:44] Rosie Gray: oh excellent
[09:44] Rosie Gray: is it down?
[09:44] Sudane Erato: and Em bought it :)
[09:44] Sudane Erato: yes
[09:44] Rosie Gray: ahahah
[09:44] Delia Lake: imo Archie should own copies of all our basic landscaping in the CDS. trees, water, paths, grasses, etc
[09:44] Sudane Erato: working on 12
[09:44] Lilith Ivory sighs and hopes she will be able to o back to building soon
[09:44] Sudane Erato: should be done soon... i've got my energy up again :)
[09:44] Rosie Gray: :D
[09:45] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): (I hoped for that, now I have three regions and no ideas I'm building on o.O;;)
[09:45] Sudane Erato: Lil... we'll certainly be patient.... RL does get in the way!
[09:45] Rosie Gray smiles
[09:45] Lilith Ivory: it does!
[09:45] Rosie Gray: are you done, Sudane?
[09:45] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Yep, esp in the summer
[09:45] Sudane Erato: sorry... yes... done
[09:45] Rosie Gray: thank you
[09:45] Sudane Erato: that was enough!
[09:46] Rosie Gray: Han, do you have something for the LUC?
[09:47] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I have something on my mind, yeah. I'd like tho go through -NFS to start, and make a list of official builds that have or use sculptmaps ...which are an estehtic and resource (viewer) drain and recommend that they be replaced. I'll make the list up myself (tho I'm happy if anyone wants to go with me) and present it to the LUC for review by next meeting
[09:47] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm happy to go through the other regions -later...but NFS is the one I'm most familiar with
[09:47] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): The idea being to replace those bits with mesh
[09:47] Sudane Erato: whew... a lot of work!
[09:47] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): done
[09:48] Rosie Gray: comments from anyone?
[09:48] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): The work would be replacing them -possibly. Tho we could probably find templates to have archie buy, or get things from archie's inventory
[09:48] Lilith Ivory: do you really think sculptmaps are what cause a lot of lag here?
[09:48] Em Warden (emwarden): me raises hand
[09:48] Rosie Gray: yes Em?
[09:49] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I think they contribute, and they're estehtically unpleasant (they look very 2009) so if we can replace them, and if we want to keep our builds up to date, it's worth replacing them.
[09:49] Em Warden (emwarden): I had the thought that LUC could do with a 5 year plan when it comes to refreshing old official buildings...
[09:50] Rosie Gray: hmmm, well in theory that's a good idea
[09:50] Em Warden (emwarden): A priority list
[09:50] Rosie Gray: but I fear that it would take us 5 years to make the plan
[09:50] Em Warden (emwarden): Hahaha
[09:50] Lilith Ivory giggles
[09:50] Rosie Gray: lol
[09:50] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): lol.
[09:50] Em Warden (emwarden): Done
[09:51] Lilith Ivory: somehow five year plans remind me at communism :)
[09:51] Rosie Gray: so Han, I'm not convinced that sculpt maps cause lag myself
[09:51] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Right
[09:51] Rosie Gray: but if you want to make a list for us to review, it seems like a good idea
[09:52] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Ok. :)
[09:52] Rosie Gray: things have come a long way since sculpties, for sure
[09:52] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): We were just saing on the forum we want to keep things as up to date...presumably with modern techniques, as possible. If that's our goal, replacing sculptmaps goes a long, long way
[09:52] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): keep builds up to date, I mean
[09:53] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[09:53] Rosie Gray: okay, and anything else before we move on?
[09:53] Rosie Gray: okay, assuming there isn't
[09:53] Rosie Gray: Cathy, your turn please
[09:54] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): That's all fo rme :)
[09:54] Rosie Gray: anything for the LUC
[09:54] Cathy Sabre: two things
[09:54] Cathy Sabre: During Rosie's and my walk around LA, I commented on the nondescript foal point for the marina, so Rosie suggested I research RL. I wandered around the coast of Italy for an hour or so, and found that most places there are even more nondescript. *sigh, but did find a few sculptures and a nice flagpole. Maybe I can turn that adventure into a proposal
[09:54] Sudane Erato: :)
[09:54] Rosie Gray: (foal point = focal point)
[09:55] Cathy Sabre: Second, I dislike the view of CDS from the west. looking under Monastery
[09:55] Cathy Sabre: focal point, soz
[09:55] Cathy Sabre: done
[09:55] Rosie Gray: thanks Cathy
[09:55] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I have a question
[09:55] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): might be a dumb one, but still
[09:55] Rosie Gray: this was one of the items we have on the LA sim review
[09:56] Delia Lake: funny, I was thinking about that yesterday when I walked along the quay and say Luybov's statue along the side. thinking it would be nice to have one in the harbor that spouted water
[09:56] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Does the monastery count as an official build, or not since it's privately funded?
[09:56] Rosie Gray: it is not public
[09:56] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): thanks
[09:56] Rosie Gray: and you had something else, Cathy?
[09:56] Cathy Sabre: No, those were the two
[09:57] Cathy Sabre: Focal point and monastery's underbelly
[09:57] Sudane Erato: :)
[09:57] Rosie Gray: agreed with you completely about Monastery underbelly!
[09:57] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): If the monastery is private, that's out of our hands -at least that's my understanding?
[09:57] Cathy Sabre: But people see it as CDS
[09:58] Rosie Gray: I've looked and have never found any mesh that is large enough to cover it up, and being a homestead sim it would need to be very low prim
[09:58] Rosie Gray: the Monastery itself, you mean?
[09:58] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Yeah
[09:58] Rosie Gray: the building is outdated and has errors, but it is out of our hands unless someone can convince Ranma to allow it to be rebuilt
[09:59] Lilith Ivory: and unless someone has actually time to rebuild it :)
[09:59] Delia Lake: might increased shrubbery around the outskirts on public land help?
[09:59] Rosie Gray: indeed
[09:59] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'd need to see the "underbelly", because I'm confused
[09:59] Rosie Gray: the underbelly is viewing the sim from offshore
[10:00] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): from the sim void?
[10:00] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): ie the side?
[10:00] Rosie Gray: yes
[10:00] Rosie Gray: so if you are taking a scenic view, you see it
[10:00] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): What do we normally do about that? like with NFS?
[10:00] Lilith Ivory: I have not been in Monastery often lately but if in doubt I would prefer to have a few more trees in the region instead of spending the prims to cover the sim edge
[10:00] Rosie Gray: it's the only sim side not covered up
[10:00] Delia Lake: I thought we had covered the edges there
[10:00] Rosie Gray: no we haven't
[10:00] Delia Lake: hmmm
[10:01] Rosie Gray: I did the other sims with mega prims and with a few sculpties (back in the day)
[10:01] Rosie Gray: but never did Monastery because of multiple reasons
[10:01] Sudane Erato: yes... NFS looks great from the side!
[10:01] Rosie Gray: if people agree, I could do the Monastery side too
[10:02] Rosie Gray: I just didn't do it before because of spending the prims on it, even though they would be fairly minimal
[10:02] Delia Lake: are any plots on the west edge privately owned? if not we can drape the land down that side. did that some on Friedsee
[10:02] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'd support it
[10:02] Rosie Gray: there is private land there, Delia
[10:02] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I was going to suggest that too, Delia; but assumed there's a reason we didn't do that
[10:02] Cathy Sabre: Can we at least look into it?
[10:02] Delia Lake: but is it currently sold/occupied?
[10:02] Rosie Gray: we could drop it a bit, but stretching it right down would take too much of the land, I think
[10:02] Sudane Erato: i don't think you'd need to anchor anything on private land
[10:02] Delia Lake: Bags had that edge for a while
[10:03] Rosie Gray: and personally, I don't really like the terrain stretched too much like that
[10:03] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): You could use large (64m) prims to anchor something to public land, maybe? Or maybe that would be too "hacky"
[10:03] Delia Lake: it's better than underbelly
[10:03] Cathy Sabre: yes
[10:03] Lilith Ivory: the edge parcel is vacant atm but when working with it we need to keep in mind that it stays so we will still be able to sell it
[10:03] Rosie Gray: Han, I did NFS and AM, so yes I can do Monastery too
[10:04] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Cool, well I'd be in favor of that
[10:04] Sudane Erato: me too
[10:04] Rosie Gray: okay, lol
[10:04] Rosie Gray makes a list
[10:04] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:04] Delia Lake: we could move the lines of that parcel inland a bit if it's not currently in private hands
[10:04] Rosie Gray: don't think it's necessary, Delia
[10:04] Lilith Ivory: no this parcel is vacant atm
[10:05] Rosie Gray: as to the Monastery building itself
[10:05] Rosie Gray sighs
[10:05] Delia Lake: yeah :(
[10:05] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Wouldn't the RA have to decide on wether or not to move/divide the parcel?
[10:05] Rosie Gray: the Chancellor can do that, Han
[10:05] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Ok.
[10:05] Rosie Gray: not us
[10:05] Lilith Ivory nods in agreement
[10:06] Cathy Sabre: As the Chancellor rep, I will broach it with her.
[10:06] Rosie Gray: okay, now where were we
[10:06] Rosie Gray: not necessary, Cathy
[10:06] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): THanks, Cathy
[10:06] Rosie Gray: we don't need to reparcel for me to do the sim edge
[10:06] Rosie Gray: okay, moving on
[10:06] Cathy Sabre: kk
[10:06] Rosie Gray: Lilith, what do you have for the LUC?
[10:08] Lilith Ivory: hmm not much besides reaching out to Mizoz to beg her nicely to fix her trees in LA ...
[10:08] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:08] Rosie Gray: oh what does she need to do?
[10:08] Lilith Ivory: and perhaps the LUC should look into the smallest parcel in FS to move the borders a bit to make it more atractive ...
[10:08] Delia Lake: Archie needs to fix some trees too
[10:08] Lilith Ivory: as soon as the parcel besides it becomes vacant again
[10:08] Rosie Gray: oh that's a really good point about that FS parcel
[10:09] Rosie Gray: that's one to take to the Chancellor, Cathy
[10:09] Lilith Ivory: I have been looking at it a few times and I would really never ever buy a parcel like this :)
[10:09] Cathy Sabre: kk
[10:09] Rosie Gray: I agree, Lilith
[10:09] Rosie Gray: does everyone know what Lilith is talking about?
[10:09] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm lost, sorry
[10:09] Pip Torok: not me
[10:09] Sudane Erato: no
[10:10] Lilith Ivory: it´s located between the airport and the parcel SD owns atm
[10:10] Rosie Gray: there is a little parcel, two little parcels adjacent to each other on Friedsee
[10:10] Sudane Erato: you could rez a tiny prim on the map
[10:10] Lilith Ivory: the smallest yellow on the FSmap
[10:10] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): heh those are my fault
[10:10] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): iirc
[10:10] Rosie Gray wags a finger at Hannah
[10:10] Lilith Ivory: I know it made sense at this time
[10:10] Rosie Gray: lol
[10:10] Rosie Gray: but time to fix it, agreed
[10:10] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm in favor of that, and I'm sorry for the hassle.
[10:11] Cathy Sabre: So, i will mention it to Kyoko?
[10:11] Rosie Gray: yes please, you could even email her and ask for permission for us to do it
[10:11] Rosie Gray: and Sudane could fix it, if she has time ;)
[10:11] Cathy Sabre: I will put that on my list
[10:11] Lilith Ivory: I think to do this we would have to move the parcel burders of SD's parcel too
[10:11] Sudane Erato: sure... but you'll need to explain to me the issues :)
[10:12] Lilith Ivory: so we might have to wait till he moves on
[10:12] Rosie Gray: oh do you think so, Lilith?
[10:12] Rosie Gray: okay sorry for jumping the gun
[10:12] Rosie Gray: moving on
[10:12] Rosie Gray: Pip, do you have anything for the LUC to consider?
[10:14] Lilith Ivory: about FS I think we can move both parcels more towards NFS so the one in questions becomes less step
[10:14] Pip Torok: just one ... in the mexana Monica there is snow still falling (beongs to Tor?) can some king EM remove it please? done
[10:14] Em Warden (emwarden) whispers "I am sorry, but RL is calling..."
[10:14] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Was very good to see you, Em. Take care
[10:14] Rosie Gray: awh, thanks for coming Em
[10:14] Cathy Sabre: bye E,.
[10:14] Cathy Sabre: Em.
[10:15] Rosie Gray: oh Pip, yes one of us can come have a look for it
[10:15] Rosie Gray: if you point it out?
[10:15] Pip Torok: thanks !
[10:15] Pip Torok: deal !
[10:15] Rosie Gray: on the other hand, as the land owner, you could just look on your About Land and find it that way
[10:15] Rosie Gray: then return it to him
[10:16] Pip Torok: ok ... with yr help perhaps?
[10:16] Cathy Sabre: It may be anchored on another plot
[10:16] Rosie Gray: maybe, but that would be the easiest way
[10:16] Rosie Gray: yes, can advise you Pip
[10:16] Pip Torok: tks both of you
[10:16] Rosie Gray: to be honest, I've noticed that snow, and already tried to find the prim
[10:17] Rosie Gray: it must be very small because I couldn't find where it was coming from
[10:17] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): it's almost july...
[10:17] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): umm, anyway
[10:17] Pip Torok: me neither
[10:17] Rosie Gray: okay, About Land we can find it
[10:17] Rosie Gray: anything else, Pip?
[10:17] Pip Torok: no thanks
[10:17] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[10:17] Rosie Gray: Lyubov, what do you have for us?
[10:18] Lyubov (20180414): Thank you Rosie, this has been a wonderful, and long overdue meeting :)
[10:19] Lyubov (20180414): I appreciate all of the efforts and I am eager to do all that I can to support :)
[10:19] Lyubov (20180414): There Is one item that I would like the LUC to consider....
[10:20] Lyubov (20180414): From my understanding, there is only a very marginal cost to upgrade a region from 20k prims to 30k
[10:21] Lyubov (20180414): Upgrading our two 20k regions, LA and AM, from 20k to 30k...
[10:22] Lyubov (20180414): would only incur a marginal cost.
[10:22] Cathy Sabre: Do you know what that cost is?
[10:22] Rosie Gray listens
[10:22] Lyubov (20180414): i know for example, Max was entertained to CDS because of the LI to L$ ratio
[10:23] Sudane Erato: they are US$30/month more
[10:23] Lyubov (20180414): the beauty of our sims i s important
[10:23] Cathy Sabre: ty
[10:23] Sudane Erato: plus a startup fee
[10:23] Lyubov (20180414): ty sudane
[10:23] Sudane Erato: but the 30 is the important #
[10:23] Lyubov (20180414): i know, in my persoanal use case....
[10:24] Lyubov (20180414): i would be more than willing to absorb the usd 30
[10:24] Rosie Gray: then there would be an increase in tier for parcels too
[10:24] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Oh, is that all
[10:24] Sudane Erato: yes, we'd need to increase tier
[10:24] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'd be in favor of that, that's doable
[10:24] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I was just IM'ing Sudane fretting about the reserves
[10:24] Sudane Erato: NFS and CN are currently at that level
[10:24] Lyubov (20180414): i am at and beyond my limit in allowed parcels owned
[10:24] Rosie Gray: Paul, you live in LA, what do you think of this idea?
[10:25] Cathy Sabre: Who can't use more prims?
[10:25] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): But I don't think $60/mo will hurt **too much**
[10:25] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): And it's a draw...whch can attract more tenants
[10:25] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): and hopefully would
[10:25] Paul (paulatreides158): Still thinking about it
[10:25] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): But with most estates **contracting** (shrinking) we ought to be careful
[10:25] Lyubov (20180414): usd 30 is very small imo if we all coudl gain 50% more LI
[10:26] Lyubov (20180414): i would like to make this happen, and i am willing to commit whatever is necessary to make it so
[10:26] Rosie Gray: remember that there would be other people affected by the change though
[10:26] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm gonna just defer to whatever Sudane says, peronsally. My gut says it's a bad idea, the prims / advertising makes me say 'yes'...I'm too confused :))
[10:27] Sudane Erato: well, we did it for nfs and cn as a test
[10:27] Cathy Sabre: We can think about it?
[10:27] Sudane Erato: and i frankly think its paid off
[10:27] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[10:27] Lyubov (20180414): as i look at AM... and i see the vast empty spaces of the recently vacated museum.... and the Mews,... which are propterties, that imo, cost too muc for too little... increasing the regin to 30k can only help
[10:27] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Thing is -LA normally underperforms, doesn't it?
[10:27] Rosie Gray: I like the idea too, but don't want anyone to be upset by it, who already has property there
[10:28] Sudane Erato: but that's what people should discuss.... are those two sims feeling more valuable than AM and LA?
[10:28] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I wanna do it, I'm worried about the finances
[10:28] Lyubov (20180414): now, LA is nearly as strong and over performer as NFS, at 135% tier
[10:28] Sudane Erato: also, do keep in mind that LL has recently lowered our tier
[10:28] Rosie Gray: oh that's true
[10:28] Sudane Erato: LA is having a rebound, yes
[10:29] Lyubov (20180414): LA has had sever large new oweers, .... Max, Paul, Myself, to change the equation
[10:29] Sudane Erato: but AM is suffering at the moment
[10:29] Rosie Gray: yes it is
[10:29] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Even with that reduction, have we been able to squirrel any of that saving away?
[10:29] Sudane Erato: no
[10:29] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Again, other estates are shrinking, we want to think about a rainy day
[10:29] Sudane Erato: we are still break even
[10:29] Cathy Sabre: If we are getting more prims at a cheaper price per prim, we should be able to pass that discount on. In theory at least.
[10:29] Sudane Erato: I agree with Han's caution
[10:29] Lyubov (20180414): again, i am illing to commit to cover the increase on LA
[10:29] Sudane Erato: but...
[10:30] Lilith Ivory: I think we should try to figure out why AM is doing so badly atm as I remember times when it was always sold out
[10:30] Sudane Erato: sometimes we need to gamble a bit :)
[10:30] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Maybe try it on LA since ...according to lyubov (Idk the current numbers)'s doing well
[10:30] Sudane Erato: Lil... I agree!
[10:30] Lyubov (20180414): i think the Mews cost too much for too little
[10:30] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): then revisit AM later
[10:30] Rosie Gray: I do as well, Lilith
[10:30] Sudane Erato: what's happening to AM?
[10:30] Lyubov (20180414): i think AM has a redevelopment oppottunity, equal to the Stella project
[10:30] Rosie Gray: I had to downsize myself recently
[10:31] Rosie Gray: so had to give up my large parcel
[10:31] Sudane Erato: Lyubov... i agree
[10:31] Rosie Gray: that would have made a difference
[10:31] Rosie Gray: oh yes, I agree Lyubov on that too
[10:31] Rosie Gray: I've been thinknig about the mews too
[10:31] Lyubov (20180414): i am willing and able to buy more, but i cannot..and i do not want more squm, i want more LI
[10:31] Rosie Gray: those parcels have been like that forever
[10:32] Delia Lake: AM has never had a center focal point like other regions have
[10:32] Sudane Erato: true
[10:32] Rosie Gray: so maybe it's time to get rid of the mews, and create some kind of focal point
[10:32] Rosie Gray: maybe we could have a farmer's market, or something rural like that
[10:32] Sudane Erato: a little hamlet there?
[10:32] Delia Lake: I'm thinking that too, Rosie
[10:32] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I like the farmer's market idea
[10:32] Lilith Ivory: and it is a problem that citizens can rez their own buildings - wich don´t always look very nice even if they fit the covenant
[10:32] Lyubov (20180414): exactly Rosie! the Mews have not worked out
[10:32] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): that could be a draw, potentially
[10:33] Rosie Gray: if we made it look really nice, really rural, it would be different again
[10:33] Cathy Sabre: I like the farmers market, or street fair idea.
[10:33] Rosie Gray: but give it a focal point.. that really is a good idea I think
[10:33] Delia Lake: the mews have never really worked even after Rosie rebuild them so nicely
[10:33] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Not just rural, but alpine -that would make it very distinct, I think.
[10:33] Rosie Gray: yeah, people don't want row housing in SL
[10:33] Lilith Ivory: I personally "love" the idea of owning a small house with view on big villas across the street lol
[10:33] Rosie Gray: yes, of course alpine!
[10:33] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Those two combined, I think would make us stand out, I'm saying
[10:33] Lyubov (20180414): i think the LUC might be able to focus on the next project.... re-developing the slope from CN to AM...
[10:34] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): So it's worth doing for that reason.
[10:34] Delia Lake: how about something like a rock climbing activity on the cliffs behind where the mews are now? or something else fun that might draw people?
[10:34] Rosie Gray: interesting idea
[10:34] Sudane Erato: Delia, sounds neat! :)
[10:34] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): INteractive would be good, idk about rock climbing but I don't have any better ideas
[10:35] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): SOmething ppl can come here to *do* would be awesome.
[10:35] Delia Lake: yes
[10:35] Rosie Gray: yes
[10:35] Lilith Ivory: I just wonder if our activities have ever brought new citizens
[10:35] Lyubov (20180414): i am writing to the "touring company"... they have now released a 3.0 version that can cross sims...
[10:35] Rosie Gray: how about we make this our next big project, to create a plan for redevelopment of AM?
[10:35] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): The only one I can think of is the airport, and I don't think that really did, LIlith
[10:35] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm up for that, Rosie
[10:35] Lyubov (20180414): my balloon ride from friedsee used a very old sript, but the only one i could find that could cross sims
[10:36] Rosie Gray: okay, well details can be gone into at another time I think
[10:36] Rosie Gray: if we agree that AM is the next big redevelopment area
[10:36] Lyubov (20180414): it seems, the Touring Company, now has one too... so we can use many vehicles to explore the sims.. i want horse risdes, waterfall rides, river cruises, etc....
[10:36] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:36] Sudane Erato: traffic jams :)
[10:37] Lyubov (20180414): yes, i thnk AM is most in need of work, and the adjacent CN spaces
[10:37] Lilith Ivory: I have looked for more modern horse rezzers several times but couldn´t find anything modern :(
[10:37] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I agree
[10:37] Lyubov (20180414): and i would like to see AM and LA both be promoted to 30k sims
[10:37] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): with making it our focus, I mean
[10:37] Delia Lake: Calas has a pretty new horse rezzer
[10:37] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm in favor of boosting LA, not sure about AM; I'd prefer to wait
[10:37] Lyubov (20180414): it is a very marginal cost, imo, and a great value
[10:38] Lilith Ivory: we could do one region first and wait with the other
[10:38] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): exactly what I'm proposing, LIlith, yep
[10:38] Rosie Gray: I move that we create a plan to redevelop Alpine Meadow.
[10:38] Lyubov (20180414): makes sense to wait on AM Han... wait until it is built...
[10:38] Lilith Ivory: I second Rosies plan
[10:38] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): second
[10:38] Delia Lake: wonder if there is a boat ride that would do rapids so would go down the river in AM?
[10:38] Rosie Gray: thank you
[10:38] Rosie Gray: vote
[10:38] Sudane Erato: aye
[10:38] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): aye
[10:38] Lilith Ivory: aye
[10:38] Rosie Gray: aye
[10:38] Cathy Sabre: aye
[10:38] Delia Lake: aye
[10:38] Lyubov (20180414): (working on the barrel ride down the falls now! :)
[10:39] Rosie Gray: motion carried
[10:39] Sudane Erato: who will do it?... the plan?
[10:39] Rosie Gray: thanks for bringing that forward, Lyubov
[10:39] Delia Lake: barrel ride! yes!
[10:39] Rosie Gray: good comment, Sudane
[10:39] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:39] Rosie Gray: I think it needs to have a few people working on this
[10:39] Rosie Gray: I'd like to be a part of it
[10:39] Lilith Ivory: I can help with the plan but don´t have time to do it alone
[10:39] Rosie Gray: who else does?
[10:39] Lyubov (20180414): tell me how i can help
[10:39] Delia Lake: I'll help
[10:39] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'd suggest we figure ou t the focal point and go from there
[10:39] Rosie Gray: okay, Lilith
[10:39] Sudane Erato: i'll be happy to offer my 2 cents :)
[10:40] Rosie Gray: we will need to plan around existing parcel holders
[10:40] Cathy Sabre: I am in for a dime.
[10:40] Rosie Gray: so that is a big thing to keep in mind
[10:40] Sudane Erato: yes, of course... but we've been good at that
[10:40] Lyubov (20180414): cathy: in for a penny, in for a pound :)
[10:40] Rosie Gray: just wanted to mention it ;)
[10:40] Sudane Erato: ok :)
[10:40] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm around, if y'all want help with it
[10:40] Rosie Gray: okay this is great
[10:41] Sudane Erato: yes!
[10:41] Rosie Gray: we should start with map ideas perhaps, and some written ideas on a focal point
[10:41] Lyubov (20180414): imo, sudane, just pay the usd 30... give notice about the proportioate inceace (minimal) and the HUGE increase in LI....
[10:42] Lilith Ivory: and we should have buildings on the small parcels besides the Mexana again
[10:42] Rosie Gray: Lyubov, this would need to be presented to the RA for debate, and to the Chancellor - about upping the prims I mean
[10:42] Lilith Ivory: those parcels often looked like a mess
[10:42] Sudane Erato: Lyubov... that topic is really a matter for the RA and the Chancellor... i don't think its in our purview
[10:42] Pip Torok: strongly agree with that !
[10:42] Rosie Gray: oh yes Lilith, and possibly some terrain adjustments or parcel adjustments too
[10:42] Lilith Ivory: yes
[10:42] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): BUT LRA, you have a lot of influence on what gets discussed and what is the focus of the RA
[10:42] Sudane Erato: perhaps we can discuss the prim upgrade in the forum
[10:43] Rosie Gray: excellent suggestion Sudane
[10:43] Lilith Ivory: while AM was sold out he had houses from John seatle (I think ) there
[10:43] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:43] Rosie Gray: yes and then people started removing them
[10:43] Rosie Gray: they were outdated by then
[10:43] Lilith Ivory: yes and the whole region started to look ugly
[10:43] Rosie Gray: yeah
[10:43] Sudane Erato: and there were Moon's builds too
[10:43] Lilith Ivory: I agree but the concept was good
[10:43] Sudane Erato: down below
[10:43] Lyubov (20180414): i would be happy to entertain anything that the LUC or Executive would require.... please email me at [email protected] and we will include this on our 8 july RA meeting agenda :D
[10:44] Rosie Gray: okay, let's move on to Paul
[10:44] Rosie Gray: Paul, do you have anything for the LUC to consider?
[10:45] Paul (paulatreides158): This is my first ever governance meeting here in CDS. Just happy to be here and have learned a lot! Done.
[10:45] Rosie Gray: ah, well thank you for coming! You are always welcome and can share your thoughts about the sims with us anytime
[10:45] Delia Lake: Glad you came today, Paul
[10:45] Paul (paulatreides158): Thank you all
[10:46] Cathy Sabre: I think we need to find Cadence and let her know how well her LUC baby is doing.
[10:46] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Very happy to see you
[10:46] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): It would be good to reach out to her period, I think.
[10:46] Rosie Gray: ah, you mean the Democracy Wall?
[10:46] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): but yeah
[10:47] Pip Torok: ill second that!
[10:47] Delia Lake: Cadence is often away for the summer in the mountains without internet access
[10:47] Rosie Gray: sadly, I have tried to contact her and so has Kyoko
[10:47] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I think the democracy wall's kinda...outlived it's purpose
[10:47] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): but I don't object to it, either
[10:47] Cathy Sabre: I mean the LUC
[10:47] Rosie Gray: oh!
[10:47] Cathy Sabre: It was her idea.
[10:47] Rosie Gray: yes that's true
[10:47] Delia Lake: Cadence might not get the message until late August
[10:48] Rosie Gray: normally she would have paid her tier and talked to someone before going though, Delia
[10:48] Rosie Gray: somehow I don't think that is the case this time
[10:48] Lilith Ivory: I always liked the democraty wall and am all in fafour of keeping it
[10:48] Rosie Gray: me too, Lilith
[10:48] Lilith Ivory: I see it as an historical site
[10:48] Rosie Gray: I don't think it's had its day at all
[10:48] Cathy Sabre: I still look at it.
[10:48] Pip Torok: and me, Lilith
[10:48] Lilith Ivory: I plan to put up a poster there soon :)
[10:48] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I see it like sanctioned graffiti heheheheh...but that has it's own appeal :)
[10:49] Rosie Gray: well that's sort of what it is
[10:49] Cathy Sabre: absolutely
[10:49] Rosie Gray: and that's why I love it!
[10:49] Lilith Ivory giggles - let´s not forget it was this wall which helped us to finally solve a very special problem ;-)
[10:49] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): The notecard -as I remember- implied it was to blow off steam about cds stuff
[10:49] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): at least that's what I thot the intended purpose of it was
[10:49] Lyubov (20180414): i have always been afrid to touch the wall, i would never want to remove anytig
[10:49] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Yeah, I feel the same way, Lyubov -even four years later
[10:50] Rosie Gray: any CDS citizen can put something up on it
[10:50] Lyubov (20180414): but i am full of political opinions (surprise!) that i would love to post
[10:50] Rosie Gray: do it then
[10:50] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:50] Rosie Gray: that's exactly what it is for
[10:50] Lyubov (20180414): i would like to see, at least, an "info kioslk".. or whatever...
[10:51] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): afk a few, sorry
[10:51] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): brb
[10:51] Lyubov (20180414): saying something like "no holds and repost and coverup and re-coverup"
[10:51] Rosie Gray: Em had suggested a notecard to explain the wall just recently
[10:51] Sudane Erato: sorry... i must go :(
[10:51] Lyubov (20180414): if the Wall is a "free for all", that can certainly be fun
[10:52] Lyubov (20180414): tysm Sudane!
[10:52] Rosie Gray: see you Sudane
[10:52] Lilith Ivory whispers: bye Sudane :)
[10:52] Delia Lake: bye Sudane
[10:52] Sudane Erato: bye all :)
[10:52] Cathy Sabre: bye Sudane
[10:52] Paul (paulatreides158): bye Sudane
[10:52] Pip Torok: I must away too, folks ... a stimulating meeting !
[10:53] Rosie Gray: thanks for coming Pip
[10:53] Lyubov (20180414): ty Pip! :) my best dance partner EVER! :D
[10:53] Delia Lake: thanks for coming, Pip
[10:53] Rosie Gray: and I see that this meeting has been 2 hours
[10:53] Rosie Gray: and we have a lot of things to follow up on!
[10:53] Cathy Sabre: bye pip
[10:53] Pip Torok: :->>> bows humbly ...
[10:53] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): back
[10:53] Paul (paulatreides158): bye Pip
[10:53] Lilith Ivory: bye Pip
[10:53] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): bye, Pip
[10:54] Lyubov (20180414): it is so great to have so much participation, interest, and important things to discuss :)
[10:54] Rosie Gray: agreed, Lyubov!
[10:54] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): It's good to see a clear plan forward :D
[10:54] Rosie Gray: this has been an excellent meeting
[10:54] Rosie Gray: before we adjourn, can we pick a next meeting time
[10:54] Rosie Gray: seems it needs to be a weekend for Sudane
[10:54] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'd like to ask that it be an hour later, if possible
[10:55] Rosie Gray: would that work for you, Lilith?
[10:55] Cathy Sabre: 10 on Sunday??? works for me
[10:55] Lilith Ivory: yes that works
[10:55] Rosie Gray: it's fine for me
[10:55] Rosie Gray: I wonder if it's okay for Sudane... we really do need her here
[10:56] Rosie Gray: how about you, Delia?
[10:56] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'll obviously defer to Sudane, esp if Cathy can fill in for me when I can't make it
[10:56] Delia Lake: better ask Sudane if she has any afternoon Sunday commitments
[10:56] Delia Lake: I can do 10 so long as it isn't every week
[10:56] Delia Lake: that
[10:56] Cathy Sabre: Sudane seemed to be able to do it, not her preference, though.
[10:56] Lyubov (20180414): i can't speak for sudane.. 10am SLT is 1pm new york time... it is now 2pm new york time... i would expect she could do at least 30 minutes
[10:57] Rosie Gray: she does seem to have to leave earlier than the rest of us
[10:57] Rosie Gray: Sunday family committments
[10:57] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): Are other days possible for her? Most of my mornings (after 10slt) are free
[10:57] Rosie Gray: she works fulltime
[10:57] Delia Lake: 10 am slt is 1 pm for me and Sudane so it takes away Sunday afternoon
[10:57] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): ah, yeah
[10:58] Rosie Gray: how about 9:30 am slt?
[10:58] Rosie Gray: maybe 1/2 hour would help?
[10:58] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): That way I can at least be here for half of it, and cathy can pass me on the localchat of what I miss
[10:58] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm fine with that
[10:58] Delia Lake: it would help for me
[10:58] Cathy Sabre: I can do that.
[10:58] Rosie Gray: okay, then let's look at some dates
[10:59] Rosie Gray: I can't do the next two weekends
[10:59] Rosie Gray: or even Sunday the 14th :(
[11:00] Rosie Gray: sorry June and July are busy for me with RL work
[11:00] Delia Lake: 21st?
[11:00] Rosie Gray: yes I can do the 21st, but that's quite some time away... a whole month
[11:00] Delia Lake: 28 doesn't work for me
[11:00] Cathy Sabre: We have ad hoc committees, so they can meet until then
[11:00] Rosie Gray: is that okay for everyone? we do have a lot to do in the meantime
[11:01] Cathy Sabre: 21 would work.
[11:01] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm fine with that, in fact I think I prefer it bc that takes some amount of pressure off to get everything done between now and the next meeting
[11:01] Lilith Ivory: yes works for me
[11:01] Cathy Sabre: Do we need a motion?
[11:01] Rosie Gray: okay, then Sunday July 21st, 9:30 am SLT we will meet next
[11:02] Delia Lake: good
[11:02] Cathy Sabre: good
[11:02] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): ok.
[11:02] Rosie Gray: I don't think it needs to be a motion, since we all agree
[11:02] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): and it'll be on the record anyway :)
[11:02] Rosie Gray: yes ㋡
[11:02] Rosie Gray: anything else before we adjourn?
[11:02] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'm ok, personally. Good to see y'all :)
[11:03] Cathy Sabre: I agree
[11:03] Rosie Gray: okay hearing none, I call this meeting adjourned
[11:03] Cathy Sabre: yay
[11:03] Rosie Gray: thank you all for coming and participating!
[11:03] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): :D
[11:03] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): ❤Ⓣⓗⓐⓝⓚ Ⓤ❤
[11:03] Rosie Gray: hehe
[11:03] Hannah Marie De La Cruz (han.held): I'll save this and post it to the forum when I'm able to
"...'in the end' ? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends" -Dr Manhattan, "The Watchmen"
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